The Long Lost Dream :)…

NEXT BLOG POST: 22nd MAY 2011. 

The first song that I listen today happens to be:


Which simply means Red Dragonfly : )… I first heard this song in Wei Jie’s car and when I read the lyrics today especially this part [In red : ) ] :


It hits me in many ways as I thought about the dreams that I used to have when I was much younger. I have dreams about being a superhero just like Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls [Whoa I was that innocent =P] and I dream of being a princess once upon a time. But these dreams were soon forgotten as I grew out of my fantasies but there is one dream that has always stay in me and I have never realized it till today : ).

Image from Google Images : )~… 

This dream happens to be my first ambition which is to be a lawyer. I first had this ambition when I was 7 and I had always love the way lawyers have the ability to speak with flow and eloquence in courtrooms and I have always aspired to be just like one of them or maybe even better than that : )… But now to me, it is a long lost dream that I just remembered about it today because the song reminded me so much of my first ambition and all the innocent and naive dreams that I used to have back then : ).

So, do you have any long lost dream that still stays in you till this very day? : )


5 responses to “The Long Lost Dream :)…

  1. Of course I have.. T____T but can nvr come true la… Kan i mention before how i wanna be a pilot?? but.. hehehe… a dream is a dream.. I soooo hope that you did try to fullfil ur dream.. Will be so proud of you!! =D but now u can focus on ur new dream, de 2nd J.K Rowling! woohooo~!!
    My new dream = to find something I like to do as a job!

    Everyone will have their own dream to be achieve but not many can really get to their dream.. If it is not achievable even we tried so hard, all we can do is to keep it as an interest… you can still use ur words to fight for other or even with ur pen! not in the court nor a lawyer… in any situation as a fren…

  2. I wanted to venture into the IT profession when my dad first bought his first computer in 1998. However I thought it couldn’t be realized when I decided to take up music as a career. I also didn’t expect myself to take up degree in IT! Haha… Hopefully this time my aim stay put and one day I will be able to realized my childhood dream. 😀

  3. Wei Qi: yeap~ i remember abt ur dream to be a pilot 😀 well… the efforts taken to make my dream come true ah… haha! there’s a long, long story to this :P… might blog about it one day? =X the 2nd jk rowling ah… waaaaa, i don’t mind le, she’s so rich kan :P… but i am currently lack of inspiration on what to write about T___T…

    good luck in achieving ur new dream~! 😀 ~! i totally agree with u but use my words to fight for my friends? =X… whoa, didn’t know that my words have that kind of power :P… good to know! 😛 thanks~!! =D ~!!

    Ee Hahn: yea, i remember u and ur craze for chasing after ur ambition to be a music teacher [right? :P…]. good for u to have somewhat reconciled with ur childhood dream [not everyone have that chance 😉 ] and all the best in achieving it~! =D ~!

  4. Eh?

    I haven’t come to a point to think about a long lost dream, cause i kinda don’t remember any =|

    I think if i had any its…a rich big boss 0.o I think if will think about long lost dreams when i have grey hair, if i do reach that age XD XD or have grey hair 0.o

  5. Ee Jane: hehe! now you reminded me of you telling me about you wanna be rich and earn lotsa money back then!! =D of course u will reach that age la :P… then we shall go holiday together? xD !

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