Overdose Of Libra [II]

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Hello everyone!!  This post is all about my trip with two of my Libra best friends hence the title Overdose Of Libra again. What I love the most about Libra friends is that they are always fair in their judgement and opinion and their ability to think rationally most of the time and last but not least, their friendliness 😀 :D.

So anyway, this is Nano at KL Sentral withdrawing some money to spend later while we waited for Kean Jie for 30 minutes. See la, this Kean Jie make two leng lui-s wait for him!  [Kean Jie is the luckiest guy of the day- Going out with two leng lui-s and got two leng lui-s to wait for him somemore =P !]

By the way, I AM THE FIRST TO ARRIVE THIS TIME AT THE KTM STATION!! AS IN FIRSTTTTT!! And I missed one train while waiting for Nano, so Nano, we are even now =P =P.

The monorail seat which looks like some wallpaper from some nursery school!! I know how people can totally imagine me having this kind of wallpaper in my room but not LeiKen =P.

This is Nano and I in the cinema before Alice In Wonderland [3D] movie starts . Can everyone please focus on my shining eyes from the camera flash?  This… is what happens when you are sitting in between two Libra! 

Nano and I bought the same shoe for only RM5!  Okay, I see something… The difference in calf size. Noted, I shall eat less and not eat more and I shall go on a strict diet. No matter what I must go on a strict diet [And you will hear me talking about how hard it is to resist good food later on =P].

The movie was umm… okay, not too bad and it is nice for the 3D effect but other than that, the storyline and all… I think it is fine with me =D. And oh, this is Kean Jie staring at something at TGIF.

Everyone, this is Kean Jie again with his new girlfriend; some Korean girl I think. Now he is all about some Korean girl band or singer or whatever, talking about their long legs just like how I am obsessed with long legs . You wait la, one day if I got that kind of legs… I will… Fine, dream on *Must sedar diri*

This is Nano and I. I love my Nano and my Nano loves me! 

Nano and I shared a glass of ice lemon tea because this one can refill one. That is why next time you all must order drinks that are refillable to share so that it will be cost saving la .

Lonely without you.

Happy without you .

Appetizer, some fried cheese okay I forgot the name  but tasted really, really good! Now I feel hungry =| !

The inside of the fried cheese . Slurp slurp!! 

Some clam soup which tasted quite nice too!  Look at the layer of oil, that is why I say unhealthy food is always the tastiest . But once in a while it’s okay one la =P.

My main course, salmon fish as usual!!  The salmon is good but I don’t like the mash potato [It tasted a little funny] and the vegetable [Too hard to be eaten].

Nano and Kean Jie ordered the same main course which is some half chicken which tasted not too bad for me but still I prefer salmon! 

Kean Jie and his sinister smile. =D

Our dessert, strawberry and oreo mini ice cream

Nano’s palm can justify how small are the mini ice cream actually. Really, really mini .

Nano living up to her name .

This is me trying to live up to my mission .

Then Nano went to inform Kean Jie who is looking at girls with long legs that the desserts had arrive and she told him that the desserts are as big as the drinks  .

After dining at TGIF, we went to Haagen Dazs for a more complete dessert and this is the chocolate fondue which is one of the best stuff in the world AND YOU DON’T DIET WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO EAT GOOD STUFF LIKE THIS!!! =P


Fruits! I love strawberries!! 

Some cake, cookies, almond flakes and love letters !

And some fire to warm up the chocolate ! Ahh, I feel so bahagia even by just typing this!! 




Nano!! She looks so beautiful in this photo! 

This is me, as adorable as ever!! 

Name: Deviruchi

Element: Darkness1

Size: S

Race: Demon

Habitat: gef_dun02



Ice-cream, after dipping into the warm chocolate! 

They look like a pair of happy couples and they are both gonna kill me for typing out such a thing. *Runs*

After sometime, we find the need to be crazy because we will go crazy if we don’t be crazy . So this is me, attempting to be Red Queen after watching Alice In Wonderland .

Then we decided that we need to be more creative. So this is Nano helping me to draw a heart shape on my lips .

Ahh, this is me!! The Red Chocolate Queen!! You know, I am wondering if there any outing with me along that is actually not crazy at all .

Kean Jie, I know you miss me =D… Okay, he’s gonna kick me for typing this out. So… *Runs!*

And this is the most precious photo of the day because on our way home… we saw… MALAYSIANS QUEUING UP!! THEY ACTUALLY QUEUED UP which amazes me and make me feel so terharu until the monorail arrived and then got some people at the side don’t know come from where one started to jump queue 

In conclusion, eventhough the queue was just for a little while due to some people who jump queue, but still, it is at least SOME improvement! In public transports nowadays, at least I DO SEE youngsters giving up their seats to the elderly and people who need the seats more than they do and I will say, this is definitely a very good change and practice =D !!


Overall, it was one of the nicest trip ever this year and hopefully, we can go out together again and plan more nice trips/outings and this trip, is definitely one of the trips that I have enjoyed myself a lot and I hope it is the same for the two Libra-s as well !

And by the way, everyone should know this… Nano looks much nicer when she wears shorts!! At least she looks taller, sexier and much more feminine like!!  Nano, wear shorts more often when you are going out next time ah!


11 responses to “Overdose Of Libra [II]

  1. 1st.. XD
    fun ur head.. de most fun is only de eating part.. *flyyyy* HAAGAN DAZ!!!! we won’t be separated for long, dun miss me.. cuz i’m going to win another bet with “Ms.Adorable” =P
    i can’t stop smiling all de time eating ice cream *bahagia~O.O* but de consequences.. sigh.. FAT!!
    now i see alice i muntah..=.=! dah la story not very nice.. gotto watch 3 times! hmmp!

  2. omg.. they actually queued up?

  3. happy couple your head ah..weiqi gonna agree with this..
    “weh very full ah” *eats eats eats*

    i look so cute !

  4. Looks like a good food trip!
    I want ice cream toooo =X

  5. I think your calf size is not due to you being fat (you said one). It’s probably due to over shopping because your calf muscle builds up when you walk a lot. So I suggest you stop shopping for awhile. Hahahaha…

  6. Kjie: totally agree!!! NOT de cute part!
    hahaha! sam.. when u wanna bring me go baskin robin? secret recipe also can la *dreaming*

  7. Haagen Dazs?! mmmmmm, I LIKE!! 😀 😀 how much is it?

  8. cy : 70 plus after tax..
    sam : u still alive ke?

  9. Wei Qi: eating is good! provided that we dont gain extra 5kg after that T.T… who ask u to watch 3 times la =S overdose of alice in wonderland ah you, later see see one day got a movie title nano in wonderland starring nano as nano and sam as miss adorable 😀 😀 😀

    Lilian: yeaps, unbelievable i know, but just believe it =P

    Kean Jie: im just gonna with:

    weh, very full ah! *eats eats eats*

    im not gonna agree that u r cute coz u r not =P 😀 😀 !!

    Carson: of course it is a good food trip! ice creams? hmm, okay, nah *hands carson a cone of vanilla ice cream* =P

    Ee Hahn: such theory doesnt exist!

    Wei Qi: nano, when you wanna bring me go the ship, victoria station or tony roma’s also can la *dreaming* =P 😀

    Ching Yin: kean jie has already answered your question! =P but yes, haagen dazs is good!!! *thumbs up* 😀 😀

    Kean Jie: masih hidup lagi! 😀

    minilibra.com: is this a spam or what but it was not categorized as a spam so alright, thank you for the compliment, you must see whose camera la you know! =P =P

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