KHS Scandal Part 2

Have you waited for a long time?

So you have waited for a long time! πŸ˜€

Don’t worry! It’s now more than just news! πŸ˜€

Anticipated? πŸ˜€

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KAJANG: The hot sizzling news from Part 1 will now continue here! The scandal of the students at the Upper 6 Block is getting more and more complicated. Some strive to be out of the scandal, some try to fit into the scandal and some is giving us more news than ever! Part 2 of this scandal promises you a whole lot of superstar like interviews and juicy news!

After the marriage of Sin Yee and Kamal, Wei Qi was feeling rather lonely actually but she decided to just keep it to herself [They have a lot of reputation to keep]. One day, someone in school overheard about a conversation on HONEYMOON. Oh, what HONEYMOON is that?! πŸ˜€

During an interview, it was told by Kamal that he was planning a honeymoon to Paris with Wei Qi to compensate the Singapore trip which he ended up marrying Sin Yee at a church. But later on, the plan was put off.

In another interview:

Question: What happen to the honeymoon plan?

The gossip that Wei Qi meant was that, she doesn’t want anyone else to go around talking about she going on a honeymoon with someone else husband though she is very well aware that she was voted as Kamal’s True Love in the previous scandal and collected a number of 15/21 votes [71%].

Question: Can you actually trust Kamal with the put off honeymoon plan with you?

Question: Do you mind that the honeymoon plan was put off?

In the previous scandal, it was rumoured that Prakash was in a relationship with Sin Yee and Li Suet. Prakash traversed the fact that he was in relationship with Sin Yee and Li Suet. The rumour of Prakash and Sin Yee eventually died off for Sin Yee then left for a honeymoon to Paris with Kamal.

Li Suet, Prakash, Sam.

Li Suet was often seen with Prakash during recess. Li Suet then said that it was because she has questions to ask Prakash about Chemistry, but oooohhhhh, what Chemistry?! Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry or Relationship Chemistry?

In the previous scandal poll, Prakash was voted as The Loyal One with a total number of 10/17 votes [59%]. He was interviewed on National TV:

In The Greenroom

During The Interview

During the whole interview, Prakash clearly stated that Jason is currently going after another girl for he too, has found true love! LeiKen couldn’t be bothered much about it anymore, he was too fascinated with his new love, Physics.

Prakash too, told the press that he was blessed to have know a girl like Samantha. Though Samantha was voted as The One Having An Affair in the previous scandal poll with a number of 9/18 votes [50%], Prakash said that he believes that no matter what, the one whom she loves is just and only him alone and so will he.

After the interview, Prakash was approached by The Famous & The Rich magazine to be interviewed on his current relationship with Samantha. And right here, we are including the page of the interview from The Famous & The Rich magazine just for you to read!

The Extract From The Magazine

Prakash was ranked as the Top 3 student in 6BE/2008 and is very proud of it. He told the press that his past doesn’t matter anymore no matter what the gossip magazine says as long as he has Samantha.

Jason and his new girlfriend, Jeslynn.

Jason refused to be interviewed on his relationship with Jeslynn for he would like it to be private and confidential. But from another source, someone once said that, all KHS Gay Club members/former members motto is that:

Once A Gay, Always A Gay.

So, we are still unsure if Jason is really over Prakash yet. Why not you have a say by placing your votes here:


On the other hand, Wei Qi was seen SMS-ing Kamal while he was on a honeymoon trip with Sin Yee. When asked what did she send to him, she walked away and refused to answer the press.

One day, Wei Qi called up the press and decided that she wanted an interview to be held and many thinks that she wants Kamal to know how she feels about her cancelled honeymoon plan for Sin Yee.

Question: So… How do you feel?

Question: But I thought you said that it’s okay even if you don’t have a honeymoon with him?

Question: Do you want a honeymoon with Kamal then? Since he went on a honeymoon with Sin Yee, do you think that he still loves you?

The people and teachers of KHS are then interviewed:

One day, Prakash was found reading the diary of Samantha.

Part of the diary was written:

Dear diary,

Today I talked to him!! I just feel that we are indeed matchmade in heaven. But diary, what if he doesn’t feel that way? I don’t want to let him know about this until I am sure of his feelings towards me.

He is like hot and cold. Sometimes he’s really warm and nice but sometimes, he doesn’t even bother me or to look at me. Diary! Can you please tell me how he feels towards me?! I really, really need to know…

Wei Qi is right… Answers and explanations are that we ever needed. But, where do I seek them right now?

Another part of the diary:

Dear diary,

I think the happiest moment that one could ever have is to have a wish come true! Diary, if only wishes do come true… Sigh! Diary, I don’t even know why am I in love with him. And most of all, I don’t even know why I don’t want him to know about it…

I’m afraid if what he feels for me is just a mere infatuation. Diary, that wouldn’t happen would it? I don’t know what to say anymore diary, I feel so lost. Each time I see him, I wanted to talk to him so much but when I look at him, my tongue froze!

I need something to defrost the frozen tongue of mine each time I look at him. Diary, is there any way that he will cognize my love towards him one day? Even if it’s forever… I’ll wait… No matter what happens…


When Kamal return from Paris, the first person whom he finds is Wei Qi.

Later on, Kamal went for a press interview and explained about the whole honeymoon plan with Sin Yee. With that, Wei Qi was satisfied.

Another side of the story, Samantha was accused to be having an affair with Kok Yaw for everyone knows that Kok Yaw has a major crush on Samantha.

With that, Kok Yaw was then interviewed:

Question: Why are you in love with Samantha?

Question: How did the both of you met?

Kok Yaw too claims that he thinks that Chee Yang and Wei Qi are having an affair for he saw them at the bowling alley together lately very frequently.




At a High School Superstar Oscar Award:

During the interview:

Question: What is your relationship with Kok Yaw?

Question: Don’t you think that Prakash will be jealous?

Question: Is this where Prakash first proposed to you?

Question: What about Kamal?

Question: How do you feel being voted as The One Having An Affair?

Samantha then confess her true love for Prakash alone:

Prakash and Samantha’s current computer and handphone wallpaper

Samantha was once seen sitting at the stairs of the Lover Bridge… Thinking about life and Prakash:

She then tells the story of her love with Kamal and Prakash,

She wants to seek for her true love and so she asked the flowers but the flowers gave her no answers.

She then made a suggestion at the Suggestion Well. And so she says:

I suggest that I must find my true love soon…

Then she asked the “Honest” Magic Mirror and the answer lies in the mirror itself.

Until one day, where she realized that Kamal was not the one for her. She then first fell in love with Prakash because of his eyes and his eyelashes.

She then walks away and decided to not comment anymore.


Meanwhile, it was rumoured that Jason Chin, the ex-boyfriend of Prakash has return…

But he refuses to comment.

Go away! Nah! See this Maths book! Shoo! Shoo!


14 responses to “KHS Scandal Part 2

  1. 1st!! be right back πŸ˜›

  2. back! nice intro.. love de 1st pic a lot!! i can only start laughing at de superstar interview.. which tree ask for ur autograph huh?? SUPER perasan to de extreme! i wonder how u act it out dat day.. all de ppl there must be thinking “which crazy girl from Hospital Bahagia..”
    eh, why am i still a mangsa??!! put me out of dis scandal la.. quote Prakash “protect my maruah”
    at least dis time u make urself de mangsa too.. but more ppl r involving.. i pity they all la.. sigh..
    question for Prakash: how many bf/gf u hav be4 Sam?

  3. keanjie tan, from IDONTBOTHER press,
    question for Prakash : are you sure Sam is your true love?

  4. bwahahahaha!!! did u know i juz went shopping like 8 times in d past 3 weeks??
    ok dats not d point :P… wow i can imagine mr rizal saying dat XD.. but in my class he always lari tajuk 2 bollywood n tamil movies n he will try 2 act out d scenes… which so totally pollute my opinion on dose movies now =.=
    sumhow i thank God i was nvr d same class wif u there4 nvr d victim of dose scandals goin on.. phew~! πŸ˜›

  5. meow meow!! hahaha… wow, super scandal la you all… sometimes i read oso confused d =P

  6. Goodness! You do look like a superstar. My eyes almost pop out!

  7. Wei Qi: meow!! πŸ˜€ thank you thank you!! the intro and 1st photo was the idea of my sister, Ferlynne!! πŸ˜€ what which tree ask for my autograph?!

    you know la, i am tooooooooo famous maaa! =P so obviously they have to put this barrier gate [??!] thingy behind my fans =P so apparently, my fans have to shout to me! hahahahahahahaha!! πŸ˜€

    eh eh, im not crazy! just a little unique =P ahem, you shall be the mangsa till the end of the scandal =P =p ahem ahem!!

    Kean Jie: kindly SMS 01x-xxxxx0x =P

    Helen: i wanna goooo shoppppiinnnggg tooooooo!! =( !! yes you told me about that in church already!! =|

    bollywood movies?! something that has to do with KAMAL HASSAN eh? =P hahaha! πŸ˜€ ahem, you should be in my class and then there shall be juicier scandals =P

    Glynn: meow meowwww!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i think i should build a carta aliran eh?! πŸ˜€ *the effect of too much PA* πŸ˜€

    Low Ee Hahn: obviously!! πŸ˜€ haha! oh, put back your eyes!! πŸ˜€

  8. sam, u dont have to be a superstar to pop his eyes out.haha πŸ˜‰

  9. Kean Jie: that is because i am always a superstar πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !!

  10. I like the photos at genting XD

    So bila mau kahwin? XD

  11. Ee Jane: thank you!! πŸ˜€ no kahwin!! πŸ˜€ hahaha! πŸ˜€

  12. owh my superstar!! it really IS greater than the great shot! =O

    who took the pics for u wan btw? =P

  13. Carson: ooo thank u thank u!! my sister πŸ˜€ haha! πŸ˜€

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