Where Isis And Osiris Live…


Guess where did I go this week?!

Yea that’s right! Sunway Pyramid =P Where is our assassin cross and sniper?! Hello! Don’t la leave the three high wizards at Pyramid level 4, dangerous okay! =P


This week LeiKen is officially one of the luckiest guy on earth . You know why?! Because he went out with two girls, not any ordinary girls okay; two very, very, very, very, very, very, very beautiful girls which happens to be… Wei Qi and I .

We went skating at Sunway Pyramid and it was a very, very eventful day for us . For those of you who could not make it, nah, I tell you the first nice story… Which is… I’m late. Okay that’s all kita lupakan hal ini yea and no one is allowed to question or talk about this anymore okay thank youuuuuuuuu !!!




Nano [The one in white] at KL Sentral.

At Kajang, I bought the ticket until Subang Jaya and when I met Nano, I asked which destination did she buy and she said KL Sentral and I laughed at her; telling her that she is a real and confirmed GPS Rosak [One of her nickname]. Then she said that she don’t know can buy until Subang Jaya.

Then when we met LeiKen at Serdang station, we asked LeiKen where did he buy his ticket until and wa, LeiKen is so cool because he said he use Touch ‘n Go . So Nano/GPS Rosak have to go to KL Sentral and buy a ticket until Subang Jaya. So to all Nano potential boyfriends/husband, plan ahead everything properly for her if you don’t want to LOSE her =P.

Nano masih tidak mengubah sikapnya yang suka tidur di mana-mana sahaja.

In the KTM, the whole time Nano and I were saying stupid things and LeiKen is just there, listening, smiling and laughing [The LeiKen style]. Like this:

Me: Hate people who wear white!

Nano: Hate people who wear black!

Me: Hate people who wear white sports shoes!

Nano: Hate people who wear earrings!

Me: Hate people who wear a watch!

Nano: Hate people who carry cartoon bag!

Me: Hate people who tie up their hair!

Nano: Hate people who let their hair down!

Me: Hate people who say don’t like pink but got pink colour on their sports shoes!

Nano: EH! I like baby pink one okay! Hate people who wear ugly pink on their shoes!

And it goes on and on until Subang Jaya . Yea, so childish but then at times, I realized that it is good to let out the child in us at times, then we can actually be happy. As in really, really happy .

We had McDonald’s for lunch and I got the sundae at half price =P. I picked strawberry because when I was much younger, I tried the chocolate one and the strawberry one as well. And it turns up that the chocolate one tasted very, very yucky, the chocolate seems to be diluted =|…

Eversince then, I never order the chocolate one anymore. But the other day Nano told me that the chocolate one is nicer. So the next time I’ll try the chocolate one .

LeiKen waiting for us at the skating rink while we use the loo .

We got our shoes and tie the shoelaces as tight as possible .

The happy LeiKen who learn how to balance himself faster than me =S

Me, still clinging to the sides and holding on the railing or whatever it is =S. Takut jatuh la okay. I tell you what, the more you are afraid to fall, the more you will fall down.

How come LeiKen is always ahead of me?!

If you want to know how I skate, yes look at the cartoon; yes betul tu that’s how I skate -______________-… Was swinging my hand too much and not being able to balance myself and better still, was the one who hold the highest record among the three of us for falling down the most number of times which is…

Nano: Zero

LeiKen: One

Me: Two

Yea man, we can form a sequence/series with a = 1, d = 1. Yeaaaa, arithmetic progression, so the 10th term is ___ ?!

Nano, Sam, LeiKen

See la that Nano and LeiKen, purposely want to wear the colours that I have on my gloves .

Ex-yellow house in Convent.

My Nano and I!

My class monitor and I!

Pelajar Harapan .

Pelajar Tak Ada Harapan .

See that guy talking to the small girl? He’s one of the trainer there and you know what, he’s quite good looking . I tell you what ah, if he walks into KHS, he is easily the best looking one !

Finally I am taller than LeiKen with the skating shoes on =P. Good to be tall actually !

Nano is now a Mega ! I’m waiting for the day for Nano to promote the NanoWhite product and she can slot in her own slogan which is:

Because I Am A Nano Myself  And I Enjoy Wearing White.

Ahh! Tak sangka I’m so good at coming up with slogans !

The lockers that cost RM2 per opening.

Playing some arcade musical thing.

My muka semasa main game =P.

Nano! And the result is… Jeng jeng jeng! Cehhhh, not important also so don’t need to know la okay so don’t ask ah !

The box of the 1901 hotdog! See that, food for FRIENDSHIP!

Our 1902 New York Chicken . Mixed with lotsa love, care, trust, understanding, loyalty and everything else not mentioned that a beautiful and perfect friendship must have !

LeiKen watching people skating.

The skating rink reminded me of too many things. When I first stepped on the rink, many pictures flooded and flashed through my mind and for once, I felt headache. I felt like as if there’s too much photographs to digest. And the rink reminded me of only two person who are both my best friends and they looks almost alike

My class monitor and I on the way back!

We looks so loving together!

And so, the 3 high wizards had one of the greatest day at the Pyramid together =P. I learn many things in just a few hours time and yea, will share about it one day when the time is right .


27 responses to “Where Isis And Osiris Live…

  1. I tried chocolate one before!
    VERY SWEET, but if i mix with a lot of sundae it taste good =D

  2. Ee Jane: then the last time [as in 10 years plus back =P] the mcd must have diluted the chocolate and gave me nightmares until today! okay, next time must try! 😀

  3. tak habis2 with RO
    even i (who didn’t play RO) know wat’s ISIS and OSIRIS =.=

  4. Wei Sy: =P too fun la. you don’t jealous la =P

  5. oh.. my malu malu thg u go n publickan la.. urs tak payah la?? where can lik dat! so not fair!
    haha.. cakap saja last time can do dis stunt dat stunt… now balance pun tak boleh! i skate 2 round, u skate 2 inches! hahahahahahaa!!!! 😛
    chocolate one nicer la.. dat strawberry one.. taste lik water! =.=

  6. I don’t think you met any Isis and Osiris there, cause i kill them all with my “Sonic Blow” and “Soul Breaker” /gg.

  7. Wei Qi: aiyaaaa, people need time to sesuaikan diri one okayyy =P ya meh, last time i tasted the chocolate the chocolate tasted like water or some oil with water =|

    ShadowDragon: aiya, no wonder la! you ah, people want the crown ma 😦 !

  8. haha… how could u say dat guy easily can be the best looking one in khs?! T.T i’m also from khs leh… HUHUHU!!!!

  9. LonePrince: don’t be upset over a true statement =P hehehe! =P

  10. Assassin Cross training taekwondo everyday and night.. =D
    Sniper cari Snipress..haha

  11. Always wanted to try ice-skating but no chance yet.

  12. Kean Jie: nasib baik the 3 high wizards tak terserempak with isis and osiris =P

    Ee Hahn: haha! go la! find a chance! 😀

  13. woo hoo! ice skating eh? reminds me of last sem wen i was trying 2 learn how 2 use a bicycle.. i ended up pushing d bicycle ard instead of riding it.. tsk tsk.. juz came back ystd from a 40km walk.. i tak cukup tidur laaa T.T

  14. eeek i wanna go berserempak with isis!!! hahaha
    the clubs there at night got alot laa..haha

  15. if u terserempak with them in de clubs.. dun need to worry kena atk.. they’ll all run away from u! 😛 u can go in with 1% HP, 0% SP!

  16. the chocolate one tastes better than the strawberry one sam!! you really must try it =D

  17. Helen: i know how to cycle =P =P wa 40 km! i wish i could walk that far everyday then i can slim down! =P

    Kean Jie: kean jie is gatal that’s why he needs the isis to tolong garukan =P

    Wei Qi: setuju! =P *High 10* 😀

    Ching Yin: if i go the mcd the next time, i will!! 😀 😀

  18. ull ennd up with blisterssss on ur toes n feet.. n its not fun =.=.. waa i got too many things going on and too little time T.T

  19. Helen: but can burn fats ma =P hehe! =P yea same la, me too! =P

  20. wat?? sam, u having too many thgs to do??? too little time?? can’t believe it! u kill me also i won’t believe! =P=P

  21. Wei Qi: yes la! you know, i have to earn more gold to be much more richer than the sniper and to level up as fast as possible to bengangkan the assassin cross =P

  22. when i got time to play, they update..niama betul..argghhh

  23. Kean Jie: don’t jealous, they like to update when they know that you want to play =P

  24. Oit I terbaca this osiris and isis post..
    Kawan sekalian(especially weiqi), aku (sniper) dan
    Sam (priestess) dah bunuh osiris DUA kali.
    Hahaha like fight poring. Garm satu kali,
    Lord of Death DUA kali. Knight of Windstorm, but kena Ks.
    Turtle General lambat abit, other ppl killed de. Maya purple 1time.
    What else arr. Can’t kill dracula,drake,amon ra. Lain belum try ☺

  25. Kean Jie: setuju~! 😀 ya, weiqi, see that =P, all without u ni hahaha!!! more to try soon!! 😀 😀 !!

  26. yor… pig betul u two…. =.= go la, kill all u all want without me! cheh!
    hmmmp! bluekkkkkkkk!!!!!! i dun feel anythg lo… hahhaha!

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