Trojan IS NOT A NATIVE OF ANCIENT TROY… in my case that is. Because, it is Trojan Horse. Yea a horse like virus that runs around my computer [Yes correct, I made this one up myself >=( ].

So right now, I am transferring stuffs so that I can reformat my computer and start blogging so that all of you will not miss me too much. The earliest that I can start blogging should be by Tuesday! You know, I have to install back all the programs and backup all my stuffs, so it should take some time but I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible!

And oh, I think most of you have read/seen the news, be it on the television or newspaper or online, whatever it is [Hint: STPM], DO NOT REMIND ME ON MY BLOG [Just don’t remind me!]; because it is annoying, so don’t be annoying :D! Be good and here, wear a halo and remove your horns and tails! 😀 😀

P/S: Comments/reminders regarding about STPM exam/results will NOT be replied at all and will be removed straight away. This applies to every single post starting from THIS post. I am not kidding with you, I am serious this time.

P/S 2: Do not contact [SMS, phone call, Facebook etc] me for my result. I will not reply! 😀 😀 There, you have been notified! Yes, this applies to EVERYONE! 😀 😀 If you do well, congratulations to you in advance! 😀 😀


6 responses to “Trojan

  1. Hello sam =)


  2. waaa!!! i miss kajaaaaangggg T.T.. damn =.=

  3. dun worry, i’ll not remind u, i’ve got better person to remind 😀
    i’ll call early in the morning to remind her

    p/s : i always wear a halo infront of u and i wear horns and tail infront of WeiQi

  4. Ee Jane: hiiiiiiiee! 😀 help apa?! 😀

    Helen: did you miss me too? =P

    Wei Sy: yes you should =P ahaha! =P wa, so smart of you to wear horns and tail in front of her =P! keep up that good work! =P =P

  5. sigh… mana ur new post?
    waste my time only la u!
    dah la get ntg to read here.. gotto see sum evil creatures being evil pula.. sighhh…

  6. Wei Qi: paiseh, updated already =P

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