My Freshman Year =D

Ah…  My freshman year has officially ended on 11th May 2011 and in a way I am glad that the semester is over [Hello 4 months holiday!!  ] but somewhat I feel reluctant to leave the title of being a first year undergraduate. University of Malaya is one of my dream universities and I am extremely grateful to be walking and studying in the University of Malaya and it is like a dream come true for me .

So, I guess you might wanna know how have my freshman year been and well, honestly, it was not too bad and things turned up to be better in the second semester although there are more dramas involved in the second semester [Yea I know, where do I go and there isn’t any drama ] but honestly, those drama happened for the best .

In my first semester, I would say that it is peaceful and drama-less. All that I remembered doing in my first semester is rushing home every Thursday afternoon after Listening and Speaking Labwork and gosh, I dreaded Sunday nights because Monday morning is the time to be back on campus.

In my second semester, it is somewhat a little bit dramatic [For the good in some way =P ] and well, I still go home every week but I guess, I wasn’t that homesick anymore but I still miss and love my home bed and air-cond.

There are quite a number of events that took place in my freshman year and yea, firstly, a little bit of recap of my first semester [You can read all about it here as well].

7th College with our Go Za’ba cheers in DTC =X…

First of all, we went through orientation or well known as MHS 2010/2011 [Read all about it here] and had the hell of a time. No, I don’t enjoy my orientation and it is one of the worst events of my university life and it made me realize how uncivilized university students are and some are even mentally corrupted .

During orientation, the closest person to me is the person whom now I despised because of the way this person treated me after MHS. The more I think about it, the more I laughed because you actually accused me of changing when YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CHANGED so thank you for your lip service but unfortunately, I don’t need any of those services yet .

L-R: Melissa, Samantha, Hong Ten, Jennica, Christopher before Hubungan Etnik lectures every Wednesday in our first semester at 5pm. 

To many people, the first semester is about finding friends whom they can click with. To me, my first semester involves running away from two circle of friends because I don’t feel up to it and I cannot stand certain people in the circle of friends as well. For people who know me well enough, I am not the kind of person who goes around finding for friends or a clique because that is just not me =|…

I saw friendships broken in the second semester but I am glad, to see how my friendship blossomed and honestly in my first semester, I think quite a number of people hated me because they think that I am so ignorant, arrogant and discourteous but fortunately enough for me, I have found friends [Or rather, they found me =P] who actually accepts me for who I am and all that I am and most importantly, they know me for who I am .

Malam Suai Kenal PKV. 

In my first semester, I attended this Malam Suai Kenal by PKV and honestly, it was really, really fun and it was all fated that I was there [It is a pretty interesting story but no, not gonna share it here. Do ask me when you see me =) ] to meet you again; realizing that things had changed for real. This is the very same night I curled on my bed while falling asleep with those memories playing in my head without shedding a single tear at all for the very first time and it feels great because I woke up the next day telling myself that it was a good closure and that, it is all for the best and indeed, it is all for the best =)…

Vivian, Samantha, Mun Yoke. This is our first photo taken together right after MHS =)… 

And I have two awesome roomies that I will never exchange for anything else in the world . But to my two beloved roomies, I am so sorry that I can never be your roomie anymore and annoy you by playing games in the room while saying:

Don’t know why ah students from the Language Faculty very free one  

Hah! I know both of you are gonna miss me so, so much for all my prasan-ness, cookies and Milo [Mun Yoke!! =D] supplies, my stack of cosmetics on the table and uhh… probably asking me to stop eating instant noodles =X… And I am gonna miss Mun Yoke for all the late night gossips and catching up sessions and Vivian for walking into the room and plopping on the bed, falling asleep and the phone ringing next to her ears with her still asleep =X…

Going to the library to online back in my first semester and yea, this is Christopher, Melissa and I at the main library choosing our KKM [A course which I thought to be shitty and useless but turns up to be useful and less shitty in so many ways so thank you KKM! =P ] topic and ended up hating one of our group members for being so “cooperative”.

Hubungan Etnik project meeting. 

I love to say this, Hubungan Etnik, TITAS and APK is the shit [and a waste of time] and ought to be abolished in every way possible . Has anyone actually read the preface of our TITAS textbook ? If you haven’t, please do so whenever you need a good laugh/joke =X…

UM 2010 Convocation 7th College juniors to seniors’ gift. 

Vivian spent countless sleepless nights doing all this and honestly, I thought that I did not help at all but I surprised myself when I DO found some photos of me actually going down to help them paint some stuff just for one night. This got me thinking on why did I actually go down to help [Dead sure that I was already anti-CC =P ] and I figured it out… I was helping out while eating instant noodles with Jennica who is helping them out.

L-R: Noah, Liang Kit, Small Gan, Samantha, Jennica, Melissa. 

And of course, going to Sunway Pyramid [Click here] and Mid Valley [Click here] during exam week [Hahaha!! xD ] and this too, is my first outing with my university friends. Honestly, I had a lot of fun with you guys and thank you so, so much for everything in that two days! =)

PTUM 2010 [Click here to read more about it : ) ]. 

Attending university events and yea, had lots of fun as well and will definitely go for it again next year if I have the time and to all my future juniors, do take some time off [Unless you have a test the next day and haven’t study at all…] and enjoy =) !

Mun Yoke and I in the room =X… 

Ordering pizza delivery [With Mun Yoke, Vivian and Melissa! =D] when food in hostel sucks at its maximum and yea, long live fast food deliveries !!

Having a room party with my two roomies while studying for test the next day with my two roomies stressed up with assignments, projects and tests and whoa =X… I love being a Language Faculty student =X…

L-R: Napoleon, Melissa, Vivian, Mun Yoke. 

Running off to the night market on Monday evening for some Chinese food and for me, it is for the chilling longan drink =P…

Miss Adorable and Nano! =D

I had the chance to visit UKM and UTM KL Campus and yea, I still love UM best!! =P *Patriotic* ! =D =P…!

I still do last minute studying because it is “fun” to feel the adrenaline rush in me =P…

Me and my dearest red pail plus some other stuff outside Bangunan Peperiksaan =P.

Ended my first semester of my first year by lugging my pail which I never used all the way from my room to Bangunan Peperiksaan and back to Kajang =P.

Right, I think that is rather a bit recap of my first semester so let’s move on to my second semester, which is a much more colourful and happier semester as compared to my first semester =D :

Monday morning at KTM Kajang.

I still get pissed off with KTM [] all the time every Monday morning upon returning to campus and I do love Malaysians for being so “courteous” all the time by pushing each other into the coach before passengers could even have a chance to disembark.

This is me with my muka yang tersangatnya mengantuk dan sien in Dewan Mengkula awaiting for the dumb APK seminar to begin. 

Attended two shitty APK seminars  because they cost 5% each and met an abusive guy who is probably a sadistic =X…

L-R: Charmaine, Yi Ling, Lilian, Nadiah, Suguna, Angel, Venda, Marilyn.

Going through mental tortures of APK business plan and practicum and yes, OFFICIALLY DIVORCED with all dumb university courses !! But of course, I have to admit despite the troubles and shit that we have to go through for the bloody APK practicum, I think it is for the best because well, I made new friends from the other departments in my faculty =P.

9th College Pesta Angpau : ). 

Attending Pesta Angpau and Malam Kebudayaan of different colleges and I love 9th and 12th college [Love their Chinese yo-yo perfomance!! =D] performances best! =) And of course, winning myself the first prize of 9th College lucky draw contest which earned myself a Ray Ban spectacle frame that is worth RM600++ =X…

Chui San performing at 8th College Pesta Angpau! =D I am so proud and happy for her that night!! =) =D !!

Attended 8th College Pesta Angpau just to watch Chui San’s performance and I am very, very, very, very proud of her that night and how I wish the whole KHS could hear her singing because she sings very, very, very, very well that Vivian actually asked me if that is her real voice or a recorded CD! =P

This is my happy face for not having to eat in Dewan Makan! =P 

Sharing a packet of biscuits and a can of salmon with Melissa for lunch outside the Main Library and laughed at everyone else who has to bear with the hostel nasty food =X…

Me with some random signboard at my faculty =X…

And I still love taking photos with signboard that I find amusing and this one has the word – DiClamp xD !

L-R: Christopher, Edna, Lilian, Samantha.

I still sleep in classes especially TITAS and APK =X…

Wei Jie, Samantha =D. 

Having lunch/dinner regularly wih Wei Jie and Melissa at the usual place in Dewan Makan along with some happy conversations =D.

9th College choir – the team that deserves the first place more than any other hostel =) . 

Attended FESENI and took photographs with Ee Hahn’s DSLR [Thank you Ee Hahn!] and fell in love with DSLR more than ever! =X…

Having late night supper/outings and can you see Wei Jie’s failed attempt for giving me a horn and my nose and lips smeared with cheese from cheesy wedges by Melissa =D.

Going out for late night “dates” at McDonald’s =)…

L-R: Mun Yoke, Vivian, Wei Jie, Samantha.

Going for steamboat to celebrate my early birthday at Tasty Pot because they fear that they will not be free during my birthday and honestly, I was really, really touched! Thank you so much for everything and for being so thoughtful! =) *Hugs* !

Donated blood for the very first time and I went alone and for the very first time in my whole life, I knew/confirmed my blood group =P…

Going for curry wantan mee at 4am at Seapark : )…

L-R: Marilyn [Prism], Samantha [Chasuble], Edna [Cecily], Lilian [Narrator], Miss Vanie. 

Being involved in my faculty’s day for a play entitled The Importance of Being Earnest and this is the first activity that I joined in my whole year of being a first year student.

Going to work for Adidas Press Conference with Kean Jie, Mun Yoke and Ferlynne at Sunway Pyramid during study week =P…

Vivian’s stuff =X… 

Monkeys invaded my room for the very first time because Vivian left the windows open =X… But thank God not much mess was created so yea, not too bad but no thank you for a second time =P…

Us and with some Thai exchange students =)… 

Got myself 3 Thai buddies from Naresuan University and they are all cool people! =D I guess, my best memory with them will be going to the night market with them like a bunch of tour group =P…

Mun Yoke in Wei Jie’s car with her laptop =X… 

Vivian, Mun Yoke, Wei Jie and I went searching for a McDonald’s outlet which has plugs available in the middle of the night because Mun Yoke and Vivian are stressed up and needs to go out to do work =P…

Wei Jie and I with his dinner at midnight [Ah the life of students from the Science Faculty? =P…] and you know what, my favourite peach sundae is no longer available anymore T_____T…

Dear anyone with authority in McDonald’s, if you are ever reading this… BRING BACK MY FAVOURITE PEACH SUNDAE!! >=( The new banana toffee flavour is horrible and tasted like medicine so please take it off and bring back my peach sundae T____________T !! I don’t wanna wait for another year to have my beloved peach sundae T______T…!!

L-R: Christopher, Vivian, Wei Jie, Samantha, Melissa with Nano as the photographer. 

Celebrating my 21st birthday [Read all about it here] for the very first time with my friends on my birthday itself and yea, I enjoyed myself very, very much and thank you everyone, for everything =)… *Hugs*!! =D !!

And not to forget, having my face smashed into a cake by Wei Jie and nooooooo, I wasn’t thrown into the pond =P… !

Had a date with the VC on Valentine’s Day [How romantic!] but of course, celebrated my Valentine’s day with Vivian, Mun Yoke and Wei Jie at 3rd College mamak =P…

Plus, I still love instant noodles a lot xD…

L-R: Christopher, Melissa, Mun Yoke, Vivian, Wei Jie, Samantha. 

Going to Hoi Tong for steamboat to mark the end of the semester =P !

L-R: Hantu Cinta, Penangkap Hantu, Hantu Kecik =P 

I still keep in touch with my best friends who are in different universities and I still love them to bits.

Somewhat had a chance to do some science “experiment” =X…

Melissa, Samantha. 

And I found my woman, Melissa Khoo who thought that I was a bitch [Seriously?!?! O.O…] when she first met me and she is one of the girls whom I disliked the most last semester. I just realized that the people whom you love will always be the one whom you had the worst impression on or the one that you hate the most or the one that hates you the most with the exception of THE STONE/BATU [Inside joke =P ] of course =P…

Lilian and Samantha during APK practicum. 

And I love Lilian more than ever this semester. We became so much more closer and shared lots more little meaningful talks together in the car from UM to Serdang =)… For all of you who don’t know Lilian, she is one of the nicest girl that I’ve ever known, very genuine, sincere and beautiful in so many ways and I thank God for her presence in my life and yes, looking forward to seeing her till my final year! =)

Me with the trolley inside one of Sunway Pyramid toilet. 

I am still that sampat in shopping malls and that Secret Recipe incident @____@… T_______T…

L-R: Vivian, Mun Yoke, Edna, Melissa. 

Attended Malam Anugerah Za’ba [Hostel dinner] and well, it was not too bad =D.

And oh, I forgot. In my first semester, CC had this event of writing letters to the seniors’ name which you have picked so that these seniors could take care of you or something like that. The thing is, I didn’t want to pick any names [It is a random pick by the way… So you will only know the name when you open up the paper =X…] initially but I think either Melissa or Mun Yoke dragged me to pick the names =X…

Right, my 3 direct seniors =P… :

Yen Nee and I =D. Although our letter writing session was short, but still, I appreciate your effort and sorry for not recognizing you in college T___T…

Poh Shya and I! =D She is the one who wrote long, long letters to me and replied me quickly =D and she gave me a pillow because I told her that I love sleeping!! =P

Wei Jie and I =D. Ah… His letters are humorous in many ways and well, it sounds very wrong to label him as my direct senior now =P…

And in my second semester, I found someone whom I love and someone who would love me back the same way =)… Although we are complete opposite of each other, but I guess it is our differences that complement each other =)…

Samantha, Wei Jie. 

Last semester, I ended my semester by lugging a pail back and this semester, I ended my semester by going to Genting and spending some time with Wei Jie =)…


On a final note, my freshman year has not been an awesome year yet but overall, I am satisfied : ). Although there are some challenges that comes along the way [And I feel like dying all the time @__@], I am always grateful to know that I still have Ee Jane, Nano and Kean Jie by my side whenever I needed someone to just listen to me and to give me the confidence and strength to get through things in life =).

Also, not to forget, I am too thankful to have found friends and strengthen some friendships in my second semester : ). I will never forget the people who are close to me and for adding more meaning to my freshman year : ) Mun Yoke, Vivian, Melissa, Lilian and most importantly, Wei Jie : ), thank you for everything : ) ~!

I know I am supposed to post this yesterday but I have been editing this final part a billion times because I think I would reserve some stories of my freshman year for some other posts =P… So yea, I am looking forward to a better and happier [Hopefully : ) ] second year of my university life which will commence in September so right now, hello 4 months long of semester break! =D


10 responses to “My Freshman Year =D

  1. woots! your entry banyak yuk ma la (you know which part i mean).. kakakaka!! well, glad to hear that your 2nd sem is better. i told you already 2nd sem is sure gonna be better 😛 heads up! 2nd year is gonna be even better for you (God willing ;)) XD

  2. Helen: i know =P !! hehe!! well, hopefully 2nd year will be even better for me!! and may your final year in USM be ur greatest year of all!! =D !!

  3. wei jie, wei jie, wei jie all the way till end hahahaha
    that’s y ur 2nd sem is better la? 😀

  4. Wei Sy: well, that is one of the main reasons but there are many other reasons too like finding friends who accepts me for all that i am 😛 !!

  5. missed reading ur post for soooooooo long! XD oh, nice new fonts for ur blog title! XD

  6. Wei Qi: i know u miss reading my blog!! xP !! u r the 1st one to notice the new fonts for my blog header !! T____T *terharu* !!

  7. Didn’t know that you’re still continue ur blogging btw nice post and ur experience as freshman pretty same as mine too…haha, agree with the MHS stuff but it was unforgettable for me, as that how everything started 🙂 i also officially divorced APK, TITAS and HE too*

  8. am sure everyone noticed.. but it’s too… to giv compliment… so might as well keep quiet! xP

  9. Tat Joon: yeaps! i still blog =P is your blog still active? =X and thank you for your lovely compliment!! =D !! and good to know that your freshman year was more or less the same as mine [at least i don’t feel so miserable! =P ]. and yeaps, MHS is really, really unforgettable but it is almost one year already since MHS =X… and i agree with you, MHS is how everything else started =X… and lastly… *high 20* for being a widower of APK, TITAS and HE!! =P !! goodbye university courses!! =D !!

    Wei Qi: ceh!! T_________T compliment sikit ma! T__________T !!

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