Happy Times In KHS III

So hello again to share about some of my happy moments in KHS! 😀

Yea, we are crazy according to Sim Ooi Jie 😀 Same watch and same rubber band 😀 😀

2nd October 2009

Nah, for everyone who haven’t seen the new renovated school hall, here it is, nothing much la, looks newer only. They repainted the walls and put tiles OUTSIDE the hall only. Yes correct, that means the floor INSIDE the hall still the cement one.

So we actually have this Maljis Anugerah Ko-kurikulum Dan Anugerah Pelajar Impian Hati this year. Yes, the same one as I attended last year and met Tan Wai Kian along with Sage =P

This is Nano who sleeps everywhere and this is her, sleeping during all the long, long speeches =| But this year the speech by the VIP was not that long la, counted as QUITE GOOD and boleh tahan already compared to last year one and the one at the Karnival Kerjaya [This one can seriously make you pull your hair one -.-]

Yea, actually right, all the maljis can end much, much earlier without all the speeches [which no one listen] and performances.

The performance. The singing was not too bad honestly 😀 compared to mine that is… =S Haha!

And this is me before receiving the prize with my pink IKO biscuit packet!! 😀 It’s cute isn’t it?! 😀 Yes correct, Nano sleeps the whole time and I eat the whole time [No wonder I didn’t slim down T.T].

And oh, to my right, that’s Sage, chattering non-stop [YES NON-STOP] to Denisha and to the left, the annoying boys who cannot stop kicking my chair and sticking stickers on us.

Nasi ayam as usual.

And bla bla bla, lucky draw bla bla bla, the end 😀 It’s a happy event because we went for Chemistry class after that.

6th October 2009

Which is Mr. Tan Kean Jie’s birthday and the day we went karaoke-ing and terserempak with Ooi Jie and his girlfriend and I don’t know who else.

Our lunch!! 😀 As usual, I think I eat and drink more than I sing =P Ya ya I know I’m not the best karaoke companion in the morning -_-

Yan Yee! She must be really stress after trials =|…

We looks so emo. Must be singing some emo songs.

Dancing Queen :D… Okay, I think, Nano is the only semangat one =S

They sing…

We snap photos and don’t attempt to act cute ’cause we are already cute enough 😀 And don’t comment anything about my looks -.-, I looks like… I’ve just woke up or something =|

Sin Yee, Nano and I.

Sin Yee, Nano showing off her birthday present [The Bag] from Yan Yee and Sin Yee and Yan Yee! 😀

Did you all realize that Nano and I are wearing the same T-shirt?! 😀 That’s my birthday present to her this year!! 😀

And… Happy Halloween! 😀 Whenever it is! 😀 😀


Earlier on, I was surfing the net and randomly Google-ed Taylor Swift [Because I love her!!] and happen to read about a news about her break up with Joe Jonas.

Taylor Swift!! ❤ 😀

Yes, I know! It’s an old story and I’ve not read it before. The whole thing actually made me go ooooo and ohhhh now I knooooww! But then usually when I read something about whoever is going to divorce or whatever, I’ll just read and not believe 100% because sometimes, there will be some behind the scene scenes that you will never ever know.

❤ !!

The part of the article that made me laugh for a moment was this:

… she holds up a Joe Jonas doll and says, “See, this one even comes with a phone, so he can break up with other dolls.” [They broke up over the phone] Then she holds up a blond doll and warns it, “Stay away from him, OK?”

Click here to read more.

And I went HAHAHA for a moment, yea I know it’s not funny if you are the one involved. Okay, now I think I know why people laugh when I say angry things, maybe I say something like that also.


9 responses to “Happy Times In KHS III

  1. oh oh! i rmbr de Karnival Kerjaya speech.. seriously… how lucky we r still alive!
    eh.. looks lik i syiok sendiri only in de room… /tt

  2. Wei Qi: memang pun lucky hahaha! 😀 😀 ya la, one day im gonna blog about all the boring speeches -_- haih! eh memang pun you syiok sendiri =P next time go in the evening and make sure the air cond not so cold, then i sing off key kau kau for you to dengar!! =P hahaha! 😀

  3. apa kaitan taylor swift dengan khs happy times =.=!

  4. Eh, taylor swift looks pretty in those photos, when I see her in TV or movies, her mata macam sepet and I thought she got the cina mata look.

  5. Eh Samantha first time see you wear so decent ah. Haha…

  6. lol, the 3 of you bought the same watch?

  7. u think d career month speech is long? ive been tru longer n more nerve wrecking 1s.. =.=.. i sing better den dem rite rite?? 😀 hahaha

  8. WHAT? taylor swift mata sepet??!
    *carrying Taylor Swift sepanduk*
    her eyes are the chun-est!

  9. Kean Jie: aiya, off topic a bit la haha! =P and eh, my eyes are the chun-est 😀 😀 ! =P

    Ee Jane: she is mmg pretty! 😀 but then she looks prettier because her photo is on my blog =P

    Ee Hahn: i will smash your head next wednesday! =| i am always very decently dressed up one okay! 😀

    Ching Yin: yeap! 😀

    Helen: this year one was really, really looooongg! =| everyone there was like going to go gila already -_- even the teachers can’t stand it -_-!! ya ya, you sing much much better than them! 😀 they should invite you to sing la!

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