A Small Part Of Her Life

EDIT: I’m so sorry for all the misunderstanding caused to all my friends/readers about the term SCHOOL [Yes, it is Sunday Class, something like school for Handsome Blogger?] in this post. It is partially my fault for not checking the terms clearly first before allowing it to be published. So, thank you Helen, for pointing it out! πŸ˜€ -Hugs!!- [Yes, this is Samantha! πŸ˜€ ]

And the second thing is, all post filed under guest bloggers, are heavily edited by me. So don’t feel surprise la like why every guest blogger is using the ~*~ symbol or whatever that sounds like me. I’m not trying to say that it’s my trademark or whatever, but then I’ll just explain because there is one friend of mine who was kinda confuse.


*Cough* Okay, here I am, the Handsome Blogger who FFK-ed the owner of this blog to blog a few weeks ago. Sorry la girl :P, nah, I compensate, this is the completed post :p.


So, everyone, hello! I am the Handsome Blogger, another close friend of Samantha. Everyone has been writing about Samantha and I am going to write about how Samantha and I knew each other. Everyone described Samantha in a happy and cheerful manner because that was how they first saw her as. And as for me, I’ve seen her in a totally different way πŸ™‚


There was this new girl who came to our school and when she walks into our class, there are just oohhh-s and ahhhh-s going around because they are curious of who is the new girl. I remember her first self introduction ever was this:


Ah, now you want to ask why did I remember it so well? =) It is because, she is the first girl in the class who walks in with her hair all tied up, wears a huge T-shirt with a pair of jeans and sandals. And she is also the first girl in our class which none of the guys are interested with her at all.

As usual, the teacher asked us to be friends with her and sure, no one did though she did try to mix around. And she sat down all by herself right at the back. She was teased, laughed at by some girls for no apparent reason [But now I think, it is because she is different], made fun of but still, she kept quiet and put on a neutral face expression as if it is something absolutely normal.

Trust me, if she’s ever in love with a guy in the class [I’m not sure?], and the guy happens to be her best friend and is dating someone else in class, it’s gonna fit part of the lyrics in You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift perfectly.

She wears short skirt, I wear T-shirts.

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers.

But now, we all know, Samantha wears short skirt and high heels :).

Samantha is the girl in class who does all her homework and had often get them done perfectly and she is always misunderstood by others because she doesn’t mix with anyone else. She just sits behind there all by herself, living away in her dream world and not talking to anyone else. Yea I know, unbelievable, but believe it.

I’ve never once approached her or to say hello to her because she have this very egoistical face expression which was automatically switched on when she entered the class after the first two weeks of school. And I always remember how when the teacher in class asked her to read from the book, she would read very nervously and so softly until you can’t actually hear her. So most of the time, she was made to read twice or thrice until she looks like she’s gonna cry anytime soon.

If we are all made to do a presentation, she would be the first in class to drop her jaws and then when the day comes, she will bumble, fumble and stumble her way through [It’s a wonder that she doesn’t skip classes]. I remember how she looked like when she was told that she should be like the other girls, who can speak with courage, confidence and eloquence.

I still remember her first presentation ever because it was like hmm… seeing a girl walking nervously to the front, staring at everyone [and most of the girls in turn giggle at her], trying to find her words and wondering what to say/what is there to present and in the end, being told off that she is definitely not made for public speaking or debate or anything like that and then everyone will look at her and she will just smile and walk back to her seat feeling all relieved that it’s all over.

When I tried to approach her, she’ll just walk away and she won’t even smile to me or anyone else in class. When I tried to talk to her, she’ll end it quickly and then go elsewhere alone. When I tried to pull her in our conversation, all she did was she gave us a smile, stood there and listen and did nothing else.

Every break time, everyone is with their own friends and she’ll sit down, all alone, reading and writing. When I approached her and asked if she wants to join us, she gave me a warm smile and said no. In fact, I wasn’t the only one who approached her. To sum it up, she rejected everyone’s offer to play a game or to talk.

It was until one day, where we had this compulsory school camp and for the very first time, she attended. And that was the very first time, I talked to her and that was after 2 years of observing her in class.

Me: Hey, do you need any help to carry your luggage?

Samantha: *Cold stares* No thank you. [Super cold respond]

Me: -.-!! Okay. Bye.

Samantha: Bye. [Super cold voice]

And the whole time in camp, she sat down alone and dream the day away. She refused to talk to anyone, when someone made fun of her, she’ll just keep quiet, sit down quietly and act dumb, as if no one has actually said something.

It was until one evening, when we are having dinner and I saw her sitting at a corner alone. It was then I walked over, sat in front of her and talked to her properly. Initially, it was obvious that she didn’t want to talk, but then later on, she sort of opened up a little :).

It is easy to understand her but the sad thing is, people just don’t take their time to understand her but to judge a book by its cover. I don’t mean everyone in that class is mean to her, just certain people ya know, but to her, it doesn’t matter anymore. Though she do talk to people sometimes, but you just know, she don’t belong to their group.

In the 3rd year, Samantha came as a transformed girl. She no longer wearΒ  huge T-shirt, jeans and sandals to class, but she wears short skirt and high heels :). Everyone in class was staring at her including me. She looks kinda awkward but sure, she looks good :). All the boys in class for once, turned their heads at her, but the girls in class made fun of her more than ever and I think that was the reason why she reverted back to her old style.

In the 5th year, on the first day of class, she came with a whole new image. She wear high heels higher than any other girls in class and no, shirt and skirt are not more revealing =) But, she is much prettier compared to when she first came to our school. She had more confidence then, but you know, she is still stumbling to find her words and courage to speak up.

She then remained and kept quiet in class. Until the 6th year, which is also the final year, we had one final camp and she came by force. I talked to her and realized that she was still rather reluctant to talk to me. But the whole time, I insisted that we both should talk and I thank God that I did; because I didn’t, we wouldn’t have been friends till today =).

Everyone that has written about Samantha, has seen her cheerful and bubbly side. But as for me, I have never seen her being cheerful and bubbly throughout my schooling life with her. If she laughs, it will just be for a few seconds and then she’ll have that neutral face expression again. Overall, in everyone’s opinion, Samantha is this girl who is not cheerful, hard to approach and egoistic and in my opinion, if they have been nicer to her, things wouldn’t end up tragically for her.

I remember in the camp, we are all given a piece of blank A4 paper and we have to write about how we feel on that piece of paper. We’ll then paste it on the wall so that everyone can read. Guess what, she pasted up a piece of empty paper and it was a shock to all the facilitators but no one said anything but to view her as a problematic and secretive girl.

I remember clearly, after that event, everyone was to take their bathe and go for dinner. After dinner, I saw her sitting down alone by the badminton court, watching the sun setting slowly. I sat beside her and she was surprise to see me. And this is our very first conversation:

Me: Hey, what are you doing here all alone?

Samantha: Nothing?

Me: So you want to join them over there? [I am referring to our classmates who are having their dinner]

Samantha: No, but go ahead if you want to.

Me: Actually, why is your A4 paper empty?

Samantha: Because it’s empty la.

And it was so obvious that she didn’t want to talk to me at all. So, throughout the whole camp in camp, she was actually all alone and you can be sure that she is the happiest person when the camp came to an end :)… Then, we both graduated and left the place.

I’ve never heard from her ever since and I saw her after a few months and we talked for 30 minutes [For your information, it was the longest record that she talked to anyone of us in class]. I was very surprise to know that she went for National Service [Hence, the disappearance]. When I told her that no one probably knows that she went for National Service, she replied curtly:

Good la.

What is so good, I don’t know :)… But then, when our conversation ended, I asked for her number, E-mail address and she added on with her blog URL and it shocks me a lot when I read her blog. It’s like WOW~ My classmate whom ever girls regard as snobbish and cried in camp a few times and the girl that never smiles is such a different person actually πŸ™‚

Then I know, she isn’t who I thought she was. We did find some time and chit chatted and I realized that she is actually a very nice person and as I get to know her, I get to know some of my classmates’ ugly side. When I ask her why didn’t she stand up for what she thinks is right, she just shrug it off and said:

Well, I’m used to it.

From what I’ve seen for myself and heard from her, I just realized that all this while she is just plainly and clearly hurt with what some people in class have done to her. Though she don’t appear to looks like one who will feel hurt just because you’ve ignored her, I think she does and I think she is just keeping quiet sometimes.

The other day I had a good chat with one of our schoolmate and when I mentioned Samantha’s name, she smiled and said – Yea, I remember her. The quiet quiet one in class, very hardworking, studious and umm… somewhat my friends and I don’t like her. And I never know why, but I can guess why.

Only this year, we became closer to each other and I get to know more about her; that is how I agree with what the other two friends of hers wrote about her πŸ™‚


And so, this is the story of Samantha πŸ™‚ A part of her life that perhaps no one has ever expected it to be.


10 responses to “A Small Part Of Her Life

  1. another ‘guest blogger’ hmm?
    Another story of sam too ;D

  2. Eh what kind of school lets you wear high heels??

  3. i think u r confusing a lot of readers.. assuming u meant ‘sunday skool’. coz from wat i know, she hav been studying in d same skool wif me n its deffinitely n all gals skool (minus sum half-half).. ya.. i know dat side of her.. tho not dat intensely coz we r of diff classes n ive my own set of problems wif my classmates too =.= but all in all, wat matter most, shes doing fine now, n we can all laugh at d other ‘problematic students’ from our respective classes coz dey r juz missing d fun we r having πŸ˜€ right sam? XD

  4. !! seriously can’t imagine u was lik dat! when izzit?? very long time ago or wat? yea, ur look when u r quite is super scary!
    -Nice title! XD

  5. she wears short skirts so short that i feel scared everytime i see her… praying that her skirt won’t fly up! XD

  6. i wanna know who is this handsome blogger!! =)

  7. woah… a very different side of her really… but, glad u r the SAM like u r now! hehe!
    yea lor bbyeo, guess maybe is ur “daddy” ? =D

  8. Carson: hie darling!! πŸ˜€

    Ee Hahn: explained by dear Helen! πŸ˜€

    Helen: thank you for pointing it out!! πŸ˜€ -hugs hugs!- πŸ˜€ and yes yes, we are having lotsa fun right now >=D especially last friday!! πŸ˜€ haha!

    Wei Qi: believe it la! =P it was a long long long time ago!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ apa scary -_- i am just so adorable :-” =P

    Glynn: ahem ahem! =D

    Ching Yin: ahh, all identity of guest bloggers will not be revealed =P wait la, one day i ask you to be!! =P

    Pikachu: ahem ahem, of course now better la! =P eh maybe you know! how come you are so creative!! πŸ˜€

    And okay, this is my first comment about this post. Yea i know i’ve never commented on any of my posts before. so here it goes:

    when i saw the 2nd paragraph that he is going to write something different about me, i knew what the handsome blogger is going to blog about. and i was anxious, because it is kinda nice to know how people actually look at you.

    and then as i was reading and reading, i actually cried a little because it reminds me of who i used to be back then πŸ™‚ but then, of course i am very and extremely thankful for being who i am today.

    this whole post has actually not only made people go wa she used to be like that BUT it has also made me go OMG yes i used to be like this! sometimes, life just amazes me in many ways on how much i’ve changed throughout the year πŸ™‚ i knew why i changed and i knew why was i like that last time.

    to everyone else who don’t like me, thank you because you’ve ALL made me a better and stronger person in life. so, thank you dearest Handsome Blogger for the very lovely and meaningful post! -Hugs!-


    But you know what, I don’t mind dy = = Sudah lali~

    If i read this when I was 11 or 12 I’m going to believe it, (that you’re like that) but now,
    ‘AHAHAHAH!! Samantha!! You kena buli ah?!!’
    No lah, don’t mean it in a meannn way~
    Those ‘girls’ in your class must be somehow some bit mentally degraded~

  10. Ee Jane: never mind la, give people some chance to be the first ma =P haha!! πŸ˜€ and love your last sentence!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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