The Future Linguists, Engineers And Scientist Visits The Pyramid

On 26th November 2010, three future linguists, two future engineers and one future scientist paid a visit to Sunway Pyramid after their torturous paper and they went, during exam week… Okay, actually, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my course mates and hostel mates so uhh, yea, something like the Mid Valley trip post here but I look better in this trip! Hehe!

And this is us with me as the photographer of this photo walking to the bus stop in front of the Main Library.

Noah, Liang Kit, Sam and Melissa in RapidKL =P.

And the bus stopped for at least 15 minutes. No, there isn’t any traffic congestion but you see those cars, they parked their car there and went to the mosque thus, blocking up the whole road and no one can even move. The most surprising thing is, where is the traffic police?!?!

Tengoklah, I zoomed into the Proton Wira in the photo above and seriously, there’s no one inside the car -____-… Malaysia… Boleh!

And this is me… and I don’t even know what am I doing in this photo so let’s just forget about it!

And so, I decided to be sampat and therefore, this is photo sampat number 1, taken in A&W and oh, I love A&W rootbeer with ice-cream!

The two engineers and one scientist: Liang Kit, Small Gan and Noah!

We then went in Jusco and saw all this Toy Story 3 toys! And one of it, cost like RM200 -___-… Yor, with that money ah I can buy a very beautiful dress! But never mind, for now, please look at Mister Potato and I =D. As I was browsing through the toys, I saw Barbie Dolls and I was greatly reminded of my childhood, where I will always pester my dad to buy me a Barbie Doll.

In Jusco, I happen to overheard a conversation between a father and a 5 year old boy which made me chuckle and I am going to share it here! :

Boy: Ayah!! Nak beli yang ni! *Puts Buzz Lightyear in his dad’s hand*

Father: *Looks at the box and turns it around* Berapa ni?

And I swear, the father is having the expression of – If it’s RM50, I’ll just get it for you. But when he saw the price tag…

Father: O.O…!!! *Blinks* Ahh… Yang ni… tahun depan birthday baru beli la yea. *Quickly puts the box back*

Hehehe!! That conversation made my day =P.

Liang Kit and Small Gan being excited over some toys =X…

As we entered the toy section, we first saw Barbie Dolls and one of the guys whom I think is Noah [I think so!] had a nice conversation with Melissa and I am SOOOOOO ON Melissa’s side!! :

Noah: Heh… Only girls play Barbie Dolls. Hehe!

Melissa: Well, at least we grew out of playing them. Unlike you guys, who never grew out of it like… OOOO TRANSFORMER!

And upon saying that, Liang Kit and Small Gan rushed over to grab some Transformer toy hahaha and all of you should see Melissa’s expression of – I told you so!! You go girl!! =P There, another proof on why you shouldn’t say the wrong thing at the wrong time =P.

We saw this inside Sunway Pyramid and we were kind of surprise =P The heart shape is ambiguous though, it can stands for O or A? =P But I guess it is O because it is an advertisement for pork burger I think. And I am very surprise to see this kind of signboard standing around Sunway Pyramid well because, you know la.

And this is the 6 of us at Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. I know I’ve skipped quite a number of photos but I am quite tired now so yea, you want to view more photos, you can check it out on my Facebook if you are in my friend list but if you are not, then never mind, you can view all the photos here but I will put up the interesting one =P.

Mine and Jenn’s – Fish and chips!

Melissa’s salmon =X which happen to be the most expensive dish of the day =X.

Liang Kit’s food and I forgot what it is called =|…

Noah’s spaghetti.

Small Gan’s spaghetti, I think it is some sort of special one for Christmas.

And Small Gan treated us to this! Some kind of bread with mussels full with cheese! Sluuurrrppp!

Up close of the mussel and it is simply delicious! The sauce is so good that all of us kept on taking it to add it to our food and this mussel, is very addictive!!

I love it when people layan me =D !

I think I look nice here so that’s why this photo is here hahaha!! And it’s not Facebook so yea, it SHOULD be here! =P

Melissa and I.

Superstar and her agent? =X

I love my face expression! Hehe! Looks very bright and cheerful! =P Ah the prasan-ness in me!

Saya comel.

The creativity of UM students =P.

Liang Kit, Sam, Melissa, Noah.

I have no idea why each time anyone goes to Sunway Pyramid, they will always stand by the railing to watch people skate and oh wait, I’m one of them too.

From L-R: Noah, Liang Kit, Small Gan, Sam, Jenn, Mel.

My previous profile picture on Facebook! We do look like we are in some kind of drama series poster!

Back L-R: Liang Kit, Sam, Mel

Front L-R: Jenn, Small Gan, Noah

Another favourite photo of mine =D.

The busy women!

And this is us, on the way back to our hostel and this is us, making Liang Kit to sing but he refuses so we kinda torture him/them till he sings hehehe! We are not evil, we are just… girls :D…

So yea, I guess that’s all for today and enjoy the photos =D…


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  1. MOS 🙂 And a *like* to your previous profile picture =)

  2. Ivan: no MOS :P…

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