Dearest Nano

Today’s post is specially dedicated to the birthday girl today [24th September] who goes by the name Meow Nano Wei Qi!! πŸ˜€

Nano says hie! πŸ˜€

Wei Qi and I had never been in the same class at all ever since Year 1 till Form 5. Yea I know, what a thing to happen. I only remember seeing Wei Qi and Wei Sy [Yes Nano’s twin!!] in primary school tying two ponytails together to school and everywhere they go, they hold hands [Aww!] but at that time, I don’t know their names [Sorry la =P, we are not in the same class and I was just in Year 1 =P So I’m so shy haha!!]

Nano’s twin, Wei Sy.

The only memory that I remember about Wei Qi in primary school is that we only know each other because of Moral class and after that, I remember talking to her in Year 4 and then, I don’t remember anything anymore because at that time, she is insignificant in my life.

Look at her waist!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The next thing I knew was, we are in secondary school and this is when Ee Jane and I officially became inseparable and this is when, Ee Jane and I created our own world and are officially stuck in our own world and no one else exist anymore to the extend I only realized that I was in the same Moral class [We went over to their class] as Wei Qi and Wei Sy and they both sat in front of Ee Jane and I in FORM 3 [That’s like the 3rd year we are in the same class for Moral].

Woof and Meow.

So Ee Jane and I obviously did not bother about the existent of Wei Qi and Wei Sy but we refer them as THE TWINS so we never actually call them by their name =P. And so, we went on to Form 4 and Wei Qi, Wei Sy and I are in different class again. Their class is just next to mine but the thing is, I never wanted to bother them. If I see them anywhere, I’ll just wave or say hie and then just walk away.

Nano rajin-ing in class.

The only thing that I remember about Wei Qi and Wei Sy is, when I pass by their class to go to the toilet, they are ALWAYS SLEEPING! Yes, I pass by the class 100 times, 100 times also they are sleeping! Yes, yes, facing the same direction and with the same pose and it’s amazing how they still score in exams and until today, Wei Qi is still the same [Not sure about Wei Sy though =p] and come, I show you my collection of her sleeping photos.

In Lower 6.

During karaoke. Don’t ask me how can she sleep there ah.

During boring Monday assemblies.

Sleeping on the way back to school from the PA Seminar here. Photo by Jason Sim.

Sleeping during the PA Seminar break. And that’s my muka bangun tidur -____- SIN YEE! HOW CAN YOU!!!

Sleeping while playing bowling.

There are more photos [I’m sure of it:D] but I think I’ve overlook them in my folders so never mind! Those photos above are already enough to prove that she sleeps EVERYWHERE at ANYTIME! πŸ˜€

Nano playing UNO in class while copying Maths 2 notes.

And then in Form 5, this is when Wei Qi and I got closer a little bit [Yes, a little bit] to each other. Because she asked me to find her a pen pal [Some Queen’s Guide exam] and I suggested my cousins who were at Singapore and later I figure out that my cousins would not have the time to bother actually so I offered to be her fake pen pal from Singapore and that is when we started E-mailing each other [HAHAHA!] and I remember I was so lazy to reply her because I don’t know what to write about la [I only know Singapore got the nice mega sales =P]

Muka Nano masa bercakap =P

After that, blah blah blah, I don’t remember talking to her anymore. Ah I REMEMBER ALREADY!! She was the ERT Club President and then Ee Jane and I quitted ERT Club because of some unfair stuffs that happened in the club. No, it has nothing to do with Wei Qi at all and I don’t think Wei Qi even knows about it =P [Yea, she’s gonna ask me now! Haha!]

From L-R: Wei Sy, Wen Yin, Wei Qi. Her old life back in Convent as one of the Girl Guides Committee Member.

So, after SPM, I didn’t bother about her anymore and in fact, I don’t even remember her actually because of some personal reasons [So don’t ask but it has nothing to do with Wei Qi or Wei Sy or any of my close friends]. In fact, I never expect to see her again on the first day of orientation.

Hahaha! πŸ˜€

After orientation, I went back to National Service for two weeks and after two weeks, when I came to KHS officially for Form 6, I remember she was smiling and waving to me and deep down in my heart, I was very [Yes, very] reluctant to talk to her and layan her actually because of the same aforementioned personal reasons.

I still remember our first conversation ever in KHS is this:

Wei Qi: Eh!! You also come Form 6 ah?! *Excited face*

Me: Yah πŸ™‚ Haha…

Wei Qi: Which class you wanna enter?

Me: Physics.

Wei Qi: I’m in Physics class also *Excited smile* My class is 6BE, Sim also same class as me. Remember ah, tell the teacher you want 6BE la if possible!

Me: Sim?! As in SIM SIN YEE?! [Was on super bad terms with Sin Yee at the end of Form 5 till early Form 6] AndΒ  Physics got how many classes ah?

Wei Qi: Ya. Sim Sin Yee. Why? Got 2 classes.

Actually deep down I was making a mental note like this :

Tell the teacher I don’t want 6BE if I am put into 6BE.

Me: Oh nothing la haha… Okay, will try to but I don’t think so la. Hey, gotta go find the teacher in charge. See ya…

Wei Qi: Ah okay la. Hopefully same class la! *Happy smile*

And deep down I was thinking:

God save me. Different class please!!

True enough, my wish was granted and I was put in a different class [Which I thanked God that day itself!] and God knows how I was transferred to their class and then blah blah blah [We’ll save this for some other day, or else we are gonna off topic for sure].

*Nano is gonna go ->Β  CIS! EARLY KNOW AH, I DON’T LAYAN YOU AT ALL!

I was just plainly pissed off on my first day of being transferred out of 6BF to 6BE because of the aforementioned personal reason and Wei Qi was happily striking up a conversation with me and actually, I don’t really want to talk to her. In fact, when I see she and Sin Yee, I am just plainly very annoyed and made up my mind to never talk to them or anyone else at all.

Later on, I realized that Wei Qi is uhh, quite nice :D… So that’s when I began to change my point of view towards her and in fact, she was the one and onlyΒ  sole reason why I did not change stream =) [Yea, you can be proud of this! :D]

Hahaha! She looks so cuteee! πŸ˜€

And so, we aren’t exactly very close to each other last year but then, okay la. We only became super close in Upper 6! πŸ™‚ When we are in Upper 6, it was only then I felt really, really close to her =) Before that, it was just this acknowledgment that I am close to her but there wasn’t this feeling you know =P Haha!

Upper 6 is the year where I really, really enjoyed myself with her. You know, I’ve never once expect myself to be close to her and to feel attached to her as well and what’s more, I don’t even expect her to be one of the best-est friend that I ever had in life.

Aww… What a loving sister! πŸ˜€

Wei Qi is this girl full with smiles and laughter and is a very friendly girl as well πŸ™‚ She doesn’t give up easily [In fact, I’ve never seen her giving up] and she always try to DO HER BEST in whatever she’s doing and would want it to be fruitful and beautiful. Even if people don’t appreciate it, she’ll just let out a sigh and say, never mind la and then she’ll forget about it.

She is very hardworking and enjoys saving the environment by squeezing all her work into tiny tiny handwriting that you have to squint your eyes to read -_- Oi, write and draw bigger la LIKE ME, BIG and CLEAR!

See how she squeeze her handwriting!!

Wei Qi is also the smallest size and smartest girl in our class [Hence the name Nano- Inspired by Praki Boy presentation on nanotechnology] and also the second blurest person after Ai Leng. Wei Qi has always been there for me through all my ups and downs and I ensured that she is in every competition that I represented the school so that we can both work together and go to the same place together and not feel bored πŸ˜€


I remember vividly that we both joined the blog competition for the PRS this year and we stayed up late night till 2am just to get it done [And not being appreciated somemore!!!]. We went through the desperate moments of sticking photos of our friends on the missing AJK-s photos [HAHAHA!] and I desperately created reports and posted up fake photos [Photos which are not PRS activities but class/school activities] and pretended as if the PRS in our school are super active [Thank God for my super crapping ability].

Her table.

When I got into trouble in school, she was there constantly supporting me and asking after me and even offered to help me which I am extremely grateful for because she is the only one who offered to. She turns up to school everyday after 7.20am and is the slowest one to walk to the canteen/toilet/pack her bag.

The Nano!! πŸ˜€

Wei Qi had made my life in KHS much more meaningful, happier and better πŸ™‚ I cannot imagine life in KHS without her at all, life’s gonna be so unbearable!! πŸ˜€ Wei Qi is definitely a friend that everyone would love to have [NO! SHE’S MINE! :D]. She is jovial, caring in many ways and very honest as well! πŸ™‚ She will always to be fair in her judgment but she is a very indecisive person =|…

Her kangaroo keychain that everyone loves to kidnap =p

The song No Matter by Angel will always remind me of Wei Qi because she used it as her handphone ringtone and is crazy over that song for a period of time πŸ˜€ She is also the one in school whom I confide all my secrets to and she is also the one in school, who understands me the most πŸ™‚

Among all my girl friends in KHS, she is the only one who is willing to do crazy poses in public with me and pose for my Baby Ixus so that I can have something to blog about =p And she is the one, whom I have tonnes of her random photos in my camera to plot up a scandal [One day you are gonna thank me for all the photos okay!] πŸ˜€ Hahaha!!

Wei Qi is definitely one of the friend whom I would want to hold on to my whole life/next life and she is also one of my best-est friend whom I’ve held closely to my heart and life. Though I know we’ll never end up in the same university and course [We have different interest], but I know, we’ll always be best-est friend and remember each other and all the sweetest memories that we’ve shared together in Form 6 [Though life’s hell in Form 6].

She is mystery gift from God to me, because I’ve never once wanted to take her as my close friend but now, I know why am I in Form 6 πŸ™‚ And Wei Qi is also like a sister to me [They say best friends are siblings that God has forgotten to give us] and she is one of the friends that had filled my life with sunshine and rainbow and will always be the one I’ll keep closely to my memory, life and heart forever πŸ™‚

The cartoon version of Nano and I!! πŸ˜€ I edited until very susah one okay!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me! πŸ™‚ I hope, I’ve been a wonderful friend to you too! [Albeit, causing awkward moment for you on the 10th September 2009] =p

And here I am, with all my heart, full with love and care, I wish you a very…

Happy 19th Birthday! :D

~HUGS~! πŸ˜€

P/S: Yay! I’m the FIRST to wish Nano Happy Birthday on the phone and SMS!! =D πŸ˜€ =P


14 responses to “Dearest Nano

  1. O.o Happy Birthday Wei Qi =P!!!

  2. happy birthday to wei qi!! =D everytime i pass by 5intan, i will definitely see her sleeping. pegang the pen also can sleep. LOL

  3. she’s pro in sleeping, wherever she goes she’s able to sleep.. hahaha

  4. haha!! thank you thank you! So nice u puji n kutuk me! nicely only (pinjam Sim’s phrase) u post up those sleeping n akward pics!
    hehe… thanx everyone! CY, u rmbr so well πŸ˜€
    Ya ya… ur de 1st exclude those dat wish be4 00.00am

  5. oh oh.. i just notice.. finally! u put my name as WeiQi… which is such a terharu thing! *sob sob

  6. erm ermm.. happy belated birthday! xD
    omg sam ur another one who stalks ppl who are sleeping!

  7. which one smaller? pico or nano?hahah xD
    happy bday ya miow. once miow, forever miow!

  8. Ee Jane: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Ching Yin: that woman is one kaki tidur la! πŸ˜€ now she got new kaki tidur gang in class haha! πŸ˜€

    Brian: yeap, pro in maths and sleeping =P

    Wei Qi: welcome welcome! [im not gonna reject your thank you =P haha! :D] mana ada kutuk you?! im so nice okay! T.T

    aiya, where got awkward =P they looks so cute!! πŸ˜€ biasalah im the 1st =P wa, then everyday in school if i call you wei qi, you will be so terharu until you need a box of tissue already la?! =P

    Carson: eh eh, talk nicely! =P i don’t stalk, i happen to have my camera with me and then she sleeps so jeng jeng jenggg! πŸ˜€

    Kean Jie: pico is smaller la! ish!! πŸ˜€ betul tu! once a meow, forever a meow! hahahahahahahaha! πŸ˜€ =P

  9. btw, eeee.. tak sangka u’re so busuk hati..
    biar i change you back to 6AF.hahaha im miow supporter!

  10. Kean Jie: what busuk hati??

  11. as if in ur blog la.. haha! k la.. i dun feel terharu 4 any of these.. lik dat ok?
    =.=! nano is seriously very teruk dy.. now pico pula..

  12. Wei Qi: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ hahaha! πŸ˜€ i didn’t suggest pico one ah =P

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