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Minggu Haluansiswa 2010/2011

This post will be all about my orientation week in University of Malaya or well known as Minggu Haluansiswa or MHS.

The banner in Dewan Tunku Canselor.

MHS sucks. I don’t like MHS. I dislike MHS and I will not do anything to go back any one of the days of MHS. I hated MHS but I amazed myself each time I think back about what we did during MHS and how all of us, survived through that one week of hell.

MHS, is a whole week of torture. Each day, we only slept for a maximum of 4 hours IF we are lucky and nothing else more than that. Although I was somewhat prepared for MHS [Thanks to Angela anyway =P], but still, it felt like hell =.=… And to be honest with you, MHS made my National Service experience felt like heaven more than ever [My National Service experience has been an awesome one anyway =P].

Inside Dewan Tunku Canselor.

The whole week of MHS, we are made to listen to useless talks and we are made to do stupid things and sing songs every morning. The talks in Dewan Tunku Canselor is heaven because you can sleep and no one is going to bother you unless you sit right in front. The talks in the college/hostel is hell because they will make you listen whether you like it or not. But most of the time, my mind has dozed off to counting down to how many more days for MHS to end.

Opening prayer before any ceremony in Dewan Tunku Canselor.

Heaven during MHS is having enough sleep. Yea, that is the only wish you would want other than going home of course. During MHS, we were scolded and were stepped on like we are some germs [Germs hor… not ants] by the Pembantu Mahasiswa [PM] in our hostel. Pembantu Mahasiswa are seniors who stayed back in UM for at least 2 months I think just to help out during MHS.

The overview of half of Dewan Tunku Canselor from the second floor.

During MHS, most of the Pembantu Mahasiswa were rude and nasty to us. All that I remembered was, they woke us up in the middle of the night just to punish us for an hour. So yea, remember this, during my MHS, when you are happily asleep at home/online, I am being punished/half ragged in UM .

Every morning, we are made to sing the hostel and UM song, I don’t mind the UM song honestly [It’s pretty cute! Totally reminded me of KHS school song hehe !] but I hate the hostel song because I can’t seem to remember the lyrics although they made us sing that song like everyday. Sorry la, I don’t like that song, that’s why.

Some of the first year students of 7th College singing either the hostel or UM song. Yea, I am one of them, somewhere in the crowd at the back.

Apart from singing songs everyday, they do spot checks everyday. Spot checks were different for every college though. As for my college, their daily spot checks include:

a) Switching off our handphone by ensuring that we take out the battery.

b) We are still having all the items that they gave us.

Yea, I know what do you want to ask next. What items? Right, these items:

File/Papers/Pencil/Pen whatever.

Yellow paper -___-…

The red bag.


There are more items, like food container, pin badges, cap, name tag, jacket and all the other nonsense. And we are to carry them everywhere we go and when I say everywhere we go, that includes when we are forced to run from the hostel to our faculty or DTC. Yea, you carry all those stuff and run with you and mind you… it’s heavy and annoying!!

Vice chancellor, faculty’s deans.

The next thing you could possibly ask is… what if you don’t carry them along/around with you. Well the answer is simple, they’ll make you run all the way to your room to get it and then they will spot check again. And yea, the PM-s are not stupid, they will do a spot check before walking/running with you to your faculty/DTC.

That means, if you are staying at the highest floor and one of the last rooms, you run and get whatever you’ve forgotten to take and if everyone else if given 5 minute to do so, the one staying at the highest floor and one of the last rooms can prepare to curse and swear.

Now you want to know, what if you lost any item that they’ve given you. Well, that’s a good question. The answer is in the photo above. They will make you stand aside and question/interrogate you like some police suspect for a murder case [No la, maybe it’s not that scary but you should see the PM faces].

And for one/a few idiots action like forgetting to carry their umbrella along with them [Even when the talk is in our hostel], you will lose your one or half an hour of sleep at night. Yea, so don’t do anything idiotic that will make you lose even a minute of your sleep. Sleep is super precious during MHS so don’t waste anytime whenever you can sleep. 

Sam, Jennica, Melissa sleeping inside DTC.

The item that I like best during MHS is the umbrella, hehe! I love the umbrella because it has the UM logo printed over it and I feel so proud each time I use it =X… Okay right, I probably should get back to MHS =P.

During MHS, we are only given two orientation T-shirts and we were made to wear the same shirt for the whole week. So yea, don’t look at me like that. Everyone else stink just like me and let me know if other university do this to their students too.

Different colleges with different orientation shirt colours.

And I hate going to the Varsity Field. Because we will be made to sit down on the grass whether the grass is dry or wet and I don’t like grassy areas as well. It looks nice, but I don’t like it.

There are many sports event for us to participate but you can be so sure that I participate none because I hate sports and I don’t like playing any kind of sports so please, never invite me for a game of badminton or tennis unless you don’t mind me yawning all the time. But I do love swimming [Albeit I can’t swim] and marathon run! =P

UM Cares; one of the go green event by UM.

Apart from disliking grassy areas, I hate sitting down and not doing anything at all. Although we did some cheers here and there, but still, it is nothing productive. And so… they do have other events other than sports such as choir, performances, debate and such.

There is no public speaking though so I went for the debate try out [To represent my college during MHS] as I’ve never joined any debate before so I think it’ll be pretty cool to be in a debate team for once =P.

The guy sitting next to me is PM zChuckz, the PM who is in charge of us for the Bahasa Malaysia debate.

I joined the Bahasa Malaysia debate and yea, we were lack of time to practice/find good points about the topic so we ended up brainstorming when they are playing sports. I don’t mind this though, at least I don’t have to sit down and do nothing.

Revati and I. We knew each other since standard 1 and we were schoolmates and classmates from 1997-2007. And now, we are in the same university! =D

Revati is one the PM for 6th College and I met her in 6th College when I went over for debate competition. Yea, this is what I like the most =D. I don’t have to sit at the nasty field and watch stupid games going on. At debate competitions, we were given chairs to sit [Ah the comfort!], and then got van to send us here and there somemore [Don’t have to walk and that is also heaven]. And the best part is… refreshments are always provided =P !

Also… Honestly, debating was fun! I kinda regretted that I never had a chance to do it in secondary school and KHS T____T… But it’s okay, at least I get to do it in UM =P. Although we only won one round out of three rounds but I am satisfied because the one round that we won, was the one that I debated in. I was only given a chance because I am the only one without any experience at all as compared to the other three girls. So yea, I’m still happy nevertheless .

7th College Bahasa Malaysia debate team at 6th College.

You see la, you see la. You see for yourself la! This is us, in front of 6th College and you see la, you see la!

Clinical Students’ Hostel

WHY! WHY SO SPECIAL!! Hello! Do you know that, if one engineer or architect ah, forgot to draw a screw or whatever, and then the whole building can collapse and millions of people will die at one go. Not like doctors hor, kill one by one during operation [As told by my dearest Nano]! I do think that UM need to reconsider changing 2nd College into Engineering Students’ Hostel and my college to Language Students’ Hostel… Hehehe!

What?! Language can cause World War III… We just have to say something offensive at the right time and right place… and there you go… So UM… I demand a hostel for the Language faculty students! Please and thank you! =D Yea I know; dream on so let’s move on.


I am kinda lazy to write now so I guess… the photos will do the talking now:

Silent cheers to sindir another college =P I like this one a lot!

The guy standing at the back on the most left, he does looks like my ex-classmate back in 6AF, Leong Kuan Yoke and throughout the whole time during MHS, I kept on calling him Leong and I couldn’t believe it that I miss Ah Leong so much T___T. Yea, that ignorant Ah Leong in class who is always sucking on a lollipop.

And there is another guy, who happens to be a PM of 6th College, he looks like Soon Seng and I actually yelled SOON SENG across the road just to get his attention because I thought he is Soon Seng until someone taps me and asked me on who am I calling, then I actually said:

My ex-classmate who is now in UMP.

T______T… But let’s not talk about embarrassing stuff 

This is Huey Ting and I and I do think that she looks a lot like my ex-classmate back in 6AE, Mok Li Suet =P.

Senior cheerleaders leading the Siswa UM cheers =P. This is, my favourite cheers of all time during MHS and it sounds so much better when the whole DTC is doing the Siswa UM cheers together =D.

And before I forget, we are ALWAYS given 10-15minutes to…

(Eat OR Take a bath) AND Wash the food container.

So yea, you either eat or bathe but you must wash the food container.

I forgot his name but we are all supposed to call him ayahanda =X… And it is only during his talks in DTC that I did not fall asleep because he is always telling us stories and sex jokes =D… Yea, I’m not joking with you and he is the one who introduced to us the full time PhD holder in UM or well known as the monkeys.

Walking/Running back to our hostel and I absolutely love it when one of the girls fainted because then they never force us to run anymore so more girls should faint so that they’ll provide us a bus. Do you know that because our hostel is one of the nearest one to DTC, they do not provide us any bus?! And Chui San’s college is all the way up the hill and buses are provided for them! Not fair lo!! T____T!!!

2nd College which happens to be Tat Joon’s college and one of their cheers =).

7th College and our Go Za’ba cheers~! =D

Stuff that Jennica, Melissa and I wrote in DTC =P. Hehe!

On the last day of MHS, they have performances from all the first prize winners for the events organized during MHS and it made me feel like I am attending a concert! And this girl, is from 9th or 12th college and she sings extremely well. The best part is, she sang one of the songs by Siti Nurhaliza and it was very well sung =).

Some other performances which are not too bad, but exceeded my expectations =P.

Back to the hostel, the PM-s had a performance for us, which is entertaining us with all the cheers! =D

And I shall end my MHS post with a happy photo of myself, Melissa and Jennica in DTC on the last day of MHS. Can you see our 1 gazillion dollars smile and everyone else standing up with their hands up in the air?! 

Overall, MHS still sucks and I know, it didn’t seem so sucky in this post but trust me, it gives you all this sort of negative feelings at once. But now, looking back at it, I smiled because I lived through MHS, the hell of a time in UM.


P/S: I know I’ve promised to write about Chinese Community [CC] orientation as well. But I think this post is kinda long, so we’ll save that for next week and yea, there will be no photos for that because I hate CC =P.

The Smiles :)


I love holidays!  For so many reason like I can sleep at 4am and wake up at 3pm and get lots of scolding to hanging out with my dearest friends and share good gossips with each other! =P

Also, this post will be all about my trip to a buffet style seafood steamboat restaurant and my first trip to Broga Hill which I almost died of shock +__+… So right, here we go =D :


I found this bedroom slippers in Nano’s very messy bedroom [As usual =P] and I think it is so cute that I have to snap a photo with it and it looks even cuter on my feet =D ! This is a crazy conversation between Nano and I:

Me: Wei Nano! See!! CUTE HOR?!?! *Showing off the bedroom slippers on my feet*

Nano: Eh?!?! Since when that thing is in my room? Where you get it from?!?! Who buy one?!?!

Me:  I found it in your room one lo? 

Nano: O.O… Yes ar? Then give me back!!

Ish, next time ah I shall just bring it home and she wouldn’t even know about it =P.

Clockwise: Dwight, Nano, Pico, Camilla.

And I was supposed to learn how to play mahjong but then I forgot that I have to take my bath so in the end, my mahjong lessons had been postponed to whenever the Queen of Gambling [Nano] is free to teach me =P… I tell you all of you hor, actually I don’t know how to play all this stuff like Black Jack and all… All this, I learn from Nano one and she is such a bad influence eh =P. And Nano, stop spreading your gambling disease in UTM!!

Everyone, this is Pico’s new puppy which cost her Rm500 and this is my reaction when I first saw it :

IS THAT YOUR PUPPY THAT I SAW ON FACEBOOK?!?! WHY SO CUTE!!!!!! *Runs to the puppy and began to sayang the puppy* YOR!! SO COMEL!!

All you gotta add into your imagination is my big wide Cheshire Cat like smile along with my muka yang tersangatnya excited =P. The puppy looked like a soft toy and it is so tiny [Like the owner hehe!] but cute! It is so cute that I feel like hugging it tightly and kidnap the little fellow home! =D

And so, we drove two cars to Serdang and this is Camilla driving Nano’s and Pico’s car =D. Yor I tell all of you ah, if Nano is the driver then I wouldn’t sit this car =P… ‘Cause I don’t want to die so early la xD… =P

Scallops and mussels =D.

Zhuk tan [What do you call this in English?], crabstick and I don’t know what but it is super nice =D!!

Prawns =D.

The aftermath.

There are many other seafood as well but then I completely forgotten about the existent of my camera when I saw all the food because you don’t snap photos while enjoying all the good food! =P

Corn and yam flavour ice-cream!  Whenever I am eating ice-cream, I am always reminded of Melissa Khoo because she loves ice-cream and can never get enough of them! =P

Camilla, Pico.

I love happy, bubbly and cheerful conversations during dinner =D.

This is me enjoying my ice-cream .

This is my muka excited when I saw Ee Jane snapping my photo .

This is me showing off my rabbit teeth because it is the year of Rabbit .

This is me with the scallop shell which looks like some mermaid bra .

And this is me trying to scoop some ice-cream out of my cup and I think I look good in this photo which is why this photo is here .

Pico and Nano in the car on the way to Camilla’s house =D.

This is my beloved Ee Jane and I at Camilla’s house with her new sofa =P.

And this is us, the girls playing with nail polish =P…

We decided to not sleep the whole night before going to Broga Hill so we ended up playing Monopoly and in this photo, you can see my muka emo because I paid a lot of rent, fine and some other rubbish -_-…

This is one of the days where when you open any cards and it is always some nonsense that you have to PAY for or go to jail straight or moving to some places and ended up paying expensive rent. Yah, my luck was that bad that day T____T…

Once, I rolled the dice that it the amount double thrice that I have to go jail -____-…

And I went to jail thrice -____-… The record of the night T___T…

Pico the banker and me with my muka sedih =(.

Nano is busy doing assignment/lab report =P. Don’t you think this photo is sexy? =D Please place your vote here and Nano is gonna say, YOU SIAO AR or SAMPAT/SIAO AR? =P

Lab report, lab report, lab report, lab report =P… Yor… I feel so bahagia that I don’t have anymore lab report .

My muka bahagia pointing to the word LABORATORY!

Heart to heart talk =). To me, talks at night are always the best because it is the time where I feel really, really peace, calm and contented deep down =).

And then because it rained on our way to Broga Hill, we stopped by Porkie’s rented house and Ah Lui, don’t you miss your Daddy?! =D Ah Lui, I think if I change this photo into black and white or sepia mode, I think it will look super antique and nice like back in the day where your Ah Pa and Ah Ma were dating <3.

Porkie has a stray dog as a pet and his name is Voldemort/Dark Lord and he is such a loyal dog because this dog will continue to chase Porkie’s car whenever Porkie is going out till he can’t see Porkie’s car anymore =|…

Nano fast asleep =P.

When we reached the top of Broga Hill, this is our Sleeping Broga Hill Statue of Liberty.

Just wanna show everyone the height difference =P… *Runs away* =P

Just wanna show everyone that Nano failed to jump .

This is our silhouette and I love this photo a lot =D!

Porkie and I.

Is it just me or what because the more I look at our photos, the more I think we are both match made in heaven because we both share the same bright gazillion dollar smile, the same craziness, talkativeness and muka tebal-ness except for the fact that he is slightly taller, smarter and darker than me =P… Ah never mind that, because no matter what, I love Porkie the best among all my other guys’ self-proclaimed boyfriends! =P

On the way up to Broga Hill, at the steep area [And mind you, I fear of high and steep area +__+…], I was clinging on to Porkie the whole time [Because he is the only one who is heavier than me] and this crazy conversation takes place:

Porkie: We are almost there! =D


Porkie: Don’t worry! We’ll be there soon! Look!!


After 5 minutes…

Porkie: We are almost there =D !!

Me: -____- WHERE?!?!?!

Porkie: There! =D

Me:*Looks up* Okay right. Let’s go!! HURRY UP!! I THINK I AM FALLING DOWN!! T____T

Porkie: Now you step here.


Porkie: Oops. Sorry xD *Shine the torchlight*


After 5 minutes…

Porkie: We are almost there! =D


Porkie’s university mate, Porkie, Camilla, Yan Yee, Pico, Ee Jane, Sam, Nano and Dwight.

And I feel so proud of myself for making it to the top although I blocked the entire way when going down Broga Hill and this incident/conversation took place:

Nano: Oi you can faster or not?

Me: +___+… Don’t talk to me when I am panic!!

Nano: Jump only la/Jump like a deer. *Demo-ing*

Me: +____+… DON’T TALK TO ME NOW!! +______+…

Nano: Won’t fall down one la! -_-


Pico: Wei, you look behind, so many people waiting for you to turun le =| .


And before we go on, this is our sequence of holding hands [Reminded me of my APK lecturer +_+] while turun-ing Broga Hill:

Ee Jane – Sam – Porkie – Camilla – Then I don’t remember already +_+…

Halfway down, Camilla slipped down and in order to pull her up, Porkie had to let go of my hand so I panicked and started clinging on a rock while screaming franticly with everyone else staring at me T____T…

Yes, I still have time for photos after blocking up the entire way =X.

Nano and I with the signboard and that is our muka letih tak tidur sepanjang malam terus pergi hike Bukit Broga =X.

Nano sleeping after her breakfast at Broga town =P.

L-R: Camilla, Sam, Ee Jane, Yan Yee, Pico, Nano.

This photo will be best put together with this song =D :

I need no permission, did I mention

Don’t pay him any attention

‘Cause you had your turn, and now you gonna learn

What it really feels like to miss me.

~Single Ladies by Beyonce~

=) !

Gaya tidur yang tersangatnya hebat =P.

And I shall end this post with a very cute photo of Nano sleeping in the car taken by Ee Jane =D…! Okay, gotta run now before Nano comes and kill me! =D *Runs away quickly*