This Is Someone You Know

Today, I’m on a mission to write about a very special girl by the name of Samantha Quek. Don’t be shock.. Yeah, I’m not the owner of this blog that you guys visit every week. This week post will be a little special as this is not Samantha blogging.. *Excited*

Let’s start off.. -deep breath-

First Impression:

Those who met Sam for the first time would have two possible thoughts:

1) “This girl is extremely… WEIRD!!” (The perfect word huh? Most of the guys would think of that)

2) “This girl is extremely fun! I like her.” (Most of the girls think like that)

Attempt to fly fail.

The word WEIRD pops up because she’s so different from others.

~She can talk non-stop for the first time she meets someone (even she know you don’t know who she is).

~Some of you might have experience this, she talks too much on MSN till you regretted giving her your MSN and to the extend, you decided to block her for a moment.

~She goes around bugging your life by jumping around, running around and disturbing you which makes you restless (guys or girls).


Stay away!!!

~You just can’t think of another word to describe such girl.

You know she is FUN because:

~She pranks you every single day of your life till you don’t know what she say is true or false. Of course, she never jokes with serious things.


~She talks about things which makes you listen to her for hours.

~You never met someone as fun as her before.

AND.. as you get to know her.. you realise, the word UNIQUE/ EXTRAORDINARY would be a more appropriate word to describe her.

In your days with her, you will realize that:

~She will do anything to help you IF she likes you.. If you annoy her, you better stay far far away from her.

~She is such a great friend that you will miss her if she doesn’t bug or disturb you for a day.

~She knows when to give advice and when to keep quiet by your side if you go to her when you’re sad.

~She will find a way to get the things you ask from her.

Some facts about Sam that each of you knows:

~She laughs and cries easily.

~You love her words (the way she express thing).

~She is a great writer which is why you visit her blog so often.

~She says “I hate you” directly to those she dislike.

~She tells you her secret when she trusts you.

~She gets excited easily over the smallest thing ever.

~You can tell her just about anything.

~She has her baby Ixus with her everywhere she goes.


Yea, everywhere..=.=

~She doesn’t do her homework.

~She is not a good artist.

~She sleeps in class.

~She is good at playing online games.

~Self-proclaims herself as Lee Hom’s wife and God’s best creation [Female version]




Too much to write.. You shall find out more about her by yourself XD

Personally, I think Sam is a great friend that brings sunshine to everyone. I am so glad to have her as my friend (Don’t kembang Miss Samantha).

Everyone out there, I know, most of you are her very best friends who agree or disagree, who nodded or shook your head all the way when you read this post. Some of you knows her through online games, some of you knows her in school, some are her church friends, NS friends, childhood friends, some are her relatives or even her family members..

No matter how you know her, I’m sure you agree that she is a very very nice, sweet girl that you don’t want to lose. You might know more about her. So I hope to see more things about her that I missed out in your comments 😀

~Big big HUGS~

Written by,

Myterious Writer 😛


25 responses to “This Is Someone You Know

  1. Seriously I wanted to blow my head off when I read this blog because I never expect YOU to write about YOURSELF! Haha… Anyway I agree with every fact that ‘you’ wrote. Haha… No need to promote yourself la. Haha… See I can’t stop laughing already. Haha… Haha…

  2. Low Ee Hahn: i didn’t write about it myself la!! The Mysterious Writer wrote it!! =| !!

  3. OMG.. u didn’t write dis urself rite? ok.. i belief u.. doesn’t seems lik ur way of writing.. haha..
    dis post is so true.. totally agree 😀

  4. Wei Qi: ya lo ya lo! see also know it’s not my style of writing! =| what la you low ee hahn! >=( hehe! The Mysterious Writer writes it well eh =S

  5. lol.. mysterious memang mysterious.
    and ‘mw’ really writes it well 🙂

  6. Ferlynne: ahem ahem! obviously!! 😀

  7. i gotta give a lotta credits for the ‘mysterious person’ who wrote this thing and if terpaksa, i even gotta give him/her a hug. this explains everything.
    and all i can say is : tell me bout it..==

  8. cool~ i’m totally agree with what have wrote by the mystery writer =P

    cause is so true xD

  9. d 1st pic is… nitemare inducing.. brrrr… tehehee 😛 alamak.. dis is so general knowledge la.. let us in2 a lil more details ma.. like whos ur first love, ur weirdest dream or probably post up ur drawing… den again ive seen ur drawing……

  10. hmm, was it ee jane the one who wrote this for you? hehehehe. sam sam, i miss hanging out with you!! =(

  11. i agree sangat with helen..high5 yo!

  12. Derek: hehe! so true eh!! 😀 i think Mysterious Writer might know me better than myself sometimes haha! 😀

    Sin Mun: Mysterious Writer did a good job then!! 😀

    Helen: ahem ahem!! what nightmare inducing! =( looks so nice okay!! 😀 as for your questions ah… hmm, maybe this week i should write about myself?! =p

    Ching Yin: correction, Mysterious Writer is the one who wrote it =p i miss hanging out with you too!! =( -hugs!-

    Kean Jie: ahem! maybe this week i’ll write about myself =p

  13. *high5s to kean jie* bet u havent seen her drawing ..haha!!!
    looking 4ward 2 ur next post den samantha :D.. make sure its funny n juicy 😛

  14. Helen: haha! 😀 then list down the questions or things that you want to know about me? =p ahem ahem!! my drawing semua sudah buang!! 😀 benda buruk kita jangan cakap! haha! 😀 don’t worry, i will add enough sugar and spices to my next post! haha 😀

  15. haha..watever written by the mysterious writer is soooo
    p/s: i wanna see ur

  16. Kohila: 😀 ! hehe! Mysterious Writer writes it really, really well then!! 😀 ahem!! no drawings! semua sudah buang =p =p

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  18. XD I came in almost as the last people who comment =D

    And I shall say something in defend of my position, which is~

    “No words can describe Samantha”

    Which actually…safe my time from describing you XD WAHAHAHA!!

  19. Ee Jane: haiya u merosot already!! ahem ahem, no words are perfect enough to describe me!! hahahaha!! 😀 !

  20. Mysterious Writer XD

    Everyone who know you can write this la.. But why no one add on about you? Expect to read more about you form others.. Nvm, next post you shall write them out yourself 😀
    Another fact I’ve left out: Sam got a pair of Super Legs that can shop for hours! *nodss*

  21. This mysterious writer… really not ee jane? O_o

  22. Mysterious Writer: ahem, jangan kembang! 😀

    Carson: we do not speak of who Mysterious Writer is because he/she is MYSTERIOUS, hence the name Mysterious Writer! haha! 😀

  23. its so mysterious that its tickling my sense of curiosity!

  24. Carson: it’s fun to tickle your sense of curiosity!! 😀 curiosity kills the cat! 😀 haha! 😀

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