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The Rat Turns 20

The Rat officially turns 20 last week =P And it has been 9 years since we knew each other and 9 years ago seems so far away; us in dark blue uniforms with me running away from her back then with her running into my class opening my school bag and shouting out my name loudly like nobody business.

Almost every year Ee Jane had a party to celebrate her birthday and I must say, it is because of her party that all of us [Our Convent friends] get to sit down, eat and catch up a little with each other’s life as we don’t see each other everyday anymore.

The party is an amazing one with just a few best friends! πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I think we don’t need to have a BIG party with A LOT of people but to just have a party with great conversations with our best friends. It is the moment that matters the most, not the number of people that attended your party; or at least, that is how I feel =P.


American apple pie fillings.

This year is the very first time where I don’t get a big headache thinking what to get for our birthday girl! Fuyoh, usually I’ll think and think and think and think and think and think until I can go crazy! So woman, I hope you love them and make good use of them !

And of course, thank you Wen Yee, Defphane, Ah Lui, Ai Leng, Wei Qi and Wei Sy for sharing the present together!

Now we all know why the pie is so delicious :D.

The hardworking girls =P.

While Min Wen, Wen Yee and Ee Jane are at the back doing work, I’m sitting on the table eating with the two handsome boys :D… No la, I am not lazy just that I got a headache la you know! The weather is so hot that it it adds on the hotness to such a hot person like me T.T Sorry please ignore my crappy and vain moment =P.

And after that, I don’t know what happen because I went up and napped a while because my headache was uhh… rather unbearable.

Defphane the expert helping the birthday girl to put on eyeliner.

I tell you what, I am always the last, as in LAST. The last to arrive in whatsoever event and even if I am early/the first, something will happen and I will be the last again T.T Just like at Ee Jane’s party this year, among all her friends, I am the FIRST one to arrive.

Ah Lui checking out her ex-Ah Pa new phone.

Then right, when everyone arrive already, I haven’t even bathe yet so in the end, I am the LAST one to walk down and enjoy the food. Where got such thing one T.T !!!!!!!!!!! Wait la next time I will come all prepared and I shall be the first and the next time shall be umm… when the time comes, I shall announce it loudly on my blog then all of you can congratulate me for being the first one to officially arrive thank you.

Ai Leng helping Ee Jane with the blusher.

When I saw Defphane and Ai Leng helping Ee Jane out with her make up, I remember this very, very embarrassing incident that happened to me once at Mid Valley Sasa outlet. I walked in and look at the products, wondering why are there so many types of stuffs and find them so confusing, then a sales assistant [SA] came and asked me questions.

SA: Hello miss! Welcome to Sasa! May I help you?

Me: Err just looking around thanks .

SA: Do you want to know more about our new foundation? *Holding up a small bottle*

Me: No, I don’t want to know Sasa’s history.

SA: Err… This one *Shows me the small bottle*

Me: What’s this?!

T.T…………………….. You know, she must be having a nice time laughing at me after I left because I thought that she wanted to tell me how Sasa was newly founded and I was thinking why is she so weird somemore but actually, I’m the weird one.

My favourite food of the day =P.

Yee Sang! =P If you know which ingredients of the Yee Sang that I like the most, then you indeed know me very, very well =P !

It’s quite strange to two candles on the cake.

From L-R: Me, Ee Jane’s mum, Ching Yin, Wen Yee, Ai Leng, Defphane.

Ee Jane must be so happy until she need to close her eyes in this photo. Too terharu la you know =P.

Will everyone look at Ching Yin’s expression?! =P Haha! If you all want to know, after we sung Ee Jane’s birthday song, the two kids blew her candles out. The boy blew one and the girl blew one.

I’m very proud of myself for being able to snap all this priceless photos =P.

The beautiful birthday girl with her cake!

Ah Lui and Ah Ma =P Can see or not my Ah Lui is wearing a Donald Duck T-shirt? =P

Wen Yee and I!

Jong Wei and Defphane got their belated present as well. A beanie for Jong Wei and a nice black and white bracelet for Defphane from Ai Leng and Ee Jane!

Act cool.

Pico and The Cow.

Ai Leng and Ee Jane, hah that must be how she bullies my Ee Jane everyday in hostel when I’m not there with her!!!

Ai Leng and her achievement of successfully scooping up a perfect round ice-cream after God knows how many times she tried.

Imagine me on the weighing machine and imagine me shrieking.

And we must figure out a way to keep fit.

And it seems like exercise is the only way but I don’t exercise so if you want some fats and weight, I can give you. Contact me… NOW!!!

Because she looks so beautiful !

Pico and Nano are not called twins for no reason

Torturing Porkie. Yes Ah Lui! Your Ah Pa came!!

He enjoys it =P!

That’s me helping Porkie to wear his birthday present [From Ee Jane, Ai Leng and I] on his wrist =P. Don’t you love it?! =P


Porkie looks so appreciative and I looks so… cute .

Porkie trying to braid my hair but failed. You know ah this photo, I saw own eyelashes and it looks quite obvious! I was so happy that I zoomed in to the maximum just to stare at my own eyelashes. I am just so terharu that my eyelashes actually looks quite long because I always thought that they are short.

Forgive me my dearest eyelashes and do grow longer. *Sayang my own eyelashes*

Ah Lui, if your friends ask you why are you so sampat you can show them this photo .

Pico, Nano and The Cow malas nak layan Porkie and I.

Uhh…….. *Skips*

My preciiiiiiiiiiooooooous!


No la, play play only one. Lee Hom if you are reading this , I love you more than I love Porkie !!

I don’t know who decorated Porkie until like this =P.

I tell you what, all the guys who entered a room which have majority girls will suffer nicely. The last time at Ai Leng’s birthday party, Weng Chiew was decorated upside down like a Christmas tree and now Porkie =P.

Beautiful girls !

My Ee Jane and I!

Porkie and I going home together =P.

The beautiful birthday girl !


Dearest Ee Jane,

I wanted to tell you that you looks very, very, very beautiful on your birthday but didn’t say so because don’t want you to prasan so much la you know =P. But never mind, it’s good to let you know now! πŸ˜€

I hope you love your birthday presents this year and may all your birthday wishes come true this year! πŸ˜€ Though we don’t see each other everyday anymore or even to understand each other’s situation very much anymore, but still you are always and forever one of the bestest friend that I ever have in life and…


[18th February]



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Trojan IS NOT A NATIVE OF ANCIENT TROY… in my case that is. Because, it is Trojan Horse. Yea a horse like virus that runs around my computer [Yes correct, I made this one up myself >=( ].

So right now, I am transferring stuffs so that I can reformat my computer and start blogging so that all of you will not miss me too much. The earliest that I can start blogging should be by Tuesday! You know, I have to install back all the programs and backup all my stuffs, so it should take some time but I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible!

And oh, I think most of you have read/seen the news, be it on the television or newspaper or online, whatever it is [Hint: STPM], DO NOT REMIND ME ON MY BLOG [Just don’t remind me!]; because it is annoying, so don’t be annoying :D! Be good and here, wear a halo and remove your horns and tails! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

P/S: Comments/reminders regarding about STPM exam/results will NOT be replied at all and will be removed straight away. This applies to every single post starting from THIS post. I am not kidding with you, I am serious this time.

P/S 2: Do not contact [SMS, phone call, Facebook etc] me for my result. I will not reply! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ There, you have been notified! Yes, this applies to EVERYONE! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ If you do well, congratulations to you in advance! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

No New Post This Week

NOTE: Will update after CNY! =D Happy CNY everyone! πŸ˜€ -HUGS-!! πŸ˜€

There will not be any new post this week for I am in the process of repairing certain things on my blog which don’t seems to be functioning well today! >=( !! Next blog post will be up next week or earlier if I’ve found out the problem as soon as possible!

And comments are off in this post! =|

Overdose Of Aquarius

Last week my friends and I unofficially participated in our very own naturally occurred Amazing Race . If in last week post LeiKen is one the luckiest guy on earth, then this week it has to be none other than Jong Wei my Baby Boy !

Ching Yin, Sam and Ee Jane at the KTM.

You see, LeiKen went to Sunway with two girls and Jong Wei traveled to Pavilion with three girls! =P See la so lucky, people are dying to have this chance you know! =P

Jong Wei and his magazine.

So this time the first nice story is… I’m not late at all . Don’t need to congratulate me because I am always early one but sometimes I mistime myself la you know so it’s forgivable and keep that in mind!!!

Ching Yin and Ee Jane in the KTM.

And the second nice story is we phoned Porkie/Carson to wake up and the conversation goes like this:

Ee Jane: Porkie! Are you awake? Sam, talk to your husband!


Porkie: *Mumbles*


Porkie: I’m awakeeeeeeeee.

Me: No you are not! Wake up! Go to the toilet and on the tap and let me hear the water running!

Porkie: But it’s so far away!


And it goes on and on until I feel like kicking him.

Jong Wei/Baby Boy queuing up to buy the monorail ticket.

The third nice story is like this, when we reached the monorail station I was the first to buy the tickets for Ching Yin, Ee Jane and myself. I forgotten about Jong Wei because I didn’t see him anywhere and I thought that he bought his own ticket already -____________- Until…

Me: Where’s Baby Boy?!

Ee Jane/Ching Yin: *Points* Queuing up.

Me: Eh? I didn’t see him just now?!

Ee Jane: He’s behind you just now -_____________-… Asking you to help him buy but you didn’t hear.

So in conclusion, next time talk louder or tap my arm!! If I don’t respond that means I didn’t hear you! =|

Jong Wei waiting for us while we use the loo.

Then we went to Pavilion to buy the movie tickets [The Spy Next Door] and waited for Porkie and Ai Leng The Cow to arrive. So as we are waiting, we decided to snap some photos. Don’t waste time la you know!

Ee Jane, Sam, Ching Yin.

The night before this trip, the 3 of us are on MSN discussing what to wear and what bag to carry and Nano, this is for you, I didn’t carry any bag as usual and made Ee Jane carry all my stuffs =P.

Ee Jane, Jong Wei, Ching Yin.

Us with the bird at the back !

And then I suggested that we do the supermodel stairs walk thingy =P Aiya, if you around with me expect to do crazy things la okay =P It’s fun and they bring great memories! πŸ™‚

Ahhhh, so serentak!

Love this photo! =P

I hate snapping photos with people who have naturally long legs !

And this is me, I know you all miss me !

Jong Wei love birds! =P

Nano, I acknowledge your presence in this photo by pretending that you are actually jumping with me. Terharu le!

Ee Jane and I! Look at our shadows!!

Jong Wei and I! =P He’s called as my Baby Boy because I tormented his life upside down when I was first introduced to him at Ee Jane brother’s birthday party and he is younger than me by a year hence the name Baby Boy =P.

Ah Lui and Ah Ma !

Fascinated by the escalator mirror while we are on our way to Times Square to meet Porkie ❀ =P.

We waited at Times Square for Porkie to arrive while we have our Slurpee =P. Love Slurpeeeeeeeeeeee! πŸ˜€ And yes, Ee Jane and I share a cup as usual =P You know la, can share the fats as well

Ee Jane SMS-ing, Ching Yin and I posing for the camera with our Slurpee =P.

Some tennis tournament which reminded me of this conversation with Porkie that day !

Porkie: Tennis tournament!

Me: Eh join la! I will support you!! Like this, PORKIE PORKIE PORKIEEEEE! WE LOVE PORKIEEEEE!! GO PORKIE GO PORKIEEEE!! *Hands waving in air with imaginary pom pom*

Porkie: *Looks left and right, ignores*

Me: Then I will charge you RM50 per words that I used to support you

Porkie: *Ignores*

Ee Jane on the phone with Ai Leng who turns up to be extremely late.

While Ee Jane deals with Ai Leng on the phone…

Porkie slurps up our remaining Slurpee.

Ching Yin SMS while drinking Slurpee.

Jong Wei watch the tennis tournament and I snap photos as usual !

We had a quick lunch at Sushi King. And… WONG AI LENG! Did you know that if we know that you are going to be super, super late we will ask Porkie to meet us at Pavilion and we don’t have to walk all the way from Pavilion to Times Square to meet Porkie and eat sushi and then walk back to Pavilion again just to catch the movie?!

And don’t point at the screen and say but I don’t want to be late too or why everyone blames me -_______-!!!

Muka Porkie while waiting for the food to arrive .


Rushing back to Pavilion again.

And they still can walk slowly when we are already late for the movie T.T

Pavilion cinema staircase.

When we gave the tickets to the person in charge, we expect to reach the cinema immediately you know like at Midvalley and then see see, got staircase to climb and we are like *PULLS CHEEK*. But thank God we only missed a minute or two of the movie =P

But still… THIS IS MY FIRST TIME BEING LATE FOR A MOVIE!!! Usually ah, I am so early until got time to choose what popcorn and drinks to buy somemore and walk into the cinema, I still can stare at the blank screen and watch ALL the advertisements until the movie starts .

CNY decorations at Pavilion.

I seriously think that I talk non-stop =S I mean I realized this but I only realized that I actually talk throughout the whole journey. Okay it’s like this, from the moment I start the journey with my friends, I start talking even when we are finding for a toilet and on that day itself:

Me: Want to go toilet ah?

Ee Jane: Okay ah.

Ching Yin: Can also.

Me: Where is the toilet ah? Does anyone know where is the toilet? Oh there got a signboard!! Eh, turn right. Aiyo where it is la why so far one! Eh here here!! I can’t wait to use the toilet and waaa they have big mirrors!!!

After using the loo…

Me: They have nice sinks here! Wa, the water timer is quite short, but good also la save water. And why la the tissue pack is so tight bla bla bla…

I think the only time I actually stop talking is during movies/using the loo/snapping photos =|. Other than that, I am talking =| and this must be a gift =P.

Lovely decorations! πŸ™‚

Ee Jane applying lipΒ  gloss for me at the entrance of Pavilion =P

Happy Family !

My best friends Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Ai Leng and I! =P

All the Aquarius. Now you understand the meaning of my post title =P.

We love each other!!

Aaron, Ai Leng and TJ. Aaron and TJ are Ee Jane and Ai Leng’s college friends! πŸ™‚

=P Love this photo too! πŸ˜€

I jump! =P

Me pestering Porkie to snap a jumping photo with me and the results are such a big failure -__________- Like this:


Like this -_________-!!!

And then when Ching Yin took one with Porkie with just ONE TRY and it’s successful. So I tell you what, the problem lies with the photographer because you see la, I snap this photo in one try then jadi already! =P Aiya biasalah, see la who is the expert! =P

And finally a successful one though after so many tries! -______-!!

Uhh… discussing πŸ˜€

Before walking to Times Square under the rain from PavilionΒ .

Sharon gave me an inspiration quote magnet on graduation day which says:

No matter how things turn out, make the best of them .

So since it rained, Porkie decided to make the best out of the rain =P Which is to act emo =P


Ended up going to Sungai Wang instead of Times Square. Aiya, same also la, both are so near to each other. And this is Porkie, on the phone with Ai Leng for directions to find the wantan mee shop. Yea I know, go all the way to Sungai Wang for wantan mee .

I have another nice story to tell all of you! It happened at Times Square and it goes like this:

Me: Where are all the restaurants ah?

Porkie: Should be at LG.

And so all of us went down to LG from the 3rd floor.

Me: Wei, where got?! Only got one directory here!

Porkie: XD So look at the directory and see what’s there to eat.

We decided that we want to eat at Sushi King and it’s all the way up at the 5th floor. So yes, off we go from LG to the 5th floor.

Moooooooooo! =P

At the second floor we saw a directory and…

Me: Eh you! See here also got one directory!!

Porkie: Don’t trust 2nd floor directory, it’s a fake one XD.

Me: -________-…

Leng’s dessert! πŸ™‚

And we are back to Pavilion again =|

Cari kereta untuk balik.

While we are figuring the way out to the car park, I heard Aaron calling Porkie as PORKIE… [Aaron just met Porkie, Ching Yin and I for the very first time]

Me: Eh Porkie!! I heard Aaron calling you Porkie just now!

Porkie: I didn’t near anything also XD!

Me: Got la!!

Porkie: *Ignores* Eh I think it’s this way!! XD

Me: -______-…

In the car…

Aaron: Hey Porkie…

Me: HAH! THERE! PORKIE! SEE! HE CALLS YOU PORKIE!! I knew I didn’t hear wrongly!!!

Everyone: *Laughs*

Porkie: -___________-… T.T

Aaron must have heard us calling him Porkie the whole timeΒ . Aiya Porkie, once a Porkie, always a Porkie =P. Don’t worry! We still love you! =P ❀ !

Ai Leng’s tortoise in Aaron’s car.

They need to KELUAR from being labeled as GAYS =P.

Love parking tickets! =P

Thank you Aaron for the lift until the KTM! πŸ™‚ Appreciate that a lot and nice knowing you!! On the way home, if you need to know, we are stuck in a massive traffic jam and I am talking non-stop in the car like a radio so you actually don’t need a radio when I am around !

And thank you Porkie for the trip home! =P

And this is my favourite photo of the day! =P We looks so cute don’t we!! =P


In conclusion, we had an Amazing Race day but a very good one! I enjoyed spending my day with all of you and I hope to see all of you again as soon as possible!! Spending time with them made me realized many things as well and I am extremely grateful to have the chance to spend the whole day with all this amazing people! πŸ™‚

I miss all of you right now! =P Ceh don’t need to say, I know you all miss me too!