Chinese Community Orientation

Warning: Content may be offensive to any CC lover and there will be no photos in this post at all because I don’t like CC =).

P/S: This post is written a week after CC Orientation last year : ).

Chinese Community is well known as CC. But unfortunately, I am an ACCA, which stands for Anti Chinese Community Association. I was introduced to CC during MHS and you can read all about MHS in the previous post or just click here. When I was first introduced to it, I was still somewhat okay with it since the stupidest thing they asked us to do is to learn up the CC theme song along with the actions which are pretty cute anyway.

During MHS, we were told that CC is a place where the Chinese are supposed help each other and for the people who away from home, to feel home. When I first heard it, I thought it was nice and thoughtful of them and I still feel rather positive about it, thinking that it isn’t that bad after all. During MHS as well, they told us about all the activities that CC will be organizing and a lot more stuff that I don’t remember now because everyone’s brain is dead during MHS due to lack of sleep.

So, my whole perception towards CC was completely changed during the first official meeting that was held in our college. When we, the juniors are new, despite the distance of our hometown; we are still new and you, the seniors are supposed to welcome us with open arms and not say stupid stuff to us during the first meeting.

If you want to know, they have this first CC meeting the week right after MHS and they still want to orientate us ala MHS style. Excuse me, everyone else is sick with MHS and you still want to bring back the memories of MHS?! Sorry, it is not appreciated by me at all. There were some juniors who are late for the meeting due to their late classes and whatever reasons they have, and the seniors [Those in the committee board] were like- you shouldn’t be late, you should try your best to rush here and blah blah blah.

Seems like nothing to you, but trust me, when you hear their offensive tone, let me know if you are somewhat not offended. One of the stupid things that they said is this [Please don’t eat or drink anything now and I shall bear no responsibility of you spilling out anything from your mouth to your keyboard or whatever]:

Senior: Does anyone here not understand Mandarin? [He spoke in Mandarin mind you]

Everyone else: *Looks around*

Senior: Okay, since no one hands up, I assume that all of you can understand Mandarin. [In Mandarin]

Do you get the joke?!?! If that person doesn’t understand Mandarin, do you think that person will understand what that senior is trying to say in Mandarin?! Yea, as far as I remember, there are some Bumiputera from Sabah or Sarawak among us. This is what I label as, extreme stupidity. Another stupid thing that the senior said is this:

Senior: You, the juniors are very rude to us, the seniors. All of you did not smile when you, the juniors meet the seniors around UM. And I always see all of you sitting together in a clique during lunch/dinner in the Dewan Makan but I’ve never seen any one of you coming to the senior and ask if you could sit with the seniors. You all have shown no respect to us the seniors.

I beg your pardon but these are my answers to you:

As a junior, I am not rude, I just couldn’t be bothered about you. I don’t even know who is a junior and who is a senior and you expect me to smile?! Some of the juniors did smile to the seniors but look at how some of the seniors react to us by completing ignoring us or staring at us from head to toe like we are some criminal.

And why must you always scold the juniors in front of the seniors and not vice versa?! Why?!?! Are you afraid that the seniors will lose face in front of us? Excuse me! Sudah buat salah the mesti mengaku and minta maaf the same way as everyone else okay.

I hate to say this, but WTF to you! You seniors are also always sitting together in cliques during lunch/dinner in the Dewan Makan so why don’t you ask your bunch of seniors why don’t they invite us over?! DO I LOOK LIKE SOME DESPERATE GIRL WHO GOES AROUND ASKING SENIORS IN DEWAN MAKAN LIKE THIS:

Excuse me~ Can I sit with you? Oh no place? Can you pretty please inch over a little~? I would really want to sit with you the seniors.

I am not sorry but I am not also not desperate at all. And stop that stupid discrimination of I am a senior and you are the junior. That is so old fashioned and outdated and kindly update yourself banyak-banyak! This is a democratic country so please learn how to be more democratic and stop instilling fear in the juniors because it is not working on me [At least I am aware of it] and you are losing more respect than ever.

If you want someone else to respect you, you have to first learn how to respect others. Like hearts, respects are earned, not bought.

If you think that’s the end of all the stupid stuff that they say and want us to do, you are wrong. There are more and I am going to write everything out so that whoever who is coming into 7th College/Kolej Kediaman Ketujuh/KK7/Kolej Kediaman Za’ba of University of Malaya/UM next year as first year juniors who happen to be Googling around for some information on this college [Yes, more keywords option are in this post], you are WELL INFORMED in this post by your soon-to-be ex hostel senior that most likely, all this stupid incident is gonna repeat itself again.

Another dumb thing that they wanted us to do is this, they wanted us to buy an exercise book which is 120 pages thick I think and they wanted us to collect all the personal details and signatures from ALL the Chinese seniors in our college [About 150 of them I think]. And trust me, the next day I heard complains about some of the seniors asking the juniors to dance/sing/performance whatever and to the extent of being mean to them and even ignored them.

And of course, I didn’t even buy the book and I completely ignored them and this is what I am extremely proud of myself, thank you =D. Also, my parents did not have the hope that I will walk into UM just to beg for your signatures and they told me that I did a good job by completely ignoring this dumb “event”. I know to most people in CC, I am unmannered, ignorant, obstinate and whatever negative words that you have already plastered on me.

But to me, I am only doing the right thing by standing firm on my own decision to ignore anything that is a waste of my precious time and I have better things to do in my room like playing Bejeweled or picking my outfit for class the following day or packing my bag for my weekly routine of PBSM-ing or PBSH-ing. [PBSM = Pasti Balik Setiap Minggu. PBSH = Pasti Balik Setiap Hari]

I am very negative to CC in many ways, but at least, you cannot lead me around like I’m a bull with a ring around my nostrils. I have my own life and so should you, instead of bullying your juniors and wasting my precious time. No matter what, I thank God for seniors like you around because you made me feel so civilized in so many ways! =D

People used to tell me that the more educated you are, the more civilized you will be, but I think in some of those CC seniors’ case; it will be the other way round +_+… Or else I seriously don’t see any reason for them to do so =D…!


24 responses to “Chinese Community Orientation

  1. university students mentality. (F)

  2. Kean Jie: @___@… hate to say this… but i agree with u =|…

  3. So arrogant! Buat malu dekat orang cina je! My CC at my uni is also not any better but luckily not so arrogant.

  4. Ee Hahn: at that time, they are and to me, ONCE is MORE than ENOUGH… walao, didn’t know college also got CC @___@…

  5. Where there is chinese there’ll be CC. I don’t know why they are so semangat to spread their chinese culture everywhere they settle. Perhaps I’m a half banana so I don’t understand. haha…

  6. Ee Hahn: we don’t understand them and they don’t understand us. or more like i don’t want to understand them? =X…

  7. Dear Sam and Low,
    there is nothing wrong with chinese ppl having a chinese community.. please get your sentences or mindset correct. what is wrong is how those people present themself in the community.. it is the PEOPLE of chinese community. NOT the chinese community.. and their lousy and inefficient tradition of handling the club will be passed on to the next generation.. if you think you are up to the challenge to change it.. go ahead because it will be the right thing to do.. and so far, no one has stood up for what Chinese Community really meant to be.

  8. I get your point. Yes it’s the people that caused the chinese community to become like this. But because of these people then only chinese communities are established. I think they just want to let everyone know about the presence of chinese where ever they settle, just like how we can see china town in most countries. That’s why they are doing all sorts of things to get people’s attention. Although some people like you Samantha get bad impression about them, but at least they are successful in making you remember them forever right?

  9. Kean Jie: i never say it is wrong to have chinese community pun? @___@… and yes yes, i agree with you! 🙂

    Ee Hahn: i don’t get your point BUT never mind and this post is here simply because i ranted about it last year and feel like sharing only lo @___@…

  10. Aiya. Semua sama lah. Buat kacau only. Kasi tendang those buat kacau one

  11. Kean Jie: @____@…

  12. walao eh.. even though im hearing it the second time from you, it kinda still boils my blood -_-. tu la ask you to enter usm tak mau 😛

  13. Helen: T______T… USM don’t have all this kan? T___T…

  14. Don’t they have much better activities to organize = =, such nincompoops.
    They got inferiority complex kot, they want young people to idolize them…are most of them short??? They must have thought all celebrity in this world force the community to ask for their signatures

  15. i think it’s dat particular group of seniors’ prob… cant group in de rest… anyway.. those ppl dun deserve ur time to be angry bout la.. i dun understand how such dumb ppl can masuk UM… =.=

  16. Ee Jane: @___@… they have better activities… later on @___@… =X n totally like this –> They must have thought all celebrity in this world force the community to ask for their signatures

    Wei Qi: i wanna know how they masuk UM also one lo =.=…

  17. Now I see =)

  18. Choppy: hello 😀 ~!

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  20. I don’t normally comment but I gotta appreciate it for the post on this one : D.

  21. Fred: Thank you! =D

  22. great post 🙂

  23. Jin Han: thank u! =D !

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