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Overdose Of Libra [II]

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Hello everyone!!¬† This post is all about my trip with two of my Libra best friends hence the title Overdose Of Libra again. What I love the most about Libra friends is that they are always fair in their judgement and opinion and their ability to think rationally most of the time and last but not least, their friendliness ūüėÄ :D.

So anyway, this is Nano at KL Sentral withdrawing some money to spend later while we waited for Kean Jie for 30 minutes. See la, this Kean Jie make two leng lui-s wait for him!  [Kean Jie is the luckiest guy of the day- Going out with two leng lui-s and got two leng lui-s to wait for him somemore =P !]

By the way, I AM THE FIRST TO ARRIVE THIS TIME AT THE KTM STATION!! AS IN FIRSTTTTT!! And I missed one train while waiting for Nano, so Nano, we are even now =P =P.

The monorail seat which looks like some wallpaper from some nursery school!! I know how people can totally imagine me having this kind of wallpaper in my room but not LeiKen =P.

This is Nano and I in the cinema before Alice In Wonderland [3D] movie starts¬†. Can everyone please focus on my shining eyes from the camera flash?¬† This… is what happens when you are sitting in between two Libra!¬†

Nano and I bought the same shoe for only RM5!¬† Okay, I see something… The difference in calf size. Noted, I shall eat less and not eat more and I shall go on a strict diet. No matter what I must go on a strict diet [And you will hear me talking about how hard it is to resist good food later on =P].

The movie was umm… okay, not too bad and it is nice for the 3D effect but other than that, the storyline and all… I think it is fine with me =D. And oh, this is Kean Jie staring at something at TGIF.

Everyone, this is Kean Jie again with his new girlfriend; some Korean girl I think. Now he is all about some Korean girl band or singer or whatever, talking about their long legs just like how I am obsessed with long legs¬†. You wait la, one day if I got that kind of legs… I will… Fine, dream on¬†*Must sedar diri*

This is Nano and I. I love my Nano and my Nano loves me! 

Nano and I shared a glass of ice lemon tea because this one can refill one. That is why next time you all must order drinks that are refillable to share so that it will be cost saving la .

Lonely without you.

Happy without you .

Appetizer, some fried cheese okay I forgot the name  but tasted really, really good! Now I feel hungry =| !

The inside of the fried cheese . Slurp slurp!! 

Some clam soup which tasted quite nice too!¬† Look at the layer of oil, that is why I say unhealthy food is always the tastiest¬†. But once in a while it’s okay one la =P.

My main course, salmon fish as usual!!¬† The salmon is good but I don’t like the mash potato [It tasted a little funny] and the vegetable [Too hard to be eaten].

Nano and Kean Jie ordered the same main course which is some half chicken which tasted not too bad for me but still I prefer salmon! 

Kean Jie and his sinister smile. =D

Our dessert, strawberry and oreo mini ice cream

Nano’s palm can justify how small are the mini ice cream actually. Really, really mini¬†.

Nano living up to her name .

This is me trying to live up to my mission .

Then Nano went to inform Kean Jie who is looking at girls with long legs that the desserts had arrive and she told him that the desserts are as big as the drinks  .

After dining at TGIF, we went to Haagen Dazs for a more complete dessert¬†and this is the chocolate fondue which is one of the best stuff in the world AND YOU DON’T DIET WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO EAT GOOD STUFF LIKE THIS!!! =P


Fruits! I love strawberries!! 

Some cake, cookies, almond flakes and love letters !

And some fire to warm up the chocolate ! Ahh, I feel so bahagia even by just typing this!! 




Nano!! She looks so beautiful in this photo! 

This is me, as adorable as ever!! 

Name: Deviruchi

Element: Darkness1

Size: S

Race: Demon

Habitat: gef_dun02



Ice-cream, after dipping into the warm chocolate! 

They look like a pair of happy couples and they are both gonna kill me for typing out such a thing. *Runs*

After sometime, we find the need to be crazy because we will go crazy if we don’t be crazy¬†. So this is me, attempting to be Red Queen after watching Alice In Wonderland¬†.

Then we decided that we need to be more creative. So this is Nano helping me to draw a heart shape on my lips .

Ahh, this is me!! The Red Chocolate Queen!! You know, I am wondering if there any outing with me along that is actually not crazy at all .

Kean Jie, I know you miss me =D… Okay, he’s gonna kick me for typing this out. So… *Runs!*

And this is the most precious photo of the day because on our way home… we saw… MALAYSIANS QUEUING UP!! THEY ACTUALLY QUEUED UP which amazes me and make me feel so terharu until the monorail arrived and then got some people at the side don’t know come from where one started to jump queue¬†

In conclusion, eventhough the queue was just for a little while due to some people who jump queue, but still, it is at least SOME improvement! In public transports nowadays, at least I DO SEE youngsters giving up their seats to the elderly and people who need the seats more than they do and I will say, this is definitely a very good change and practice =D !!


Overall, it was one of the nicest trip ever this year and hopefully, we can go out together again and plan more nice trips/outings and this trip, is definitely one of the trips that I have enjoyed myself a lot and I hope it is the same for the two Libra-s as well !

And by the way, everyone should know this… Nano looks much nicer when she wears shorts!! At least she looks taller, sexier and much more feminine like!!¬† Nano, wear shorts more often when you are going out next time ah!


Overdose Of Libra [I]

This is another EXTREMELY long post!  This post is all about my Genting trip with my 3 friends who are ALL under the horoscope of LIBRA thus inspired the title of my post today .

The whole trip was well planned, minus the part where we booked the hotel and desperately forcing someone to come all the way back from Malacca for this trip,¬†because when you go out with Libra, especially with 3 Libra, you seriously got to plan every single thing properly so that you won’t end up like this:

You: What’s for lunch ah? =P

Libra I: Anything la.

Libra II: Ya lo, anything la. I don’t mind one.

Libra III: Faster choose a place and eat only la. Hungry already!! =D =D


NEVER ask them to make a decision unless you have the whole day to waste! Anyway, just ask them what they wanna eat and if they say anything, that means you decide and they will just follow and will not complain about it eventhough you suggested to eat McDonald’s which they eat it every single day without fail¬†.


Day One

My breakfast, nasi lemak with two eggs with teh o ais limau!¬† You know, last time my favourite mamak stall drink was teh tarik because my Dad used to order it almost every single time he eats at the Indian restaurant near our church and so, one day I decided to give it a try because it must be some nice drink that’s why my Dad ordered it almost every single time isn’t it? =P

And so… one sip and I was hooked!¬† And then my favourite mamak stall drink changed to teh o ais limau because of one of my classmate in 6AF, I forgot who though =P!! During one of our¬†Snow White And The 7 Nerds practice, he [I remember it’s a guy =| ] ordered teh o ais limau and I asked him if it’s nice and he said yes so I bought it as well and one sip… I was hooked until today¬†.

Wei Sy slept in the bus on the way to Genting and not Wei Qi!  You wanna know why?! Because Wei Qi is sitting beside The Radio/Me =P.

The Libra-s: Wei Sy, Pik Teng, Wei Qi.

I know you all have been waiting for this photo because I am in the photo! Haiya, kalau tak prasan tu bukanlah Samantha lagi !

The guy behind Wei Sy turns up to be the guy that we met at the Skyway Station and he is quite good looking. Huh I tell you what, he can walk into KHS and all the girls will look at him and all the other KHS boys can seriously bury their head in the ground already.

Anyway, he is one of the worker at Genting and when I saw his name tag, it’s written Healthy. His name must be Healthy and he must be healthy¬†. Okay I know the trick now! Next time if I have a daughter I’ll name her The Perfect Girl and I’ll name my son The Perfect Boy¬†.

This is how ghost say hello to each other. HELLO HANTU CINTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! 

My muka pucat. Uhh, you know what, I don’t get it. When I have school and insufficient sleep, I looks EXTREMELY bersemangat that no one will believe me when I told them that I slept for 3 hours. When I have long holidays like now and had more than enough sleep, I looks pale -____-… Something must be wrong with me T.T !!

Oh, maybe it’s just the tak cukup dosage of school =| Especially Chemistry. Uhh, I love Chemistry!!¬† Especially organic and inorganic Chemistry because they make me cry!


And we don’t feel cold at all =P. Ah, this must be the principle of different people have different reaction and different people have different point of view just as how we shouldn’t force them to see things from our point of view if they are so indulged in their own thinking that they are looking at an angel.

Nano and Pico checking into the hotel.

Pik Teng and I snap photos of each other at the hotel lobby¬†. *Shrieks* I LOOKS QUITE THIN IN THIS PHOTO!! *Overexcited!!* But I still can’t fit into my green dress.

The view from our room.

We stayed at Theme Park Hotel and this is the view of the garden behind Theme Park Hotel :D.

The useful water dispenser along the corridor of our room. You can use it to either refill water for your bottle/cook maggi mee/wash hands when you are lazy to run back to your room just to wash your hand .

This is the four of us having lunch at Lao Di Fang [Tempat Lama?! =P].

Mixed rice + one drink + fruits = RM5.00

Believe it or not !

The four of us before heading to the theme park .

The first ride that we attacked was The Spinner! I have always love The Spinner!!! 

Us, waiting for our turn to ride on the Space Shot! =P PLEASE LOOK AT MY DIMPLES!! ^_^ !!



While queuing up for the Space Shot, this girl suddenly approached me and it turns up that she is my dorm mate at National Service!!! [Read all about my National Service experience here and here].

Her name is Nora and it’s such an amazing and touching thing that she still remembers and recognizes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T But the thing is, I actually don’t recognize her at all because she looks so beautiful now! ¬†[I just find it strange that she kept on smiling at me =| ] Okay, that’s not a good thing because if she recognizes me, that means I still looks the same la right? Okay, that means still young but not any prettier! =(

Some ferris wheel which looks very, very happy! ūüôā I love conversations in ferris wheel! =P

Pico and Nano smiling happily at the camera! =P

Muka menjerit/syiok sendiri before the ride even started! Ahhh, must be the influence from my blog’s theme =P.

Everyone, the focus of this photo is… LOOK AT NANOOOOOOO!! That NanoMeow ah naik miang!¬† See la, Pico also mou ngan tai [No eye see] already! Nano ah… The boy head already tunduk lo… Shy already la… Stop staring at him la¬†.

And off they go! Bye bye! =P

All the other people who are waiting for their turn to ride on the Space Shot.

Err… Right at the top =P… Which is the scariest moment for me actually =S.

Their excited face expression when the ride is over =P.

Fainted. No la kidding only, posing for the camera actually =P.

After the ride.

Pik Teng and I =P.

Is that Malay girl beside Pik Teng posing our camera too?!

Pose cukup-cukup before the ride starts =P.

This is our face expression when we are moving up.

The whole time, Pik Teng was screaming non-stop. And when we reached the peak…


Me: -No reply- @.@…!!!

Our real muka menjerit -________-…

This photo is a gem and a rarity you know! How often do you see a photo of me screaming! =P The ride is seriously thrilling and intense and people who have heart problem can seriously die because the moment the ride falls down, huh I tell you what, you can’t even shout because there will not be any voice coming out and you won’t even feel your heart beat.

All you feel is just some emptiness and some fear and more of – when is this gonna end. Okay right, maybe it’s just me T.T

Us, jumping in front of Space Shot after conquering it =P.

Then we went to play Fun Kart! =P Haha! It was indeed fun!! 

The Libra-s!

The Scales and The Fish before Fun Kart-ing =P.

Signing some agreement letter about I will not sue Genting for any accidents/death that occured to me while Fun Kart-ing.

A shower cap is provided for everyone so that no one will feel digusted about putting on the helmet; for hygiene purpose la you know =P.

We still have time for photos because the person in charge is at the back ensuring that everyone has fasten their seat belts .

Nano is the only one who has a photo of herself taken like this. Do you know why?! =P Because she has a friend like me la who is the FIRST to arrive among all the other players and then proceed to snap a photo of her =P.


Nano is a vain pot too =P!

Pico attempt to fly =D.

Aww ‚̧ !!¬† Romeo and Juliet! =P

Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai! [Butterfly Lovers! =P]

Do not attempt this anywhere .

We passed by some birds exhibition at the Theme Park and we saw this pair of lovebirds which totally reminded me of Sim Ooi Jie and his girlfriend whom I’ve always referred to as The LovebirdS! =P Nah Ooi jie, this photo is for you! =P

The obligation escalator photo =P. And we went and ride the Pirate Train which was one of the crappiest ride ever in the Theme Park because nothing is scary at all and the even the rock that used to move towards you like it’s gonna fall towards you is no longer functioning.

But still, when we got on the train [Pico and I are on the same train =P] and the moment the train pushed the door wide open we started screaming like nobody business for the fun of it. Then we started screaming like as if the ride is bloody scary but it’s actually not =P.

After the ride ended, we came out saying:

Wa, so scary hor!



And you know what , those people around started queuing up for the ride!  Kesian kena tipu! 

Us with the antique car after the Pirate Train ride! I love this photo a lot!! 

And this is our group photo after riding the Cyclone! =P

This is our face expression while playing the Tea Cup! We spinned too fast until we actually got a headache after the ride! =P And there is a VERY, VERY, VERY sampat/gila/crazy photo of Nano¬† but then she¬†WILL kill me if I ever dare to publish that photo on my blog T.T…

So Wei Qi quoted our Mathematics T Paper 1 teacher:

For your eyes only.

So… Sorry la, for my eyes only =P.

And then we wanted to play Bumper Boat but then you know what, the sky decided to rain! RAIN! IT RAINED ON THE DAY WE ARE PLAYING OUTDOOR THEME PARK!! 

So we make good use of the shower cap that we got during the Fun Kart ride =P.

And they make good use of their hoodie =P.

And so we terpaksa stay inside the London Telephone Booth while we wait for the rain to go away.

Rain, rain go away, come again another day.

Miss Adorable wants to play.

Rain, rain go away. =P

Hello! Can ask the rain to go away for the time being ah?! =P

The rain did not go away. It just drizzled after sometime and then the whole sky was dark so yea, we took that opportunity to snap some photos without getting my Baby Ixus wet =P.

This is Pik Teng and I after completing our Haunted Adventure mission!! Everyone was given a pair of 3D glasses [Paper like one la] and you know what, it is scary because the decoration on the wall became 3D and the whole time Pik Teng and I were screaming because we are walking right in front of everyone else [Nano and Pico are right behind us and along with 4 more strangers behind Nano and Pico].

The Haunted Adventure at First World.

You know what, not even halfway through, Pik Teng and I were screaming like crazy because things just POP out suddenly T.T !! And then you know what, got some people ah, dare to ask like this somemore :

Nano/Pico: Wa! You all really scared or not one? Pretending only is it?! =P

Pik Teng and I: FOR REAL ONE LA! WA IF YOU ARE SO BRAVE THEN YOU WALK FIRST LA!! *Looking out for anything to pop out T.T… *

Nano/Pico:¬†Oh don’t need la!! =P You all can walk first la! =P

After sometime…



Nano/Pico: WHERE? WHERE?!

Pik Teng and I: WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *Runs*

In the end, Nano, Pico and the other 4 strangers actually paid for the Haunted Adventure to listen to Pik Teng and I scream the whole time =|. The next time ah, I will make sure they separate us by at least a 1 minute distance away =P.

They took a photo of us before we went in and so… we bought it because it is such a meaningful adventure for Pik Teng and I =P ! One photo like this cost RM20, and we are being kiam siap [Kedekut/Stingy]; so we bought one and share it between the 4 of us [RM5 each¬†].

We brought it back and I scanned into the computer¬† and the original copy is with Pik Teng ’cause she can stick it on her wall la. If I bring home also I’ll just chuck it somewhere and Nano will probably find a place and keep it somewhere too =P.

Then we went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not because we bought the combo package [Ripley’s + Haunted Adventure]. Well, actually I wouldn’t recommend this place because I think you can actually find/see all this stuffs online too.

The only thing that I don’t feel that my money is wasted is that WE ARE ALLOWED TO SNAP PHOTOS!! AND I LOVE PLACES THAT ALLOW ME TO SNAP PHOTOS!!¬† By the way, the statue behind Pico/Weisy is the¬†African Fertility Statues¬†which we didn’t dare to touch at all =P.

It says, just touch it and you will get pregnant. Yea, I Google-ed and it says even by touching the photo of it might have the same effect. Must be some placebo effect then. Okay, you know what, I don’t care placebo effect or not. I am just err… not touching them because okay fine, placebo effect!

And the chair that I am sitting on is the Mbamelke, African Bronze Judgement Chair. The description about the judgement chair:

Many African tribal people once used “Judgement Chair” in their criminal trials, chairs that are believed to have the power to reveal the truth! The accused was forced to sit on the chair during the trial and if found guilty of a serious crime, such as murder or adultery, would actually be executed while sitting on the chair! Believe it or not!

Again! It must be some placebo effect! =|

The Libra-s with the Canadian West Coast Indian Totem Pole.

The Tibetan Phurba Dagger. I don’t know what’s the use of it so go… GOGGLE!¬†

Can see where those people in the photo are standing?! Actually I was standing somewhere there initially and then I was VERY annoyed with this uncle [The statue] because he was in that position and had never budged and his camera kept on flashing -_-… Cilaka betul, I somemore thought he is taking photo of someone!

Me: *Wa, what a powerful camera! Can flash non-stop! Must see what model is that later!!*

After a few gracious moments…

Me: *-___________-!! UNCLE AH! HOW MANY SHOTS YOU WANNA TAKE! I WANT TO WALK LE! -_____________- Okay, must respect the elderly! Sabar!!*

After a few more gracious moments…

Me: *Made up my mind that I must see who is that person who can pose non-stop* *Walks over to see and goes homaigosh!*

Cilaka betul kena tipu! -______________- !!!

The uncle whom I am annoyed with .

Must make good use of the statues then !

Uncle, please snap a photo of us ah .


Superstars with The Mystery Gate .

Ah Ma, money please! =P

Our design which is the world’s number one!¬† WOOHOO! One day we might be the future world’s best architect!¬†

Us with Medievel Torture Etching from The Castle of Nuremberg.

Genuine English Prison Doors which are removed from Strangeways Prison in Northen of England. Don’t know for real one or not la =P.

Us with some background =P.

Hehehe! *Shys* The guy wears red! Could that guy be Kean Jie because Kean Jie likes red?!  I thought of putting this as my Facebook profile picture and tag Kean Jie as the guy! 

Torture Chair which looks and feels really, really torturous =|. The description:

This is a replica of the feared seat of agony from the Royal Castle of Nuremberg. One can imagine how easy it must have been to extort confessions from the naked victims who were strapped and bolted onto this excruciatingly painful chair. Believe it or not!

Heesh! Dengar pun seram!

The Giant Chippendale Chair which can even fit the twins! =P

We are all sitting on The World’s Luckiest Chair so we are all gonna have good luck and be very, very lucky and hopefully, this isn’t another placebo effect! =S

The Crocodile Man who wears dentures made of crocodile teeth.

It says this car is operational so car key please! =P

Car models 

I don’t know what is this but it sure does looks fascinating to me¬†.

Falling books. Will make a very good poster for the theme:


But eh, I just remembered… I don’t have any exams anymore!!!¬† *Throws confetti*

Saw that lady over there? The moment you move a few more steps forward, she disappears! I think it must be some mirror illusion =|.

I need to grow taller! T.T…

This is an amazing piece of art! ūüôā It is made from just ordinary white breads! The ¬†description:

Believe it or not! The painting displayed here, a replica of Paul Cezanne’s masterpiece,¬†TheBlue Vase was created in a toaster from 56 pieces of ordinary white bread! Completed in 1985,¬†The Blue Vase is one of over 40 depictions of famous paintings created by Tadahiko Ogawa of Kyoto, Japan.

Pik Teng and I on some slanted snooker table =P.

Called twins for a reason .

Our shadows =P.

There was a corner where we passed by and it says something but we didn’t listen properly because we are talking as well and we only stopped talking in time to listen to the instructions which asked us to stand in front of some flash and warned us to not look at the flash.

And you know what did I do, I¬†LOOKED¬†at the flash because I thought it was some photo capturing machine and suddenly the voice appeared again, asking us to look back at our own shadow. Haih, it’s actually some device to capture our shadow and after that, my eyes vision blurred awhile T.T…

So, the moral of the story is…

Listen to the instruction and do not be disobedient.

Some turning tunnel which makes you feel like falling down all the time =|. It is quite amazing actually =P.

Neckties decorated wall!

Then we went to the outdoor theme park with hope that the rides are opened and see see ah, the sky is dark and everything else seems to be close -_-… So this is us, with the London bus =P.

Pik Teng and I attempting the Marilyn Monroe pose =P. Just look at our flying hair to know the strength of the wind =P !

I love jumping photos! ‚̧ !¬†

Ikut pose poster! =P

Malaysia’s Next Top Model =P ! Eh don’t laugh! You’ll never know!¬†

Sorry, I think she looks really, really cute! 

Acrobats :D.

Jumpppppp!! =D

Overdose of Libra .

When the weather is clear, the view is actually quite beautiful! =D

I acknowledge the presence of Ee Jane, Ah Lui and Porkie in this photo .

Nano attempt to fly 

The twins! =D

Love is in every one of us! 

Thumbs up for a good friendship! =P

Us again! =D

Then we are so happy that the Flying Jumbo ride is still open and the seats are wet but who cares! Sometimes it is the wet weather that make things more fun actually!! 

Pik Teng and I. It drizzled halfway through the ride actually but that is what gave us the good memories! ūüôā

Can see everyone’s elephant going down already? After a few seconds this photo was taken, Nano and Pico’s elephant went down except for Pik Teng and I and we still¬†DID NOT realize it until we feel like the ride is getting slower and slower [Ending already la].

We are still busy snapping a lot of photos like this when everyone else is getting off their elephant and our elephant is still high up T.T… Yes la, everyone is staring at us so suddenly we became the star of the moment¬†

We had buffet at Resort Cafe for dinner and I love seafood!!

The next table was staring at us when I brought this plate of prawns back. It’s not a lot actually and I think I ate 90% of it and went back for more¬†.

Slurp slurp!! 

Nah, we eat for you all to see! =P

Jelly which tasted not too bad actually :).

Our salad from different angles . I love salad! Oh I know! NANO!! WE CAN GO ON A SALAD DIET WITHOUT MAYONNAISE!! THEN WE SHALL BE SLIM!!!

I love conversations during dinner with good company because it gives me a kind of perasaan bahagia .

Hie! I enjoyed the food very, very much! 

Cheers to a good day despite the rain halfway¬†. The rain came in a good way, without the rain, we wouldn’t play The Haunted Adventure and we would’t have bought the RM20 photo [Great memories!¬†]¬†and we wouldn’t have went in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and snapped so many nice photos! =P

So of all, everything happens for a reason and it always happen for the good, so just believe it and life will be so much more happier! 

Sago pudding? I don’t like sago and according to Pik Teng, it doesn’t taste good either. And anyway, I don’t take ANYTHING with sago because sago is err… not nice. Unless you can change my mind about sago =|.


This is what girls do in the toilet. We wash our hands clean clean.

Then we comb our hair to make sure that we always look at our very best! =P

Sometimes we also wash hand while admiring our beautiful face .

Then we will also check our eyeshadow/eyebrow/mascara/lipgloss/lipstick or anything while washing our hands =P.

Then we will also snap a photo of ourselves because mirrors are fascinating! =P

We must always be creative everywhere! =P

Us ala Ee Jane and I at the Mid Valley trip back in 2007.

Can you see the mist?! =D

Romeo and Juliet! =P

So I sneak out to the garden to see you

We keep quiet ’cause we’re dead if they knew

So close your eyes

Escape this town for a little while

-Love Story by Taylor Swift-

He knelt to a ground and pulled out a ring

And said, marry me Juliet

You’ll never have to be alone

I love you and that’s all I really know

-Love Story by Taylor Swift-

Ahhhhh, the caption goes so well for the photos!! 

The background without flash :).

The background with flash =P.

In conclusion, friendship are better off being clear about everything else ūüôā You don’t have to flash it out but we know it in our heart ^_^ ! =P

Superstar Photos [I]! =P

Don’t we just looks like those superstars that you see in newspaper/website/magazines?!¬†

I’m a fan of Pik Teng =P.

Nano’s fan =P.


See that! =P Nano is a fan of me!! =P

Awwwwwww T.T… Thank you so much for your support for viewing our crazy photos¬†.

Pik Teng forcing Nano to take a bathe. Will someone please advise NanoMeow to bathe because she is giving tonnes of excuses on why she should’t take a bathe¬†.

Nano writing a letter to Kamal:

Dearest Kamal,

I am now at Genting and everywhere else reminded me of you. Everywhere I go, I see you and I think about you. The weather here is cold and I miss you. I love you Kamal etc etc…

Okay, Nano is going to go —>¬†

Pico is not cold =P. Haiyo, don’t believe Nano and Pik Teng la, it is not cold at all! =P

Because I love the background =P.

We must always keep ourselves warm in order to be warm hearted .

Nano and herself =P. You know, there is this very embarrassing incident that happened at Genting:

Me:¬†*Walks out from the lift and saw the turtle poster* NANO! LOOK THAT’S YOUUUUUUUUU!!¬†*Runs towards the poster and pointed at the turtle*

… No respond…

Me:¬†…¬†*Why is everyone staring at me, nothing better to do is it!¬†*Nano?!¬†*Turns around*

The Libra-s: *Walks out of the lift*

Really, really 

We love each other! =P

We went to Paris at Genting =P. One can always dream la okay! =P

This is the very famous Eiffel Tower!! Baby I love you!! [For bringing me to Paris]

Pik Teng: *Points at Eiffel Tower* My love for you is higher and better than the Eiffel Tower

Nano: REALLY?! *Terharu*


Ah! Beautiful! =D


Our last photo before returning to our room =P.

We ate Lurve chips while chit chatting and I love conversations before bedtime because they strengthen relationships! ūüôā

Day Two

Good morning! =P

Our breakfast! =P Sp0nsored by Nano and Pico’s mum and prepared by Pik Teng =D.


Lunch at Lao Di Fang again. Yes, the RM5 meal =P.

Can you see the clear weather?! 

This is Nano and Pik Teng grumbling over why did it rain yesterday and why is the weather so clear today.

So we decided that it must be fated so we went to the garden behind Theme Park Hotel and snapped photos instead =P.

Applying lipgloss to avoid lips crack because I don’t have a lipbalm la.

My Pico and my Nano! =P

Happy photos! =D

At some hut at the garden =D.

I acknowledge the presence of my 2 sisters in this photo .

Superstar Photos II

Hello everyone! Yes thank you for your support!! 

I will work harder to receive the Oscar awards this year! 

Please write in to my manager to arrange for a photoshoot session with me!

Here comes the best director of the year! =D

Hey! Thank you for your support! Remember to go to the cinema and watch my movies! =D

Ahhh so bahagia got people to help me to wear my jacket on me somemore! =P

Ah yes, the interview will be held at the front stage 5 minutes later! See you there! 

Hie! Hie! Thank you for your support! ^_^

Hah? Interview? Now?!

Err don’t need la thank you!

Once upon a time… Someone asked me in this¬†post [Click¬†here and read the second comment =P] on which tree asked for my autograph and called me prasan T.T… =P

Nano: You! Send me the magazine to my house later! You know my house address!!


Oh! Why am I so famous!! 


P/S: Nano, I can’t stop laughing when I look at your superstar photos!!¬†

The Cowherd and Weaver Girl =P [Ngau Long & Zhik Lui]

This is the bridge where the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meets and read all about it here .


Oh~ Finally we are reunited for a day! T.T…

I feel so happy to see you again! ‚̧ !!

We love each other!! T.T We feel so complete and happy right now ^___^ !!

Until the mistress of the cowherd appeared =P.


Then we went to Chin Swee Temple and this is the Nine Dragon Wall! =D

Welcome to… to Chin Swee Temple =P

Nano and Pik Teng in front of the effigy of the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

Us, presenting the water from the rock =P.


The Libra-s in front of the Goh Tong Hall.



Pik Teng/Koala Bear.

Miss Adorable =P.

Cowherd and Weaver Girl trying to reach out to each other =P.

Cowherd and Weaver Girl without a tragic ending =P.


Uhh… No tragic ending here by the way because Romeo and Juliet ran away on a lion statue!¬†



STPM results =S. *Shivers*

Diploma certificate holder name list =P.

Pik Teng, do you need some fats? =D…

=P Actually it is quite scary to look at this statue -_____-…

Wa la la! =D

Weeeeeee!! =D

Wowwwwwwwww!! =D

I am a goddess too !!

The 18 Lohan

I know we are such creative and crazy people .

We are enlightened! =P

Buddha, but our hand pose terbalik =S.

See la this two! Seriously, I can’t stand them showing off how much they love each other¬†.


They are imitating the statues behind them =P.

Mushroom lovers =P !

This is scary! =S

Ala Bollywood style! =P

Reincarnation! All the different patterns to walk into the light =P.

Err… I forgot what style is this =S.

Superman!! =D

Cuci tangan at some dragon head water. Can see the CCTV at the back of them? 

The CCTV =P.

And this is what you do in front of a CCTV .

Guan Yin.

We looks like as if we are flying with the faux birds! 

Us with the angels =D.

A picture of the Chin Swee temple pagoda before we leave.

And this is us, emo-ing in the cable car because we didn’t have enough fun yet! ūüė¶

Bread at the Skyway station =D. It tasted not too bad actually .

Haih, what’s a post with Nano without Nano’s sleeping photo la right?¬†

This is us, before we arrive at the bus station 5 minutes later =P.

And this is Caitlynn and I in the car =P. Yea, she cut her hair already so don’t ask anymore!¬†

Everyone layan-ed Caitlynn except…

Haiyo Nano, see her muka excited to snap a photo with you la  Layan a bit ma. Kesian Caitlynn T.T ! *Sayang-s Caitlynn* =P


This Genting trip has been a very, very great one for me and I totally enjoyed the whole trip and I hope it is the same for all of you [Pik Teng, Pico and Nano] as well! ūüôā We should go there together again and snap more crazy photos together!! =P

Now, I miss all of you already! ūüė¶