This is the second time I am typing this out because the first one was somewhat crappy so I decided to write a brand new post! =) Actually there is another friend of mine [Yes, this IS Samantha!] who is supposed to blog for me but then he told me that he can’t do it today ’cause he’s busy [*Kicks*].

So, of course la I’m not gonna leave all of you without a nice post =P And here it is, about friendship! =)

But before I go on, I would very much like to explain that this post is not dedicated to anyone and is not related to anyone in anyway. If you are offended or terasa by some words of mine, then, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for what I’ve typed because they are all my own opinion [Sorry, I’m just very sick of people telling what should I do lately].


For me, friendship is something very valuable and precious =) It can NEVER be replaced by anything else in this world and most of all, it is fragile and one should always handle it with care.

I know the title of this post had been posted up elsewhere on another friend’s blog but then, this is not a post to argue about that particular friend’s point no matter how many times I roll my eyes when I read that post.

To me, friendship is something that I hold very close to my heart and it is something that plays a very big part of my life in many aspects. In my life, I’ve met many type of friends and I am very grateful for meeting the good friends and the bad ones [You know who you are].

Friends are also people who accept you for you are and loves you for who you are although you may appear to be super annoying to someone else. I am just very grateful for all the best friends who have walked into my life =) and had never once walk away but had always stood beside me, holding my hands.

People say, best friends are people who lift up your spirit and give you full encouragement when you need it and best friends are also people who will never leave you when trouble comes around.

Generally, all my friends are good friends [As for the bad ones, you KNOW who you are] and I hope, I’ve been a good friend to all of them as well =) For me, good friends and best friends does have a difference [Please NOTE the BEST and GOOD friends in this post].

But I am not going to talk about good friends today. I am going to talk about BEST FRIENDS.

Best friends are very, very [to the power of infinity] important people in my life. I’ve always tried my best to send them a forward SMS once in a while to let them know that they are not forgotten by me and they are also the people whom I hold very close to my heart and I’ll never, ever let them go.

Yes, I admit, I’ve let one of them go early this year because I cannot stand the way I was mistreated, insulted and taken advantage of to the extend there is nothing that theΒ  friend can do to convey his/her apology and how sorry he/she is [If there is any intention to do so].

Most of my best friends are girls [99.99999%] and it’s sad to know that one or two of them had changed for the worst but still, I love them all the same =). And well, since in the previous post, Mysterious Blogger wrote about me from A-Z, so now, I shall write about BEST FRIENDS from A-Z in my opinion:

a) Best friends are people whom you treasure them a lot in life and put them ahead of other friends.

b) Best friends are people who knows you inside out.

P/S: Most of my best friends had met my parents and had dinner with my family =P

c) Best friends are also people who randomly pop up outside your house just to say hello! [Aww! Porkieeee! -MWAHHH!- =D]

d) Best friends are also people whom you know, if they need your help in any aspect, you will want to be the first to help them and even if you can’t, you will in any way, try to find a solution or stay by their side.

e) Best friends are people who give you their full moral support from the back and will NEVER back off.

f) Best friends are also people whom you pakat with to cheat together in games =P[*Hint: UNO UNO!]

g) Best friends are also people who are always beside you in every photos and when both of you view the photos together, instead of looking at yourself first, you will first look at your best friend.

h) Best friends are also the people who knows what are you most afraid about, what do you love the most and they know what annoys you the most and what do you hate the most.

i) Best friends are also people who will send you encouraging SMS to give you the courage and bravery to do something that you thought you couldn’t. Trust me, the power of it is infinitely strong =).

j) Best friends are also people who think on what to buy for your birthday and will take hours picking the present, the wrapper and will try to think up of a way to surprise you and watch you smile! πŸ˜€

k) Best friends are also people whom you talk with for hours on the phone in the middle of the nightΒ  and when you see each other the next day in school or anywhere and you see the same puffy eyes, you will smile at each other because you know, what a great conversation you had.

l) Best friends are also people whom you give your full trust to.

m) Best friends are also people whom you are working with together in almost every experiment and project and are people who go everywhere wherever you go.

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n) Best friends are also people who feel bored in class together with you and find the need to talk or else they will also die of boredom just as how you felt at that point of time =P

o) Best friends are also people whom you will lend them your stuffs [Even the most precious one] because you know, they will treat your stuffs as theirs.

p) You have AT LEAST one of their stuffs with you at home that you know, they are not using it and you can return it when they ask back for it [Hahaha!]

q) You will go shopping together and if both of you fell in love with the same item, all the better because you can make wonderful plans the next time to wear the same one out together πŸ˜€

r) Your best friends will be as excited as you are if you have a new boyfriend and they will very much love to meet your boyfriend and then give concrete comments about your boyfriend to you [So that you will know whether he is really, really good or good for nothing].

s) You share your food and whatever you can share with them.

t) They will use up all their credit just to SMS you just because you told them that you are sad…

u) You have the ups and downs of friendship with them and in every fights, you learn and understand more about them and will accept them again as who they are.

v) You know can be as honest as you want to be with them because you know, they’ll appreciate your sincere comment.

w) They will commit crime together with you [Breaking school rules etc =P ] and will advise you against doing stupid things which will harm yourself πŸ˜€

x) Best friends are people whom we know, who will always be there even if we don’t see them. By sending a simple message saying that you are sad, they will move mountains and swim across the sea, just to cheer you up again.

y) Best friends are people whom you had laugh with together till your tears came out and you are still laughing over it.

z) Best friends are also people who are important in your life and you know, you too, have a place in their life =)…

In this post, most of the photos are from my Convent days πŸ˜€ It is not because that I do not appreciate my KHS friends, I appreciate them all the same but it’s just that, I realized how little photos of my Convent close friends I have posted up, so I’ve decided to put them up in this post =).

Afterall, I’ll still be in KHS and there will be a lot more post about KHS eh? πŸ˜€ So yea, in a nutshell [From Praki or Kamal or whoever], if you are my friend, you will always and forever be my friend no matter what people say about you and you will forever be close to me =).


16 responses to “Friendship

  1. nice post! treasure every of ur friends!
    aww… u still keep de candle thing :)!
    hehe.. u does look more chubby now =P -prettier πŸ™‚

  2. you cheated in the bottle pic !!!

  3. i juz realised.. howcome all of ur uniform r super big n super long 1 ha? u made me miss kjg suddenly =.=

  4. hahaa!! 0.00001% of guys includes who ar? =P

  5. love ur A-Z…
    sadly i don think i have any best frens for now…

  6. Aku sudah tiba!!


  7. Wei Qi: of course still keeping la!! i keep everything that people give me one you know!! =P chubbier = fatter? T.T but prettier?! πŸ˜€ hahaha! πŸ˜€

    Kean Jie: where got cheat?!

    Helen: they are just… like that =P haha! πŸ˜€ haih, when la are you coming back my deer?!

    Carson: YOU!! πŸ˜€

    Brian: thank you! don’t worry, as long as you are always sincere, good friends will come along your way πŸ˜‰ maybe some people have already taken you as their best friend but you didn’t realize it πŸ™‚

    Ee Jane: hello!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. the bottles were once diff!

  9. this thurs babe.. fri morn ill b ard kjg town ledi.. mau go yum cha lepas ur skool not? XD

  10. Kean Jie: mana ada?! don’t be jealous =P

    Helen: yahoo!! i’ll get to see you on sunday!! [got a lot of gossip to update u!! :D] cannot go yam cha la! =( currently under darurat duduk rumah study again!! T.T

  11. ooo u pooor thing.. i was still visiting my classmates house wen deepavali came.. no prob.. im all ears n smiles to listen 2 d gossips πŸ˜€

  12. Helen: okay okay, share with you the gossips on sunday!! hahaha! πŸ˜€

  13. hey girl~
    i love this post so much~ nice ^^

  14. Sin Mun: thank you!! πŸ˜€ -hugs!-

  15. ooo, the seashell keychain!omg, so cantik la. ahahaha. my goodness, buku chit chat? very creative!

  16. Ching Yin: haha! the seashell keychain you give me one la!! creative le =P biasalah physics students hahaha! πŸ˜€ =P

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