Christmas 2010

Okay, seeing that all the incoming posts are gonna be all about events that had happened a few months back, let me post about something fresh and still rather hot from the oven today! This post, will be all about how I spent my Christmas this year .

Well, last year I spent my Christmas with Ee Jane, Wei Qi and Wei Sy and you can read all about it here. This year, I spent it with my family and extended family at various places .


24th December 2010 – Christmas Eve

I first received two bottles of Christmas cookies from Ee Jane! On the left, it is almond biscotti and to the right, it is chocolate chip cookies! Both cookies were homemade and it is very delicious that it was finish in less than 6 hours time by my whole family. This is the first present that I’ve received for my Christmas this year on Christmas Eve! 

Then I met Helen, my best gossip partner in church for midnight mass. But she’s back in USM now and I think I can only meet her sometime next year during Chinese New Year! 

And Helen too, gave me a bottle of Christmas cookies in church!! =D It is very delicious as well and the gingerman bread/cookie is very delicious! I want the recipe! Wait, never mind, I just remembered that I don’t like baking =X.

So yea… basically I spent my Christmas Eve morning having breakfast with Ee Jane and then playing RO with Kean Jie for a while [TAN KEAN JIE, IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT THAT I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME AGAIN!! T___T] and then, I am off to church for midnight mass.

The thing I love about midnight mass is, people usually dress up like they are going for some prom night and made me feel totally out of place. What freaks me out even more is some girls that I used to know them as little girls, were wearing super skimpy dresses that I can just stare at them and say:

Time is flying way too fast.

25th December 2010 – Christmas Day

From L-R: Amelia, Alicia, Cassandra, Ferlynne, Vicky, Olivia, Sam, Abigail.

I spent my Christmas day at my uncle’s place at Cheras. It was kind of boring although I went lurking around Facebook and MSN but no one is online and I played Bejeweled until I feel bored and yea, it was rather/very boring +_+…

My cousins and I seldom meet or talk so I feel like of awkward meeting them. Although we did talk, but somewhat, I can feel that the rapport and bond that we used to share isn’t there anymore. It seems to have vanished or diminished with time and it is sad, but I can’t do anything about it but to just move on.

When I was much younger, I grew up loving Chinese New Year and Christmas because it is the time where I get to meet all my cousins and feel all home and family and not to forget the angpau-s and presents. But this year, I have totally forgotten about presents. So I guess, as I grow older, Christmas does not equal to presents anymore but a time where I am more aware of that it is the day Jesus Christ was born.

26th December 2010 – Boxing Day

Kenny Roger’s Christmas set meal. Yum yum!

I went to Sunway Pyramid with my family and extended family on Boxing Day and I was more like a tour guide rather to my cousins from Singapore. When my cousins told me that they wanted to shop at MNG, Topshop and Forever 21. I stared at them because I hated this 3 brands for the overpriced clothes.

And turns up that, Forever 21 is really, really cheap in Singapore and my cousins told me that I should shop for branded stuff in Singapore as it is much cheaper even after conversion. Urghhh, I hate Malaysia shopping price tag now!! 

I found this in one of Sunway Pyramid’s toilet and yea, it is a good message to all smokers out there! 

The skating rink.

I SMS-ed Nano just to show off to her that I am at Sunway and she is bored all the way at Dengkil/Kuantan. And upon knowing that I am at Sunway, she said that she wanted to go skating. Nah, this photo is for you, got one empty space there, you can imagine yourself there and skate =P.

Teatime- Sushi from Jusco. A treat from my two Singapore cousins, Vicky and Olivia! Thanks a lot! Yea I know, divided by 2.40 =P.

Christmas decoration outside Sunway Lagoon/Pyramid.

Vicky, Sam, Olivia, Ferlynne in from of Sunway Lagoon.

Sam, Vicky, Olivia and Cassandra with the hanging Christmas decorations outside Sunway Pyramid.

Vicky, Ferlynne, Cassandra and Olivia in the middle of the road showing off their sexy legs! =D

The trademark of Sunway Pyramid. I love this photo the most! The lightning and everything else, is just simply perfect .

Kean Jie, LeiKen, Ah Leong and Nano, this is Amon Ra

And it says DO NOT SIT =X.

So we don’t sit first… 😀

But we sat down later =P!

Ferlynne and I at Old Town for dinner.

My dinner! =D

My all time favourite drink at Old Town – Orange yogurt smoothie! 

On the way to the car park, my uncle decided to look at the Maxis event and just then, I was thinking to myself:

Wa… This is the first un-sampat-ed trip with me in it! Must announce later!

But wait, I said that too fast . There was this emcee walking around to give out Hotlink goodies bag and he asked a question:

Who can tell me the price of Samsung HTC bla bla bla?

And I saw the answer on one of the posters – RM1499 and I excitedly got up and started saying 1499 loudly and repeatedly and ran around to find that emcee when he is right behind me. Just when I found him, I saw another girl answered his question and walked away with the goodies bag and I stared at the emcee like a girlfriend who just caught her boyfriend kissing another girl .

Then the emcee saw me and decided to ask me another question and he asked me… to spell MAXIS BROADBAND. Hahaha!! So of course I spelt the words correctly!! 

And so, I got a Hotlink goodies bag too!! Actually, I love the colour of the paper bag! Is this a sign from God hinting me to get a Maxis number?!?! Ee Jane, Nano and Kean Jie are all Maxis users!!

I love my goodies bag!! So umm, yea, the trip is sampat-ed but for the good of course! 

And this is Vicky, Cassandra, Ferlynne, Abigail, Sam and Olivia outside Sunway Pyramid just before we walked to the car park .

The usual obligation mirror photograph .

My sisters and I with my aunt from Singapore at my uncle’s place after the Sunway trip .

When I arrived home, I got a box of chocolates from Kok Peng! Dark chocolates with almond nuts in it – my favourite one of all! Thank you Kok Peng! 


Of all, this Christmas isn’t that bad but I had this huge blister on my right baby toe that hurts like nobody business now! T__T But never mind, it is time for me to take a bath and then I’m off to play RO with Kean Jie, LeiKen and Ah Leong, all without Wei Qi because she is at Dengkil/Kuantan!! Hahaha! 

And Merry Christmas to everyone of you! =D It is still Christmas okay, 12 days of Christmas!


9 responses to “Christmas 2010

  1. I like the Maxis incident most. Haha…

  2. Ee Hahn: ah the siao-ness of the day! =X

  3. LOL!, yeah, the maxis event is farnee =P

    Nice pix btw XD

    YOU MANGKUK!!! tinggalkan me all alone on count down lah~

  4. Ee Jane: i shall save more money next semester T_______T…

  5. LOL… might change to DIGI soon.. but num remain same! dun misunderstand, not because of U (be4 u start being perasan)
    love Old Town nasi lemak~! must try dat yogurt smoothie next time!
    u should hav cast a spell on dat Amon Ra! XD
    lastly, WHERE’S MY CHRISTMAS GIFT??!! =P

  6. Wei Qi: then hurry up and change to digi 😀 !! i shall add u to my friends and family list then i can sms you for 1 cent each sms :D… cheap hor 😀 !! ah yes,old town nasi lemak rocks!! =D yeeeess! the yogurt smoothie is a MUST TRY!! =D amon ra is shit so lets not bother shit =X ~ ur christmas gift ah… umm… here –> MWAAAAHHH!! =D ~!! okay done 😀

  7. dat’s not a gift! it’s a HUKUMAN!

  8. Wei Qi: wuaaaa T___T HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!! NOW I FEEL SO HURT!! T______T !!

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