I have two younger sisters. My youngest sister name is Cassandra. She is born on the 4th of August 1993. In which, when she was born, I was just 3 years old and I don’t remember much of her existence in my life then. Perhaps, it was either my memory didn’t really store her in, or I was just in my own world with my Barbie Dolls :D…

Baby Cassandra.

I remember then, when I was young, I don’t know much about her eventhough she is my sister, even when I am in Form 3, I still think that she is a baby who cries and whines like nobody business and thus, I don’t remember talking much to her or even asking for her help.

Love pink!

I just live in my own world and she lives in her own world. I never understand her much or even really bother much about her existence at home [Except when we are playing games together]. It was until when I am in Form 4, where Zaharah came running in the class and shouted to me:


And I said, yes, yes, why?!

She replied:

OH MY GAWD! I CALLED HER SAM! SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOU! And you stupid, stupid! You didn’t tell me that you have another sister!!

Obviously, I was shocked and when she reached home in the evening, I took a look at her and it was then, I realize the similarity in our face features. Yea, she is the mini and prettier version of me according to most of my friends.

You know, to me, the youngest will always remain as the youngest at home. And today, she is 16 and I am 19. She was at the age where I began to notice and care more about her existence in life. But until today, I still think there is always a gap between the both of us. In fact, I felt like, I always had this gap with my two sisters. Maybe it was because, I don’t really mix with them at home.

At home, Ferlynne and Cassandra are always together and I am always in my own world. They will be behind me watching some Korean music videos or movies or dramas or discussing about something which I don’t understand at all and I’ll be in front of the computer, blogging, editing photos, chatting, writing stories, surfing the net or listening to music.

We have different likings. They cannot stand my songs and I cannot stand their songs.

Soo Min, Cassandra, Wei Jane

Most of the time outside, she is a quiet person with very little word and wala, when she’s at home, she talks a lot to Ferlynne like nobody business and both of them will discuss about their Korean boy and girl bands and I will ignore them and never understand what are they talking about because they use some Korean words as well.

Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan

To sum it all up, she is the most intelligent and photogenic one among the three of us. And she leads a very simple life. Her life just revolves around herself, close friends, family and her likings and rarely gets angry with people and most of the time, if she gets angry with you, it will just be temporary.

My dress!

She cares a lot about her appearance and has a very high ego within herself eventhough we don’t see it! Don’t try to hurt her ego or else you will result in her hating you for a rather long time =P, mind you, she’s not very forgiving when you hurt her ego.

She is different from me in the sense that, when she goes out, she tries to be as simple as possible and she picks her clothes in just 5 minutes when I can spend 5 hours searching for the perfect one. I am a perfectionist by nature and she is uhh, not really of a perfectionist.

The teddy bear that she sleeps with every night and that’s my pink ribbon!!

There is once, Ferlynne and Cassandra decided to conduct an experiment on me by tearing a piece of paper and putting it on the floor where I CAN SEE IT.

Me: *Walks in the room after refilling water*

Ferlynne & Cassandra: *Minding their own business*

Me: *Picks up the paper* Why you all simply throw pieces of paper on the floor?! Don’t know how to pick up one ah?! *Grumbles*

And both of them burst out laughing and started saying,

See I told you! She cannot tahan little little things on the floor one!! *Laughs*

And the next accidental experiment was, Cassandra left the cupboard door open and I was ultimately frustrated.

Me: EH! You didn’t close the cupboard door ah?!*Frustration level-45%*

Cassandra: Ah yes. I think so *Reading a book*

Me: Later all the lipas masuk then you know. Then they will create holes on the clothes. You ah, got no brains one ah. Open already then close la! *Frustration level-90%*

Cassandra: Orh.

Me: -_________________________________- *Frustration level-101%*

So, they know it’s easy to torture my mind, simply by just putting things not in place, that is enough to irritate me.

One of her birthday present from Wei Jane. Homemade okay! šŸ˜€

When we are young, anything girlish and pinkish looking will all automatically belongs to her and until today, I never like to ask her opinion because her answer is always:

Okay la.

Not okay also she say okay. So, she will always jump in frustration whenever we refuse to listen to her opinion [She gives lousy opinion that’s why!].Whenever she says something silly, she will always giggle there by herself and give you the huge grin that makes you feel like slapping her if you are annoyed with her.

If you ever wonder how will I looks like if I were to act cute, you can just… look at her =| The cuter, mini-er and prettier version of me =D. Haha! I don’t act cute anyway.

But of course, without her existence at home or in my life, life would have been duller and boring because there will be no one to annoy me from time to time by being paranoid over stupid things which makes you feel like slapping your forehead and though, I can never talk to her about feelings, because she never understands and will never understand, but still, we still complain about certain things to each other.

Ferlynne and Cassandra with Cassandra’s this year birthday present from Wei Jane, Soo Min, Melissa and Yean Lee.

We may not spend all the time we have together but, we sleep beside each other every night and attend the same kindergarten, primary and secondary school except, her results are of flying colours.

Happy Bela ted Birthday!


16 responses to “Cassandra

  1. 0.o


    May all the good things fall on you ^^V

  2. Ee Jane: šŸ˜€ finally you are the first to comment! haha! šŸ˜€

  3. shes born in yer 1993.. dat makes u 3 yers older den her n u were 3 wen she was born.. smartpants.. stat brushing up ur maths aledi XD!! hehehehe…

  4. Helen: OH YES YES! goodness me! i was thinking about 3, 3, 3 the whole time -___- ok, changed!! =P =P

  5. Yup, she does look like you.
    1 question, for the cakes? muffin? <<(corrrect me if i'm wrong)
    What's the colorful stuff on top? looks like acrylic to me XD.

  6. happy birthday Sam’s sisterrr! xD

  7. last pic..
    exactly like you!!!!!!haha
    except…sendri tau tau lah..haha u mentioned it already..hahaha

  8. Leon: those are cupcakes!! haha! šŸ˜€ there are candles [the one with a wick] and the rest are cream, chocolate and icing i think šŸ˜€ acrylic can eat wan meh?!

    Carson: sister IN LAW! šŸ˜€

    Kean Jie: i shall take that as a compliment :D…!

  9. Happy belated birthday Sandra!

    mimi jie jie

  10. In law or not.. u both look alike! o_o

  11. Kylyn: šŸ˜€ hehe! šŸ˜€

    Carson: so you must love both of us šŸ˜€ !!

  12. oh gos~ sammie.. ur sis really looks lyk u o_O
    both of u r jz lyk…… twins!!
    hahaha~ no wonder ur fren recognised the wrong person.

  13. lovely! hehe. happy belated birthday to you, cassandra! =)

  14. Sin Mun: hehe! if only im younger then we both can prank people that we are twins!! šŸ˜€ hehe! šŸ˜€

    Ching Yin: :D!!

  15. Haha, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Sorry for the late reply. Hehe

  16. Cassandra: ya la, busy STUDYING ma! haha! šŸ˜€

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