Pesta Tanglung Chinese Community KK7 2010

Okay… So I’ve expressed my hate for Chinese Community here and I still attend this PTCC… I do sound like a two-faced and hypocrite now BUT initially, I do not want to attend this at all and I’ve made up my mind to sleep early that night. But as I was eating instant noodle in the room, my two roomies came in and told me that they are going for it.

Well, I wasn’t tempted to go at all but then they were telling me that it will be fun and there will be no discrimination of junior and senior @___@… And they were already late and it seems like if I refuse to move, they wouldn’t move either so in the end, I decided to give it a chance to try it out and so I went… and I hate to say this but I have to say this – NO REGRETS! Hahaha!! 

It was actually pretty fun although the activities were somewhat monotonous but at least, it has surpassed my expectations and I manage to laugh a lot at the plays and I still have the video with me though but it’s okay, you can come over to my house and watch it! =P It is worth a watch hehe! =P

This is a contest where all the groups compete against one another to see who can finish eating the pomelo first =P…

According to Aik Siew, the pomelo is sour but the teamwork is awesome! =D

Yay-ness to my group, Group 2! =D

My group members and I =P.

Wu Kang and Chang E wannabe for the play later =P ! Hehe! This two, are the best couple match made in heaven!! =P

Melissa and I with Napoleon mengacau at the back and it rained halfway -___-…

Melissa, Ah Fatt and one of my roomies, Mun Yoke =D.

Ren the nice guy and I =D !

Lighting up the lantern =X…

All of us, who attended this event and you know what, I burnt my lantern and it wasn’t on purpose!! T____T And I feel so sad because that is the first lantern that I’ve burnt in my whole life but never mind, because they gave me a much bigger lantern later on!! =P

So I guess… when something is gone, another better one will come along so I shall ditch Wang Lee Hom and someone better than him will come along?!?! =D… Okay, you can ignore my siao-ness =P…


2 responses to “Pesta Tanglung Chinese Community KK7 2010

  1. first lantern? mine is ugggg countless how’s that? =/

  2. Joe: yes first lantern and i feel swt for myself? :P… urs countless ah… biasa lo? :P…

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