Semester 1, Year 1

Yea… I know, it has been  a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long time! But, this blog is not dead… The owner isn’t dead, just… busy. Really. I know, the last update was months ago but trust me, I was so busy till I don’t even have enough time for myself T____T…

Everyone [With the exception of Helen Lee] told me that first year of university life is uhh, easy peasy and like a piece of cake but I guess, I should have listened to Helen T____T… I thought that I will have a lot of time to blog but truth is, there isn’t even anytime left for myself -___-… And that… is sad !

But it’s okay =P, I am back now so uhh… did you all miss me? 🙂 =P And since I am on holiday now, I shall attempt to blog as much as I can before the semester reopens in January. It will be something like… for every post that I’ve typed, I will release it week by week on every Friday or Saturday basis [To be confirm as soon as I get my Semester 2 timetable].

So please give me more inspiration on what I should blog about for at least 5 months!! T____T Some post will be long and some will be short. So, don’t be so picky la okay T___T… Anyway, this whole post, will be about what everyone [Almost] wants to know, which is… my life in University of Malaya for this one semester in my first year :)…

It will not be long, I think =P. But I guess, by seeing some of the events here, you could pretty much guess about some of my upcoming blog posts :).


On the 18th of June 2010, I was officially accepted into University of Malaya [UM] and I was, over the moon :). Needless to say, it is indeed the happiest day of 2010 even until today. I still remember vividly how grateful and happy I felt. But, we will save this for another post on its on :), this topic [The Happiest Day Of 2010] totally deserves a post on its on :).

University of Malaya 2010 .

When I first entered University of Malaya, I was NOT referred to as a junior but I was referred to as a freshie and according to the tradition of University of Malaya as told by uhh, the vice chancellor or someone from the chancellery that we will be called as freshie until the orientation is over.

Does this only happens in UM or what? .___. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t be surprise if UM is the only university with such tradition.

Orientation in my college/hostel.

Orientation was hell and a total waste of my precious time and youth [In mandarin]. But then, now when I think about all the stupid things that they made us did during orientation, I actually laughed and smiled!  Because I can’t believe that I lived through the hellish like orientation that never seems to end and what’s more, I had just finished my last exam paper for this semester yesterday and that marks… the end of semester 1… year 1.

Time flies and I am still sitting in awe, wondering how did I get through orientation. For more stories [Stupid stories and dumb jokes included] regarding UM orientation, there will be a post just on its on and let me know by then if any other local universities torment their freshies the way UM did .

Dewan Tunku Canselor.

I was placed in Kolej Kediaman Ketujuh [Seventh Residential College/7th RC] or the other name would be, Kolej Kediaman Za’ba [KKZ]. And UM refers to their hostel as college. You want to know why ah =P, I also don’t know why so never mind =P. And sorry, I don’t have a photo of my hostel because my hostel is a very depressing place therefore I do not even want to take a photo of it =P.

But somewhat, I love my hostel because the nearest faculty to my hostel, happens to be my faculty. So let’s say my class starts at 9am, I can walk out of my hostel at 8.55am and I’ll be on time for my class =P. Also, my hostel is the only hostel for the disabled therefore, I do not have to climb any hill to reach my hostel. So this is the awesome part to compensate the un-awesome part .

Some of the first years in Chinese Community.

If my memory did not fail me, the theme for last year’s orientation was:

UM Is One Towards 1Malaysia.

It is a nice theme and slogan as well. But then, we having all these communities such as Chinese Community [CC], Malay Community [MC] and Indian Community [IC] in colleges around UM with the exception of 3rd College where it has been banned and with all these racial communities in the colleges, it is simply not living up to the theme and slogan itself.

I know what you want to ask next, what about the Bumiputera Sabah and Sarawak?! Yea, the exact answer is… they can join any community they like as long as they feel comfortable with it.

Pesta Tanglung KK7 [One of the meaningful events].

I am sorry to say this, but I am very negative towards my college’s Chinese Community and the reason is because, in the very first meeting, they didn’t make me feel welcomed at all and this topic, will go under orientation because they orientated us again ala our orientation week style and wait till you hear about how stupid it is and by then, do let me know if I should be in love with CC.

By typing this, if anyone from my college sees this, they are gonna hate me more than ever but then, I am too tired with all my life dramas back in secondary school including From 6 and I don’t expect everyone to like me =P.

I hate to say this, but my hostel food sucks most of the time so I resort to instant noodles or mamak at 3rd College =D. If you want to know how bad is the food, well it’s like this, instant noodles and Super Ring are REAL food and my hostel food is not anywhere near the word REAL.

Bad enough for me… But good enough for my waistline =P… Hehehe!! 

And now, let me introduce you the people whom I’ve met in UM. Some of them are awesome and some of them are not awesome and you can’t expect everyone to be awesome isn’t it? But anyway, here we go:

Chui San and I. The Evil Queen and Snow White reunite to declare their love for each other =P.

I bet this girl needs no introduction to most of my Kajang friends but anyway… I MET MY SNOW WHITE in UM after God knows long how we studied in UM -____-… First of all, her hostel and faculty is uhh, far away and in the opposite direction of mine so it is fated that we met each other at least once =P…

And the last time I saw her was at the Bangunan Peperiksaan where we both sat in the same hall for our Hubungan Etnik paper and last year, we both sat in the same class for STPM =D.

I met Tat Joon once or twice as well but I did not have my camera with me at that time so there isn’t any photo with him 

This is Sinniah, one of the students from my batch in Form 6 and I. His faculty is next to mine but slightly further down and yea, I met him only twice in UM for this semester.

UM is actually a very big university so it is very hard to bump into people that you know who are from a different faculty or hostel. In fact, for first timers who first came into UM for their professional law paper or whatever, they’ll always wind down their window to ask:

How to get out of UM ah??

Kesian! Hahaha!! Which is why I advised Chin Wai King to print out a map before heading to UM for his exam. So how?! Did you sesat or anything?! 

Jia Yiing and I at Dewan Tunku Canselor parking area during UM’s Convocation this year.

Jia Yiing is the sister of one of my best friends, Jia Ni who is currently in UK now for her studies. Jia Yiing is from the same faculty as Chui San and she is one of Helen’s closest friend =P.

Affan and I. At some place in my hostel.

This is Affan and I. He is from Kajang and an ex-SMKJB student and I know him, because we both went for the same water rocket competition back in 2007 and I have a classmate who went crazy over him that time and talks about him non-stop, all day long.

We are both 20 [Twen-TEEN] this year but he is my senior because he is an ex-Asasi student plus, he is also one of the Pembantu Mahasiswa for orientation this year.

This is my course senior [Second year], Elina and I.

Elina and I first knew each other through lowyat forum and yea, she is a very nice and friendly girl! She is from Penang and she is also the first senior that I knew in UM .

Whether you believe it or not, Elina was one of the reason that I came to know about the existence of my course in UM and the fact that I am in UM, I have to thank her a lot for it! So yea, thanks a lot Elina!! -Big bear hugs!- 

Another course senior [Second year], Angela [From Penang] and I at the pondok in our college.

Angela and I first met each other through Facebook as somewhat introduced by Elina! Angela is from the same hostel as me and she is a Libra and she is very helpful and nice as well! We first met each other on a Sunday night before my first class commence the following morning =D. Angela is also the president of CUS [Some Catholic society but I forgot the full name though =X] and in CUS  chit chatting session, although I was quiet, but I enjoyed their company and the jokes that they make all the time .

Thank you Angela, for introducing the CUS members to me and for trying to get me to be uhh, more socially active but I am somewhat too stubborn T___T… But thank you and I still love you! =D

This is another course senior [Second year] of mine, Jeremy [From Johore] and I.

Jeremy and I first knew each other through Angela in the first meeting of CUS. Jeremy is also a very nice and helpful guy! He helped a lot in my Hubungan Etnik project and I pestered him a lot during this semester =P Thanks a lot for being so helpful and supportive and I will never forget all that you’ve helped me in! 

And to make things happier, his birthday is only two days after mine! =D

My direct senior/buddy, Wei Jie [From Subang, taking Biohealth Science at the Faculty of Science] and I at the locker area in the library with our hot coffee during exam week.

This is one of my direct senior [Final year] in hostel and I and I knew him through a CC activity although I hate to give credits to CC hahaha! Wei Jie is one the people in UM who will layan my gila-ness. For example, when I sent him a SMS  like this:

I am so sorry to break this bad news to you. But your dearest, cutest and most adorable junior has been murdered by TCEE1212 [English Grammar In Context] at 8.30am and death time is 10.30am. Kindly send over some virtual electric candles and pink roses. Thank you.

And he layan-ed me like this:

I am so sorry to hear that, please convey my condolence to your family and your dearest handsome senior buddy [TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF HAHAHA!!!]. Attached in this SMS are virtual electric candles and hundreds of pink roses to accompany you. May you rest in peace and all the best in your future challenge [Next exam] =P.

Now you know why I say he layan my gila-ness =P. And thank you for layan-ing my gila-ness and I shall TRY to be less crazy next semester but you are going to miss my gila-ness by then so I shall be more crazy since it will be your last semester already .

Waffles at Daily Fresh at night near the main library during exam week.

This is one of my roommate and her name is Mun Yoke and she is one of the nicest girl in UM and I totally love her!! She is from Subang and she is majoring in Science and Technology which is under the Faculty of Science. We sat beside each other in our room to study while going like this:

How to finish studying la T___T Like so many more pages and chapters to go. Aiyoyo, what did I do la during study week?!?! Why like that la now?!?! T.T…

And I learnt the word pek cek and FML from her =P Hahaha!! Roomie! Let’s have a party session again while doing tutorial and if I do gain any weight… I’ll just blame you =P No la no la, just kidding, blame the weighing machine kan =P.

Vivian and I at the borderline of Siswarama.

This is my another roommate and I! She is from Johore and she is in the same course as Tat Joon. She is always stressed up in the room with all her assignments and tutorials, and I am always lying down on the bed, napping or sleeping or sitting on the chair beside her, snacking or packing my bag to go home weekly.

Sometimes, I hate my two roommates for same reasons. You know why?!?! Because… both of them are super tall and super skinny … Thus, they both made me the shortest and fattest person in the room T.T… Heiyer, never once I was the shortest okay and now, I am the shortest in my room T.T… But I still love my two roomies all the same! 

If you would like to know, my two roomies are both Scorpio and thus… I am overdose of Scorpio every night =P. Wait… first it’s overdose of Aquarius, then Libra and then Scorpio. What’s next O.O…

Some of my coursemates and I with some of them missing in action.

Sitting from L-R: Hong Ten, Monica, Rachel, Jessica.

Standing from L-R: Christopher, Iris, Nadiah, Marilyn, Edna [In purple T-Shirt], Melissa, Cherry, Jennica, Lilian and Miss Adorable =P.

Two of my coursemates, Jennica from Sabah and Melissa from Perak.

Melissa and I first met each other during the interview for our course. And that time, when I saw her, I was all like:

Yor… This girl looks very fierce -____-… Don’t want to sit near her!

Then I went and sat right in front and yea, we met back each other back during orientation and she is in the same hostel as I am. After I get to know more about her, she is actually not fierce at all but she is a realist and very intelligent as well so no doubt at all if she is one of the top students in class =D.

What I won’t forget about what I did with Melissa this semester will be us, staying up till 4am just to finish up assignments and to get them printed and with her trying to drag me out of my room for every meal at the Dewan Makan in college and to SS2 weekly pasar malam and start squealing over Hello Kitty crocs =D…

Jennica is too, from the same hostel as me as well. She is pretty popular in college due to her friendliness and her participation in many college activities and I found out that both of us enjoy going to the library to sleep during lazy Tuesday afternoons and she loves going to the library to borrow novels and I love going to the library to online and for the aircond =P.

What I will never forget about what Jennica did for me, was she gave me some salt and even lent her mug to me just because I didn’t bring any along with me just to gargle because I had a major sore throat and flu at that time and totally felt like dying +_+… So yea, thanks a lot Jenn! =)

This is my coursemate, Nadiah from Johore and I :).

Nadiah and I too, first met each other during the interview and she is a matriculation student =D.

Another coursemate, Christopher from Puchong and I.

Christopher and I too first met each other during the interview and he and Nadiah, are from the same matriculation college =D.

Two of my coursemates, Marilyn from Sabah and Iris from China.

Marilyn and Iris are quite close to each other [From my observation] and Marilyn and I have this sort of game where if she looks at me or vice versa, we’ll go:


I didn’t expect Marilyn to be crazy actually because she looks so serious all the time in class but then, she is quite crazy! =P And as for Iris, I don’t like her because all her clothes and shoes are super cute  and it must be those super cute-cute type that I super like but I know if I were to wear them, it will be very unmatched with my face yang tak secomel her face .

From L-R: Edna from Sarawak, Lilian from Serdang and Miss Adorable =P!

Edna is the girl in class with a lot of cute-cute stationaries that makes me feel like strangling her all the time when she sticks out her tongue at me just because those cute stationaries are not found anywhere in Kajang! T___T First, it’s that erasable highlighter and then it is the giraffe blade and then her pink umbrella. But never mind, I still love you all the same ❤ !

Lilian is the girl who is sitting beside me in most classes and we have been partners in many assignments together and I love working with Lilian and I do hope that she feels the same way as well. Lilian is a very nice girl and I first met her during the interview and we talked quite a lot during the interview just to release our stress =P Hehe!

One of my coursemate, Angelicia with the T-shirt that I like!

Angelicia is from Sabah and she is DEEPLY IN LOVE with King Henry VIII and I am totally in love with his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I because she is very intelligent, elegant and charming in many ways. Aiyo Angel, what do you see in King Henry VIII la?! Dah la got 6 wives and beheaded two of them lagi tu! -____-…

Miss Adorable, Melissa, Miss Vanie, Jennica.

Miss Vanie is my lecturer for two courses this semester and I love her to bits! She is super nice, easygoing and she managed to make learning in class fun and easy! I do hope to have her as my lecturer again for all the coming semesters =D.

This is Sergei from Russia and I. He is one of my coursemate as well and initially, he speaks with an accent that I can’t really understand but then, now that I am used to it, I can understand perfectly what he is trying to say =D.

Yi Han and I at some Chinese restaurant for CC Supper Night.

Yi Han and I first met each other during orientation and when I knew his name was Yi Han, I was immediately reminded of Ee Hahn and to make things better, he is sitting right in front of me every single time during orientation in college and I miss KHS more than ever @.@… Wait till you hear about the stupid things and dumb jokes during orientation and then you can laugh your head off.

Yi Han is a matriculation student and he is currently taking Actuarial Science in UM which is under the Faculty of Science and he told me that majority [99.9%] of the students in his course are from matriculation with 4.00 pointer. So yea, to all STPM students, if you don’t score 4.00 .__. , my advice is… don’t waste your slot in your UPU application unless you still want to give it a try of course.

Pui Wan from Cheras and I.

Pui Wan is from the same faculty as me but of different course. We first met each other during orientation and I love this girl to bits! She wears a pair of red crocs and thus, I called her my Ichigo which means strawberry in Japanese and she called me her Ringo which means apple in Japanese because I am always eating an apple! =D

Once, during Malam Interaksi Za’ba, we both were involved in a Kawan, Kahwin and Cerai game where it requires cooperation from both partners and guess what, we both won the game in our team and yea, I declare both of us as the best couple ever! Hehehe!! 

Ji Jian from Cheras and I at some road on the way to Chui San’s college which is still far. far, far, far away! =P

Ji Jian is one of the nicest guy that I know in college and but he had already left UM because he got an offer from Cambridge and he scored all A’s in his STPM except Chemistry in which he got an A- but mind you, he took 5 subjects instead of 4 -____-… And I wonder how did he study.

The best memories I had with Ji Jian was one night, where Ji Jian, Napoleon, Jennica and I were stuck at Dewan Makan in the rain till 3am plus and we have 8am class the following day and the night where Ji Jian, Melissa, Jennica and I went for our little photo shooting session around UM and because no one told me beforehand, I ended up wearing that CC shirt, bathroom slippers and PLKN pants [As in the photo above -_-…]! T___T And I look totally like an auntie T.T…

This is Noah from Sarawak, he is from the same college as me and he is my roomie’s, Mun Yoke coursemate and this is us at the multi-purpose court in our college. Noah has this very cute signature of saying AH when you call him and I went around calling his name just to hear the AH and now he reminded himself to not respond to me anymore when I call him T____T… And oh, Noah’s a nice guy unlike some guys who likes to gossip non-stop about other people and any girl will be lucky to have him as their boyfriend.

This is Ren and I.

Ren is another one of the nicest guy in college and he is a very simple person and he is one of the guys who is just like Noah, where they both don’t go around gossiping about people like how some guys in college do. He is nice and he doesn’t simply make bad remark about people if he doesn’t know them and though I do not spend a lot of time with him, but if I can praise him, that means he is a nice person and you don’t hear me praising people often.

This Sidik, one of the guys from the Arab language department in my faculty and I. He is the leader and I am the assistant leader for our Hubungan Etnik project and he has great leadership skills and I am looking forward to work with him again. He has a very mature thinking and he has many brilliant ideas during discussions and he too, is very responsible and dependable leader =D.

This is Small Gan and I. He is also, another nice guy in college and he loves photography too I think! And he had the camera that I thought of buying but didn’t because no money la T____T… But overall, I think he pretty crazy because he will layan or ajak me to snap photos like this:

He ajak me one hor =P.

And he asked me to pose like this! =D Yay-ness! I think I found my partner to snap crazy photos!! 

Now let me now tell you, some of the things that I’ve done in UM in my first semester :

Went to SS2 pasar malam with college mates and had fun and ate real food =P.

Attended CC Supper Night and yea, will blog about this one day =P.

Attended Malam Suai Kenal Persatuan Kristian Varsiti [MSK PKV] at the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

L-R: Christopher, Melissa, Miss Adorable =P, Hong Ten, Jennica.

Had burger at the stall near the main library which is no longer there before attending Hubungan Etnik lecture. Hubungan Etnik lectures are horror although the lecturer is nice and she teaches extremely well but the subject itself is super boring +_+… For all of you who are curious, Hubungan Etnik is like a mixture of Pendidikan Moral, Sejarah and Pengajian Am. Boring enough now? +_+…

But it’s okay, now I am officially divorced with Hubungan Etnik! =P

In one of the Kursus Kemahiran Maklumat lectures.

And I still sleep in classes/lectures. I think I slept right away after eating Oat Krunch and according to Melissa, I was sleeping soundly as she could even use her handphone camera to focus on my face nicely before snapping this photo =X…

Melissa, Jennica and I at Dewan Kuliah 1, Faculty of Economics and Administration for Hubungan Etnik lectures.

And we still eat in class except there isn’t any photo of me eating in class YET =P.

And I still snap photos of people sleeping and in this case… Jennica is sleeping during Hubungan Etnik lectures! =P

Jennica sleeping, me thinking what’s for dinner at 3rd college mamak and Christopher reading a novel during Hubungan Etnik and Melissa as the photographer. Adoi… what are we doing in lectures la @.@…

And I still walk that fast =D… Hehe!

Met the PhD monkeys in UM -___-… You can test a person to know whether they are from UM or not by asking them about the monkeys around the hostel. Mind you, these monkeys are smart. They chased some of the college girls out of their room and not the other way round =|…

And this happened once in my room…

Me: *Tying my hair or whatever I am doing*

Mun Yoke: *Slam all the locker doors close and grabbed something from the top of her locker* SHOOOOOO!! SHOOOOOOO!

Me: +___+…? *Stares at Mun Yoke* What are you doing?! O.O !!

Mun Yoke: SHOOOOOO!! SHOOOOOOOOO!! *Swinging a roll of hard cardboard in her hand towards the window*

Me: +_____+ ?!?! *Super confuse* What happen?!?! *Looks at the window* WAAAA!! Where is the cloth hanger?! [Cause Melissa told me the day before that she chased the monkey by throwing a cloth hanger at it =X ]

Mun Yoke: SHOOOOO! *Closes the window after the monkey ran away*

Me: +_+… I didn’t even notice the monkey was there.

Mun Yoke: Hahaha!!!

So… to all UM future students, don’t play-play with the PhD monkeys la +_+… They are all way too smart +_+… And do not open your windows in your room unless you want the monkeys to poo around and steal your toothbrush and food.

Attended Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya 2010 at Dewan Tunku Canselor =D.

Celebrated Jelly’s [Her name is seriously Yong Jelly in her IC] birthday on the same day as Mooncake Festival =)…

Aik Siew, Jelly and Au Yong.

Saw the guys threw the birthday girl, Jelly into the pond as the 7th College tradition says so =P…

Emo-ed and studying last minute in the library at 3 1/2 floors +_+…

Cendol during Hubungan Etnik lectures =P I went through this phase of craving for cendol every single day in UM =X…

Moo ice-cream after lunch =D…!

Still that sampat in class .


During UM’s Convocation… =|… But I love this photo! =P

Nano visited UM! And this is us in the main library locker area! 

Then I visited Nano at UTM KL. And I sesat-ed T___T Nano lo, give wrong directions T.T…

Miss Adorable, Nano, Khien Khien.

Then Nano and I went to UKM =P.

Went to Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid during exam week =|… I know. Hebat kan =|…

And lastly, on the last day of exam… I realized that I forgot to bring back my pail and some stuff so I lugged this pail all the way to Bangunan Peperiksaan .


Okay… seems like I didn’t have such a bad semester afterall but still, it is a very hectic and tiring semester! So who said first year of university life is easy?!?! WHO?!?! *Fumes* And quote my dearest Ah Lui:

I was physically and mentally abused.

Urgh! So true! T____T And I tell you what… Because during the STPM long holidays, I have been overdosed of Libra and this is what happened to me :

a) I locked myself outside my room so thank God my roomie was in the room +_+… And turns up that, my key is inside my bag, hidden under the books -_-…

b) I wore my room key around my neck and ended up thinking that I left it in the room and went around telling everyone that I left my room keys in the room -____-…

c) I left my handphone inside my locker when I was keeping my netbook inside the locker -___-…

d) I almost locked my locker key inside the locker -_____-…

e) My matric card is around my neck and I went around asking Melissa if she saw my matric card anywhere T____T…

f) This is the most teruk one… In this post [At the end of it], Nano thought that she lost her phone when it is actually in her pocket and guess what, the exact SAME thing happened to me, not once, but many times and I reacted the same way as she did.

So Wei Sy [Can pendekkan your neck already now =P…], now you know why I say, kena overdose until crazy already T____T…

But all in all, I hope next semester will be a better and happier semester for me! ❤

11 responses to “Semester 1, Year 1

  1. Aiyo…. u say till like Libra always forget things only..
    U remind me of how careless i actually am.. that i can put my laptop on balcony and left it there…….. result in losting it to unknown ppl.. T_T
    Then i din even know i lost my phone n purse until my fren told me to retrive my phone n purse at faculty! OMG, so memalukan and how on earth i dunno my phone n purse already not with me..
    And.. i’ve once called my fren’s bf to help me chase UTeM bus from my hostel coz i left my phone inside….
    oh.. not to forget i miss the bus to exam becoz i was playing game.. end up calling fren to fetch me with his motorbike… =.=

    So, be thankful u just being effected by some of our penyakit 😀 hahaha
    ur life in UM seems so busy ……… scary… but fun!

  2. “Nice” 1st sem u had there! XD glad to see u still manage to be sampat in de new environment! next sem pandai2 n hope everythg will be better la =D
    hahaha! dun blame Libra for ur blurness! Libras are intelligent n talented!

  3. see i told you!! uni life is NOT EASY!! so now you know that you should not take my advices lightly in the future.. bwahahahahaha!!! XD 😛

  4. Haha… My first semester was a breeze. 😛

  5. errr….

    forgive me if you start talking about your friends and think i know who you are referring to and i don’t, coz my memory is sort of…err…need to be upgraded lah =D

    sounds like an eventful 1st semester *thumbs up*

  6. Wei Sy: there… there… proven all the penyakit are jangkit-ed from the libra-s T_____T!! how can u not know that your purse and phone is not with you?! O.o… whole day tak guna phone and money? =X…

    Wei Qi: -____- *malas nak layan*!

    Helen: i shouldn’t T____T…

    Ee Hahn: then i don’t like you! T____T

    Ee Jane: no problem! *hugs* 😀

  7. Haha… It’s all about knowing how to handle stress. You should learn how to take things easier then it might help you ease your stress. I certainly do not want to see you in your emo mood when your new semester starts. It’s just not you.

  8. Ee Hahn: haih -_____-… in less than a week T_______T arrrghhhhh!!!

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