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Overdose Of Libra [III]

Again… I am so sorry for this late/slow post. You wanna know why, because I  have spent too much time with Libra-s and thus, I have been uhh, overdosed of Libra for a long time and therefore, I cannot make up my mind on what should I blog about but to only blog about Overdose Of Libra [III] .


Overdose Of Libra Part A

I love breakfast with good conversation and I love it especially when friends ask me out for breakfast at McDonald’s or the coffee shop behind old Apex [This is a place full with good memories !]. But actually, breakfast anywhere is just the same with great company around .

Once Nano [The Libra!] treated me McDonald’s coffee [Coupon] and then I treated her McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin With Egg [Coupon] .

Slurp, slurp! But I still prefer the one with the sausage roll .

My face will make a very good advertisement for McDonald’s breakfast poster. Look at my muka baru bangun tidur and best of all, look at my rambut baru bangun tidur . Dearest McDonald’s, please do not hesitate to contact me as long as the pay is good !

Muka baru bangun tidur Nano!

Everyone, this is Nano’s new purse which is inspired by me because I am the first one to start walking around with my money all chuck into a plastic bag and now, Nano improvised my idea and use a ziplock plastic bag .

Overdose Of Libra Part B

Some other day, Nano [The Libra!], Kean Jie [The Libra!] and I went out for our morning breakfast at McDonald’s and then went for a drink at some restaurant near Convent and went for lunch at Station Kopitiam until evening. See la, overdose of Libra for more than half a day =X.

P/S: Content = Overdose Of Kean Jie.

Happy .

Singing .

Fatt hau .

This one needs no caption .


Showing off his long hair -_________-…


And we met Tan Wai Kian, my gila partner in crime on public buses [Hahaha! =P] for scaring all the other passengers by sending flying kisses to other! =P He is 3 years younger than me and I can totally imagine what will happen if we are in the same class in school! [SMK Tinggi Kajang = SMK Topsy-Turvy]

He didn’t kiss me. We are just posing for the camera!

This is Nano at Station Kopitiam =D.

Kid’s Meal! I let you guess who order one =P. Nano and Kean Jie cannot play! =P

Overdose Of Libra Part C

Pik Teng [The Libra!], Nano [The Libra!] and I went clubbing ❤ .

HAHAHA! No la, no la, kidding only =P. We went out and lepak together and yea, overdose of Libra again lo =X.

Overdose Of Libra Part D

This one is the paling teruk one . You know why, you don’t know right, never mind I tell you now then you will know . Because right, Nano, Pik Teng and I got the same job at Alamanda, Putrajaya. I would very much love to blog about my job but this is not the right time, wait till I resign [Probably end of this year] from my job and I shall tell you all about it =P.

So anyway, Pik Teng and I stayed over at Nano’s house for 3 days and yah, I am telling you this, I AM OVERDOSE OF LIBRA until the maximum. In the living room, Pico is using the laptop, I am sitting in between Nano and Pik Teng and Nano’s mum is behind us using the laptop.

The best news? The Libra-s are…

a) Nano

b) Pico

c) Pik Teng

d) Nano and Pico’s Mum

-________- I am stuck in a living room with all the Libra-s and then never mind, I sleep in the same room with the four Libra-s for 3 nights! You say la, overdose of Libra or not! =|But it’s okay, Libra-s are very friendly people who can be very, very crazy .

Nano dalam kedudukan yang tersangatnya cho lo/unlady like =P.

Caitlynn! =P

Remind me to tell you a story on how Nano lost a teddy bear to Caitlynn and how I played Hospital with Caitlynn during my first stay at Nano’s house .

The daily routine every morning and night .

Kerja orang yang biasa tidur selepas pukul 1 pagi dan terpaksa tidur pada pukul 11 malam =P.

Pik Teng and I =P.

Nano and I! =P

Us with the miniature Sydney Opera House.

We went to Sydney together!! ❤ ❤ !! I love my Nano and my Nano loves me !!

Lunch with Nano ^_^!

Her dinner. Now we all know why she is such a Nano!

One of my dinner! =P This pizza is from Cold Storage and it cost less than RM3 and it is totally worth my money!

My pizza with lotsa toppings and cheese!

And this is me, enjoying my Cold Storage pizza at McDonald’s . I love McDonald’s! You know why, because when your food needs more pepper/salt/sugar/tomato or chili sauce, you just head over to McDonald’s for some free spices/sauces .

And McDonald’s too provide a good place for you to sleep during your break time =P.

My lunch with Pik Teng =P.

Pik Teng with the delicious mango peach sundae! McDonald’s mango peach sundae is very, very delicious and it is absolutely recommended so everyone must go and try it as soon as possible because it is my ever most favourite ice-cream from McDonald’s now other than the normal sundae cone and McFlurry Oreo .

Pik Teng and I enjoying our mango peach sundae! =P

Chicken McDeluxe! =P [Apa-apa saja la the name =P]

My burger! =P Yummy or not! =P

Hehe! One of the place that we have to visit at times during our working hours =P.

Pasta from Carrefour which tasted not too bad except I went to McDonald’s to add more pepper and this tupperware full of pasta [You take yourself and you pay by its weight =P] cost me around RM2.15 .

A place where Pik Teng and I had our dinner together ❤  .

This is where Nano and I spend our money at for our morning drinks! =P

And right in front of Starbucks, we went over to have Big Apple Donuts . Nano, don’t you love drinking Starbucks and eating doughnuts while sharing some good secrets and talks together?!

And most of all, I miss snacking in the middle of the night while gossiping with the Libra-s!

So the next time when all of you meet me, when I am being indecisive, too compromising and diplomatic, yea, you all know why =P [Overdose Of Libra].