Propositions Needed!! :D

EDIT: The uploading speed is really slow today! =| So, more questions?! 😀

Hello everyone!! I wanted to write something about myself in conjuction with The Mysterious Writer’s post about me here. But the thing is, I don’t know what to write about myself =|

So here’s the thing, I’ll let all of you [yes, anyone except people who don’t put their real E-mail address and name!] to ask me anything that you want to know/ask about me and I will include it and answer/write about it in my next post! But if I find the question too personal, I will not include it 😀

Deal? Fair?!Yes it is!! So start asking now!! 🙂 I don’t limit the number of questions that you want to ask, just ask and I’ll be very, very grateful and happy for some inspiration! 😀

Thanks a lot in advance!! 😀


9 responses to “Propositions Needed!! :D

  1. How well can you draw? don’t hesitate to show us your drawing come on 😀

  2. Yaya, post up ur drawing.. dun la kedekut.. 😛
    I wanna know bout ur love-hate relationship.. hehee

  3. Wei: Ahem!!

    Wei Qi: love-hate relationship with who?! 😀

  4. ur craziest ambition lor, ur gila-est attempt, wat ppl always think u r altho u r not, d grossest food uve tried, any real life scandal u got urself in2, ever if u danced 4 audience n if u hav pic or vid bout it :D, anything u told ur parents dat drew a big reaction from dem (ei: u wanna go 4 a sex change op), ur tadika picture :D.. anything random dat u think is worthy mention in ur blog…
    of course d usual elaboration needs 2 accompany d answer u r about 2 post up 😛

  5. emm… i wanna know your love stories! hahax. caz i nvr heard tis piece of u b4 ^.^v

  6. do you love me? do you hate aileng for betraying you? hahahaha! =)

  7. Helen: thanks a lot!! got lots of inspiration now!! 😀

    Sin Mun: ahh okay! this one is interesting!! 😀 thank you for the inspiration!! 😀

    Ching Yin: love you and we don’t hate =p! 😀 thank you for the inspiration!! 😀

    To All: thank you very much for the time and effort and inspiration given to me! 😀 -HUGS!- 😀

  8. everyone’s suggestions look interesting enough o_o

    and yeah, i linked u in my new blog ;P

  9. Carson: 😀 hehe! 😀 linked you as well!! 😀 so what’s your question? 😀

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