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Dearest X

Dearest X,

There are many things that I wish I could tell you face to face but I didn’t want to because sometimes, I just don’t want to hurt you. But again, I cannot let this go on anymore because I don’t want to end up fighting/not talking to you again because that is just so childish.

Right now I know, I have to make it clear to you so that you will not misunderstand me ever again. First of all, please do not say things such as:

Hope is somewhere in the thin air for me to grab it.

It is GOOD to be optimistic and positive but then, sometimes we have to be realistic. I don’t want you to waste your time and I don’t want you to hurt my feelings anymore by telling me that you haven’t given up hope on me because I know, what you say isn’t true because you still cannot forget the other girl.

It is not good to be in love/like another girl when in your heart, the slightest image of the other girl has not fade away. Because by this way, you are making me feel like as if; I am a replacement of her and that I am living in her shadows; a remedy for you to heal your heartache.

Please do not misunderstand me that I have the slightest feelings for you just because I typed out all this. I just wanted to make things/myself clear once and for all. I do not want you to misunderstand me or to think that there is hope for us to be together. I do not have any feelings for you and I have told you that even if you are the richest man in the whole world, you are never in my consideration.

All I wanted is for us to just be best friends like how we are back in 2008. Now, I am telling you honestly; the reason why everytime you asked me out and I refused to was because I didn’t want to go with you [and do not want you to misunderstand me] and not because I hate public transport.

Here’s another truth: I am always traveling with public transport most of the time when I am going out with my friends.

Once you SMS-ed me and asked me on how could you ever forget about the other girl and you asked me- will by falling in love with someone else helps. This incident had disgusted me because all that I see in you, is just another desperate boy for a girlfriend.

You can tell me that you are not desperate and all, but deep down; that is how I feel and see you right now. Sometimes there are things that I do not understand and I wanted to ask you but then I didn’t dare to anymore, especially when it involves another guy.

I realized that you are much more encouraging with your words back then, but then now, whenever the situation involves another guy, I sense jealousy, resentment and your answer is biased.

I want you to realize and to see that we are only friends and nothing more than that. We can be best friends and still, nothing more than that. Because to tell you the truth; if I want to find a boyfriend, that boy has to be someone whom I will be proud to to hold his hands in front of my friends and someone whom I will be proud to to show him to my parents.

I am not saying that you are a major embarrassment but just, I know that I cannot be proud walking and standing next to you holding your hands and to tell the world that I love you.

You have to find someone who will take the effort to colour up your life and you too in return, have to make the effort to make the other girl’s life colourful. I will not take the effort to pick up a paintbrush and to even pick the colour to colour up your life. I will only colour up your life as a friend/best friend and nothing else more than that anymore.

No matter what our classmates/schoolmates say about how compatible we are or how we should be together, I still stand firmly on my own opinion which is, I know we shouldn’t be together no matter how compatible we are because I have no feelings for you so please do not take their words seriously as an encouragement.

I am not discouraging you but I am telling you nicely and making myself clear that I do not have feelings for you so please do not keep any feelings for me as well because the feelings that you are having for me isn’t real at all.

Of all, I am just typing/saying all this in a nice way because I don’t want to be rude and hurt your feelings so please don’t force me to say things which aren’t ear pleasing at all and I don’t want to argue with you again because it’s tiring, boring and childish.

Lastly, I hope that you have totally understood what I am trying to say in this post and I am sorry if I have offended you in any way. So after this post, if you have any doubts; please do not hesitate to give me a call/SMS and I will give you a clear explanation because I don’t want you to go on living in doubts and I don’t want you to use that doubt as a ray of hope.

No matter what happens, just don’t be so desperate because that is just too immature. Take care and all the best to you in your future undertakings.


Yes, X is a real person but I am not telling you who. If you know who it is, then congratulations! =P If not, then feel free to leave a comment! =P


Chinese New Year 2010

First of all, I am so sorry for my long disappearance!! I know you all have missed me a lot because I am so adorable ! But it’s alright, I’m BACK now and this is an EXTREMELY long post =P, there you’ve been warned! =P

So this post is basically about how did I celebrate my Chinese New Year for the year 2010. Though I know my Chinese New Year celebration is rather typical, but for me it is something special because I celebrated it in a different way this year as compared to the previous year .


This year, I went back to my mum’s hometown at Batu Pahat, Johore to celebrate Chinese New Year and it was a great one for me! 😀

Day One

Ferlynne and Cassandra the Elvin Koko’s car.

We started the journey in the evening and reached Batu Pahat at night around dinner time and we had dinner at the riverside food court and the food are awesome, not all of course, but most of them =P.

Me in PT6 T-shirt, Cassandra and Ferlynne at the riverside food court.

One of my favourite drinks of all time, Kat Zai Shuen Mui [Asam Limau?! =S]

Dried cuttlefish rojak! The rojak sauce is awesome and perfect but too bad, I’m not a big fan of rojak so what I love the most about rojak is the sauce =P.

Cuttlefish and kangkung with rojak sauce! THIS ONE IS THE BEST ONE OF THE NIGHTTTTTTTT!! I WANNA GO BACK AND EAT AGAIN T.T!! Sorry for the not so clear photo because everyone else is salivating over this dish ! This one is absolutely recommended for everyone when they get the chance to eat at Batu Pahat riverside food court! 

Otak-otak, a compulsory food for me each time I go back to Batu Pahat :D!

Fried oyster with egg and flour. Uhh, this one right, used to be very very nice one! But then now not nice already because there is too much flour and it tasted like some jelly more than oyster/egg and the oyster right, is just too tiny until you can’t even feel it between your teeth [Yea, hyperbole].

So in conclusion, this dish ah looks good only, but actually far from good , just like some people la you know. YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU don’t you feel so proud right now! 

BBQ chicken wings! 😀 😀

Some goreng stuffs which I don’t really like so I don’t remember the name =P Sorry this one forgot to snap photo at the beginning because I must be eating my cuttlefish kangkung with rojak sauce T.T

Chai Tau Kuih [Radish Cake]! This is also one of my favourite but the one in this picture is not as good as the one I ate the next day near my grandma’s house! But still, this chai tau kuih is anytime better than the KL one by ten million and gazillion times .

Lala which is uhh, too tiny eat until sien.

Don’t be cheated, looks nice and big in photos only, but in reality it’s the other way round.

Ikan Pari Bakar, one of my favourite food of all time! 


The aftermath.

After eating, we started snapping photos together and this is me, feeling annoyed with Cassandra because she is ALWAYS IN EVERY SINGLE PHOTO! So the conversation in the photo is as follow:

Me: Eh I don’t want to take with you go away! 

Cassandra: In every photo, there must be ME! 

Bencinya anak bongsu .

So terpaksalah I take a photo with her. Uhh, what did I say about the youngest one again?! 

And this is the REAL Barney and I before I had a good sleep :D. So yea, this is the REAL Barney, very unlike the one at KHS Sports’ Day here .

Day Two

They woke up early in the morning for a morning walk and a morning breakfast and this photo is by Ferlynne and I am still in the house, sleeping soundly while dreaming about being Lee Hom’s wife .

And they found passion fruit.

My breakfast 😀 Ahhhhhhh, so bahagia la got people buy breakfast for me! *Bahagia* =P

You know what, it’s actually my first time seeing and holding a passion fruit and it’s actually quite hard and uhh, the colour looks like an apple !!

The inside of the passion fruit, it is nothing but full with juice and seed and the flesh ah, it’s like… villi! 😀

Actually it tasted pretty sour =S But I think it would be much nicer if we pour the content into a cup and chill it 😀

This is an almond cake with pine nut and it actually tasted very, very good! Out of my expectation honestly! So you HAVE to trust me when I say very, very good because I don’t often praise/like/love cookies that are packaged nicely already.

And this is Baby Belle [Isabelle], the second/youngest baby girl of my beautiful cousin sister! 😀 The moment I saw her, I was like- WHY IS THIS GIRL SO CUTE!! T.T

And oh, everyone say HIE to Baby Belle! 

Me on the rocking chair, trying to spread my cuteness !

A house or two away, there is a couple making all these triangle love letters ! It was my first time seeing the whole process and it was a lot of work so I shall not complain about the price being so expensive the next time I want to buy =S.

Opening up the mould [Correct?! =S] to ensure that it is not burnt :D!

The final result !

And I wonder how long does it take them to make a bottle full =| The one in the photo is uhh… 1/4 way eaten =P!

Baby Belle and I! We are both orang comel dan adorable! 

Daddy and Barney reading newspaper together .

My two sisters trying to play with Baby Belle masak-masak but the moment Baby Belle saw the masak-masak set, she suddenly move backwards, pointed at the masak-masak set with fear and said:

Jie jie! Jie jie!

Initially I was extremely puzzled with her reaction until I learnt that her sister, Arwen [Arwen, the eldest child of my cousin sister and Belle is the youngest] doesn’t allow Belle to play with some of her toys and will scold her if she ever dare to touch some of her toys =|.

Okay you know what, SULUNG HEBAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT! Ceh, that’s because I’m the eldest at home also . But I don’t bully, I am such a nice sister !

My two sisters with Baby Belle at the field :D!

Can you see the watermark circles on the cemented floor? My sister who got nothing better to do actually push the stroller to the pool of water and make circles like that.

P/S: The most intelligent sister at home did that =P. So much for being intelligent eh? =P


Me, practicing my smile before going to the field to snap photos !

Ferlynne and Cassandra !


And this is me! 

Me and my muka comel !

This is me trying to looks like as if I am trying to grab a passion fruit. Ahh, yes, that is the passion fruit plant, a climbing plant like the morning glory !

And this is Ferlynne, attempting to jump as high as me and this is the highest she can go !

I acknowledge the presence of my dearest Ee Jane in this photo by allowing her to be taller than me =P Anggaplah she’s wearing a very, very high punya high heels !

And this is me acknowledging the presence of my Nano and my Pico !

And I too acknowledge the presence of Helen The Talented Camel in this photo! 

I acknowledge the presence of Porkie, Jong Wei, Kok Yaw, Chen Wai, Wai Kian, Khor and uhh, did I left out any boyfriends/husbands in this photo =P.

Last but not least, I acknowledge the presence of Ai Leng/The Cow/Ex-husband and my beloved Ching Yin/Ah Lui in this photo ! Cincai lah, we let Ai Leng snap a final family photo with us =P.

I love this photo! I am actually standing in the background of this photo but then you can’t see me =S But anyway, this photo reminded me of this phrase that I have told one of my friend:

In your darkest and coldest moment, there is always a friend standing there wanting to help you; but it is up to you whether do you even want to try to look around and feel/accept the presence of that friend or not.

Wat Tan Hor, this one has to be the best one that I’ve ever tasted! Those in KL don’t even need to fight with this one near my grandma’s house! I bet if this person sells his Wat Tan Hor at KL, other people can start rolling their carpets [Gulung tikar] already!

The Chai Tau Kuih near my grandma’s house! THE BEST ONE EVER! The oil and garlic and the taste is just CUKUP-CUKUP and indeed, every single time I am at Batu Pahat, I MUST eat it at least once or else I will feel very unsatisfied!

Hate KL punya Chai Tau Kuih because they always put tauge and it tasted so horrible and it’s so expensive as well! -_-

The stall that sells the best Chai Tau Kuih! 

Pan Mee, which is quite good too! At least the soup is not salty ! Because ah, if I want to drink soup that tasted like you’ve added in the whole packet of salt, I would go to the sea and drink some sea water!

Gula Melaka Ice Kacang, okay, this is not very well done because the gula melaka is not nice, tasted very fake! It tasted like they melted the white sugar and pour it all over -________- Or either that, they added some brown syrup. This one is not nice so no second order! 

The 3 of us with the melted ice kacang =P

The aftermath =P. See la we don’t waste food one! 

Day Three

Cassandra’s breakfast.

This is otak-otak and egg burger! First time see le, don’t worry, it’s the same as me here =P. And it actually tasted very, very good and it’s a perfect combination but unfortunately… it is quite expensive for which with that price, you can easily get a set meal of McDonald’s RM4 breakfast with comes with coffee somemore.

But overall I think it’s okay because it’s our first time trying it and it tasted very, very good and special! Once in a while okay la, everyday can pokai la hehe! 

Barney, Arwen and Baby Belle! When Arwen came, I told her that Barney’s name is Lizard and she kept on insisting that it’s Barney and even pointed to me the name BARNEY on Barney’s right foot.

Then I argued with her that it’s some printing/sewing error and Barney’s real name is not Barney and I even told her that Barney is a purple lizard. Wa, she cannot tahan, she kept on arguing with me that Barney’s name is Barney and not Lizard and argued with me that Barney is a purple dinosaur! 

In the end, to layan me, she said:

Bring LIZARD over here!

Because ah, later when other people are around, she actually said:

Bring BARNEY here!

She must have realized my wu-liao-ness and thus decided to just layan me T.T…!

The cousins with Barney/Lizard !

Baby Belle sitting on Arwen to watch some High 5 TV program and they get all excited over the program =|.

I love people like her who pose for my camera! She made me snap soooooooo many photos of her so I supposed she love her photo being taken! 

Uhh, something that I will try to do later !

Act cute and succeeded, very much unlike people who attempted to act cute yet fail .

Daddy playing some magic tricks with them and they seriously get all excited over it. This used to work on us too but after we know the trick, then not fun already la =P.

Jin En [The girl in brown] is the only daughter of my cousin brother and her birthday actually a week later but they just celebrated it earlier! 😀


Jin En and Arwen are cousins and they enjoy playing together very, very much! Jin En is a Pisces and Arwen is a Aquarius which totally reminded me of Ee Jane and I! 

Jin En and Arwen !

Then Baby Belle wanted to join them but they refused to let her join. Kesian!  But then again, totally reminded me of Ee Jane and I where we both don’t mix around with other people and will you just believe me that even if they try to join us, they will take a lot of time to actually blend in because we talk too fast and talk crap all the time and we can gossip about a person right in front of that person but that person will never get it because we talk too fast?! =P

Congratulations to our friends who managed to tune in to our crazy frequency upon the first time getting to know us! =P

Jin En’s father/My cousin brother helping Baby Belle to join them and you know what, the moment Baby Belle could actually join them, Jin En and Arwen ran away, decided to play something else =|.

Preparation for our reunion dinner steamboat! 😀 This is uhh… eggs, small eggs, whatever bird eggs and it’s one of my favourite! 

The one on top is actually one of my favourite too and the mushroom fishball [The one below] tasted quite special as it is my first time trying it out! 

SCALLOPS AND OYSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The halfway potong abalone! 

Straw mushrooms- One of my favourite too! 

Sushi fishball! 

Fish meat wantan! 

Fishball, crabstick and fuzhuk! 

Australian beef! Come I tell you something, I ate it! And initially I told everyone that I don’t take beef because of the smell and everyone at Batu Pahat told me that this one got no smell one and persuaded me to try it and I DID!

Honestly, though I am not used to the meat but still, it tasted rather milky and soft and I can now understand why people love it so, so much! Though until today, I won’t say that I am a big fan of beef but this has changed my perception towards beef, Australian beef only because they told me that the local one got a very strong and nasty smell.


Fish, I don’t know what fish is this but it tasted really, really good and there isn’t any fishy smell at all which is a good thing! 

Chilli sauce.

Shabu-shabu sauce for the beef which is actually quite nice! 

Reunion dinner! 

OYSTERS! HAVE I TOLD YOU HOW GOOD IT IS?! The moment you bite it, you feel a drop of heaven in your mouth!  When you savour it slowly, enjoying every single bit of it between your teeth and tasting it with your tongue, you can taste the freshness and the sweetness of oyster!

Aiya, I don’t know how to explain already! You have to try it for yourself for this little drop of heaven in your mouth! 

I love steamboat soup! Especially when all the food have finished! Because the soup is then fully concentrated and well yes, I think I finished almost all the soup =P.

Me, in the car going to my cousin, Ah Ping Koko’s house! =P

Ah Ping Koko’s car is so cool! Can watch DVD one somemore! 

Longan syrup! =D One of my favourite of all times!

Dragon fruit! I used to hate dragon fruit but now I love it! 

Me, trying to fix the karaoke set and then jeng jeng, tak jadi, aih Physics failed 

This is me, checking my mail and Facebook before going to bed !

Day Four

Firecrackers from the night before.

Let me tell you what, my house must be the most un-Chinese New Year house ever because everyone house that I went, they have something that looks like as if it’s really, really Chinese New Year with the exception of Nano’s house please.

There, you won’t see any red lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the inside/outside of my house. The only thing that is hanging from the ceiling is the fan and the lights, nothing more than that.

Packet drinks is like an obligation of every Chinese New Year; along with beer too of course =P. But my house don’t buy all these stuffs =P.

Asam-asam. Okay this one we got buy, like err a bit only la then it will finish in two weeks time because not all of us like to eat that is =P.

Pineapple tarts, which is my favourite but so expensive but I know the amount of work to make it so yea, it’s worth the price! =D

Shelves of cookies/biscuits. Kawan-kawan sekalian, next time if you all plan to visit me for CNY, please inform me earlier so that I can get some food for you all unless all of you don’t mind drinking plain water only =P.

Candies! Fruit plus candies [The mint one] have always reminded me of the Sunway Pyramid trip with the Bowling Club back in 2009.

Saw the candy in the middle? The golden wrapper one? That used to be my favourite when I was young but now, it doesn’t taste as nice as before anymore :(!

This sponge cake has the word written Fa [Which means something like jadi kaya], but I guess you can’t see it properly ’cause they cut it already =S Anyway, it’s the traditional Chinese ‘FA’ if you can read/figure it out .

Ah Ping Koko brought us to a park near his mum’s [My mother’s sister/My aunt] house and look, MONKEYS! =P Which totally reminded me of Arwen because she said:

I like to eat banana! Do you know why?! Because I am born in the year of monkey! *Laughs like nobody business*

The monkey and the packet of cornflakes.

Ah Ping Koko offered a cigarette to the monkey and he refused to take it. Tak sangka the monkey also quite smart one ah, only take stuffs that can be eaten.

Someone exercising … But I don’t know who is that =P.

Cousins! The one at the back is Ah Ping Koko and the one in front is Zi Jian! 😀

Some tong sui which I’ve never once like.

Yam + Radish which was fried until like chai tau kuih and it tasted not too bad! 

We then went to Old Town to have a drink and look at the Old Town slogan:

Take Your Time.


THIS IS A PLACE WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED! The bread sucks and everything else is a BIG THUMBS DOWN! I’m never going there anymore unless there is a great company who wants to go of course! Other than that, NO THANK YOU!

Old Town itself has earned a bad reputation, I thought the one at Metro Point is horrible enough, in fact the word horrible can never describe how horrible it is and now, the Batu Pahat one is just as horrible as the one at Metro Point!

Arwen choosing on what to eat and drink .

Her root beer ice-cream which is a very big cup actually! =P

Ferlynne with her blueberry something something and me with my orange something something. Okay, tasted not too bad but the service is so teruk until we waited for almost an hour for our drinks and then only to realized that they did not process our order and we have to reorder again and wait again until we got fed up that we decided to just tapau and still, they make us pay for the SERVICE CHARGE in the bill, what service huh??

Must be the awfully ‘good and ‘wonderful’ service. The ‘best’ one in the whole wide world .

See the girl on the right, yea she got all the shades of brown on her!  Like seriously, I think she made the effort to standardized herself from her head to her toes! Yea, see even her hair is brown in colour! 

Ferlynne feeding Arwen =P.

And I love eating fruits before any meal! =D

My favourite dish for dinner! 

Arwen and Jin En playing Choo Choo Train until the whole train also turned upside down =| Yea, I can totally relate it to how Ee Jane and I can turn things upside down for people =|.

And I snack on Ferrero Rocher while watching them play Choo Choo Train .

Back to Ah Ping Koko’s house, this is my uncle [Mum’s brother in law/Ah Ping Koko’s father] with his grandson, Louis! Uhh suddenly I have so many little cousins !

Me, Ferlynne, Ah Ting Jie Jie [My gorgeous cousin/Louis’ mother], Wen Wen and Cassandra! The adults karaoke-d the whole time and wa, I didn’t even know that each time after you finish singing a song, there is a score for you to see one! Wa! Things have become so high-tech already nowadays! 

Day Five

Drank this coffee layered liqueur in the morning and it tasted not too bad honestly! And this bottle reminded me of the Loreal advertisement on the television about double revitalift something like that la where they press out two substance at once .

The result of mixing coffee with liquor, the aroma is good and not too strong and the taste is well, not too bad but don’t trust my judgement about the taste because I am not a big fan of coffee and no, I am not even near the label of a small fan of coffee .

Cassandra and I wearing the same tiger shirt, it is the year of tiger so… RAWWWWRRR !!

Ferlynne and some Chinese words. Just trust me that you won’t see all these things on the wall of my house .

Gambling during Chinese New Year and no, I didn’t gamble =P.

Because I am always busy snapping photos and this is Cassandra and I and it is so annoying to have her in almost every single photo .

Cassandra and I ala Baby Belle and Arwen style .

Ferlynne and I! I love this photo a lot! 

Sam, Cassandra, Ah Ping Koko and Ferlynne .

Ah Ping Koko treated us to a Hakka style restaurant before we depart from Batu Pahat and this is my Lo Han Guo drink which tasted just like any lo han guo drink .

And actually right, the point of this whole photo is just to show you my pink straw! 

Chee cheong fun! =D I love chee cheong fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Err claypot of assorted ingredients? =S

Some vinegar pork which I didn’t touch at all so… no comment !

Noodle with mince pork.

My bowl of noodle without the mince pork !

And then you mix the noodle with the black sauce and this is the end product =D The noodle tasted quite good actually but the portion of noodle is so small for me =S. Yea I know, kononnya nak diet =P.

Some switches at my grandma’s house which looks really, really antique to me !

Kekisi [The rectangle holes on the wall for ventilation purpose] reminded me of Kemahiran Hidup back in Form 1-3.

Okay, the concluding photos now :

The masak-masak set and Barney will always remind me of my Chinese New Year 2010 !

Jumping photo: Sam, Adeline [My cousin! =P], Cassandra and Ferlynne. Hah! I jump the highest! 

My mother’s side family photo with some of my cousins missing in action =P.


So, in conclusion, it has been one of the greatest and nicest Chinese New Year that I ever had! I owe everyone at Batu Pahat a great big thank you for the great hospitality and transport; without them I am sure that I would not be able to join them this year! So once again,

Thank You For Everything!



P/S: Thank you for all your Chinese New Year wishes and have a great weekend!