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The Happiest Day of 2010

As promised in this post, I will blog about my acceptance into University of Malaya as one of my happiest day in 2010 =P. But come to think about it, I think I would start off the story from the day I received my STPM result which happens to be another happiest day in 2010 for me as well =D. Well, seems like we have two stories going on and yea, here we go :

The class of 6BF before the 6 of us from 6BE transferred to 6BF. [So, if you curious about this class changing thing that is captioned in the photo above, I suggest that you click on this link and yea, read on and you will know more about it =P]

On 25th February 2010, I was one of the first student who received my result slip with trembling hands and with a fearful heart. When the result was handed to me, I held on to it tightly but I did not open it. I remember staring at it while telling myself that this is the slip that will either be my ticket to enter local university or a ticket that blows my whole future away.


The class of 6BE before the 6 of us left to 6BF. 

I saw most of my schoolmates who are already in tears. Some of it are tears of happiness but most of it were tears of remorse and disappointment. I was fearful. Fearful of what lies in the slip and I was fearful of what if I cried of remorse and disappointment because in my whole life, I have never cried over any examination result [Yes, including SPM] because to me, it is not a great big deal anyway. But STPM is a great big deal for me at that moment.

The class of 6AF/2009 =). 

I remembered very clearly that I walked out of the school hall and it was then I told myself that the results were already released and there is nothing I can do about it anymore so I shall be very, very brave and face my own result without any fear. The more I console myself, the more fearful I became but in the end, I managed to gather all the courage that I have and tore the results open.

6AE/2009 =). 

When I calculated my pointer, it was below my expectation and honestly, I was upset and somewhat disappointed but I have no idea what drove me to walk into the school hall again. I did not cry and honestly, I am very proud of myself although I know that my results did not reach my expectations. When I met Miss Heng, my Physics teacher who hugged me when she saw me, congratulating me on my result; I was surprised because to me, my result is a great disappointment to myself =|…

And I miss my vain friends and that’s Farid in the photo =P… 

It was after meeting Miss Heng, I realized that I calculated my pointer very wrongly by a less of 0.43 and when I saw my actual result by recalculating it thrice; I burst into tears. And it was tears of happiness and gratitude and everyone around me thought that I was crazy for crying so much but the truth is, I don’t care how ugly I looked like at that time because to me, I am one step nearer to my dreams and nothing else matters anymore =P !

Scribbling on school’s property =X… 

Upon receiving our STPM result, we begin to apply for universities – local and abroad. At that time, I knew that I had enough of science subjects and I am so sure that I am going to take a rope and hang myself on the moving fan if I ever have to flip through any Chemistry books @___@ . It was then I decided that I wanted to be accepted into the University of Malaya for many reasons and one of it, is for the course that I am currently in right now .

Interact Club =) 

Before the final date of submission of the UPU website, everyone began to ask one another questions on what course and university did they apply and stuff like that. When it comes to me, the moment they knew that half of my university application went to University of Malaya and my first choice was University of Malaya, their reactions were very discouraging and this is what I was discouraged with [The summary of what almost everyone said]:

Are you crazy? University of Malaya is like one of the hardest and toughest university to get in. 

It is unwise of you to place all your top choices on UM. You are betting your future away with UPU. I wouldn’t be surprise if you ended up getting nothing or somewhere else far away. 


PT6 =) =D 

Honestly, I was rather discouraged when I heard those discouragement but I know that they are not completely wrong =|. But nevertheless, I did not change my choices and I stayed with them because I told myself I can get through it no matter what happens. My parents and Nano are the only people who encouraged me to have the persistent determination to keep holding on when everyone else thinks that I am crazy for making such decisions.

Nano and I sampat-ing after our Pengajian Am seminar =P. 

After our local university application was closed, I wouldn’t lie that I broke down many times because I knew for a fact that I was indeed placing a bet with UPU and I have been on the phone over a million of times with Nano whenever I break down. There was once when I told Nano another reason why I wanted UM so badly and it was then, I realized that I wasn’t just fighting for an admission into UM.

Nano and I sleeping during the boring Pengajian Am seminar =|…

I remember that I prayed everyday before I sleep that by God’s grace and with the intercession of Mother Mary and the help with all the angels and saints that I have prayed to would help me to be called for an interview for my course in UM and then, to earn a seat for myself in UM. The day of the result for courses with interview came and I was still asleep when the phone call from UM came in so yea, I woke up immediately when I heard the person over the phone saying that they are from UM xD =P .

I was over the moon when I received the phone call asking me to attend an interview in UM in less than a week time. Without even bothering to change or washing up, I ran down and told my whole family and called Nano to share the good news with her but I did not tell any other friends because I do not want to hear any discouragement anymore. To me, this is when my battle for an admission into UM had officially begun and it is… war time! =X

Classroom vandalism =X… 

I went back to KHS to get my certificates certified for my interview the following week and all the teachers were surprised to see me. When I told them about my interview for my course, they were congratulating me but the moment they heard that the call was from UM, here comes all the discouragement from them which clearly disappointed me in so many ways.

Don’t be too happy yet. They just called you for an interview but that doesn’t means that you will be accepted. 

Oh, they might just call the whole bunch of people who applied that course for interview. It is hard to be selected anyway. You might see a hundred over people there you know. To be chosen out of a hundred applicants is something very tough. 

You may want to try to appeal to other universities when the results are released. 

I know what they said make sense but still, I couldn’t help but to feel terribly disappointed and the two teachers who encouraged me were Miss Heng and Puan Vasantha =).

Nano and I during KHS Sport’s Day =D. 

Upon returning from KHS, I phoned Nano and complained to her about the teachers’ attitude and she in return said this to me:

Yor… You ah! You ah!! Actually what they say make sense also lo although very kejam… But just do your best!! Go for the interview with your best confidence and do like how you do for your MUET speaking and public speaking competitions!! Do well in your interview and when you are accepted, they can’t say anything already!! 

It was then, I realized that it is a do or die situation for me and I told myself that no matter what, I must strive and do my best for the interview because that determines my bet in my university application form. And I told myself that I must and can get through the interview no matter what happens and I must march into KHS with the UM acceptance letter in my hand.

L-R: LeiKen, Nano, Sin Yee, Ooi Jie, Miss Adorable =P. 

On the day of the interview, I was there with my father and he was telling me in the bus that about his experience/stories in UM. Then he went on telling me about how nice it is if I am accepted into UM. When I heard what he said, I felt another pressure added on me. It made me even more determined to do well in the interview and to be accepted into UM. Honestly, the interview was one of the fiercest fights that I have ever put on in my whole life because there are too many reasons why I wanted to be in UM.

Neo and Nano! =D

During the interview, I had the exact same determination of wanting to slap some teachers in KHS in their face for giving me low marks in MUET speaking as compared to their favourite students [And thank you, I have proved to you that YOU WERE SO WRONG ABOUT ME! =) ] and for denying me a chance to represent the school in the district level public speaking competition although I won the public speaking competition in school [And I took it all back on our graduation day =) ] but just because I wasn’t experienced enough in that field, I was denied of a chance =).

Yes, that very same determination crept in and it was then I thought of my parents, Nano, Ee Jane and another person and how I would like to march into KHS with that acceptance letter, I fought fiercely in the interview – showing my deepest interest to be accepted into UM. When the interview ended, I had no regrets at all because I believe that no matter what happens, I have already did my best and when I have done my part, I guess I will always leave the rest to God =).

Some happy moments in 6AE =P… 

After the interview, I waited for another two months for UPU result to be released. When it was released, I saw my name alongside with my first choice and I cried because I was too happy. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was accepted into UM and all my nights of crying and days of breaking down was actually worth it all and at that time, nothing else matters anymore .

Believe it or not, I actually checked the UPU website every single day to make sure that my name and my first choice is still there [And not disappeared out of the blue =X =P ] and when the acceptance letter arrived at my house, I woke up everyday and stare at it to make sure that it is there =X. You know, I felt like I was seriously in a dream so yea, gotta check it everyday to make sure that IT IS STILL THERE!! =X

Me – sampat-ing with Nano’s rubberband =X… 

I couldn’t wait to go back to KHS with the acceptance letter to slap all the teachers back in their faces alongside with people who had discouraged me in so many ways. When I returned to KHS [If my memory did not fail me, it is exactly a year ago since I return to KHS with the acceptance letter from UM =P], there are no longer discouragements but everyone congratulated me, telling me how happy they were for me and how lucky I was to be accepted into UM. Honestly, I felt proud to walk up the hill of KHS into the staffroom just to let them know that I was accepted into UM just because I am crazy enough to gamble away and risk my university application .

When some schoolmates/classmates heard about my UPU result, they actually discouraged by saying that I was accepted because I switched from the science stream to the arts. Honestly, I was very, very offended because to me, I had fought a long and hard battle to be accepted into UM and I don’t get accepted just because I switched stream. I fought my way through and if you wanted UM as badly as I do, you could have fought your way through as well.


On a final note, to all who are awaiting for an admission into any university, don’t ever, ever give up and be discouraged by anyone [And don’t even discourage anyone by the way!] =D. Perseverance and patience will get you through and yes, the gate of local university may be small but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be ONE of them who could have the chance to get through that small gate =).

So all in all, I owe my family [Especially my mother and father =D !! <3~!!], Nano, Miss Heng and Puan Vasantha a billion of thank you for all the support =) ! And not to forget, Ee Jane, Kean Jie, Helen, Ching Yin, Brian and everyone else for the encouragements before STPM, I don’t think I can do it without the encouragement from you guys!! =)

But most of all, thank you God, Mother Mary, all the angels and saints for all the blessings and for holding my hands, guiding me through all this insane roller coaster rides =D. Yeaps, when God brings me to it, He will always bring me through it =D ! Amen!! =D


When It Rains

This post is a piece of diary that I have written on 24th February 2011 on a rainy day when I am in the bus on the way home from town. After 3 months plus of stumbling upon this piece of diary, I was reminded of two songs in my current playlist- 下雨天 [Not sure of the singer’s name though =P ] and 雨爱 by Rainie Yang =D.

下雨天了怎么办 我好想你 
怎样的雨 怎样的夜 

下雨了 雨陪我哭泣 看不清 我也不想看清
离开你 我安静的抽离 不忍揭晓的剧情

These 6 lines of lyrics in the two songs reminded me of this person written in the piece of diary below and yea, I am now looking back at my past with a smile and most importantly- no regrets and I am glad that my brave and fearless heart had saved me in so many ways =D…

P/S: All images are from Google Image! =)

24th February 2011

A few months back, whenever it rains, the song Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by B. J. Thomas will start playing in my head and I remember so vividly, under my umbrella I smiled because I knew that I would SMS you just to let you know that I thought of you and in return, I can expect a humourous answer from you:

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Cryin’s not for me
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining
Because I’m free
Nothing is worrying me

After a month plus of wrongly SMS-ing each other, whenever it rains; again I remember vividly how I stood under my umbrella as my eyes turned watery and I felt upset. I remember crying a little as I took a bath because I felt so hurt with that last conversation with you on the phone. It is the exact same hurt that made me felt breathless, helpless and useless. I couldn’t comprehend on why did you do such a thing to me but most of all, I couldn’t understand why I even agreed to start off all this nonsense with you in the first place.

And now, a few months later, it rained today but I wasn’t reminded of this song anymore until I walked into the bus and I saw the usual bus that you used to take after school right beside the bus that I am in. As the raindrop run down the window quickly and heavily; it was then my heart misses the good times that we used to share in school. It was then as well, I saw pictures of me walking past the school bus stop and I didn’t see you anywhere but I received your SMS asking me why do I look sad and you even asked if anyone made me sad and I turned around to see if you are anywhere nearby but I was already far away from the school bus stop.


~Shuo Le Zai Jian by Jay Chou =)~

It has been long since we last met each other and I actually smiled in the bus because I realize that – I just miss you… no more : ). It was then I realized that I have already moved on. I don’t feel any stab inside me nor did my eyes feel watery anymore and you are no longer the first and last thing on my mind any longer.

We were once close friends but now, we are the closest stranger ever.