Happy New Year! :D

Happy New Year everyone!! πŸ˜€ But my blog today isn’t going to be about New Year =P It will be about Christmas last year [Yea 2009 is last year now =P]. Christmas was a nice one for me last year, unexpectedly though πŸ™‚

Christmas Eve was wonderful and Christmas is just perfect! πŸ˜€ For those of you who knows EXACTLY why, please keep it to yourself =P Later tell out already I shy la, how?! =P

Right, so here we go; my Christmas day in 2009 πŸ˜€ :

Ee Jane, Wei Qi, Wei Sy and I had Christmas lunch together! We went to Ee Jane house to cook [Spaghetti and mushroom soup] and bake [American apple pie and orange biscuits] because her kitchen itself is like a restaurant one already. Wait till you see the number of refrigerators and ovens she has at home.

P/S: Dictator of the day = Ee Jane =P

This is NanoMeow Wei Qi opening the can with a can opener with the dictator watching over her =P.

This is me, opening another can with the can opener and turns up that that’s the can which is the hardest to open. Okay fine, actually it’s like this:

Me: *Picks the can that I first see*

Wei Sy: Wa, thanks wor for picking the can with the bigger diameter =D

Me: What? *Checks* Thanks for telling you can have this now .

Wei Sy: YOR! Early know I don’t tell you!!

Me: =P

And Ee Jane have to use a spoon to open it because apparently, when the can opener did not cut the whole thing out properly -_- Dei, I’m not lousy okay! The can is!! Yes that must be the reason!!!

Pico Wei Sy happily open the other can with a bigger diameter easily.

The moral of the story is don’t think too much and don’t be lazy T.T. Sometimes a little more work will just save us from more work later on =|

Cans opened by Nano and Pico; called twins for a reason =p.

I wash the plates like Cinderella [Hahaha!]. So now, where’s my Prince Charming in his bright shining armor on a magnificent white horse who will sweep me off my feet and put me on his white horse and we’ll travel towards the sunset together to his palace !

Nano/NanoMeow/WeiQi is an expert in cutting mushrooms into fine, thin slices you know. So Pico/Woof/Wei Sy and I decided that she can cut all of them since she is an expert. Mana tau Nano realized that Pico and I are relaxing while talking to each other.

She decided that she can’t have it that way… So she…

Made me cut 2 mushrooms =|

And Pico to cut another 2 mushrooms =| and we are both off to chit chatting again =P

90% of Nano’s work, 5% of Pico’s and 5% of mine =P

A gun-like thingy in Ee Jane’s hand. Therefore she is a dictator. Proven .

Me! Stirring the mushroom soup until my tangan lenguh and passed the work to Pico!

Slurrp! It’s a combination of two different flavours! =P It was like this:

Ee Jane: I really, really wanted to try this seafood one but they don’t have it in the big can.

Me: Aiya, take both la.

Ee Jane: Will it be nice ah if mix both together?

Me: Should be okay one la.

Ee Jane: What if cannot taste one of it at all har?

Me: Drink only la haha! Cannot taste then got mushroom taste then okay la =P.

Ee Jane: Hmm… Okay lor.

That’s how we ended up with two different flavours =P. When both of us can’t make up our mind between two items and cannot find anything bad about the other one, we’ll end up buying both and had NEVER once regretted =P

You know why? We are both genius la!

Preparing the spaghetti sauce! πŸ˜€

KHS Afternoon Session Head Prefect kau kau zhan mou bong chan =P

TK helping out with the sauce =D

The dictator! =P I tell you what, I am extremely thankful that Wei Qi and Wei Sy came along! Haha! If not ah, I have to do really, really a lot of work =P

The dictator commented that the soup is not creamy enough yet. So Pico have to continue stirring =P

Look at this Nano tying her hair. I tell you what, she cari alasan one only =P After she tie her hair, she went and SMS someone *Ahem ahem!* =P

This is Pico saying HOT WATER !

Poor Pico was holding the pot full with soup for a minutes because:

Wei Sy: Where is the pelapik? Need a pelapik or not to put the soup? *Looks left and right*

Me: Ask Ee Jane!! *Standing*

Wei Qi: Orh. Ee Jane, Ee Jane~ *Standing*

Wei Sy: Eh faster la. Heavy le!

Me: Eh Nano, go and ask Ee Jane in the kitchen.*Lazy *

Wei Qi: Hah? Orh, orh! *Walks to the kitchen*

Me: Heavy le hehe!Β 

Wei Sy: Yes la! My hand lenguh already!!


Yea I know I am so helpless =P

Nano The I Don’t See Half Evil ReindeerΒ 

Haha! This is Ee Jane’s face expression of Are You Sure Or Not! =P

Tengok that Pico SMS-ing behind there and Nano smiling there, watching Ee Jane doing work =P

She scoops spaghetti for us.

Nano scoops soup for everyone and Pico is watching her =D.

And I’m weighing myself on a weighing machine Sorry! I can’t resist any weighing machine! =P Whenever I see one, I simply have to weigh myself =P And NO, I’m not telling you my weight; don’t you know that a woman’s weight is a secret?!

Everyone applause! This is the first time I see Nano taking a second helping without being asked to =P And please excuse me I am eating in the photo =P I looks so cute right, right, right =P I knowwww, don’t need to say anythg! *Shys*Β 

Dearest Ai Leng The Cow who was grounded on Christmas Day of all days. This photo is dedicated to you to show that we acknowledge your invisible presence. See, Pico and I are touching your head and Ee Jane is holding your shoulder. Ada hati betul kita ni !

I makan until left this much and I felt err full =P

I am actually very ladylike one but they made me pose like this =P

See the twins, so hebat makan until the pot also almost licin berkilat!

Preparing the ice for pineapple juice πŸ˜€

Tsk! Look what Pico is doing when Nano is washing the plates! Bad Pico!

See, after Nano wash, I rinse, Ee Jane make the drinks and Pico curi tulang/snap photos Aih, rajinnya saya ! *Bangga* =P

This is Pico measuring the sugar.

And so, Pico and Nano measure until super super accurate and obviously they start prasan-ing =P In the end, they have to measure everything la hahaha! I bet they enjoy it as well =P

Pico cutting the butter

I think on Christmas day, one of the lesson that I’ve learnt is that, you know when you buy butter and you flip and see the bottom of the butter, there are actually lines to indicate where to cut exactly for 50g etc.

I don’t care if it’s too late to know about this but I am just highly excited about it because tak sangka the butter companies are so considerate towards us =P And I remember that the last time I helped Ee Jane to cut the butter, we potong slowly and measure you know! =|

But it’s okay, life is all about learning [With the exception of opening up any school books please thank you!] .

When I see the butter and sugar, I remembered Chemistry. The one about fats and ester but thank God, no equations came into my mind [Because I never remember them =P] and I remembered how Puan Chew will teach in class about Organic Chemistry which Nano will then proceed to sleep =D…

When I see anything moving in a straight line, it reminded of an Add Maths chapter; Particle In A Straight Line, a chapter which I’ve NEVER studied for SPM because I have the choice to not do that question and so, until today, I never understand what the heck is that whole chapter about =P.

Then when I see anything moving in a circular motion, I remember Form 6 Physics, Rotation Of A Rigid Body and right, whatever chapters that have anything moving in a circular motion.

Please ignore my muka tak seberapa cantik di dalam gambar ini.

Ee Jane and I sharing a drink as usual! =D Yea man, we are lesbians so kindly do not try to seduce either one of us because:


Unless you are Wang Lee Hom of courseΒ !

These apples have labels.

Pico removed the labels and stick them at the back of Nano’s shirt

Eh Pico, did Nano went to watch Avatar like this ah?

100% dipotong oleh Pico. Accuracy 10^-12.

A machine that requires an expert.

=D Actually to think about it, my future boyfriend/husband [If I ever have one that is =P ] will be a super kesian guy. You see, I don’t give a shit about baking or cooking and I avoid them at all cost because… a lot of work la

See, so teliti; very unlike me that is

Aih, so teliti! People, she is the best calon isteri! =P Grab her now before… Eh sorry, I forgot that she belongs to Kamal =P

Ee Jane + Samantha = Satellite.

To think about it, it has been 3 years since Ee Jane and I worked together on a school project.

Memberikan tumpuan yang sepenuhnya semasa memasak epal =P

This is a… a… big sudu kayu =D

Nano doing work under the dictator’s supervision πŸ˜€

Nano falling asleep without the dictator’s supervision

Some people need a good knock on their head like this. So that they’ll wake up and see the truth. But just trust me, they WILL NEVER ever wake up to see the truth in front of them.

They will rather sleep and sleep and be blinded by their own assumptions and lies told by others =D.

I am just glad that I am awake right now ; very much unlike you =P.

Pico had a hard time opening the potato chips =|

Nano love PINK potato chips

Preparing the base.

Add the topping.

Lovely! =D

Cover up.

While Ee Jane and Nano are busy preparing the pie, Pico and I are busy snapping photos and snacking on potato chips =P

Doing the kaki burung.

Kaki burung.

It’s called kaki burung because in the cartoon Snow White, the birds helped Snow White to do the design in the photo with their feet =P Hence the name kaki burung! Haha!!

Pico is applying a layer of egg white on top =D

Can you see the star?!

Ee Jane adjusting something on the oven after putting in the pie πŸ˜€

Pico rajin-ing, to compensate for her kemalasan earlier on =P.

Grated orange + dough.

Pico playing around without the presence of the dictator =P.

Fuiyo, see! The dictator come only straight away pura-pura tolong Nano =P.

The latest photo frame in town!

This is not my idea ah .

Ee Jane and the beautifully baked pie! πŸ˜€

The excited twins shaping the cookies with the potato chips cover =P

Into the oven πŸ˜€

Ee Jane’s handphone new wallpaper, snapped by ME!

American apple pie ❀

Orange cookies ❀

Pico love the cat =P

Overall, I had a very, very good time with Ee Jane, Wei Qi and Wei Sy! Thank you for everything and thank you for spending quality time together! =D Maybe we should have more gathering together and chit chat yea =P

And now I miss them :(.


Potato chips at the end of the can.

On 25th December 2009, the year 2009 is drawing to an end. And today, 1st January 2010, the year 2009 had come to an end.

As much as I dread the year to end, it is as much as I dread to say- Oh, I’m turning 20 this year. Now I know why people say TIME FLIES, so I guess you only say that when you are getting older.

So right now, to everyone else:



13 responses to “Happy New Year! :D

  1. hahaha d pic wif d spaghetti like ur janggut is a proove of ur unlady like manners la XD but dun worry, a lot of guys r blind to dat n still think ur deir finest lady.. hahahaha!! XD whoa d apple pie looks really good. ee jane must b a great cook πŸ˜€ aih.. d cooking session reminds me of mine last 2 yers wif my frens.. we had spaghetti as well. but dere were a lot of other stuff on d table. dominos pizza, cheese cake prepared earlier by wen may, maki rolls by xiu wens mom n others

  2. Ek hem >.>

    Actually, its not really much work, coz, i’m dictatoring~ HAHAHAHAHAH~!!!

    Btw, when you send to me the photos, I was thinking “I better vow to not make any funny face when sam and her camera is around” XP

    I miss the pink potato chippppsss~!!!

  3. the last pic, tak sangka looks nice. i mean, just a common empty potato chip can. got glow summore le =]

    oh ya, if u must know la, i didn’t actually notice WeiQi got remove the labels anot. but i dun think she’ll went into cinema with those la.. haha

    so, overall u means we are the lazy one xcept WeiQi la? i mengaku la.. i’m not interested in preparing proper meals. but play while doing it wouldn’t hurt. hehhe
    oh, ofcoz, not when the dictator’s around =P

  4. i can only say.. “i dun go to hell, who will…” (chinese proverb) sigh sigh sigh…

    haha! thank got there’s a genius dictator leading us, n ur lucky de dictator is ur best fren.. dat’s y u can go ard with ur camera feeding potato chips!

    love de 1st time baking/cooking with frens experience! thanx! but next time we shall better just order pizza… no more baking 4 me! washed dishes whole day till exhausted!

  5. Helen: no no no, its not a proof, that photo was just for the readers’ viewing pleasure =P and no, no, no again, the boys are not blind; they just aim too high hahaha why am i so mean =P

    the apple pie is indeed good!! πŸ˜€ hehehe! πŸ˜€ i wish we ordered pizza instead of making any food. malas la you know =P

    Ee Jane: sejak bila u r not a dictator?! =P ahaha, lesson learnt from seeing Nano’s cute photo on my blog eh =P of course you miss the pink potato chips!! see la who pick one =P

    Wei Sy: larrr, see la who got such a good taste to pick the pink potato chips =P hahaha, it will be super nice to see her going into the cinema with the labels RED DELICIOUS =P aww, kamal would very much love to see them! =P

    biasalah we malas, orang malas barulah orang yang bernasib baik, in the sense that don’t have to do any work =P

    Wei Qi: thank you thank you =P ahaha! =P that’s why i was thinking why so semangat wanna bake ah. aiya, you wash once only, i wash more than you le =P

  6. how come the potato chips is pink in colour? =I
    the pie looks delicious. hehe

  7. ..i was being grounded~wuwuwuwu

  8. Although I spent my Christmas at Singapore but I didn’t experience such atmosphere as you did. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi, my name is Jake and I’m here to make a change.All I wanna say is that I hate my loved one smoke.Please join me.

  10. Ching Yin: its the pringles potato chips! prawn flavour i think =P

    The Cow: yes we know, don’t worry! we acknowledge your invisible presence and aura! =P

    Ee Hahn: πŸ˜€ it all depends on how you look at it!

    Jake Promise: no problem! πŸ™‚ i like your determination! keep up the good work!

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