Baby Ixus

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I am a proud owner of Canon Ixus 860IS ever since 8th February 2008. When I first saw the release of Canon Ixus 860IS, I ran through the specifications of the camera and went around reading reviews for a month or two, comparing here and there, asking my friends who had this camera for their opinions and stuff like that and in the end, I have decided that she is my perfect camera and I have even given her a perfect name – Baby Ixus.

The moment people saw me taking out my Baby Ixus from my pocket, most of them would ask to see her because they find her absolutely stunning and when they ask how much did I bought her, I would proudly reply – RM1499 and I will watch them gawk and say:

Oh, no wonder so nice… 

Even from the side view, I am satisfied with her appearance and she had always made me very proud of her although there were some not so satisfying reviews about her online but I don’t care because she is my perfect camera and my dearest Baby Ixus.

What makes me even more determined that she is my perfect camera is that she doesn’t have buttons that looked cheap. When I buy a camera for RM1499, I do expect some classy and beautiful control buttons alongside with a nice screen. Basically, to sum it up, Baby Ixus ticked every single requirement that I look for in my dream camera. She is my dream that came true… =)

But unfortunately, on 13th July 2011, she died T_____T [And now you know why there isn’t any new post two weeks ago…]. She died of a tragic death [Not my fault by the way!] and I might have to fork out a maximum of RM400 in order to revive her but once I revived her, I must ensure that she do not die again because the warranty has ended on February 2011.

Last week, I brought her to Mid Valley Canon Concept Store [Where I bought her T.T] before meeting up with my Godma to be repaired… The store is… currently under renovation so Baby Ixus is back home- still dead T____T… [Now you know why, there isn’t any new post last week T.T]…

National Service! =D

Baby Ixus has followed me to National Service and I have so many photo memories in my National Service because I have her along with me and I remember how lucky I felt to have her around with me =D !

Last day of STPM! =D

And she accompanied me throughout my one and a half year of roller coaster ride in KHS for Form 6 and she had brought many joy and colours into my life as well as some of my other friends too. Whenever I look back at my photographs in Form 6, I’ll smile and I have never frown even though I went through some of the toughest time in my life there. Looking back at those photos had always reminded me of how much grateful I am, to be where I am today =D.

Bowling club trip to Sunway Pyramid! =D

Baby Ixus went along with me to every single school trips and competitions, recorded down many moments of glory and it was because of her, I had always earned myself a seat in competitions and school trips [For free! xP] =P…

Melissa being hiao in class and Christopher with his muka swt =P… 

Then, Baby Ixus followed me to my life in university and had accompanied me for my freshman year and I do not know if she will be able to accompany me throughout my remaining years in university =(…

Ee Jane! =D

Even under low light situation, she is able to take fantastic and clear photographs and she made every photograph beautiful T______T…

And I love the colour accent and colour swap function of my Baby Ixus [A function that not every camera has!! T__T]… Whenever I use this function, I will see everyone expression in amazement and it usually ends with them trying to take a picture with the aforementioned functions =P…

Nano foot says hie! =D 

Earlier on, on MSN, I told Nano that I have a good news for her and a bad news for myself. When I told her that Baby Ixus is dead [Because Baby Ixus is my partner in crime for taking all her ridiculous and absolutely crazy photos and made her life a little more interesting in Form 6 =P ], this is her reaction:

BAD news for me is it?! I give you my condolence and what the!! Why you never take care of her properly?!?! Don’t like you le! I need someone to record my life!! 

Okay ah… Don’t say I bully you the next time when I take/record your crazy moments =P…

Caramel macchiato and tiramisu from Starbucks! =D

In a nutshell… NOW I EMO! T______T Therefore, please send your condolences to me and don’t say anything nasty because I don’t need it right now. I just want back my Baby Ixus T_________T…


6 responses to “Baby Ixus

  1. I… Haiz… Although my Ixus is newer but I cannot ignore the fact that your Ixus had some edges over mine. I’m sad to see a great camera to die like this.

  2. my deepest condolence! i’m here to send her pink roses and candle… pls dont be too sad.. lama tak pergi, baru tak datang…!
    i love Baby Ixus! T___________________T

  3. Ee Hahn: T______T… yes you should be sad T.T…

    Wei Qi: thank you for your condolence! T.T… *accepts the pink roses and candle* T______T… i know la yang lama tak pergi, baru tak datang… you wanna sponsor me? T_____T… and yes!! you should love Baby Ixus!! T______T i am so terharu to know that you love her! T_____T *terharu*

  4. -.- praying for her revive 😀
    btw, nice pic of weiqi ;p

  5. Wei Sy: thanks 😛 and yea, nice photo!! =P

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