The Last Day Of STPM

The last day of STPM [For the Science stream] falls on the 10th December 2009. It is definitely one of the day that I’ve waited for a very, very long time but then… it happens too, to be the day I dread the most. Because it simply means that we are saying goodbye and gosh, how I hate saying goodbye.

When I was in the exam hall, I kept on reminding myself, 45 more minutes to freedom is the final 45 minutes I’m seeing all this people in the hall and after that, we’ll just see each other online or on Facebook.


You don’t bother me, I don’t bother you.

Most of us were strangers to each other in KHS. Initially, quote Kean Jie:

Initially no one gives a f**k about each other. And after some time, everyone gives a f**k about each other.

It is true and that applies to me as well.

Now, I love you, you love me.

Who would have thought that everyone of us could be friends? Things always turned up unexpectedly and for the good. And another lesson here is, NEVER bloody SAY NEVER.

Let me tell you why [Off topic a while =P ]:

Kean Jie [Libra], Ee Hahn [Aquarius], Sage [Gemini]

Back in Lower 6, this 3 guys are my friends and two of them are my close friends and Kean Jie was uhh, not so close la, quite pissed off with him sometimes because sometimes the way he talk ah, very lanci one ahaha but later on I realized that he is just like that =P.

And so, Kean Jie and Ee Hahn are match made enemies in hell ever since God knows when. If Kean Jie did something that piss Ee Hahn off, Ee Hahn will come and complain to me and write it on his blog and the same goes for Kean Jie. So Sage and I are like uhh, the middle person.

Then never mind, when this two piss each other off, they will come and ask me at different times whether did the other party say anything to me or not about them and I will just shrug it off, malas nak layan =P.

Then the funniest thing is, both of them will claim that they are innocent [HAHAHA!! ]. By fate or what, this two got landed together in the same group for the Biology project. That means catching bugs together and working together.

I tell you what, this 2 complained to me upside down on WHY THEY HAVE TO END UPΒ  IN THE SAME GROUP. Then when I tell them- Actually Kean Jie/Ee Hahn is okay one la. A bit lanci only lo the way he talk , sometimes only la, other than that he is okay one la [It’s true what, both of them talk also got a bit lanci one sometimes ahaha! =P ]

This two will retort like this in the most melebih-lebih tone ever you can think up off:

OKAY?!?!?!?! Okay for you la, not me -____-

And continue to complain about the other party. Kean Jie even almost punched Ee Hahn once for God knows what reason -_- Then after sometime, jadi The Three Musketeers [Kean Jie, Sage, Ee Hahn].

Huh, don’t know ah last time who ah pooh and boo when I say Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are best friends =P. Then don’t know who somemore ah, keep on saying will NEVER ever be friends. Haih -_________-…

That’s why, see, NEVER SAY NEVER!!!


Beautiful Girls! πŸ˜€

I know I’m not going to see most of the KHS students again for a very, very, very long time. Sad? Well, yes I am but I can do nothing about it. You know what, when I came into KHS, I remembered how I took things for granted back in Form 5, thinking that I’ll ALWAYS have my close friends with me in Form 6 and in the end, I fell down and realized that, it was just all a dream.

I thank God that throughout my whole time in KHS, I did not take any friends for granted; thinking that they’ll always be there. Everyone in KHS plays a part in my life no matter how small you think it may be.

Many times in KHS, even a few weeks before trials, I was listening to the songΒ  True Colours by Maggie Reilley and I kept on thinking about my life back in Form 5 and how I emo-ed with the best friends about trials and now in Upper 6, I wasn’t exactly feeling emotional about trials because it seems… insignificant to me in so many ways; I don’t know why.

The Magic Mirror mask.

During trials, I saw many of my classmates cheating [The guys] and I kept quiet and watched them with amusement. Because they reminded me of me back in Convent when I was bloody desperate for Biology and Sejarah answers except this time, the handphone was one of the crime weapon =P Yea la, naik standard already you know =P [Wait, one day I blog about how to cheat in KHS =P]

The things that we do at MOSTI when we are bored =P.

There was a paper, okay, I think it’s Chemistry paper 2, which goes like this, I stare at the paper, the paper stare at me kind of situation. Frustrated, I did all I can and then proceed to just close the paper [Not like if I stare at it for 30 minutes per question I can answer all of them correctly okay].

I look at my watch [Yes, no clock in the class one] only to realize that I have A LOT of time more to spend. So I took out my mp3 player and switched on the radio only to see Ooi Jie looking at me with uhh… jealousy [He’s bored too I’m sure] =P.

Birthday card for Miss Tan- By Wei Qi.

While listening to the radio, a song caught my attention because the lyrics reminded me of a friend and I copied down the lyrics only to hear the DJ announcing the title and singer:

Halo by Beyonce.

I found a way to let you in

But I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your halo

I got my angel now.

Sadly, now I’m letting you out because I had a lot of doubts. And now, standing in the light of your halo? Hah, you must be joking because THAT LIGHT WAS FROM MY HALO . Now, that’s more like me =P.

The 6-s: Kean Jie, Aliff, Alaggendran, Farid.

I realized that I can and I must never repeat the same mistake that I’ve made in Form 5 but sadly, I made about two or three major mistakes of my life in Lower 6 and another few more in Upper 6. I regretted being friends with certain people in KHS. There is a phrase that goes:

If a horse that you are riding threw you down in a thorny bush, when you get up, learn your lesson and never ever try to ride the same horse again.

I’ve always believe in giving chances. But sometimes, chances are not worth giving. You know why? When a person heart changed for the opposite sex and abandoned and betrayed you just because of the mere infatuation they have for someone else, then leave, as painful as it is to leave initially, we must, because it will definitely save us from more pain later on.

Me, putting in my pinky bag into my pocket- Photo by Ee Hahn.

I did not walk away and as a result, I was badly wounded and injured emotionally but I am absolutely alright right now, at least, I know who you are. I am just glad that I left KHS without a single regret. Yes, mistakes were made, but at least I’ve learnt from them and I know, what to do next time.

When you are being nice to people, it doesn’t mean that the other party is obliged to be nice to you as well. You know why? Because they don’t know the meaning of treat others as how you want to be treated.

Encik Rizal and Tan Kean Jie receiving his FULL ATTENDANCE certificate [Please don’t believe me, please don’t believe me it’s seriously a joke here!! =P].

There was a quite funny incident that happened to me back in Lower 6, the early days that is. Miss Heng told us to see her if we want to buy the textbooks and included that we are to bring our money along, so it’s like, no money no talk la.

Seeing that I did not bring money on the day the announcement was made, I decided to buy it the next day. So the next day, during recess, I walked to the staffroom alone [Yes, that time I tengah anti-KHS], along the stairs, I met Miss Heng and I DID NOT recognize her [Have been sleeping in her class so I don’t recognize her =P].

Miss Heng: Where are you going?

Me: [Who are you la -_-…] Uhh, I’m going to see Miss Heng to buy the textbook.

Miss Heng: Oh. Come.

Me: [Wa, why so nice one! =D Good, good, I can boast to Ee Jane that I tak sesat for once].

Miss Heng: *Walks to her table and took out the books* How many copies do you need?

Me: [Wa, this teacher is so daring! Simply take from Miss Heng table, must blog about it!!!] Uhh, just one will do =D.

Then I happily took the book and went back to class only to see her walking in my class and I was trying to hide myself.

AJK Majlis Graduasi 2009.

KHS is a place which I would call as my second home. It’s strange though ’cause I’ve never once called Convent as my second home. In fact, Convent has been a school which I have been dying to get out ever since I was 10 and only manage to leave that school 7 years later. How sad.

In Convent, I only treasure selected friends whom I love and care with all my heart and as for the rest, they can do whatever they want and it’s absolutely non of my business because I don’t like them and it’s not like they like me as well.

In KHS, I felt like I was accepted for who I am and that I felt appreciated in KHS! πŸ˜€ Never once in my whole school life, I felt this appreciated for the things that I have done because back in Convent, my life was like uhh… haha, if I tell you the truth, you wouldn’t believe me at all I think =P [Hint: Teachers, prefects]

Some nonsense that Viven and I argued over back in Lower 6.

There is absolutely no point being nice to certain people. Because first of all, they won’t appreciate it and they will definitely misuse it thinking that it will always be there. There are a few friends in KHS whom I know to be just like that and I was, extremely disappointed with them.

Two of them did realized that the privilege was taken away from them and some, were still in their slumber thinking that it’s always gonna be there. To people like that, one day you are gonna wake up realizing that you’ve lost a diamond while you are too busy collecting stones [Quote Michelle 6AG in the graduation book].

When reality hits you, it’s gonna painful. But I truly believe that you are never going to wake up and realize that.

Sharon and Kamal in the car, listening to music =P.

Kamal loves singing. Trust me, he has this habit of singing part a song whenever he sees me or Nano. Once, he blocked my way and sung this song:

I like girls, they like me…

[Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes]

And he was like dancing there somemore! Then in return I laughed and said- Yea, I like you too Kamal and walks in the class and he continue singing and dancing and I just tak layan because that is just so Kamal and after sometime when he realized that I am not layan-ing him much, he will merajuk like this:

Ish Sammy tak nak layan takpe. I pergi cari yang lain.

And in return I’ll shout across the corridor like this:

Whatever you say I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

And he will grin and betul-betul pergi kelas lain untuk cari yang lain. Wuwuwu! T.T =P

Sam, Kamal.

Once he kept on bugging Nano to be his girlfriend and obviously she tak layan la ahaha, if she layan ah, then she is not Nano . So after school, he was chasing Nano down the stairs asking Nano to be his girlfriend then this Nano being a Nano, terus jalan tak layan.

Then Kamal realized that he must do something so he shouted:

Aliff! Help me to get Wei Qi.

Aliff and I.

And Aliff was being a good friend, he went in front of Nano and knelt down in front of a lot, yes seriously a lot of students [School just ended that’s why] and proposed to her bagi pihak Kamal! Nano pulak tak terharu langsung, terus jalan only. Aih… Nano, be grateful that you have such a romantic proposal compared to all of us in KHS =P

Random Stuffs

This is one of the place where I spend my time going online back in the early days of Lower 6 [Shhh! =P ] and one of the place where Nano and I got a phobia of uhh… passing by!

Whenever you ponteng kelas, just go to the bowling alley and you will see some of your friends there as well. Yes, the baju pink one is Farid the pengawas who is just uhh… the same as all of us =P

This is Yin Ying and I! We are both in the month of March! =D And she is… a day older than me =P Ahaha! And her personality is… the opposite of mine! =| Mana boleh? Our difference is uhh, one day only!

Everyone, this is Pebaraj who… terpaksa pose for my camera while he was busy trying to solve the Rubric’s cube. There is like this Rubric’s cube disease in KHS for a period of time.

This is the election for the new committee member of PT6 next year. Seeing this reminded me we are all leaving school soon and honestly, PT6 was one of the best club I was ever in! No regrets! πŸ™‚

Once Kamal SMS-ed me in a rather serious tone like this- Sam, I need your help. And I was shocked and replied in a hurry, apologizing for my late reply and see see, that’s his reply -_-… Adoi!

Mints to keep us awake in boring lessons.

Filter paper.

We are doing this experiment which required us to fold the filter paper until it looks like that, like a fan la =P. And you know what, Ooi Jie or Praki said that I fold until not nice. Then I told them that they can never do any better than me [Guys what ahaha! =P].

So then they felt challenged and decided to pick up one and fold as well. Fold until 3/4 way, they just walk off ahaha because they realized that mine is nicer than theirs. Okay fine, Nano and LeiKen fold until much, much better than mine >=( I told you I’m not artistic!!

Once Chen Wai told me that I was a naughty girl 😦 Then I said I’m not and told him to look at my halo and macam itu dia reply aku 😦

Then he came to his senses that the halo is a real one. Eh, I know what are you thinking!! I didn’t force him to say so one. Believe me, I didn’t reply him after this SMS and after a few hours :D…

There that’s right! My halo is a real one =P

This is one of the place where I used to wait every morning before the assembly starts. This is also one of the place where I made more friends from different classes and to think about it, it has been such a long time and last year, seems like yesterday.

The Last Day Of STPM

On the last day of STPM, Nano, Sin Yee and I along with Caitlynn and Wei Sy Woof Pico tagged along to snap photos around the school. Yea, it was kinda tiring and the weather is bloody hot but the result is super satisfying πŸ˜€ Ahaha! Like exams, only MUCH better =P

Masa exam, kena senyap la :D…

After exam, nah, that is my face, yes, the paper is easy or hard, that’s my face expression and again, I looks overexcited as usual ahaha! =P Tell you what, my face expression can scare people one okay.

Just imagine everyone walking out of the hall looking gloomy and with their confidence rolled flat and imagine them seeing that muka excited of mine =D They are gonna think that the paper is bloody easy for me. So jangan tertipu =P Looks can be VERY, VERY deceiving =P.

During Maths T Paper 2, I find the need to use the loo and happen to find the nearest girl’s toilet was locked, who the hell is so smart to lock it up huh?! So in the end, I told myself there is no time to waste to I decided to just use the guy’s toilet and when I walked in, I felt my hair standing at its end -_-.

I feel very seram. The whole place was dark and stinky. The cubicle doors are all broken, the sink is in a… terrible state and when I saw a cubicle with a door, I was like, right this is it, desperate need calls for desperate measures. I smiled and walked in only to run out of the toilet -_-

It’s quite dark actually but I don’t know why my camera snap photos extra bright one. Yea, my camera must be as bright as I am =D

You see the mangkuk tandas, okay whatever you call that, is uhh all dark. Like in those ghost movie where a hand will suddenly muncul or two eyes staring at you or whatever I’M JUST NOT USING IT SO I RAN OUT because a spider muncul in front of me of the blue -_-

I’m not afraid of spiders but I don’t like things popping out in front of me at scary places. So I went to the female teacher’s toilet only to see it locked as well [I HATE KHS FOR MISTREATING THE GIRLS’ RIGHT TO USE THE LOO!!!] and have to then proceed to the furthest female toilet in KHS at the tapak perhimpunan.

Uhh, what an adventure. I must write a story about it; The Adventure Of In Search For The Right Toilet In KHS, might be the bestseller one day you wait and see .

We went for an adventure in the male’s toilet and huh, see, we have to cover our nose or else we will die I tell you. Caitlynn did not cover her nose and when she went out, she was gasping for air and said- I tried to not breathe inside.

Ahaha! But still, the smell is… unbearable and I think KHS layak to masuk some record book for being able to produce such smell -_-

We went back to class and then Yohen came and went to the back room of 6AE.

To take back the ball and pick up sticks ahaha! =P

And Yohen left the pick up sticks under one of the table for the 6AE/2010. Eh, it’s a warisan harta pusaka you know! Must jaga betul-betul one =P Make good use of it =P

Sin Yee, Nano, Sam at the top of KHS =P

Beautiful eyelashes. I want =(…

And you know what, if you have a twin, then you have them… for a reason and please excuse my unladylike-ness :D…

Tengok Nano and I, jump for God knows how many times also like that. It’s either Pico is a lousy photographer or Nano and I tak ngam [CANNOT BE WHAT! =( ]

One take and it’s done =|

Nice le =P I snap one you know! =P

Tengok all the kaypoh-s [Yohen, Saravana and Raja Nayi] =P They are actually looking at this:

Saw Nano and Pico on the tree?! Wait, nah:

That’s me at the bottom of the tree πŸ˜€ Haha! Can you see the 3 kaypoh-s at the back there? =P Eh, eh, not I don’t want to climb ah, I’m wearing baju kurung that’s why!! πŸ˜€



The different ways of reaching a destination =P

Called siblings for a reason.

BYE STPM!!! πŸ˜€

That’s why… Don’t eat so much or else you will end up jumping like me -_-

Nano, Sam, Sin Yee πŸ˜€

Eh, did you all know that KHS got 3 new statues you know? Don’t know le, baru dibuat one you know. It’s okay, I’ve snapped the photos for you all to see =D See la I’m so kind don’t want you all to be outdated =D Faster say thank you!! πŸ˜€
















Statue Pelajar Harapan :D!

Statue You Must Always Study

Statue You Lazy Also You Must Study

How?! πŸ˜€ Nice le =P


Now I am currently listening to There You’ll Be by Faith Hill and the truth here is, I wish I could see everyone in KHS again. Simply because, I miss all of you already. Somehow, I know, one day we are gonna go on with life and forget about each other and eventually distance away though I know, distance could actually strengthen certain relationship :)…

In KHS, all of us have many friends and there will be friends that we are closer to to and friends whom we consider as our best friend and yea, we just categorize friends into many categories [Like close friends, not so close friends etc]. I’m not trying to offend anyone here so please read the following paragraphs with an open heart. If you feel offended in any way, then I am sorry but I can’t do anything about it.


There are two friends in KHS [Sorry, people who left KHS halfway will not be counted =P, I only kira those who walk through the full journey with me] whom I treasure the most. Okay, I treasure everyone but then, just, I am much closer to this two friends in KHS [Not everyone is close to me in KHS la okay and you don’t see me feeling offended about that -_-, understand? Okay, faham tak faham malas nak layan dah =| ].

I’m sure most of you could guess one of them but the other person, will be a rather unexpected one πŸ™‚ But here it goes:

Wei Qi


Tan Kean Jie

πŸ™‚ Not because both of them are Libra ah. But because this two, have touched my heart in many ways [In a friendship way] and have always been there for me throughout my ups and downs.

Though I know Kean Jie doesn’t keep any best friends, but still, he is one of the friends in school whom I treasure the most because you have yet to know what a great and wonderful friend he can be πŸ™‚ Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

And as for Wei Qi, she is someone in Convent whom I don’t take any notice of and a girl on my first day of class who tries to be friendly with me and I was trying to ignore her and now, she is like my sister! πŸ™‚ Just, read everything about her here.

Another chapter of my life had come to an end and I am extremely happy and grateful to have a happy ending to it and to close the chapter with a big grin on my face and to close it with the two best friends that I have found in KHS :).

Finding for a true best friend is never once an easy task. Honestly speaking, I did not go searching for them but… they are both just God sent πŸ™‚ and will definitely be the two new person whom I will treasure for the rest of my life :D.


12 responses to “The Last Day Of STPM

  1. Comment 1:

    Ahaha, i suka the phrase the light is from your own halo XD!!!

    No lah! If the horse make u drop down, janganlah baling the horse away!! You gotta tame it!! Habis rugi kalau buang terus 0.o

  2. hello, full attendance? full ponteng got la!
    love de ms.heng part de most! hope she reads dat! yor.. how can u.. so embarrassing! HAHA!
    dun rmbr de proposal part /tt
    love de 3rd statue a lot!! +de photo caption
    wuahaha… laugh a lot dis post.. but sum part suddenly get so emo.. =.=
    Weisy : not dat i’m not a good photographer.. becuz we’re better jumpers! HA! HA! *bluekkkkkk

  3. i like d 3 statues too XD sigh.. damn ur so gonna miss ur f6 u know.. n u juz made me miss my class :'(… we had a lot of laughs but i was lucky (nearly) every classmate was great.. but i still prefer my f5 no doubt.. XD

  4. convent shaped me.. so, still love convent too! πŸ˜›
    forgotten to add: I miss all of our frens too!!!
    -should really ask everyone out one day

  5. Another long long imba post! ❀
    Did u cry on the last day? did u did u? =3

  6. Comment 2:
    Aku sudah baca habis!!

    “When reality hits you, it’s gonna painful. But I truly believe that you are never going to wake up and realize that.”

    Aku suka ini phrase, reminds me of some people too =D

    And aku love the gambars!!! =D & Kamal is so funny =D

  7. tumbler!

  8. love the 3 statues! haha. damn geli la the jamban =.=

  9. Ee Jane: tame the horse? la, dont waste time ahaha! πŸ˜€ reminded me of many people actually the phrase! some people just need a good knock on their head =P ahaha! πŸ˜€ and kamal is mmg funny! too bad you didnt get to know him in person 😦 !

    Wei Qi: if ms heng ever reads that is =P of course u love the 3rd statue ’cause im the statue ahaha! =P convent uhh… tak nak kutuk πŸ˜€ =P

    Wei Sy: eh eleh =P

    Helen: πŸ˜€ ahaha, the statue photos are nano’s idea! πŸ˜€ i miss my form 6 life already and missing it more than form 5 life =P ahaha =P

    Carson: nope i didn’t cry! im a strong girl! =P

    Kean Jie: yes la ur beloved tumbler =P

    Ching Yin: glad that you love them! πŸ˜€ -hugs-!! πŸ˜€ mmg pun geli -_- tengok pun tak berani nak guna -_-

  10. I’m going to miss the guys’ toilet one day because there’s no other toilet that is more smelly than KHS one. Haha… One day someone should give award to this toilet. Haha…

  11. Ee Hahn: if someone actually suggest it eh =P

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