My Sister

When you have something, you’ll never appreciate it till you lose it. Yea, this statement is very true. When we have something, we’ll never appreciate it and when we don’t have it, we’ll envy others.

In life, most of my friends have siblings and sometimes, we complain about our siblings and when we argue with them, we will wish that they would disappear and not appear in front of us anymore though deep down, we don’t mean it at all.

Ferlynne is my younger sister and she is also the most serious one among the three of us. Just like Cassandra, when she was young I never once took notice of her and in fact I think I’ve ignored her my whole life because it’s like this:

I wake up, I see you.

I go to school, I see you.

I come home to have lunch, I see you.

I take a nap, you are beside me.

When I wake up, you are either beside me or standing by the door screaming at me to wake up and have my dinner.

When I am bathing, I hear your voice talking outside or you are sitting on the bed, reading some magazines or listening to music.

When I want to sleep, you are on the same bed as me.

When I wake up, I see you AGAIN!

It was till I went for National Service and gosh, that was when I began to miss all of them including her. I miss the way she would wake me up in the morning for school and get pissed off with me when I am slow and late and I miss the way she will glare at me when I piss her off by playing the same music the whole day on my computer and especially songs that are very, very slow and sad hahahahahahaha! πŸ˜€

So after National Service, it was when I learn how to appreciate her presence in my life.

Cake from Secret Recipe- Pecan Butterscotch.

We have been in the same school ever since kindergarten and now, she is too in Kajang High School. When she first arrived, I introduced her to almost all my friends and you know what, menyesal saya introduce dia! Because, like this:

Case 1

Me: Eh this is my sister!! *Big grins*

Ferlynne: *Probably feeling awkward*

LeiKen: Ooo, don’t looks like you hehe!

Me: Pretty right?! πŸ˜€

LeiKen: Yea, prettier than you *Grins*

Me: -______- I hate you LeiKen! T.T

LeiKen: *Grins*

Case 2

Ferlynne and I were in the class because we skipped assembly la πŸ˜€ Then Tiam Foo, Wei Siang, Soon Seng and Soon Peng were in class as well but they paid no attention to us because they are busy talking.

After Ferlynne left…

Wei Siang: Eh just now that girl ah, who is that? Your friend or cousin?

Me: My sister la!


Me: Introduce before already la!

Tiam Foo: Ya la, told you all before already that her sister is prettier than her.


Soon Peng: You… You should introduce to me! *Straightens his tie* I’m still single *Beams*

Me: -____________-… Fine. Fine. =|

Whenever I introduce her as my sister, people will stare at us and they doubt if we are ever siblings because we don’t look alike at all and even our personality are the opposite though our horoscopes are compatible hahaha! =P

After I pick my clothes for shopping or whatever, I’ll seek her for advice and in return, she’ll hunt for accessories from the little cabinet where I keep all my accessories when she needed one. So we help each other la that’s the conclusion πŸ˜€ Haha!

Whenever I go shopping with her, it’s like this:

Me: Ooooooo, look at that pretty dresssss! *Shining eyes*

Ferlynne: See the price first.

Me: *Flips price tag* Oh so expensive; RM200++.

Ferlynne: Don’t buy and don’t try. Go see other things better.

Me: -_-… =(

Ferlynne: What? Not like you try already you can buy right?!

Haih, if I go alone ah, I’ll try for fun =P Haha!

Both of us have difference liking for clothes though we share all our clothes. She dresses appropriately for every event and always ensures that she doesn’t overdress in any way. And I am the opposite, I try my best to dress up appropriately but if I happen to overdress, I will just go, oh why everyone wear until so simple and completely ignore everything and continue to have fun :D…

She is the most humble one among the three of us and she will never go out looking untidy and she is always very presentable; something which I have to learn =D… Haha! She enjoys watching movie and listening to music and hates it when I zoom to the maximum on her ugly photos just to laugh at her πŸ˜€

Photo hot and fresh from the oven today: The Cake Murderer.

Once in National Service, a question was asked in class which made everyone thought about it for the whole time in class. The question is, have we ever let our family know that we love them? Some people are egoistical in nature and will never let people that they care about them or love them with all they have.

And sadly, I happen to be one of them. I never like or wanted people to know that I care or love them. Initially I couldn’t figure out why but later on, someone in camp told me that it was ego and now, I accept that answer.

I’ve tried my best to change and to not be egoistical and I’ve learn how to show people that I do care and love them with all I have. And actually, letting the other party know that you do care and love actually do strengthen relationships :)…

So dearest Ferlynne…





12 responses to “My Sister

  1. Happy Birthday Ferlynne~ ^^

  2. Happy Birthday!!! take note on wat i wrote on facebook! dat phrase can be use for life!

  3. Sam, she mmg a lot prettier than u! πŸ˜›

  4. woww…. a post SPECIALLY for ur own sis, heyyy, not too bad of an elder sis u are huh? i never bought my big bro any stuff b4.. hmmmm

  5. Ee Jane: πŸ˜€

    Wei Qi: takpe takpe dia adik aku jugak! =P

    Brian: haha! yea specially for her! πŸ˜€ haha! what not too bad, very good already okay! πŸ˜€ =P hmm, make him a card?! =P wish him happy birthday?! πŸ˜€

  6. thanks for the wish, ee jane and wei qi! hehe

    ooh.. and thanks for the post sis! πŸ™‚

  7. haha, wont be happening i guess, anyway i love the cake murderer pic xP

  8. selamat hari jadi to u too!! xD

  9. didnt rmbr u to intro ur sis to me also? heh heh

  10. anyway, happy birhday ya Ferlynne. <–lazy check spelling.hope i got it right =P

  11. Happy belated birthday Ferlynne. Eh Samantha I like the conversation part when you introduced Ferlynne to your friends. Haha…

  12. Ferlynne: yes, u r thankful! =P

    Brian: haha! πŸ˜€ aiya, she is mmg a cake murderer what! =P

    Carson: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Kean Jie: i remember!! hmmph! all same respond one la! =P and yes, correct spelling =P

    Ee Hahn: ish!

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