CC Supper Night

I have already paid RM15 for this so no matter what, I am not going to waste my RM15 no matter how much I hate CC. And I’ve paid the RM15 because my roomie, Vivian is the one in charge of collecting the money and thus, pestered me for days @_@. So I paid, or else, it will be exactly like Talent’s Night, where I refused to pay the RM10 because I don’t feel like wasting my money/contributing anything… I’m such an obstinate person to live with, yah, you can pity my two roomies but I am so sure that they love me to bits and I too, love them to bits! 😛 !

CC Supper Night is an event where the CC will bring all the Chinese juniors out to eat at some Chinese restaurant because you don’t get Chinese food anywhere in UM especially pork but unfortunately for me, I dislike pork so this Supper Night don’t thrill me at all because I get to eat Chinese food every week =P. But I know this event is somewhat meaningful for people who are far away from their home, so we have to be considerate too =X.

Melissa, Jennica and I while waiting for the rest to arrive and tick their attendance =D. And we are walking from our hostel to the restaurant +_+… If you notice, Jennica and Melissa are wearing our orientation shirt and we are supposed to wear them but I left mine at home so I wore my own shirt which is the exact colour like the second year senior’s CC shirt hahaha!!

So in conclusion, don’t have to bother what they say, just wear what you want/like =P. Gosh, I’m so rebellious =X…

Walking towards PJ Gate +_+… Urgh, I hate walking +_+… T____T… And this photo totally reminded me of MHS =|…

Thank God I have this two along with me all the way or else I’ll be so bored! +_+

PJ Gate and this is the BEGINNING of our journey to the restaurant -___-…

You see la, you see la! Walk for at least 40 minutes until the sky also turn dark already!

Chi Seng the Libra who is sitting next to me =|… And Angela [Another Libra too!] sat beside me later because I reserved a seat for her hahaha!! So yea, overdose of Libra but… it feels good =P !

And I think I drank at least one whole big jug of tea because I was so thirsty from the long walk! @__@…

And we played some games but I forgot what games because I didn’t really participate because I don’t really understand so never mind!! =X

I spent my time eating these green tea kuaci that was brought by one of the lecturers who is staying in our hostel though =P.

Bean curd with chicken meat, prawn, sotong and some vegetable. Okay la, not too bad but not that nice also =|…

Steam fish and with taucu I think… Not too bad but not that nice also. Nothing beats the restaurant near my housing area though =|… And the rest of the food, it is some vegetable and err… very non-halal food =X… Hehe!

The juniors on my assigned table =P.

After dinner, they dragged us to a lorong and made us to choose some AJK for Talent’s Night +_+… Yor, this one ah looks like some perhimpunan cina haram if you ask me =|…

Then they brought us back to the same restaurant in which they’ve already arranged the chairs for us to sit and started giving out prizes for those who got the most number of senior’s signature [To me, this is another kind of nonsense/a waste of my time la] and started scolding those who did not get any [Like me! =D *Super proud* 🙂 😀 😛 ] and celebrated the August babies birthday as well! =P

The two future engineers, Ji Jian and Chi Seng with the three future linguists, Sam, Melissa and Jennica =P.

When we arrive in college/hostel, we were given our year CC T-shirt and uhh… I can only say that it looks very Chinese-ish and it’s not really my style so I don’t wear it in UM unless it is really, really absolutely necessary =|… All in all, this CC Supper Night is an okay event but I wouldn’t go for it again if I am still staying in hostel next year =P.


2 responses to “CC Supper Night

  1. RM15 price is NOT TOO BAD for a chinese dinner around KL. well, wut u pay is wut you get.

  2. Joe: i suppose so @___@… but i seriously don’t mind paying more for a nicer restaurant [with nicer food please thank u!] and uhh, bus service xD… and yea, what we pay is what we get la =|… just like how we reap what we sow =P…

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