The Smiles :)


I love holidays!  For so many reason like I can sleep at 4am and wake up at 3pm and get lots of scolding to hanging out with my dearest friends and share good gossips with each other! =P

Also, this post will be all about my trip to a buffet style seafood steamboat restaurant and my first trip to Broga Hill which I almost died of shock +__+… So right, here we go =D :


I found this bedroom slippers in Nano’s very messy bedroom [As usual =P] and I think it is so cute that I have to snap a photo with it and it looks even cuter on my feet =D ! This is a crazy conversation between Nano and I:

Me: Wei Nano! See!! CUTE HOR?!?! *Showing off the bedroom slippers on my feet*

Nano: Eh?!?! Since when that thing is in my room? Where you get it from?!?! Who buy one?!?!

Me:  I found it in your room one lo? 

Nano: O.O… Yes ar? Then give me back!!

Ish, next time ah I shall just bring it home and she wouldn’t even know about it =P.

Clockwise: Dwight, Nano, Pico, Camilla.

And I was supposed to learn how to play mahjong but then I forgot that I have to take my bath so in the end, my mahjong lessons had been postponed to whenever the Queen of Gambling [Nano] is free to teach me =P… I tell you all of you hor, actually I don’t know how to play all this stuff like Black Jack and all… All this, I learn from Nano one and she is such a bad influence eh =P. And Nano, stop spreading your gambling disease in UTM!!

Everyone, this is Pico’s new puppy which cost her Rm500 and this is my reaction when I first saw it :

IS THAT YOUR PUPPY THAT I SAW ON FACEBOOK?!?! WHY SO CUTE!!!!!! *Runs to the puppy and began to sayang the puppy* YOR!! SO COMEL!!

All you gotta add into your imagination is my big wide Cheshire Cat like smile along with my muka yang tersangatnya excited =P. The puppy looked like a soft toy and it is so tiny [Like the owner hehe!] but cute! It is so cute that I feel like hugging it tightly and kidnap the little fellow home! =D

And so, we drove two cars to Serdang and this is Camilla driving Nano’s and Pico’s car =D. Yor I tell all of you ah, if Nano is the driver then I wouldn’t sit this car =P… ‘Cause I don’t want to die so early la xD… =P

Scallops and mussels =D.

Zhuk tan [What do you call this in English?], crabstick and I don’t know what but it is super nice =D!!

Prawns =D.

The aftermath.

There are many other seafood as well but then I completely forgotten about the existent of my camera when I saw all the food because you don’t snap photos while enjoying all the good food! =P

Corn and yam flavour ice-cream!  Whenever I am eating ice-cream, I am always reminded of Melissa Khoo because she loves ice-cream and can never get enough of them! =P

Camilla, Pico.

I love happy, bubbly and cheerful conversations during dinner =D.

This is me enjoying my ice-cream .

This is my muka excited when I saw Ee Jane snapping my photo .

This is me showing off my rabbit teeth because it is the year of Rabbit .

This is me with the scallop shell which looks like some mermaid bra .

And this is me trying to scoop some ice-cream out of my cup and I think I look good in this photo which is why this photo is here .

Pico and Nano in the car on the way to Camilla’s house =D.

This is my beloved Ee Jane and I at Camilla’s house with her new sofa =P.

And this is us, the girls playing with nail polish =P…

We decided to not sleep the whole night before going to Broga Hill so we ended up playing Monopoly and in this photo, you can see my muka emo because I paid a lot of rent, fine and some other rubbish -_-…

This is one of the days where when you open any cards and it is always some nonsense that you have to PAY for or go to jail straight or moving to some places and ended up paying expensive rent. Yah, my luck was that bad that day T____T…

Once, I rolled the dice that it the amount double thrice that I have to go jail -____-…

And I went to jail thrice -____-… The record of the night T___T…

Pico the banker and me with my muka sedih =(.

Nano is busy doing assignment/lab report =P. Don’t you think this photo is sexy? =D Please place your vote here and Nano is gonna say, YOU SIAO AR or SAMPAT/SIAO AR? =P

Lab report, lab report, lab report, lab report =P… Yor… I feel so bahagia that I don’t have anymore lab report .

My muka bahagia pointing to the word LABORATORY!

Heart to heart talk =). To me, talks at night are always the best because it is the time where I feel really, really peace, calm and contented deep down =).

And then because it rained on our way to Broga Hill, we stopped by Porkie’s rented house and Ah Lui, don’t you miss your Daddy?! =D Ah Lui, I think if I change this photo into black and white or sepia mode, I think it will look super antique and nice like back in the day where your Ah Pa and Ah Ma were dating <3.

Porkie has a stray dog as a pet and his name is Voldemort/Dark Lord and he is such a loyal dog because this dog will continue to chase Porkie’s car whenever Porkie is going out till he can’t see Porkie’s car anymore =|…

Nano fast asleep =P.

When we reached the top of Broga Hill, this is our Sleeping Broga Hill Statue of Liberty.

Just wanna show everyone the height difference =P… *Runs away* =P

Just wanna show everyone that Nano failed to jump .

This is our silhouette and I love this photo a lot =D!

Porkie and I.

Is it just me or what because the more I look at our photos, the more I think we are both match made in heaven because we both share the same bright gazillion dollar smile, the same craziness, talkativeness and muka tebal-ness except for the fact that he is slightly taller, smarter and darker than me =P… Ah never mind that, because no matter what, I love Porkie the best among all my other guys’ self-proclaimed boyfriends! =P

On the way up to Broga Hill, at the steep area [And mind you, I fear of high and steep area +__+…], I was clinging on to Porkie the whole time [Because he is the only one who is heavier than me] and this crazy conversation takes place:

Porkie: We are almost there! =D


Porkie: Don’t worry! We’ll be there soon! Look!!


After 5 minutes…

Porkie: We are almost there =D !!

Me: -____- WHERE?!?!?!

Porkie: There! =D

Me:*Looks up* Okay right. Let’s go!! HURRY UP!! I THINK I AM FALLING DOWN!! T____T

Porkie: Now you step here.


Porkie: Oops. Sorry xD *Shine the torchlight*


After 5 minutes…

Porkie: We are almost there! =D


Porkie’s university mate, Porkie, Camilla, Yan Yee, Pico, Ee Jane, Sam, Nano and Dwight.

And I feel so proud of myself for making it to the top although I blocked the entire way when going down Broga Hill and this incident/conversation took place:

Nano: Oi you can faster or not?

Me: +___+… Don’t talk to me when I am panic!!

Nano: Jump only la/Jump like a deer. *Demo-ing*

Me: +____+… DON’T TALK TO ME NOW!! +______+…

Nano: Won’t fall down one la! -_-


Pico: Wei, you look behind, so many people waiting for you to turun le =| .


And before we go on, this is our sequence of holding hands [Reminded me of my APK lecturer +_+] while turun-ing Broga Hill:

Ee Jane – Sam – Porkie – Camilla – Then I don’t remember already +_+…

Halfway down, Camilla slipped down and in order to pull her up, Porkie had to let go of my hand so I panicked and started clinging on a rock while screaming franticly with everyone else staring at me T____T…

Yes, I still have time for photos after blocking up the entire way =X.

Nano and I with the signboard and that is our muka letih tak tidur sepanjang malam terus pergi hike Bukit Broga =X.

Nano sleeping after her breakfast at Broga town =P.

L-R: Camilla, Sam, Ee Jane, Yan Yee, Pico, Nano.

This photo will be best put together with this song =D :

I need no permission, did I mention

Don’t pay him any attention

‘Cause you had your turn, and now you gonna learn

What it really feels like to miss me.

~Single Ladies by Beyonce~

=) !

Gaya tidur yang tersangatnya hebat =P.

And I shall end this post with a very cute photo of Nano sleeping in the car taken by Ee Jane =D…! Okay, gotta run now before Nano comes and kill me! =D *Runs away quickly*


14 responses to “The Smiles :)

  1. Sam, you all went to Restaurant Hoi Tong for steamboat? I have been there for several times. Hmm, I think zhuk tan is called bamboo lala in english? Yes yes, daddy Porkie and you are match made in heaven!You should have change the picture to sepia mode!It’ll look very nice since daddy is holding the guitar, macam budak kampung. :DD Btw, was it that hard to hike the Broga Hill? I orang Kajang tapi tak pernah hike Broga Hill.. T.T

  2. Ching Yin: Ya! Restaurant Hoi Tong at Seri Kembangan, Serdang!! nice kan!! 😀 😀 I’m not sure what it is called but bamboo lala does sound correct!! =D !! woohoo~~ Porkie and i are match made in heaven! =D xD !! ya hor, change it to sepia mode and like the term kampung boy~! =P bandar girl fell in love with kampung boy? xD !!

    now when i think back, it isnt that hard… but it is hard that day because it was raining thus all the slipperiness and scariness =X… ah, come! one day we go again and we’ll see if u inherited your daddy’s bravery for hiking or ur mummy’s phobia of height/talent for causing a scene on Broga Hill T___T… but i pray that u will inherit your daddy’s bravery for hiking la =D~! miss you le ah lui~~ !! ❤ !

  3. =.=!!! i notice hor.. de whole post VERY ‘zham tui’ me one lo…! n i tot i’m free from being ur mangsa to be embarass! :-/
    hello, i jump vrey high one lo… u dunno how to take de photo only… i wanna vote a lot of times for “no” at de poll.. >=( charge u ar for using my “sexy” photo!!n yea, SIAO AR U???????!!!!!!!
    wuahaha! u know, lucky i din play de monopoly, or u’ll gotto sell urself to me.. =P to prevent dat, i do my report while singing myself lo.. =(
    i like 2 photos very much in dis post! de one u n ur hubby with his guitar, n de one u n eejane holding hands~! very ada rasa! =DD
    i was wondering wat de lyrics gotto do with de photo until i see de title of de song.. hahhaha! lik dat u also notice hor? XD

  4. XD

    and i voted XD!!

    EH!! BTW!! Just now i tengah makan supper, my father ask me “Samantha and porky together a?” kakakaka~ which means the photos are super good XD!!

  5. LOL!! I’m one damn cool kampung boy ok! And another LOL at your father ee jane! hahahaa I literally ROFL-ed on my bed! I guess any pictures would be good with me in it ;P

    Its the same trick I use everytime.. “we’re almost there!!” and it works most of the time for first timers! hehe~ I’m such a life saver =’)

  6. Wei Qi: where got zham tui u?? u dont “watt dak zao watt” lo! xD hohoho! i doubt if u will ever be free =D even if my camera is not there, my best dearest partner in crime [ee jane] will be there to continue my mission =P =D so u will never run away from it~ xD !!

    im going back to UM and vote once a day on yes =P ~ u know la… UM wifi speed is amazing =P hehehe!! sell myself to u? hello? more like u sell urself to me! xD of course the two photos ada rasa… i am in the photo :)… thats why :D…

    of course i notice that all of us are single ladies la~ =D because we are the amazing rocking single ladies~ =D

    Ee Jane: ah yes you should vote! vote once a day everyday somemore!! =D you should tell your dad that porkie and i are together xD next time we shall take more super good photos =D ~!

    Porkie: hello damn cool kampung boy! =D hello, the pictures are good because i am in it okay~! =D ~! ah yes la, my life savior… what can i do to repay you other than marrying you and be your loyal, lovely, beautiful, charming and amazing wife forever and you in return, will be my ever loyal, wonderful, handsome, cool, rich and awesome husband forever 😀 !

  7. Go brush up your gambling skill la. You are turning 21 soon. Can enter casino lo!!! Haha…

  8. Ee Hahn: ya la… see la when the Queen of Gambling is free to teach me! xD

  9. ermmm other than that… you can make me a sandwich 8D

  10. Carson: sandwich? O.o…

  11. oit ! i would have voted SEXY if i didnt know it was nano..WEW~

  12. Kean Jie: so now ur vote is no? T_______T… !

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