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Because I Can’t Say Goodbye To You, Yet :)

And this, ought to be slap into my face – right now.


The Moments of 2010

This is it! A new year has begun and these are the moments of 2010 for me in the year 2010! =)

The Happiest

a) Hehe!! This goes to my acceptance into one of my dream universities, University of Malaya =D !

The school hall- The place where I received my STPM result =X.

b) The day I received my STPM result!

As and when we like, we’ll go out for breakfast till tea time together =P Along with Kean Jie as well of course!

c) The time spent lazing around during the long STPM holidays. Ahhh the bliss!!

Miss Adorable, Nano, Pico, Pik Teng.

d) Went for a Genting trip with Nano, Pico and Pik Teng and you can read all about it here!

Haagen Daz chocolate fondue!

e) Went on for a jalan-jalan cari makan trip with the two Libra-s! =D You can read all about it here as well =P.

Neo, Sharon, Ee Jane, Pico, Ai Leng, Nano, Pik Teng, Miss Adorable =P

f) Went karaoke-ing with ex-Convent and KHS best friends! =D

g) Went out for a drink and catching up session with James who came back from New Zealand and come to think about it, we knew each other for 4 years already! =D Hehe!! Time flies and he has changed a lot, for the good of course =P.

Nano, Camilla, Pek Yen, Yan Yee, Miss Adorable, Pico. Ee Jane could not make it that day =(…

h) Went out for a drink and nice chit chat session with my ex-Convent girls =D. Love them and love all the gossips! =P Hehehe!!

Happy Birthday Penangkap Hantu! =P

i) When Kean Jie and Nano surprised me with a cake during our routine Sunday after church service and Tae Kwan Doe breakfast for my birthday the following week I think! =D

j) Okay, this one I am gonna write this one on purpose for the sake of annoying Nano. The time where I got the first place in Go-Kart =P !! HEHEHE!!

The Saddest

a) When I realized that all this while, I am always being a substitute to cure their broken and lonely hearts. And they will always hurt me by saying and doing stupid things.

b) The day I was at the Faculty of Economics and Administration for the Malam Suai Kenal.

Ee Jane- She’s gonna hate me so, so much for not hanging out with her T___T…

Ching Yin- The busy woman =X.

c) Spending less time with Ee Jane and Ching Yin T____T…

d) The day I lost my handphone on the KTM on the way back from the Sunway Pyramid trip… T___T… But now, come to think all about it, it is fated =).

The Most Afraid

a) The day before I received my STPM results and UPU result. Yea, you should see how Nano and I talk with each other over the phone and wishing this and that and yea, we kinda got what we want =P. Hehe!

b) The day Nano and I went over to this “best friend’s” house to talk things out.

c) The 3 weeks of exam horror in UM +_+… Not funny okay. It IS scary! +_+…

d) The whole week where W ignored me and made me felt like I’m one of the worst person ever existed.

The Angriest

a) When I realized that W was lying over the phone.

b) When I found out that this girl who used to be my classmate and schoolmate back in Convent and KHS, went around pretending to be the kesian one… Hello?! Don’t act lo?!?! It is so bloody obvious that you are pretending!

c) When the Chinese Community of 7th College wanted/expect us to do stupid stuff to please them.

d) What this senior said to me in the hostel canteen! Who the hell do you think you are?!?!

The Most Thankfully Surprised

Sam, Ai Wei, Camilla and Sutha on STPM results day. Yea I know, still got mood for photos +_+||…

a) The day I received my STPM and UPU result. Thank you Lord =).

Top L-R: Jia Ni, Ai Leng, Pek Yen, Sam

Bottom L-R: Ee Jane, Wei Qi, Yan Yee, Camilla, Caitlynn

b) The day the ex-Convent girls gathered together for a nice chit chat before going on to to our tertiary education and you can read all about it here!

The Most Tulan [Annoyed]

a) When I see through how people pretend and try to use me for their own convenience and they still think that I know nothing about it. I KNOW. I just don’t want to say anything only. So don’t think that my silence means that you can simply take advantage of me.

b) When I see how some girls in University of Malaya saying one thing and doing another thing behind my back @_@… Dude, I’m not blind =)…

The Most Regretted

a) Replying W’s SMS-es.

b) Getting 9 signatures from the PM-s during MHS! -_-…

The Most Stressed

The day before STPM and UPU result.

The Most Self-Satisfied

a) After I got my acceptance into University of Malaya.

b) Going back to KHS and shoving that acceptance letter into every teachers’ face who told me that I will never/don’t stand a chance to make it into University of Malaya. Thank you for the discouragement but I was accepted.

The Most Embarrassing

Developing feelings for W. Yea, he is the biggest embarrassment ever.

The Most Shocked

a) The day I received my STPM and UPU result.

b) What that person said to me in University of Malaya. I was extremely shocked and disappointment… But now, I wish you all the best.

c) The night when the word “close friend” slapped me upside down @_@… But well, it’s all over now =D !

The Most Confused

When W ignored me. Come to think about it, it’s pretty stupid now isn’t it?!

The Most Excited

a) When I received my acceptance letter from University of Malaya!

b) The day before entering University of Malaya!

c) When I phoned Nano just to let her know that her UTM campus is at KL and NOT Johore!! Haha!! You wanna know more about this?! Yea, come I tell you! =P

One fine day, after getting UPU result… This is what happens over the phone:


Nano: Congratulations!! Belanja makan!! I got UTM!! All the way at Johore!! Now I am further than Wei Sy lo… Yer, Johore le!! Why UTM don’t have a campus in Selangor! *Bising-bising about the distance/cannot come back every week*

Me: T___T… Yor, I also cham lo. Can meet you like 1-2 times a year only.

Nano: Heiyer! Have to go lo! Bye home! Bye bedroom! Bye car! Bye Kajang food! Bye Kajang! Bye everything and everyone!! Bye you! *Reluctant*

And after a few days, she had already accepted/digested the fact that she is going to Johore and she is kinda looking forward to going to UTM Johore. To add on, she went around announcing to the whole world that she is going to UTM Johore =X.

When the day comes for us print out our online acceptance letter to go back to school and show off [HAHAHA!!!], Nano’s printer decided to hate her and therefore Nano could not print out her online acceptance letter. And then, there we go over the phone/MSN:

Nano: Wei! Help me to print my UTM letter! My printer rosak!

And upon logging into the UTM website, I decided to check out her hostel name because the hostel name printed on my acceptance letter is so unglamourous, like this:

Kolej Kediaman Ketujuh

So I decided to see if Nano’s hostel name is any more glamourous or unglamourous than mine and turns up that:

Asrama Kediaman Siswa Jaya, UTM Kuala Lumpur

And I was all like O.O… Kuala Lumpur?… O.O… I went on the phone and break the news to her. Yea, I KNOW. What a thing to happen right that woman never reads her acceptance letter. Come to think about it, I should have let her go all the way to UTM Johore =P.


Now come to look at it, 2010 isn’t such a bad year after all but smiles and laughter were much lesser in 2010 as compared to 2009. Although in 2009, there were many discouragement and long walks in hell along the way, but I know that I was never alone. With all the discouragement that comes along in 2009, there is support, love, care and encouragement. The long walks in hell [Lessons in class +_+…] don’t seems that bad anymore now when I think about all the friends and “friends” [Yes, even the people that I don’t like] and fun that I have back then.

Nano and I during KHS Sport’s Day in 2009. This reminded me of a photo that I accidentally snapped of Nano during Sports’ Day and no, I am not posting it up because she WILL kill me =X.

Prakash, Kean Jie and Sam in 6AE with happy smiles =D.

Looking back at the photos of 2009, they are all photos of smile, laughter, happiness and sincerity. I miss 2009 and I don’t mind, going back to just ONE day in 2009… Just for the smile, laughter and happiness that I can express from my heart.