My First Outing With Hostel Mates!

This post will be about my first outing with my hostel mates to Mid Valley and yes, this are the first bunch of people from my hostel where I joined them for an outing. Most of the time, I did not join them because whenever they have an outing, I am already all the way back in Kajang enjoying my air-cond, hot water and never ending sleep hahaha! =P

Liang Kit, Small Gan, Melissa, Jennica and I went to Mid Valley together during exam week last semester =P.

Small Gan took this photo and he loves photography as much as I do! =D

Twitter- Like Me, Follow Me =P and The Facebook Effect… And I’m guessing one of the Facebook effect is that we are always reading FaceBOOK when were supposed to read courses BOOKS T____T…

Us at Kim Gary and I love this photo a lot =D! ❤

Sam, Melissa and Jennica ❤ ~! ^^

Me, writing a love letter =D… =P

This photo, is like the wife is cheating on the husband =P [Note: Photo of a guy and a short letter/note? X-) ]

Act sexy fail T____T… =X

Small Gan and I! =D Ah please ignore my slippers =X !

Jennica and I!! =D

Huge mirror, a camera and two girls =P !

We are… always girls :D… Hehehe! =P

Us, wow-ing at this Christmas tree because it shoots out snowflakes from the top!! =P

Small Gan!! =D !!

Me, giving thumbs up to the piece of chicken that I am eating from Jusco with teriyaki sauce!! Yum yum!!

And then we went to the Main Library to hang out till 12am and we went Facebook-ing and MSN-ing =X… So I guess, this is what happens when you are no longer staying at home because exam week = no exam week =X… Hehe!! =P


8 responses to “My First Outing With Hostel Mates!

  1. I was busted taking photo in the book shop. Lucky you. :S

  2. Ee Hahn: 😛 !!

  3. ahh.. perkara biasa dibuat during exam week.. which im going to do that tomorrow after my 1 last test paper 😛

  4. Helen: 😛 ! my test ended today at 9am!! woohooo!!

  5. KL has too many places to lepak… how we wanna stay focus la.. XP

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  7. Wei Qi: totally agree!! 😛 !!

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