The Most Tulan [Annoyed] Moment Of 2008

Ahaha, there! I kept my promise that I have promised all of you in this post here back in 2009 about the most tulan [annoyed] moment of 2008! I will definitely tell you the full story but I will not mention the particular person name who annoyed me back then, so don’t bother asking me because I will  not tell you who it is and if you know who it is already, then good for you!

P/S: There won’t be any pictures because annoying people don’t deserve pictures eh =P.


Case 1: I Know Laaaaaaaaaar

Case number 1 goes to a classmate of mine back in Lower 6BF. This guy, we shall call him Gerard [Not his real name of course]. Initially I thought that he was rather nice and friendly but…

Gerard: You are staying at _______ right?

Me: *Shocks* Yes! How did you know?

Gerard: I know la.

Me: -_-… Uhh… Okay, so where do you stay? 😀 *Trying to be friendly*

Gerard: Why should I tell you?

Me: -_________________-…

Okay fine… I was already having negative vibes towards Gerard and he must annoy me further with this conversation:

Gerard: What result did you get for the experiment earlier on?

Me: *Refers to my report* Oh I got _____!

Gerard: Huh? Your answer is so far from the range!

Me: Really? How did you know about the range? 😀

Gerard: I know la.

Me: … Uhh… Okay, so what result did you get from the experiment? *Still trying to be friendly*

Gerard: Don’t know.*Act cool*

Me:  !!!

Have you met any guys like that? If you want to talk like that, then don’t talk to me because that is NOT even a conversation! After that, I have learn my lesson to not give him direct answers and here goes…

Gerard: Hey, have you finish writing your report?

Me: Don’t know.

Gerard: *Raises his eyebrow* How can you not know?

Me: And why should you know?

Gerard: I’m just asking.

Me: Oh… Why should I tell you?

And then, I don’t know if he pretentious or a hypocrite or whatever, he gave me a very, very puzzled look and after 30 minutes…

Gerard: Are you okay?

Me: Why do you want to know?

Gerard: You seems strange today… Your answers I mean.


And then he gave me a puzzled look again, as if he don’t understand what am I talking about. Ever since then, we never talked at all anymore unless it is absolutely necessary because I find it very pointless to talk to people like that.

After some final exam, I heard a conversation that made me chuckled quietly and I cheered so hard in my mind that I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore and went to the nearest toilet and laugh. Here goes:

Gerard: Hey Chui San, what result did you get for Chemistry?

Chui San: Why should I tell you?!

Gerard: Huh?? Why do you ask so?

Chui San: I don’t want to tell you lo! Tell you already ah, later when I ask for your result, you are going to ask me why should you tell me or why do I want to know! So I am not telling you my result now!

Gerard: Got meh? I got answer like that one meh?

Huiyo, Alzheimer’s disease or pretentious? But anyway, CHUI SAN ROCKS!!! *Throws confetti*



This also happens between a classmate of mine back in Lower 6BF but this time, she is a girl and no la, she is NOT Chui San. This girl, we shall call her Melissa since most Melissa-s that I know are super annoying and no, this is NOT a generalization but it is through my own experience so if you want to feel offended or what, sorry la, I am NOT sorry for what I have typed on my blog.

Melissa is a girl in class who is very bossy but nice to you only if she wants to ask something from you [This only applies in the year 2008, she repented in 2009]. I don’t really like her but try my best to not offend anyone in class as I am new.

So one day, I lent a book entitled Honk If You Are A Malaysian by Lydia Teh to Ee Hahn [Yes Ee Hahn, I remember, TWIN PEAKS! =P ]. When Ee Hahn returned it to me, Melissa saw the book and asked if she could borrow the book just to read it in school and I said yes.

After school, I forgot about the book and I went home. At night, I suddenly remembered about the book and I quickly SMS-ed Melissa:

Me: Hey, did you took my storybook home? Please return it to me tomorrow ya. [Because school will close in a week time]

Melissa: I returned your book to you already. Did you check your bag or under your desk before leaving the class today?

Me: Yes I did! I checked my bag and I remembered very clearly that it is not under my desk because it is my habit to check under my desk before leaving the class every single day.


I was angry, because EVERYONE who knows me well enough knows that I ALWAYS, ALWAYS check under my desk before leaving the class when school ends or even when when I take a sit at any bench, before leaving, I’ll always look back to check to ensure that I do not drop anything.

I got soooooooooooooooooo angry with Melissa that I started complaining about her to my best friends and I was so worried that the book will be missing because that book is very, very important to me and I hate it when people are trying to push their responsibility away.

The very next morning, Ee Hahn accompanied me to the class [Hello, the building is an isolated building, anytime can kena rape or rompak or culik one] and we found the book UNDER Melissa’s DESK. When everyone is in class…

Melissa: Samantha, have you found the book?

Me: Yea, under your desk.

Melissa: Oh…

The whole day, Melissa was trying to talk to me but I just pushed her away because I don’t like talking to people who are irresponsible and ya, Melissa and I have never talked to each other anymore until somewhere in Upper 6AF where we had to talk and yeaps, she changed a lot in Upper 6AF for the good.

To think about it, I wouldn’t be THAT angry with her if she didn’t use caps for her SMS to reply me [It gives me the impression and vibes that she is shouting] and if only she said we’ll go to class and search for it together, yea, then I’m very, very sure that I wouldn’t be so angry with her. I just cannot stand people who have already done something wrong and still don’t want to admit it or even to say sorry. Oh by the way, she didn’t apologize at all so no wonder I was even angrier.

But anyway, what I am happy about this is that at least Melissa and I are still friends till today :).


P/S: This is the best story ever! Don’t ever, ever skip this one!

Case 3: HIGH 5!!

This is the most annoying case of the year 2008 and this goes to a guy who is in the class of 6BE after I switched class to 6BE. So anyway, this guy, we shall call him Chafe because chafe [Pronounced as cheyf] means annoyance and HE IS MEMANG THE GREATEST ANNOYANCE TO ME IN KHS!!!

When I was first transferred out of 6BF to 6BE and read all about it here, Chafe told me that he likes me and it is one of the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard off.

I know the way I put it into words is very mean and bad of me, but just trust me, there is  NO OTHER WAY TO DESCRIBE it anymore and you wouldn’t want to see his wallpaper going this like this with my name replaced with yours:

*Animated hearts floating* with wordings on it written *Chafe Love Samantha*

*Shivers* Really, really menjatuhkan my maruah T.T !! [Nano can vouch for this statement!!!] So okay, I know you like me and kindly do not do anything stupid because you are only embarrassing yourself. I am not telling you how he told me that he likes me and what reasons did he give me ’cause if you wanna know, ask me personally because I scare later you all laugh until your tears flooded your whole room la .

One day in the class of 6BE…

Kamal: SAMMIE!!! JOM HIGH 5!!!!!!!!!!! [This is one of our daily habit in class]

Me: *High 5 with Kamal*

Chafe: *Runs to the back of the class* SAMANTHA! DON’T HIGH 5 WITH KAMAL!

Me: WHY?!

Chafe: Because I like you so you cannot high 5 with Kamal.

Me: I high 5 with whoever I like la .


Kamal: Oh… Dah couple ke?

Chafe: Kamal I am warning you to not go near Samantha or even to talk to her anymore. She is MY GIRL now, you stay away.


EXCUSE ME! I NEVER AGREE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND IN THE VERY FIRST PLACE AND I BELIEVE I HAVE REJECTED YOU A LOT OF TIMES!! And then he goes around telling the whole school that I am his girlfriend.

So then, I have been rejecting him nicely and telling him to stop sending me SMS-es that updates at least 7 times for every 2-3 hours reminding me on how much he loves me and wants me and wish that I am his girlfriend [Menjijikkan!], and he emo-ed non-stop in school and SMS when I rejected him nicely and emo-ed again and again when I told him to stop telling everyone that I am his girlfriend ’cause I’m not.

Until one day where I cannot stand him anymore and uhh, please prepare some tissue to wipe your tears from laughter:

a) I told him that I don’t like him and I have no feelings for him, he exploded pulak and tell me angrily that I am gonna regret for the rest of my life for not accepting him and he said that he will make me crawl back begging for him until I cry every single day.

b) He told me that I purposely want to jual mahal because that is what most girls always do and I asked him if he wanted my honest answer and he said yes so here goes my honest answer:

I don’t jual mahal to people who don’t even meet 0.000000000000001% of my expectation and I don’t lower my standard for people like you no matter how ugly I am.

Then he gets very angry with me. Haiya, you want me to be honest then you still want to be angry with me? Then I might as well not say anything at all?

Also, once we had a conversation:

Chafe: Sam, can we talk? *Very serious voice*

Me: Eh? Sure!

Chafe: Sam, please, please, please don’t talk to other guys.

Me: …? You want to talk about this?!?! [Walao, I somemore thought want to talk about what serious stuffs!]

Chafe: Please promise me that you won’t talk to anyone else.

Me: Why should I?

Chafe: Because I am in love with you so you cannot talk to other guys. I am telling you now, you don’t talk to other guys. You got anything, you tell me and only me; not even Wei Qi or any of your girl friends. Please stop talking to all of them and only talk to me, only me okay?

Me: I must be very crazy if I listen to you and I find myself crazy even by listening to what you have to say now . And by the way, I am NOT your girlfriend so I don’t have to listen to you okay?

Chafe: NO! Don’t you understand?! I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much so please don’t talk anyone else. Okay, okay, you can only talk to Wei Qi and NO ONE ELSE okay!

Me: If you love me sooooooooooooooooooooo much, then you should just leave me alone and not bug my life and I talk to whoever I like and I don’t need your permission to do anything else *Annoyed*

Chafe: I bug your life?! *Mula nak emo* I care about you and you bla bla bla. Bla bla bla… You don’t feel my love? Bla bla bla… *Emo, emo, emo*

Me: … *Malas nak layan*

Every single time, after I told him that I don’t have feelings for him and will never consider him bla bla bla, he WILL definitely tunjuk muka emo in class and will definitely do something stupid later on. To add on, when I reach home, I will receive a SMS that goes like this:

Sarah, after you return your book to mum can you call me? I feel very sad and heartbroken now.

He DID it on PURPOSE and obviously I didn’t layan la. Don’t expect me to phone back or even to SMS just to ask oh how are you, are you okay, and let me tell you this, send this kind of SMS to emo to me; it will definitely allow me to forward it or show it to my girl friends so that we can laugh together [Only applies to people like Chafe].

Then after that SMS, after 1-2 hours…

Jessica… Can you call me now? I need to talk. Very heartbroken and sad. Call me k?

Heh? If you think this is the end of it, he will continue sending a few more until the very next day in school where he will tunjuk the muka emo which makes me want to laugh every single time because he looks like as if he wanted me to ask him but the truth is, I don’t care and will not care at all.

Ohhh, have I told you how Chafe pointed his finger at Kean Jie and Wong Weng Keong? Oh haven’t tell you yet right, never mind I tell you now and ya, prepare tissue to laugh until your tears come out or prepare to go WT* non-stop:

Chafe: Sam, can we talk? *Very serious tone*

Me: About what? *Malas nak layan ’cause I know confirm it’s something dumb*

Chafe: I have something to tell you.

Me: Uhh okay . [I said okay out of courtesy]

Chafe: I saw you talking to Kean Jie just now.

Me: Uh huh?


Me: Because we want to talk! *Annoyed* I think I have told you many times that it is my own freedom to talk to anyone whom I like .

Chafe: I don’t care what did Kean Jie tell you or what you tell Kean Jie but I hope this is the last time I see you talking to him.

Heh? He’s giving me a warning?! And by the way, that is the FIRST time I talked to Kean Jie in school and kesian Kean Jie, terus kena salah faham by Chafe that he wants to pikat me ahahahahahahahahaha!! The conversation continues:

Chafe: And why you come to school with that boy? What’s his name?

Me: Wong Weng Keong ah?


Me: Hello! We came together by the same bus and is that even against the law! [Actually I feel like telling him- You are a pest]

Chafe: You may not know what is his intention bla bla bla…


Chafe: You change school bus, don’t come to school with him anymore. You don’t walk with him into the school, you let him walk in front of you or you walk in front of him bla bla bla.

Hish, kesian his future girlfriend/wife, confirm kena stay at home every single day without a phone, TV and Internet. Confirm his wife is nuts for willing to marry him unless he change his attitude.

In conclusion, there are just too many stupid and dumb so called can we please talk in a very serious tone conversation which I cannot stand it anymore because every single time, it is the SAME THING over and over again. You beh sien, I sien okay.

After the final time of rejecting him harshly which includes shouting at him [I don’t shout unless I cannot stand it anymore], he finally stopped disturbing me and didn’t even want to friend me anymore ahahahaha! I tell you what, to me, he is nothing more than a 5 year old kid and I think a 5 year old kid behaves better than him.

So what I wanna say is… ALL THE BEST to the next batch of people who is gonna meet and get to know Chafe!

Now all of you can thank God that you all don’t know anyone else like him. But now to think about it, he is the main gossip topic [The common thing that everyone can kutuk about] in KHS because of his very nonsensical attitude and quote Sage:

Oh God, we thank You for allowing us to know someone like Chafe does exist because with his existence, we know how grateful we are that we are just not like him. God, I thank You for this.


P/S: There are more annoying stories about Chafe actually but it will definitely be too long to be typed out =P.


8 responses to “The Most Tulan [Annoyed] Moment Of 2008

  1. menyampah with them lo.. desperate houseguys!
    hahahahahaa! aiyo.. talk with who also must bargain.. pasar meh… all these housekids must learn to grow up seriously!
    hate ppl sending msg lik dis also: “Sarah, after you return your book to mum can you call me? I feel very sad and heartbroken now.” =.= hello, dis idea lapuk dun work anymore la! be creative!
    PS: salute chuisan for saying out dat!!!

  2. Haha… I still remember the twin peaks. The most creative description for the you-know-what. Haha…

    High 5 to your 3rd case. 😀

  3. agree with nano..damn lapok de..hahahaha!!

  4. 0.0 there is really something wrong with Chafe hahaha. I think he should see doctor XD

  5. Wei Qi: memang menyampah and i would very much love to know when will they grow up and not do stupid things anymore. that idea lapuk mmg dont work anymore but he thinks that every1 is 5 yr old =P

    Ee Hahn: hah, that is creativity!

    Kean Jie: mmg la lapuk! =P

    Leon: i think the doctor dont even wanna see him! =P

  6. ”Gerard: Got meh? I got answer like that one meh?”
    that Gerard act stupid la now. LOLOL.

  7. Ching Yin: act stupid or ada penyakit Alzheimer @_____@…

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