Updates Next Week

1. Internet speed is not being kind to me.

2. I have a lot of homework to do. Yes you heard me right!! I’m gonna do homework!!

3. I have nothing to blog about.

But in the mean time, feast your eyes on my new Lower 6 “Boy” Friend 😀 [Please note the quotation marks :D] and dear “boy” friend, I’ve kept my word about putting up your photo 😀

Sorry, he’s a bit camera shy :D. To people who know who it is, shhhhhhh, keep it a secret first! Haha! 😀

P/S: In the mean time, please suggest something for me to blog about and I’ll see if I’m inspired to blog about it next week! 😀


22 responses to “Updates Next Week

  1. lol! i know who! i bet lilian knows too 😀

  2. Ferlynne: shhhhh!! 😀 😀

  3. wowww!! sam’s new “boy”! xD

  4. All the best with home works!! XD I got one myself too >< Except that…I'm not really sure what it is =|

  5. omg~!!!

  6. Carson: ahem ahem! 😀

    Ee Jane: thank u thank u!! you too then =p haha! 😀

    Nameless: hello “boy” friend 😀

  7. lol… i know him but dunno his name!! =P

  8. Glynn: you can just call him SAMANTHA’S “BOY” FRIEND hahahahahahahahaha! 😀 😀 i

  9. OMG!!! no~ ….glynn?? ignore what she said..

  10. dont be shyyyyy, sam’s “boy” friend =D

  11. Nameless: don’t be shy!! 😀

    Carson: i like that!! hahaha! 😀

  12. lol. dont worry, he’s not shy

  13. omg, omg, who is my new ‘daddy’! hahahaha.

  14. WHAT?? DADDY?? gosh!! im not shy la…dohhh..

  15. Ferlynne: ooo, so he’s kononnya shy la? =p haha! 😀

    Ching Yin: wait for the next update =p

    Nameless: =p hahaha!

  16. hahahahahhaa… when i get back to skul… hehehehehe!

  17. =.= ||

  18. Glynn: okay, i can’t wait for u to be back to school then!! get well really really soon!! 😀

    Nameless: ahem ahem! 😀

  19. don’t bluff! i know he is your boyfriend. hohohoh~ XD

  20. -.= speechless.. i am so innocent okie~

  21. Tey Cindy: hahaha! “boy”friend 😀 😀 im currently single but unavailable =p

    Nameless: ahem ahem!!

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