Spring Cleaning


Today has been a tiring day for me because I spring cleaned my very untidy table and according to my dad, my table might have the risk of having dead rats/cockroaches/lizards and I wouldn’t even know it because the pile of rubbish and stacks of books were so high that it can collapse down anytime and someone can probably go into coma. Yea, it is that bad =P.

After a few months of nagging from my dad and a little bit here and there from Wei Jie and Ee Jane, I have finally decided that today… I shall spring clean and I did!! =D !! I found many stuff that should have been thrown out of the house yonks ago and I have totally no idea what are those stuff still doing around my table, cupboard and drawer =X… But of course, I too found many nostalgic items that made me go awwwwwwww and I am glad that I spring cleaned my table today!!  !! Definitely a good form of exercise because my back hurts now T________T !!

Hahaha!! I found my old handphone manual! =X Back then, my Nokia 3315 was the latest phone in the market =X… I chuckled when I saw this manual because it reminded me of how Zaharah tried to prank me when she got a new number but as usual… she failed miserably =X…

And I found back my colouring stuff back when I was in primary school!! 😀 !! I remember printing out a lot of Powerpuff Girls drawing and colour them all day long ! I stared at this for a moment realizing that I have grew out of colouring on paper but I grew to love to paint my face .

Back then and even till today, Buttercup is my favourite cartoon hero and I love her best because she is the toughest fighter  ! I like the way how she never shed any tears no matter how rough is the situation and how she will always do her best in every fight and I totally love her never giving up and stand-up-when-you-fall attitude =D.

When I first saw her in action, it is like love at first sight – where I knew that I wanted to be just like her =X… Yea, I wanted to be like Barbie Doll [You know, her perfect body figure especially the long legs and tiny waist alongside with all the lovely clothes that she has =X ] with a personality like Buttercup =X… Ahhhh… That was my childhood dream and I think I am pretty far away from it @____@… =X…

Then I found friendship letters, love letters, birthday cards, festival cards, Valentine’s cards, friendship cards, game CD-s and even three envelopes full of exam messages where Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Ai Leng and I swapped answers with each other during exam 

Back then we relied on Ee Jane fully for Biology because she is damn good at it, Ching Yin for History because she is the only one who will be seriously read something before exam and me for Additional Mathematics because I am super kiasu and afraid of failing Additional Mathematics and Ai Leng for Mathematics, you know the angle of elevation and depression chapter, yea that one; man I hated that chapter once upon a time before Ai Leng taught me the easy way =X… And for the rest of the subjects, we will try to save each other neck as much as we can because we are all basically screwed up especially when it comes to Physics and Chemistry.

One of my birthday cards from Ee Jane and I love how her birthday cards are always very personalized! And I can totally picture her future boyfriend who will receive a lot of lovely cards from her and I don’t care, by then I still want my birthday card please thank you! =P

The card with the butterfly is one my birthday cards given by Nano and Sin Yee and it is made by my dearest Nano!  Although it is a very simple card but this card reminded me of how Nano panicked because she was making this card while waiting for me to arrive at her house and after beautifying the card a billion times, I still haven’t arrive =P…

The envelope with a cute pink ribbon is a personal letter from Nano to me after our Form 6 life and I smiled when I reread that letter! =D !

Also, I found back a lot of secondary school useless projects which I work on them the day before I have to hand in and yes, all this went to the recycle bin at home and I feel so environmental friendly despite my love for using plastic fork and spoon in hostel =X… I happen to come across the book that contains Convent school rules and guess what, I laughed when I saw that because I remembered how ridiculous are some rules but for now, GOODBYE CONVENT AND I AM NO LONGER GOVERNED BY YOUR STUPID RULES!! =P

I found one of the door gifts that I got from my hostel dinner this year and this went into the rubbish pile. Honestly, what do you want me to with it? The cup is too small to drink anything in it and it looks like some decorative item to me … If it is for remembrance purpose, like I put it on the table I will remember about the event then I am here to tell you… Excuse me, this will remind me of more rubbish that I have and if I want to remember the event, I will frame up the most awesome looking photo of myself during the event and put it on my table instead of looking at this piece of junk 

Once, I threw away a whole box full of letters because all the letters in it disgusted me in many ways and today, I found even more letters and some photographs inside my cupboard and I was shock to see all of it =|… Honestly, I did read all of it again, one by one and the more I read them, the more relieved I felt for being where I am right now . Those letters and photographs were now torn into pieces and off they go into the rubbish pile . In the love letters, I saw hypocrisy and betrayal, in the letters of apology, I saw insincerity and never ending tears, in the photographs, I saw smiles which are treacherous .

Back then, all this letters and photographs were what I considered as precious and part of me but today, all of this are nothing but absolute rubbish to me because they don’t mean a thing anymore. I was part of the letter and photographs once upon a time but now, I have learnt how to let go and move on to a better and happier future and to appreciate the present . Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of myself for having all the courage to move on and I felt extremely grateful with all that I have today : ).

I felt 100% satisfaction when I threw this rubbish pile outside my house and I am glad to see an extremely clean and neat table right now . Spring cleaning today reminded me of how I spring cleaned my mind back then and I am so glad that I did! =D I think, I am going to spring clean my little dressing room tomorrow and I guess by then I don’t have to rumble through my messy earring box for my earrings or to start a tug of war trying to untangle all my necklaces 


8 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. *some thoughts pass by my head better left unsaid to public*

    Yea man, i clean my room the other day, it was something like this too XD XD

    I HONESTLY SUGGEST, you either rebungkus and give it away as give or donate it. It’s a waste of space = =!!! (the cup that can’t be use)

    Spring cleaning are awesome! (well only awesome wen i tengah marah)

  2. Ee Jane: that cup is already in the dustbin =X… i don’t feel like giving people rubbish unless it is to the person who gave you rubbish =P… hehe! u faham faham la :P… !

  3. howcome the junk i have to clear off are mostly uni notes, bank statements and other official letters? i think going through old letters from friends and photographs are much cooler than the junks i have to clear @_@

  4. Helen: because you study and work too hard?! =P

  5. reminds me of lots of memories! when r u free to clean my room pula?
    just cleaned de cupboard… come n help me clean my book rack!

  6. Wei Qi: ur room ah, “mou yuk hor kau” already la… all the books on your book rack can throw away la :P… as if u will read it la :P…

  7. Neh~ U loved powerpuff girl??

  8. Wei Sy: yeaps! 😛 why?! =P

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