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21 Days Ago

Next Update: After 9th December 2010.

Hello everyone! First of all, I am so sorry for not blogging for more than a month. Well, too many things happened and it all happened way to fast. I have been very busy as well [Will update more about this next week]; busy for the good and for the bad ahaha! =P

If you wanna know why there are no updates eversince 8th of June 2010,watch out for next week’s post to find out why! =P


21 days ago, I went out the whole day with my best friends and friends before some of us leave for our further studies and yea, I could actually label this as Overdose Of Libra Part 4 but then I think the title 21 Days Ago would be a better title =P.

In the afternoon, I went out with Pik Teng and Nano. And this is a photo of Nano bullying Pik Teng. So don’t la think that Nano is such an innocent girl after all =P.

We actually met Khien Khien who was sitting at the table next to us but I forgot to take a photo with her =X. We made too much noise at Old Town and uhh… the culprit is… NANO! =P

And this is Nano sewing the button back to my dress. Ahhhhh, nooooooo questions are not allowed on this oneeeeeeee T_______T… !

The Libra-s! =P

This is Pik Teng and I. I know you miss me =P.

I hanged out at Nano’s house while waiting for the next gathering because I have plenty of time to kill =P. And this is Caitlynn and I and that is her torchlight =P.

Caitlynn switched off all the lights and we played The Shadow game.

Yea, you point the torchlight to the ceiling and start doing all sort of err… symbols with the hand okay whatever you call that @.@

Then you can also try to move your palm towards and away from the torchlight and watch the effect =P. It is pretty cool actually! =P When I moved my palm towards the torchlight, Caitlynn started screaming because it looks like as if my palm’s shadow is gonna grab her or something =P.

Caitlynn and I again =P.

Then believe it or not T.T, I am not late for the gathering T.T *Terharu*. Anyway the photo above is a passion fruit drink that was ordered by Jia Ni :D.

Yan Yee’s drink =X.

Nano’s and Caitlynn’s ice lemon tea :D.

This is me and my pink guava drink! 😀 =P

Camilla came along with her homework which happens to be some Form 6 Mathematics T Paper 1 questions given by her college. You know what, I feel super duper bahagia that I am out of all this =P.

Chit-chat =P.

Ee Jane’s drink =X, looks like some blue Pepsi to me =X.

Jia Ni and I! 😀 😀 Ten years ago, Jia Ni and I sat beside each other in class and ten years later, Jia Ni and I sat beside each other for this gathering 😀 =P.

My ex-curang-husband and I =P.

Pek Yen and I.

We used to be classmates from Form 1-3 :D.

Camilla and I too are in the same class from Form 1-3 :D.

Yan Yee and I!

She has been my classmate, schoolmate and National Service partner =P.

Group photo! 😀

Top L-R: Jia Ni, Ai Leng, Pek Yen, Miss Adorable =P

Bottom L-R: Ee Jane, Nano, Yan Yee, Camilla, Caitlynn

My Ee Jane and I! ❤ ❤ !!

My Nano and I! ❤ ❤ !!

My Ee Jane and My Nano! =P Nasib baiklah this two tak bermusuhan =X. If not, I will be sandwiched teruk-teruk in the middle =X.

I LOVE THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then someone [I forgot who, Camilla I think =X] suggested that we should go karaoke and then ordered some really, really gassy non-alcoholic drink which makes me feel bloated the whole night =|.

Cheers~! 😀 =P

Yan Yee syiok menyanyi =P.

Us without Nano =P.

❤ !

We are in a complicated relationship =P.

And then we sing songs =P.

Sing… Sing… Sing…

Sing… and sing…

Sing until the cows balik rumah =P Ahaha!! =P

But overall, it was a very enjoyable day for me and I hope it is the same for everyone of you too! 😀


P/S: Do you know that you can actually smile to yourself and frown at others without showing it on your face? =P Don’t know le! Never mind, next week I teach you! =P 😀 =P