Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya 2010

On 20th September 2010, some of us from 7th College walked all the way to Dewan Tunku Canselor [DTC] to attend the Majlis Perasmian Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya 2010 or we shall just call it PTUM 2010 =P !

Initially, I wanted to go because I thought of the air-cond hahaha!! I know I’m so strange because I never even thought about the performances and I didn’t know that there were performances although there were banners screaming that there is this performance and such but I was so ignorant towards all this banners because YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE NEW BANNERS EVERYWHERE AROUND UM and you will tell yourself that the money that goes to the banners can buy you a lot of nice dresses =D…

Okay fine, maybe only orang sampat like me think like that =P. So anyway, photos time! 😀

The whole bunch of us walked to DTC and this totally reminded me of MHS =X…

Us, in DTC with the PTUM mascot – PiPi!! =P

From L-R: Woan Min, Carmen, Adeline, Mun Yoke, Melissa, Sam, Chee Wai, Noah, Jit Kang and Aik Siew! =D

We were early =P! Whenever I pass by DTC, I can always picture my dad there, walking up the stage on his graduation day =D!

Carmen, Adeline and Mun Yoke with one the angels of PTUM =X… Hehe! =P

Melissa and I with the guys =X.

Melissa and I with the girls =P !

Opening ceremony hahaha!! Like opening a new shop like that to me!! =P

Some of the performances and it’s not too bad actually. Not like any of those crappy one in Convent and KHS +_+… There was one part, where it is some Chinese riddle and you have the guess the country’s name or any places in Malaysia that fits the description. Well, you’ll get the gist and joke of it if you know Mandarin but if you are like Melissa and I, you can just stare at them and go – O.o… What is the joke about?!

This guy freaked out everyone in DTC and everyone was like WAAAAAA O.O… You don’t believe ah, look at the photo below =X… :

Melissa and look at the people behind her who are having the exact same reaction =P !

Lanterns outside DTC =D.

The 7th College penghuni-s! =X I feel so bad that I can’t even name half of them here =|…

Woan Min, Carmen, Adeline, Melissa, Mun Yoke and I =D.

Melissa and her infamous Si Renyuk! =P

From L-R: Sam, Melissa, Mun Yoke, Carmen, Hong Yin, Woan Min.

And I shall end this post with all the pretty girls with their free lanterns from PTUM! =P So to all my future juniors, this Majlis Perasmian PTUM is worth a go to have a look around and you can play lantern around DTC somemore ;)!


4 responses to “Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya 2010

  1. masuk universiti untuk STAR-d or lawatan serantau

  2. Joe: masuk universiti untuk STAR-d dan lawatan serantau :P… you know la… two in one!! 😀 xD !!

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