The Girl

This post is about a girl. A girl who goes by the name of Samantha who doesn’t have the time to blog this week or maybe for the next few coming weeks =) So, you’ll be seeing different guest bloggers [her friends] as mysterious people blogging. And hello, I’m Mysterious Blogger [Inspired from Mysterious Writer] ^^|||. Don’t worry, I’ll make it nice, for all of you, not her >=).

I’ve decided to blog about her this week for a few selected reasons ^^ :

a) To add on more information to what Mysterious Writer  and herself had written about her/herself here and here.

b) You don’t know who am I.

c) You are not interested with my life affairs.

d) You want to know who am I, but you are not gonna know anything about me >=D.


I’ve known Sam ever since she is 13 and she is such a great friend to have. When I was first introduced to her, she was this rather chubby girl [with lots of baby fats on her cheeks, that’s why it is nice to pinch her cheeks and watch her jump >=D] who argues with me over all sort of nonsense and called me a Cool Cucumber because I said I was forced to swallow down a whole cucumber for a True Or Dare game and even have the guts to suggest me to create a new E-mail address with the name Aku Cinta Timun Sejuk when I was fuming with anger and made me go WTF and continued to make more jokes about cucumber.

My impression towards her is well… as mentioned by Mysterious Writer, yes, I personally think that she is WEIRD. As in super, duper weird. She talks non-stop, laughs a lot [even though it’s not funny and she’ll just give this giggle and then burst into laughter and infect everyone else], eats a lot, walks a lot, craps a lot, shops a lot [She is so desperate to the magnitude that she will go window shopping and start saying, “Why does pretty things appear when I don’t have the money?!”] and most of all, she PISS ME OFF a lot.

How?! YES, YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW! Just imagine someone miss calling you 10 times straight in a row in the middle of the night when you just told her that you are going to bed on MSN 5 minutes ago and I show you:


Me: Heyz, gotta go sleep. Sleep early too PANDA.

Sam: Okay. Goodnight! Dream about me okay!

Me: WTF. NO! Sam = NIGHTMARE =) You’re the perfect definition for the word. Night.

An example of Nightmares in RO >=)

After 5 minutes, there was a SMS

Sam: Switch off your computer already ah?! 😀

Me: -_-|||… Yes. Why? If you want songs or anything, tomorrow la IF you are NICE to ME =) I need to sleep now, got class at 8 tomorrow. F**king timetable.

Sam: I just want to know if you will dream of me tonight =)…

Me: I said I WON’T. I don’t want to have a nightmare. WTF why am I still replying you?

Sam: Because I’m so adorable =)… Lalala~…

Me: *Ignores*

After 1 minute, another SMS arrives,

Sam: Have you brush your teeth?

Me: Yes I have. My dear Panda, I’m on my bed now. Goodnight. No more SMS ok?? Night and I mean it!!!

AND THEN SHE MISS CALLS ME 10 TIMES IN A ROW and when I scolded her on MSN the next day, she said, “You say no SMS what. Means miss call can la =D…” Zha dou! So annoying man I tell you!!

Another terrible one will be on random nights/day time [Especially if she knows your timetable well] she will send a SMS like this:


If she send this kind of SMS in the middle of the night, I’ll just stuff my phone under my pillow or I’ll just SWITCH OFF my phone =P. If I’m in a class, I’ll just shrug it off. If I’m free or have nothing else better to do, I’ll send her a reply like this:

Don’t Irritate Me For Heaven Sake, By For God’s Sake.

And then I don’t think I’m the only one who gets such a SMS. So if ANYONE of you ever receive such a SMS, don’t EVER, EVER reply her like this:

Don’t you have something else better to do?!

Because confirm she will start laughing at the other side of the phone for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON [WTF, are you telling me yet?]. Don’t make her laugh. Make her speechless >=D.

When we are just friends, I don’t really care much about her existent because she is just someone that I know and in fact, I’ve somehow avoided her because sometimes she’s just… too weird that I don’t understand her at all. I don’t understand why she is disturbing me every single day of my life. I don’t understand why must she talk non-stop. I don’t understand why must she still disturb me even though I don’t even respond to her disturbance and shit, I just don’t understand anything about her at all.

When my friends ask me about her, I’ll just roll my eyes and say, “You mean that crazy girl ah??” Yes, she is sooooo crazy to the extent that when she goes karaoke, she actually switches off the microphone and sing =P

And when she sees any Lee Hom poster, she will turn and stretch her neck and look at him and pull your shirt and tell you that’s its Lee Hom and if you unlucky, she will start being dreamy about being his wife [Wake up woman!].

I am very amazed with how her brain actually functions. Because, one moment, she could be sitting down quietly and the next moment, when a light bulb lighted up in her head with a DING sound effect, she will be smiling and starts her project of disturbing others while laughing like a hyena.

Don’t EVER, EVER challenge her to walk into any male’s toilet with you because TRUST me, SHE WILL if she is in the mood and if you are unlucky and the toilet happens to be empty, she will start walking around the toilet and will even use the toilet and will smirk at you and talk about it all day long until you feel like slapping her. She is the exact kind of friend who will jump out of nowhere and appear in front of you if you just send a SMS that you are sad and if she’s nearby, she’ll POP IN and surprise you when you don’t expect her to turn up.

Not only that, she is also very talkative to the point that you are actually addicted to her stories that you’ll just listen to her non-stop and you will not have the mood to do anything else and after she hangs up with you on the phone, you just want to talk to her again. She can talk to you about anything at all and will listen to everything that you have to say. If you are her close friends, she will tell her every single interesting event that happens in her life and if you miss out some stories of her life, it simply means that she thinks/knows that you are not interested or she doesn’t like you anymore.

Okay, I think I’ve mentioned way too much about her bad points >=) She does have her good side too which actually compensates for her very annoying and playful character when she disturbs you. She is actually one of the nicest and greatest friend that I ever had [Please don’t FLOAT].

She inspires me in a lot way to be a much better person and she cares about the people who are close to her a lot even though they might not appreciate it. As stupid as it may sound, she even cares for people whom she holds close to her heart though those bunch of people are actually not worth caring for and she’ll just say that maybe one day they’ll appreciate it. You can walk away from her life but if she still holds you in her heart, you will realize that, if you ever need someone to hold on, her hand is always there to reach out for you.

But, I tell you about her from A-Z >=) [Sam, you’re soooooooo dead! >=) ]

a)  She is the craziest girl that you’d ever know in your whole life.

b) She shouts to you across the block/road just to get your attention or she jumps or start waving like a crazy woman and if you are unlucky =p, she will send you a flying kiss and shout loudly across the road that she loves you.

c) She can go around proclaiming to people that she is madly in love with you and you bloody know she is just joking and surprisingly, you will actually secretly enjoy what she is saying.

d) She can be the best supporter to you in your life or any decisions that you’ve made and she will give you the best advice if you ever need one.

e) She will shout at you if you annoy her [Especially if you pull her hair or poke her glasses, she hates that a lot >=) ] and will not talk to you until her anger and annoyance level is lowered [Which is about 2 minutes – 5 minutes  later =D ]

f) She will hold your arms everywhere she goes if she knows you. So don’t worry la, it’s normal of her to do that.

g) If she has promised you to do something, she will do it for you and if she fails to, she will give you a very good explanation and will somehow get it done sooner or later.

h) She cannot stand people who tell lies.

i) She is a good secret keeper.

j) She is a very good listener although she doesn’t looks like one.

k) She writes you lovely encouragement letter whenever she thinks that you need one [Hey, not everyone get to get one okay? =) Be grateful if you are one of them].

l) She will never forget the way you’ve treated her. So if you are nice to her, she’ll be very nice to you and if she loves you, she’ll forgive you for everything you’ve done. But if you say stupid things and make her upset and she doesn’t love you a single bit or she thinks that you are not worth of a friend anymore,  she’ll be harsh and the proverb a tongue wounds more than a lance, is the perfect proverb for this =)…

m) She takes every blow and criticism like a man and will just smile at you casually if you insult her but rest assure, she’ll go home and complain to everyone about it and then forget about it after 5 minutes.

n) She takes 5 hours to pick her clothes.

o) She knows what she should say to encourage you and will value any friendship as long as the other party is sincere.

p) She doesn’t know the meaning of GIVING UP and she will always stand firmly [too firm at times] on her point and will fight for what she thinks is right.

q) If you are her friend, especially her best friends, she will stand by your side till the end of any fight and will not back off at all. If anyone insults you, she will rationalize it and will tell you if there’s any truth it in and will ask you to not listen and will yell at that person back if it’s all a fib.

r) She is the BEST person to go shopping with. Because she will give you brutally honest comments that makes you feel like slapping her at first but thanking her later on LIKE THIS:

DON’T BUY THIS! It looks so ugly on you!

Don’t waste money la. Come on la, look in the mirror, you looks so fat you know! LOOK! I know that, you know that, even the mirror knows that!

Eiii, so ugly! Eh please la!

The shirt looks good but it doesn’t looks good on you. Forget it la.

It’s nice but RM70? Wei, don’t buy la. Not worth it you know. DO YOU WANT TO REGRET WHEN YOU SEE IT AT 50% 3 MONTHS LATER? No right? PUT IT BACK!!

*Close Eyes* Don’t hurt my eyes!

Take her for any shopping and she’ll be happy to be your fashion consultant and if you can’t make up your mind to find anything for any occasion, bring her to your house and let her pick for you =)

s) She will always give you her best, but will you give her your very best?

t) She is a very cheerful, happy and bubbly girl that brings smiles, happiness and laughter everywhere she goes. [Actually she is always smiling brightly whenever I see her]

u) She is very lazy in many aspects but you know it’s okay ‘cause she will not be lazy to talk to you or to help you.

v) The BEST person to play games with =) Because you’ll always win! HAHAHA! Unless she happens to be super good at it [WTF, DO NOT put up the O2 Jam screenshot unless you want me to put up the Gunbound one]

w) The only friend of mine who will wear the most ridiculous shirts and shoes in shopping malls and pose for your camera and proceed to laugh at herself.

x) The only girl who wears super HIGH high heels and walk around Mid Valley/One Utama/Sunway Pyramid and any shopping malls and can even RUN in it.

y) The only girl whom I know who takes off her super HIGH high heels in Mid Valley or anywhere when her legs are painful and put them in a plastic bag and start running to the exit if you are rushing her to be faster!! [I don’t forget this you know >=D ]

z) She is generally a very nice girl unless you’ve pissed her off [Then you must be the extreme case *Hint: Deleting phone number from her handphone. Blocking and deleting you off her MSN. Don’t even look at you or smile at you anymore. Don’t even care if you exist and treats you as an invisible person].

Last time, I used to see her as some girl in my life, but now, she is one of the nicest and greatest friends of mine in life. Don’t ever, ever walk out of my life and I will never walk out from yours >=) I’m very happy actually to have a friend like you despite all the times I’ve pretended that you didn’t exist for the fun of it =P and ignored you for the fun of it =P And I’m sure, you’ve brought many laughter, smiles and happiness into the peoples’ life whom you’ve walked into.

Sometimes, they might not show it or say it but to sneer at it telling you that it’s better for them to not know you, but deep down, they are grateful and thankful for your presence in their life even though it’s temporary because you just bring LIGHT and COLOURS in their life!

Okay, that is what I have to say about The Drama Queen [Because her life itself is a drama >=) ].

And I believe this is a much better and juicier post than what she had written about herself >=) >=D

-The Mysterious Blogger-


A little note for you dearest Panda:

When I first knew you, I thought that you are this very… weird, nerd-ish and strange girl. When I get to know you better for a day, I realized that you are just NOT who I thought you were >=) I thought that you are just extremely crazy, always happy, bubbly and always ready to give your “Hollywood star” smile to anyone you know.

There was one period of time where I rejected you from my life. I refuse to talk to you, I refuse to listen to you and I don’t want to be related to you in anyway because I don’t understand you at all. But still, I see you being happy, bubbly and everything else in between. And we just drifted away for a long time.

But there was a day, where we begin to talk again and you are still nice to me [I’m amazed actually >=) ] and you are STILL the SAME girl that I know, still that crazy, happy, bubbly and smiley. And this time, I just realize that we drifted away because I cannot accept our differences and I never want to understand you as a friend at all.

Nah, we are close friends now =D. You’ve taught me many valuable lessons in life, showing me what friends are for and most of all, you are definitely one of my friends who had brought light and colours into my life. I remember telling you that you are just some random girl friend in my life and I will remember you just because you are so weird and crazy like that.

Actually, I don’t mean it >=) You get my meaning >=)


12 responses to “The Girl

  1. Yeah! 1st to comment 😛
    Wow! Dis Mysterious Blogger really knows u well!
    Comment: It’s so SAMANTHA!

    P.S: The note is so sweet.. 🙂

  2. 1stly… how do u swallow a whole cucumber? its like sooo big =.=
    2ndly, WANG LEEE HOOOMMM!!! OMG OMG!!! i still remember we even had a crazy idea to participate in a competition to win ourselves d ticket 2 d concert.. which tak jadi.. *sigh*

  3. Walau-eh, betul betul got from A-Z, lol =P

    Nice post ^^ Sounds very much like you =D

    By the way, I downloaded the songs from hotmail dy, VERY NICE =D

  4. another ‘anonymous’ post.. o_o||

  5. eh ??! what happened to Sam??!!
    you kidnapped her!!!

  6. Wei Qi: nanti dia kembang!! the note is sweet because it is TO ME!! 😀 hahaha! 😀

    Helen: if jadi ah… we will angan-angan until lagi teruk!! =P

    Ee Jane: of course nice la, see la who recommend one! 😀 =P

    Carson: yeap! to tickle your curiosity!! haha! 😀

    Kean Jie: I’M HERE!


  8. Kean Jie: *kicks!*

  9. this post is very samantha-like. haha! this anonymous really knows you very well. hehe!

  10. Mysterious Blogger

    Wei Qi: Thank you =) !

    Helen: They slice the cucumber and I was forced to eat them and I removed all cucumbers on my nasi lemak that week in school. Tee hee! =)

    Ee Jane: Thank you =) !

    Carson: My name’s Mysterious Blogger.

    Kean Jie: No I did not. Maybe you did. Ha ha ha…

    Ching Yin: Thank you =) !

  11. I can only be speechless and observe o_o

  12. Ching Yin: hehehe!! 😀

    Mysterious Blogger: OI! HELLO!! 😀

    Carson: =|… -MWAH-! 😀

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