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Where Isis And Osiris Live…


Guess where did I go this week?!

Yea that’s right! Sunway Pyramid =P Where is our assassin cross and sniper?! Hello! Don’t la leave the three high wizards at Pyramid level 4, dangerous okay! =P


This week LeiKen is officially one of the luckiest guy on earth . You know why?! Because he went out with two girls, not any ordinary girls okay; two very, very, very, very, very, very, very beautiful girls which happens to be… Wei Qi and I .

We went skating at Sunway Pyramid and it was a very, very eventful day for us . For those of you who could not make it, nah, I tell you the first nice story… Which is… I’m late. Okay that’s all kita lupakan hal ini yea and no one is allowed to question or talk about this anymore okay thank youuuuuuuuu !!!




Nano [The one in white] at KL Sentral.

At Kajang, I bought the ticket until Subang Jaya and when I met Nano, I asked which destination did she buy and she said KL Sentral and I laughed at her; telling her that she is a real and confirmed GPS Rosak [One of her nickname]. Then she said that she don’t know can buy until Subang Jaya.

Then when we met LeiKen at Serdang station, we asked LeiKen where did he buy his ticket until and wa, LeiKen is so cool because he said he use Touch ‘n Go . So Nano/GPS Rosak have to go to KL Sentral and buy a ticket until Subang Jaya. So to all Nano potential boyfriends/husband, plan ahead everything properly for her if you don’t want to LOSE her =P.

Nano masih tidak mengubah sikapnya yang suka tidur di mana-mana sahaja.

In the KTM, the whole time Nano and I were saying stupid things and LeiKen is just there, listening, smiling and laughing [The LeiKen style]. Like this:

Me: Hate people who wear white!

Nano: Hate people who wear black!

Me: Hate people who wear white sports shoes!

Nano: Hate people who wear earrings!

Me: Hate people who wear a watch!

Nano: Hate people who carry cartoon bag!

Me: Hate people who tie up their hair!

Nano: Hate people who let their hair down!

Me: Hate people who say don’t like pink but got pink colour on their sports shoes!

Nano: EH! I like baby pink one okay! Hate people who wear ugly pink on their shoes!

And it goes on and on until Subang Jaya . Yea, so childish but then at times, I realized that it is good to let out the child in us at times, then we can actually be happy. As in really, really happy .

We had McDonald’s for lunch and I got the sundae at half price =P. I picked strawberry because when I was much younger, I tried the chocolate one and the strawberry one as well. And it turns up that the chocolate one tasted very, very yucky, the chocolate seems to be diluted =|…

Eversince then, I never order the chocolate one anymore. But the other day Nano told me that the chocolate one is nicer. So the next time I’ll try the chocolate one .

LeiKen waiting for us at the skating rink while we use the loo .

We got our shoes and tie the shoelaces as tight as possible .

The happy LeiKen who learn how to balance himself faster than me =S

Me, still clinging to the sides and holding on the railing or whatever it is =S. Takut jatuh la okay. I tell you what, the more you are afraid to fall, the more you will fall down.

How come LeiKen is always ahead of me?!

If you want to know how I skate, yes look at the cartoon; yes betul tu that’s how I skate -______________-… Was swinging my hand too much and not being able to balance myself and better still, was the one who hold the highest record among the three of us for falling down the most number of times which is…

Nano: Zero

LeiKen: One

Me: Two

Yea man, we can form a sequence/series with a = 1, d = 1. Yeaaaa, arithmetic progression, so the 10th term is ___ ?!

Nano, Sam, LeiKen

See la that Nano and LeiKen, purposely want to wear the colours that I have on my gloves .

Ex-yellow house in Convent.

My Nano and I!

My class monitor and I!

Pelajar Harapan .

Pelajar Tak Ada Harapan .

See that guy talking to the small girl? He’s one of the trainer there and you know what, he’s quite good looking . I tell you what ah, if he walks into KHS, he is easily the best looking one !

Finally I am taller than LeiKen with the skating shoes on =P. Good to be tall actually !

Nano is now a Mega ! I’m waiting for the day for Nano to promote the NanoWhite product and she can slot in her own slogan which is:

Because I Am A Nano Myself  And I Enjoy Wearing White.

Ahh! Tak sangka I’m so good at coming up with slogans !

The lockers that cost RM2 per opening.

Playing some arcade musical thing.

My muka semasa main game =P.

Nano! And the result is… Jeng jeng jeng! Cehhhh, not important also so don’t need to know la okay so don’t ask ah !

The box of the 1901 hotdog! See that, food for FRIENDSHIP!

Our 1902 New York Chicken . Mixed with lotsa love, care, trust, understanding, loyalty and everything else not mentioned that a beautiful and perfect friendship must have !

LeiKen watching people skating.

The skating rink reminded me of too many things. When I first stepped on the rink, many pictures flooded and flashed through my mind and for once, I felt headache. I felt like as if there’s too much photographs to digest. And the rink reminded me of only two person who are both my best friends and they looks almost alike

My class monitor and I on the way back!

We looks so loving together!

And so, the 3 high wizards had one of the greatest day at the Pyramid together =P. I learn many things in just a few hours time and yea, will share about it one day when the time is right .


The Star Education Fair 2010

Nano and I went to The Star Education Fair this year! This is my FIRST time going for a national level education fair as well and I expect MANY, MANY people like PC Fair but surprisingly, there are MANY, MANY people but there are also MANY, MANY spaces to walk around except it is hard to walk around places that are full of err… more famous colleges; yea you get what I mean .

So, Nano and I reached there rather early [Nano speed, what do you expect =P] and we had our early lunch first at… Chili’s!

The menu book.

Some chips, I forgot the name but it tasted quite nice but if you eat too much, you will feel jelak =P

Mine! Grilled salmon fish 🙂 Very, very delicious! The texture is not too soft and not too hard. When you take a bite, you can taste the fish and the sauce [Garlic and I don’t know what but I don’t care it’s very, very nice!!!] and it’s just simply perfect 🙂 Love it

Even the broccoli and rice are very, very well done! They added some spice to the broccoli and rice and I WANT TO GO AND EAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Close up of the salmon fish. SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nano’s! Lamb something something. I don’t know nice or not because I didn’t try =P. Nano! Review please! 😀

Nano’s guava juice and my mango juice. Eh I tell you all what, the drinks ah can refill one you know. So don’t be stupid and order each person one [So expensive!!], order one and share then refill .

And NO, Nano and I ARE NOT stupid. You see, we just want to try different drinks ma, you know la, hidup mesti ceria, berpattern-pattern dan bercolourful-colourful! 😀

Nano and I makan sambil memandang bangunan pencakar langit KL sebagai pemandangan yang indah lagi berseri :D. I think if it’s at night, it will be even nicer 🙂

Nano and I. Photo by Sam See la I snap photo with her also I got leave some space at the side, not because I am a lousy photographer okay.

See, Ee Jane can fit in the photo, Ching Yin can fit in and Zaharah the mak datin can also fit in and Wei Sy can fit in and Ai Leng the cow who don’t update her blog eversince God knows which Christmas also can fit in.


P/S: I personally find Nano’s smile very sexy and attractive in this photo See la the photo who snap one .




I know all of you look at the photo again after reading my P/S and Nano, I know you go WHAT THE when you read my P/S .

The NOT considerate photo by Nano. But I looks so beautiful and my smile looks so cheerful and happy here that’s why I put it up .

And I looks beautiful and my smile looks so cantik not because Nano is the one who snapped the photo but because IT’S ME LA YOU KNOW. Yes correct, don’t argue with me over a true statement .

Nano and I!

Going for education fair is an exercise because you walk around non-stop and it’s a good way to practice your speaking skills because you will have to ask questions =P. Wa, so educational! =D

The crowd at the education fair. Honestly, there are TOO many halls and of course we didn’t walk finish la. We went and see what we feel like seeing and then off we go.

This guy is from Malaysian Baking Institute. They were baking [Cookies, pizza etc] on the spot as well and some people bring plastic bag and tapau so much somemore. Nano and I took one small pizza each [Considerate okay =P].

The pizza tasted nice and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than Pizza Hut. I AM ANGRY WITH PIZZA HUT NOW! >=( WILL BLOG ABOUT IT IF THEY DON’T REPLY ME BY END OF THIS MONTH!! IT HAS BEEN TWO WEEKS ALREADY AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T REPLY! THREE WEEKS should be enough for them to DIGEST my complaint and understand my dissatisfaction and disappointment! >=(

I. Am. Very. Very. Patient. Already. When. They. Are. Supposed. To. Be. Patient. With. Me.

The outcome! 😀 So nice right?! 😀

Clay miniature!

*Dream mode on* This is Lee Hom and I See, got a pink bike somemore with nice red ribbon at the back of it as a decoration. But don’t worry, Lee Hom will give me a Ferrari to show off to Zaharah . Don’t want to show only, later you all jealous so I’ll just be humble la okay =P.

This is Nano and Kamal. See la got anak already one =P.

This is Jason and his beautiful girlfriend =D.

This is Kean Jie and his yang paling tercinta one :D.

*Dream mode off*

House of candies 😀

After seeing whatever that we wanted to see, we went to the KLCC park and snapped a lot, a lot of photos but I’ll just put up some la okay =P Some are for OUR eyes only .

This is how Nano met the love of her life. Yea man, while walking at KLCC park while eating Chili’s chips =P.

I jump!

Nano jumps!

Supermodels .

Everyone becomes a Nano and Pico when they jump in front of Suria KLCC

Praki Boy who was at the education fair as well and then he became our photographer . And it’s a good thing that he turned up because at least Nano and I don’t have to end up alone in every single photos! You know la, TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE [Neh, the song title =P].

Nano and with the guy whose his presentation title earned her the nickname Nano which was stuck with her till today .

See! The photo don’t looks so lonely anymore! =P

Nano and I in front of the Twin Towers! Nano, if Wei Sy is here then good le =P Both of you can be the REAL Twin Towers! =P

Hidup mesti ceriaaaa!

The happy jump!!


Nano and I! We love each other .

Right, I know this whole post looks more like a food post than an education fair. But then just… food is more interesting la =P.

The Year 2009


Note: All photos in this post are from the year 2009 unless otherwise stated.

I still remember vividly that last year, around this time I was dreading away about school and STPM. And right now, I am missing school; to be more accurate it should be that I am missing all my friends in Form 6; except some of them course who are not even worth 0.0001kb of my memory.

This is me in 2009.

The year of 2009 was a year full with new challenges and lessons. Though more mistakes were made and I regretted them terribly, but I’ve learn  a lot of lessons from them as well; so it’s a win-win situation for me.

There is something weird you know, which is; during school days I seems to have a lot of time to myself and now, I am so busy with so many things in my life that I don’t even have the time for myself sometimes =S.

Ee Jane at the back of McFlurry.

Ever since I was in Form 1 right up till Form 5, there is only one friend who dominated at least 90% of my life; and that person is none other than Ee Jane. But in 2009, she isn’t the one dominating at least 90% of my life anymore because both of us went on different ways that none of us could actually reverse back to dominate the at least 90% of each others’ life ever again.

Nano showing off!

The friend who dominated at least 90% of my life in 2009 turns up to be Wei Qi/Nano, which was a surprise to most people and I even surprise myself because this is totally unexpected. Though I felt sad about not being able to share so many happy moments in KHS with Ee Jane; but there is one lesson that I’ve learn in 2009 in KHS itself, which is; sometimes we just need some distance away to appreciate each other even more.

Wei Qi & Wei Sy- New way of playing the guitar! =P

Wei Qi and Wei Sy have been twins their whole life and have went to school together and been in the same class for almost every single year. So somehow, I think, they both dominated each others’ Venn diagram in their primary and secondary school life but were separated in the same year as Ee Jane and I; the year 2008, where Wei Qi and I became closer friends and Ee Jane and Wei Qi found their new circle of friends.

Who would have thought that all these separations would have happened that fast?

But there’s one thing for sure; which is, old friends are never once forgotten.

Sim Ooi Jie.

And who have guessed that I actually would be in the same class as my neighbour and someone whom I first knew online. Haha! Do you even know that Ooi Jie and I did not know that we are both staying at the same housing area [Next road only somemore!] and we first knew each other in a game then after don’t know how long only we know that we are actually neighbours!

That’s why I say, my life itself is a drama and I don’t even have to dramatize it.

Tan Kean Jie.

Tan Kean Jie is also another friend whom I’ve know through online first before actually knowing that he is THAT person on MSN. And on MSN, after sometime; I’m sure that he deleted me off because he don’t even remember of my existence and we don’t even chat to each other and I still remember his MSN nicknames; it’s always redrun or sikwitu or sik, something like that.

My two online friends and I!

I am thankful for the kind and lovely gesture; but some things are just completely a day late and a dollar short, it’s just too little too late.

In 2009, I realized that it is not worth it at all to actually be nice to certain people because they are not going to appreciate it or even to acknowledge it and worst, they will just shrug it off. I too realized that there many friends in our life that we cannot trust and there will too, be people who strives to tell you that they are not trustful at all. Yea don’t laugh, there are people like that.

Ee Jane and I.

In 2009, I spent very, very little time with all my Convent best friends and the most that I did was to send them some forwarded SMS-es to just let them know that I do remember them. And I actually preferred my Form 6 life over my Form 5 life, probably because I hated Convent for so many things and certain pretentious teachers as well who only listen to one side of the story.

Chui San, my seatmate for 1 year in KHS and I.

Nano scolding Caitlynn.

They say, you know that you visited your best friends’ house too many times when their family members recognized you and actually know where do you stay as well [Because sometimes they send your best friend to your house] and you actually pour a cup of water for yourself when you are at their house.

That’s what exactly happened to Ee Jane, Wei Qi and I.

Ariff, my new victim in KHS and I.

I made a lot of friends in KHS and I am extremely happy to know and to be friends with all of them. Let me tell all of you something, another lesson that I’ve learn in KHS in 2009 is that, never ever accept a guy who is going after you when you have no feelings at all for the guy and also, especially when the guy expects you to change for him and I know what you wanna ask, no, I did not date anyone in KHS .

Ai Leng love the Libra-s!

There is a guy whom I called as my best friend in KHS and everyone knows him well enough. He fell in love with me shortly after breaking up with his girlfriend and have been forcing me day and night to accept him after not accepting my reason for rejecting him.

First and foremost, I have no feelings for him, so I should not accept him. Secondly, because he is just about 3cm taller than I am and thus, most people actually thinks that I am much taller than him [Body frame?] and he knows that I love wearing high heels; the higher the better the happier I am. I used this as an excuse as well after he refused to accept reason number 1 [I have no feelings for him].

He expected me to change for him. He expected me to stop wearing high heels. He expected me to wear flats and sport shoes when I am going out with him for a date if we were to date each other. He expected me to change so many aspects of myself for him; who doesn’t even meet 0.000000001% of my expectation of a boyfriend.

I change for him? Sorry, I am not willing to let go of my high heels and I don’t lower down my standard for people like him who don’t meet my expectations and expect me to meet theirs. I know I am not perfect, but wait till you get to know him and you’ll be a perfect person; trust me.

Nano can vouch for all these statements stated here.

NANOOOOO! Aren’t you are glad that I snapped this down?! =P

In KHS, I faced many disappointments but I am always left to shut them away and pretended that I am okay and I actually don’t mind or to even give 2 shits about it. And I came to a conclusion that we don’t have to envy what other people have, instead, we should always appreciate what we have.

Because when a person is smiling brightly and happily and everything seems so perfect in that person’s life; how would you know that deep down that person’s heart is crashing into gazillion of pieces? How sure are you that the person’s life is really, really that perfect?

Sam [Queen] and Chui San [Snow White].

In 2009, I was given the chance to write the skit for my class which entitled; Snow White And The 7 Nerds and read all about it here. And there are certain friends in KHS who actually doubted my classmates’ ability to act and there are also certain friends in KHS who thinks that we are going to screw it up and there are also friends in KHS who directly discouraged me right in front of me.

And by the way, thank you for all the doubts and discouragement; because that is what actually motivates and get our class to actually strive to do better than your class! So thanks a lot!

AJK Maljis Graduasi- Missing in action, Tan Kean Jie and Eng Wei Qi.

I am extremely grateful and thankful for being given a chance to be part of the graduation committee member! It was actually one of the best life experience ever! And it is also the first time, someone actually appreciates my work along with Nano’s hardwork as well.

Huh I tell you what, if it’s Convent, okay fine, tak nak kutuk but; screw Convent for being so bias . Yes correct, I don’t care or give a shit about how Convent is so nice to you because this is ME .

Khien Khien and I on our graduation day. Sorry, I can’t resist this photo for I looks so beautiful from every angle sorry please excuse my vain moment .

Met Barney on KHS Sports’ Day.

Participated in public speaking for the very first time.

I’ve also learn how to see things from the brighter and happier side and to think even more positively and to not think too much. I’ve also realized betrayal is in certain friends’ nature, it’s sad to know about it but if they are not willing to change or even to admit it; then we can’t do anything about it.

Just, good luck to their next victim .

Changed a new husband. HIE PORKIE! I MISS YOU!!! And Michael, my dim sum le? Dated my Ah Lui for so long already don’t need to zham cha and cheng sek fan one ah! =P

Got myself a Lower 6 “Boyfriend”

And a Form 4 Darling

And a Lao Gong!

Went karaoke-ing

Snapped more sleeping photos of Nano =D

My best friends! Yan Yee, Ee Jane, Ai Leng, Nano.

Ching Yin and I.

You know, sometimes when my best friends of different circles [The best friends that I’ve collected from different times of my life] gathered together, I actually have this fear, a fear of them not being able to accept each other or to be able to actually communicate with each other but then, they’ve always been nice and talkative to each other! Which is a good thing, at least I don’t stuck in between them .

Found my comrades to disturb Porkie! Porkie, I know you enjoy it! =P

Snapped more weird photos of my best friends =D That Ee Jane banyak pandai, that day I went to her house, she jaga her face expression betul-betul. Haih, she must have seen Nano being the victim on my blog that’s why she takes precaution =|

See Nano, you help to save more people from getting their weird photos snapped by me =P but one day all of you are gonna thank me for the photos .

Where almost everyone have their own car and can drive except me who don’t even have a license yet. Aiya, lucky people like me ah, wait for people to drive me around one okay .

I miss MUET speaking in class! 😦

Nano emo-ing while singing:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know dear how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away

AWWWWWWWW!! T.T *Terharu*

Got myself a new friend, Caitlynn, Nano’s sister! 😀

Found someone who is actually willing to layan my wu liao SMS-es when I randomly send one message with a word of Meow! 😀

Kamal left KHS for ALAM in 2009 and I miss him :(.

Was part of the school drama team and joined some competitions representing the school and made quite a number of friends

Went to Genting with my family! 😀 And I know most of the time I don’t write about my family but it doesn’t means that I love them less but I just don’t like writing about it because I know, some people who are shit kaypoh about everything else in people’s life is reading my blog. So yea, you know who you are =D.

Wei Sy and Ai Leng

In 2009, I realized that some people are just funny. If you have a blog and your friends linked you here and there, then expect someone to actually stumble upon your blog. If your blog is made to view for the public, then anyone can obviously view it [World Wide Web, please understand it?] and everyone have the right to actually comment on it =D.

Then if you shut your blog and made it into a private one, you are actually making me laugh . Why? Your privacy was being invaded? Then don’t write everything on your blog and emo-ed there thinking that no one is actually reading your blog.

Yes, I am talking about YOU. No, not you. But YOU! 


In 2009, I think the greatest lesson that I’ve learn is to actually realize that in certain situation, we must always learn how to let go and not hold on tightly. If it is meant to be, then it is. If it isn’t, then it isn’t. Don’t force things to go the way it is not supposed to be. There are many things in life that I wish I could erase but I know I don’t have the power to; so I guess I’ll just accept it as it is and to be very, very optimistic about it :D.


2009 has been a great year for me 😀 And my 2009 resolutions are… NONE! Because every year I make a resolution to meet Wang Lee Hom in person, it never come true. So don’t want to make already la. Maybe one day I’ll bertembung with him secara kebetulan and he fell in love with me ❤ ^_^ !!

P/S: Someone named Jake Promise added me on Facebook and I was like who the hell is that, and there was a blog link attached to it and it’s a blog about for those who cares about smokers, be it your family member, lovers and whoever. Huh, at least it’s something sensible so click here.

P/S 2: Vote for HELEN LEE YUN SIN [Design number 10] here. The voting bar should be at the right hand side or at the bottom! 🙂 Remember to vote for her ah! 😀

Happy New Year! :D

Happy New Year everyone!! 😀 But my blog today isn’t going to be about New Year =P It will be about Christmas last year [Yea 2009 is last year now =P]. Christmas was a nice one for me last year, unexpectedly though 🙂

Christmas Eve was wonderful and Christmas is just perfect! 😀 For those of you who knows EXACTLY why, please keep it to yourself =P Later tell out already I shy la, how?! =P

Right, so here we go; my Christmas day in 2009 😀 :

Ee Jane, Wei Qi, Wei Sy and I had Christmas lunch together! We went to Ee Jane house to cook [Spaghetti and mushroom soup] and bake [American apple pie and orange biscuits] because her kitchen itself is like a restaurant one already. Wait till you see the number of refrigerators and ovens she has at home.

P/S: Dictator of the day = Ee Jane =P

This is NanoMeow Wei Qi opening the can with a can opener with the dictator watching over her =P.

This is me, opening another can with the can opener and turns up that that’s the can which is the hardest to open. Okay fine, actually it’s like this:

Me: *Picks the can that I first see*

Wei Sy: Wa, thanks wor for picking the can with the bigger diameter =D

Me: What? *Checks* Thanks for telling you can have this now .

Wei Sy: YOR! Early know I don’t tell you!!

Me: =P

And Ee Jane have to use a spoon to open it because apparently, when the can opener did not cut the whole thing out properly -_- Dei, I’m not lousy okay! The can is!! Yes that must be the reason!!!

Pico Wei Sy happily open the other can with a bigger diameter easily.

The moral of the story is don’t think too much and don’t be lazy T.T. Sometimes a little more work will just save us from more work later on =|

Cans opened by Nano and Pico; called twins for a reason =p.

I wash the plates like Cinderella [Hahaha!]. So now, where’s my Prince Charming in his bright shining armor on a magnificent white horse who will sweep me off my feet and put me on his white horse and we’ll travel towards the sunset together to his palace !

Nano/NanoMeow/WeiQi is an expert in cutting mushrooms into fine, thin slices you know. So Pico/Woof/Wei Sy and I decided that she can cut all of them since she is an expert. Mana tau Nano realized that Pico and I are relaxing while talking to each other.

She decided that she can’t have it that way… So she…

Made me cut 2 mushrooms =|

And Pico to cut another 2 mushrooms =| and we are both off to chit chatting again =P

90% of Nano’s work, 5% of Pico’s and 5% of mine =P

A gun-like thingy in Ee Jane’s hand. Therefore she is a dictator. Proven .

Me! Stirring the mushroom soup until my tangan lenguh and passed the work to Pico!

Slurrp! It’s a combination of two different flavours! =P It was like this:

Ee Jane: I really, really wanted to try this seafood one but they don’t have it in the big can.

Me: Aiya, take both la.

Ee Jane: Will it be nice ah if mix both together?

Me: Should be okay one la.

Ee Jane: What if cannot taste one of it at all har?

Me: Drink only la haha! Cannot taste then got mushroom taste then okay la =P.

Ee Jane: Hmm… Okay lor.

That’s how we ended up with two different flavours =P. When both of us can’t make up our mind between two items and cannot find anything bad about the other one, we’ll end up buying both and had NEVER once regretted =P

You know why? We are both genius la!

Preparing the spaghetti sauce! 😀

KHS Afternoon Session Head Prefect kau kau zhan mou bong chan =P

TK helping out with the sauce =D

The dictator! =P I tell you what, I am extremely thankful that Wei Qi and Wei Sy came along! Haha! If not ah, I have to do really, really a lot of work =P

The dictator commented that the soup is not creamy enough yet. So Pico have to continue stirring =P

Look at this Nano tying her hair. I tell you what, she cari alasan one only =P After she tie her hair, she went and SMS someone *Ahem ahem!* =P

This is Pico saying HOT WATER !

Poor Pico was holding the pot full with soup for a minutes because:

Wei Sy: Where is the pelapik? Need a pelapik or not to put the soup? *Looks left and right*

Me: Ask Ee Jane!! *Standing*

Wei Qi: Orh. Ee Jane, Ee Jane~ *Standing*

Wei Sy: Eh faster la. Heavy le!

Me: Eh Nano, go and ask Ee Jane in the kitchen.*Lazy *

Wei Qi: Hah? Orh, orh! *Walks to the kitchen*

Me: Heavy le hehe! 

Wei Sy: Yes la! My hand lenguh already!!


Yea I know I am so helpless =P

Nano The I Don’t See Half Evil Reindeer 

Haha! This is Ee Jane’s face expression of Are You Sure Or Not! =P

Tengok that Pico SMS-ing behind there and Nano smiling there, watching Ee Jane doing work =P

She scoops spaghetti for us.

Nano scoops soup for everyone and Pico is watching her =D.

And I’m weighing myself on a weighing machine Sorry! I can’t resist any weighing machine! =P Whenever I see one, I simply have to weigh myself =P And NO, I’m not telling you my weight; don’t you know that a woman’s weight is a secret?!

Everyone applause! This is the first time I see Nano taking a second helping without being asked to =P And please excuse me I am eating in the photo =P I looks so cute right, right, right =P I knowwww, don’t need to say anythg! *Shys* 

Dearest Ai Leng The Cow who was grounded on Christmas Day of all days. This photo is dedicated to you to show that we acknowledge your invisible presence. See, Pico and I are touching your head and Ee Jane is holding your shoulder. Ada hati betul kita ni !

I makan until left this much and I felt err full =P

I am actually very ladylike one but they made me pose like this =P

See the twins, so hebat makan until the pot also almost licin berkilat!

Preparing the ice for pineapple juice 😀

Tsk! Look what Pico is doing when Nano is washing the plates! Bad Pico!

See, after Nano wash, I rinse, Ee Jane make the drinks and Pico curi tulang/snap photos Aih, rajinnya saya ! *Bangga* =P

This is Pico measuring the sugar.

And so, Pico and Nano measure until super super accurate and obviously they start prasan-ing =P In the end, they have to measure everything la hahaha! I bet they enjoy it as well =P

Pico cutting the butter

I think on Christmas day, one of the lesson that I’ve learnt is that, you know when you buy butter and you flip and see the bottom of the butter, there are actually lines to indicate where to cut exactly for 50g etc.

I don’t care if it’s too late to know about this but I am just highly excited about it because tak sangka the butter companies are so considerate towards us =P And I remember that the last time I helped Ee Jane to cut the butter, we potong slowly and measure you know! =|

But it’s okay, life is all about learning [With the exception of opening up any school books please thank you!] .

When I see the butter and sugar, I remembered Chemistry. The one about fats and ester but thank God, no equations came into my mind [Because I never remember them =P] and I remembered how Puan Chew will teach in class about Organic Chemistry which Nano will then proceed to sleep =D…

When I see anything moving in a straight line, it reminded of an Add Maths chapter; Particle In A Straight Line, a chapter which I’ve NEVER studied for SPM because I have the choice to not do that question and so, until today, I never understand what the heck is that whole chapter about =P.

Then when I see anything moving in a circular motion, I remember Form 6 Physics, Rotation Of A Rigid Body and right, whatever chapters that have anything moving in a circular motion.

Please ignore my muka tak seberapa cantik di dalam gambar ini.

Ee Jane and I sharing a drink as usual! =D Yea man, we are lesbians so kindly do not try to seduce either one of us because:


Unless you are Wang Lee Hom of course !

These apples have labels.

Pico removed the labels and stick them at the back of Nano’s shirt

Eh Pico, did Nano went to watch Avatar like this ah?

100% dipotong oleh Pico. Accuracy 10^-12.

A machine that requires an expert.

=D Actually to think about it, my future boyfriend/husband [If I ever have one that is =P ] will be a super kesian guy. You see, I don’t give a shit about baking or cooking and I avoid them at all cost because… a lot of work la

See, so teliti; very unlike me that is

Aih, so teliti! People, she is the best calon isteri! =P Grab her now before… Eh sorry, I forgot that she belongs to Kamal =P

Ee Jane + Samantha = Satellite.

To think about it, it has been 3 years since Ee Jane and I worked together on a school project.

Memberikan tumpuan yang sepenuhnya semasa memasak epal =P

This is a… a… big sudu kayu =D

Nano doing work under the dictator’s supervision 😀

Nano falling asleep without the dictator’s supervision

Some people need a good knock on their head like this. So that they’ll wake up and see the truth. But just trust me, they WILL NEVER ever wake up to see the truth in front of them.

They will rather sleep and sleep and be blinded by their own assumptions and lies told by others =D.

I am just glad that I am awake right now ; very much unlike you =P.

Pico had a hard time opening the potato chips =|

Nano love PINK potato chips

Preparing the base.

Add the topping.

Lovely! =D

Cover up.

While Ee Jane and Nano are busy preparing the pie, Pico and I are busy snapping photos and snacking on potato chips =P

Doing the kaki burung.

Kaki burung.

It’s called kaki burung because in the cartoon Snow White, the birds helped Snow White to do the design in the photo with their feet =P Hence the name kaki burung! Haha!!

Pico is applying a layer of egg white on top =D

Can you see the star?!

Ee Jane adjusting something on the oven after putting in the pie 😀

Pico rajin-ing, to compensate for her kemalasan earlier on =P.

Grated orange + dough.

Pico playing around without the presence of the dictator =P.

Fuiyo, see! The dictator come only straight away pura-pura tolong Nano =P.

The latest photo frame in town!

This is not my idea ah .

Ee Jane and the beautifully baked pie! 😀

The excited twins shaping the cookies with the potato chips cover =P

Into the oven 😀

Ee Jane’s handphone new wallpaper, snapped by ME!

American apple pie ❤

Orange cookies ❤

Pico love the cat =P

Overall, I had a very, very good time with Ee Jane, Wei Qi and Wei Sy! Thank you for everything and thank you for spending quality time together! =D Maybe we should have more gathering together and chit chat yea =P

And now I miss them :(.


Potato chips at the end of the can.

On 25th December 2009, the year 2009 is drawing to an end. And today, 1st January 2010, the year 2009 had come to an end.

As much as I dread the year to end, it is as much as I dread to say- Oh, I’m turning 20 this year. Now I know why people say TIME FLIES, so I guess you only say that when you are getting older.

So right now, to everyone else: