The Reminiscence Of My Past: Life Back In Convent

After being a KHS student for about a year plus, I have forgotten how it is like to be a Convent girl again. Convent don’t seems to exist in my thoughts and mind anymore. Convent just seems like another place away, in another realm.

The other day, I accompanied Wei Qi to Convent primary school to do some registration stuffs for her youngest sister and when I walked into Convent [The primary and secondary school is just next to each other], I remembered what Wei Qi once told me:

You don’t forget, Convent is where you met ALL your best friends that you have today!

We walked into the back gate [Which they made it much bigger RIGHT AFTER I left school! *Fumes*] and there, all the memories of my life back in Convent came flooding through… And so, I looked back at all my old photos in Convent and gosh, I miss the good old times and friends in Convent.

Yes Nano, now I miss Convent.


Back in Convent, we are always bounded by the school rules as long as we are in the school compound and don’t ever dream about coming late to school for more than 3 times or not wearing your name tag or school badge for more than a week after school reopens.

Because from the moment you walk into the school compound, at the school gate, the prefects will be there to greet you with their hawk eyes to see if you properly attired [Ribbons etc] to enter the school, or else, get your names written in their book [For real, not like the one that Black Jack in KHS owns] if you break any school rules and bla bla bla you know the whole boring and annoying process.

And today… I’ll tell you about my life back in Convent πŸ™‚ Not all, but a very small part of it.

I’m not gonna tell you about my primary school life, I still remember vividly certain events and what made me cried and what made me laugh though I may be very young to remember anything. But you know, some things, they just stay in your memory and it requires a ERASE ALL HISTORY button [Like the one in Mozilla Firefox] for me to forget about it.

So for people who knows about it, good for you, if not, then it’s okay, we’ll save it for some other day when I miss my primary school life [Which is rather unlikely =P].

If every friends were to represent a part in my life’s Venn diagram in Convent secondary school, Ee Jane plays the biggest part. Because I was stuck with her [For good hahaha! =P] ever since Form 1. Life would have very dull back then without her existence.

You know what, back in Lower 6, I really, really, really miss her a lot that even when I walk to the canteen on the first day of school, I felt like… crying because I missed her so, so, so much and okay, I forgot, this is actually for another post, so skip πŸ˜€ !

One of my favourite subject back then is PJK, because we get to go to the field. Yes, I know I don’t play anything but then I get to sit down and chit chat, exchange news and gossip [Hahaha! Kutuk-ing KHS boys and the boys who irritated Zaharah and I in the KHS bus and read all about it here].

And I remember if they are playing basketball or any balls, I’ll stay far, far, far away because I don’t want to break my spectacles [Did you know that each time I play basketball or volleyball, the ball LIKES to hit me straight on my face?! >=( ] and I don’t want to lose my memory and balance [And the ball likes to hit me directly at the back of my head/spine whenever I sit near the court]

I tell you what, bola-s and I are match made enemies ever since I’m born πŸ˜€ Yes, that must be the reason why!! No, I’m not lousy in sports πŸ˜€ I run… marathon run!! πŸ˜€

And if you intend to record them playing or anything, don’t need la, because they will all gather and pose for your camera and then continue playing semangat-ly πŸ˜€

Zaharah and Sin Yee.

I love PJK exam! Haha, because no one [Except Zaharah] reads the book and it’s always the last paper! πŸ˜€ And the everytime PJK exam routine is like this:

Me: *Chit chatting with Ee Jane, Ching Yin and whoever wants to join*

Zaharah: *Reading, memorizing whatever she can cram in*

After a few glorious minutes…

Zaharah: Eh Sam, no need to read ah?? *Holding a book and pencil*

Me: No. What for?? What is there to read, are you mad hahaha! =P *Continue chit chatting, completely ignoring the stressed up woman*

Zaharah: Eh benci la so many things to read. Are you stress??!

Me: No and relax la, it’s all objective!!

Zaharah: NOOOOOO! Who says so?! Got structure also!!

Me: *Shocks* WHAT????!! Eh Zaharah say got structure, die, we didn’t even read anything! *Panics* Who got bring book?! Alamak why now only you say!! *Super panic*

Ching Yin: Eh, answers provided one la teacher say, neh, you know, fill in the blanks *Grins*

Me: Oh is it? Then don’t care la. You ah don’t simply scare people okay! *Ignores Zaharah and continue with our conversation :D…*

Zaharah: I HATE YOU! YOU AND YOUR STUPID RELAXING ATTITUDE!! *Walks away and continue to stress up herself* HAIYA! No one is reading! I don’t want to read already la!

Ah yes, this is the after recess class cleanliness comments by the prefects. Yea, nothing must be on your table, not even your water bottle and you must even empty the dustbin before you leave the class, switch off the fans and lights and bla bla bla, just make sure that the whole class is clean, neat and looks empty [Hahaha!].

And this reminds me, every time the duty roster is out, Ee Jane and I are always on duty on the same day! Seems like they realized that if they put us on different days we will probably just walk out of the class and not do anything properly about it because we are so degil like that la =P

This is Ee Jane, Puan Tan and I! πŸ˜€ Puan Tan taught us Mathematics back in Form 3 and you know what, she enjoys calling Ee Jane in class to do the questions on the board πŸ˜€ I don’t know why, she must love her more than me =P Haha!

And when Ee Jane goes to the front, Puan Tan will keep an eye on me to make sure that I don’t give her any hint or answer [Because you cannot bring your calculator in front and sometimes you will feel so malas to count 641 x 3, yes count :D]

This is one of Zaharah mak datin’s plastic bag which she claims as one of her most high class plastic bag. I tell you what, there’s one era of her school life, where she brought huge white plastic bag to school and that’s where she keep all her school books and stationaries and we used to make fun of her out of it and she says only high class people bring plastic bag around the school.

She have this black school bag but she keep all sort of conteng-ed paper and unused plastic in it and she never takes anything out of that bag in school so God knows why she brought that bag la. Yes, this must be her idiosyncrasy just like how Praki Boy’s school bag must always sit on the poster paper in class and don’t even go near it or terkena it with your shoe because his bag must be clean =D

I hate the canteen sinks! Because it’s always so dirty, oily and blocked with water with chilli and all sort of stuffs -_- Sometimes, I rather walk to the toilet to wash my hand.

And I tell you what, the sinks in the canteen are annoying because if one sink at the other end is open, then the pressure on the next sink is very low and see see right, it drips out water drop by drop and then someone closes the sink and then suddenly all the water WILL spurt out and wet your pinafore and that’s why it’s so annoying.

All the kiasu-s of Zamrud class.

I think this one needs no elaboration.

This is yellow house Sport’s Day banner! πŸ™‚ Much nicer than KHS one la I tell you. To read more about KHS Sport’s Day, click here.

Aerobic dance or something like that :D… I tell you what, in Convent, Sport’s Day is like a very, very big event and okay, actually any event in school is a big event and the students will rush to sign up for performances la, help teachers la and do anything la for the event.

In KHS, no one gives a shit and if teacher ask for participation, ini macam:


No answer from the students :D…

Behind the teachers:

Student A: Sure ah the whole day got this event only??

Student B: Ya ya, whole day the event only.

Student A: Walao sure very boring one I’m not coming to school tomorrow!

Student B: Me too! My whole class all pakat to ponteng already.

Kesian KHS ada students like Student A and B [Actually sometimes I’m also one of them]


Okay you know what, this part, off topic, takde kena-mengena with the title anymore because I lost the inspiration =O

Thoughts That Crossed My Mind Right Now:

Top L-R: Jamie, Ai Leng, Ee Jane, Sam

Bottom L-R: Wey Lu, Camilla

Recently, I thought back about all my friends back in Convent again. I wonder what are they doing right now, how are they doing, are they fine, do they have a boyfriend now or if they are enjoying life right now or if they do remember me?

A scene that we don’t see in KHS.

In Convent, I’ve made friends and lost friends. Though people say, when you lose something, you’ll gain something else in return. But I tell you what, I don’t like losing friends though yes, there are a few people in Convent whom I don’t mind losing at all.

I miss her doing that face expression.

You know, sometimes in school, when I sit down alone quietly, I wish my best friends in Convent are with me. I wonder if life in KHS would be any better with them around.

I wonder how different things would be with them around. I wonder if they still miss me sometimes like how sometimes in school I miss them a lot because I just remember how we distance away and how even when we see each other online, we just keep quiet and ignore because we don’t know what to say.

Isn’t that sad?

When I listen to the song A Place For Us by Leigh Nash and Tyler James, it reminded me of two friends and things became ugly and turned upside down. I don’t know whose fault it was, but I know the theme to it all was either a betrayal, misunderstanding, jealousy or anger.

Beautiful things can get pretty scary at times. Sometimes, when things looks beautiful, it is actually the ugliest thing ever. Just like how the one who gives you the best first impression is the one who leaves the worst impression ever.

When I look back at my old Convent photos, I felt like I wanted to be back to Convent again, so that I’ll be together with them and spend more time together. But then it struck me that there is one new best friend in KHS whom I am not willing to let go.

Because if I am really given a chance to go back to the year 2006-2007, then I have to lose this best friend because back then, we are invisible to each other and sometimes, I still gawk in midair on how we turned into best friends.

Will it come a day where our hair are all white and we realized that we are just too far away? I don’t know but I hope this wouldn’t happen at all. As naive as it sounded, but I just think that friends are one of the best thing that one could ever have in life.

I took things for granted back in Convent. Back then, Ching Yin, Ee Jane and I said that we’ll go to Form 6 so I always think that I’ll always have them. Everyone knows that Zaharah and Ai Leng will never go to Form 6. So it’s a fact that in the end, we’ll never end up being together.

But what shocks me the most is, after SPM result was released, Ching Yin and Ee Jane decided to go college and I was stranded alone in National Service [Thank God for Yan Yee] and Form 6. It was then, when I felt like as if I’ve lost them and worst of all, I’m not prepared to lose them when I go to Form 6 and this really, really upsets me a lot even by typing this makes me feel like crying T.T

I didn’t blame anyone for anything that happened, I blame myself for taking things for granted; thinking that it will always be there.

Some people say I hold on too tightly to things that I treasure. Yea, I agree too but that’s me and that’s who I am and that’s what makes me different.

Even now in KHS, there is just one friend that I am not willing to let go. You know how you are willing to lose every single friend except that particular friend? Yea, something like that.

I still remember on the last day of SPM, I went home happily. As in really, really, really happily because SPM is over and I can do whatever I want. But then, let me tell you something, on the last day of SPM, I hugged a lot of people and deep down, there was this rueful feeling of not being able to know them better anymore.

Woof and Meow.

People say, becareful of what you wish for. Yea it’s true. I remember on the last day of SPM [Don’t ask me why do I remember so many things clearly, because I JUST remember because some things are just glue in your memory for life], when I saw Wei Sy and Wei Qi, I was like yea… I’m not gonna see them sleeping anymore.

Then when I walked away, I remember thinking- if only I am given a chance to know more about them.

Haha! And you know what happen next.

Sometimes, when a vase breaks, though we glue it back, we know where is the fissure. The strangest thing is, sometimes I don’t even understand the word friendship. Some people promise you to be friends forever, but then their actions contradicts and this makes me upset big time.

Sometimes I don’t even understand myself, I wonder if I didn’t treat people well enough or am I being too defensive towards myself and friends? Am I being ignorant and temperamental that it scares people away?

She covers her nose because she say she don’t want us to feel small beside her hidung mancung. Prasan punya perempuan!

Some say I am the strangest and most unpredictable person ever. What does it take to be a best friend? What does it take to be considered as the greatest friend ever?

Form 5 graduation robes rented from KHS.

If you know that you are left with just a day on earth, what will you do?

My answer is that I’ll let everyone whom I hold closely in my heart to know how much I love and treasure them though I may not show it out and I’ll tell them how special they are to me in my life and they’ve made my life muchΒ  more colourful.

What about you?


12 responses to “The Reminiscence Of My Past: Life Back In Convent

  1. = = be strong!!
    u noe, we’re not gonna end up in the same uni for degree, and different work place sommor.

    haha, siapalah suruh us become so opposite poles =P

  2. haha! no matter how far ur frens are, u can always make a phone call to ask “how r u?”
    good dat u appreciate ur frens! hope everyone appreciate u as how u appreciate them too πŸ˜€

  3. dun worry, ur not my strangest n most unpredictable fren.. ive more who r even less predictable n stranger.. n believe me, wen u fin f6 n seperate from wat lil frens u had in f6 2 go 2 uni, it gets tougher emotionally.. haiz.. dats life..

  4. That’s why I say KHS is better. No rules. Haha…

  5. nice memory back there, much better than mine it seems..
    and wow, such skema skool of convent.. kinda same like jalan empat lol

  6. I know I said this for almost every convent related posts, but I’m gonna say it again.
    I’m missing highschool days~ =P

  7. i miss those days =(

  8. Ee Jane: kita dipisahkan because they know we are gonna great things together. so to avoid jealousy among some ppl, we are separated =P

    Wei Qi: yea i know, but the thing is, i just don’t like saying goodbye. but, one can never move on without closing and leaving the chapters behind =|

    Helen: sigh! even the thought of the last day of school makes me feel like im gonna miss them forever =| but forever seems like a very big word to use =P

    Ee Hahn: have to agree with it la sometimes =P

    Brian: blog about urs one day! πŸ™‚ sometimes u may think that there is no nice memories, but when you blog abt it, there’ll be one πŸ™‚ the grass is always greener at the other side of the world or something like that… :D…

    Carson: this is the last yr of my high school life! 😦

    Ching Yin: *high 5-s*

  9. sentimental value still being kept ,indeed it was really a nice memory when we can recall back ,the sweet n sour .i wish i could have that similar memory ,but all thoose memory were gone beacause the sentimental pic is no where to be found ,sob2

  10. Farid: this year form 6 snap more photos and then can blog abt it!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  11. hey there, i happen to visit ur blog now and then. n i hope it’ll flatter you that i’ve shed some tears just reading some of ur posts πŸ˜› lots of the things you write about reflects alot on my schooling days & friends as well. thanks πŸ™‚ pre-u wil end soon, so wishing u a good uni life ahead! πŸ˜‰ all d best for stpm.

  12. Terri: hello there! πŸ˜€ we’ve met each other in school [if you remember! πŸ˜€ =P] but just didn’t layan only la haha! πŸ˜€ and yes, yes it flatters me a lot that you actually shed some tears by just reading some of my posts! =P hehehehe! πŸ˜€ -HUGS!- πŸ˜€

    and thank you for visiting and reading my blog now and then! πŸ˜€ -hugs!- πŸ˜€ and thank you very much for the wonderful wishes, i do need them a lot =P πŸ˜€ hehe! πŸ˜€

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