Snow White And The 7 Nerds

The class of 6AF/2009 proudly presents:


The 7 Dwarfs Nerds

This skit was done by my class, 6AF for the Form 6 Association Inter-Class Skit Competition. And so, the title was Snow White And The 7 Nerds, because, 6AF love studying [with the exception of me of course!]. And this is how the story goes!

Note: Dialogues and narration may differ from the actual skit.


Scene 1

Once upon a time, there live a beautiful girl name Snow White with her evil stepmother, the Queen.

Each day, the vain Queen consulted her Magic Mirror until the Magic Mirror was bored with the Queen.

The magic quotation from the Queen will be:

Slave in the Magic Mirror, come from the farthest space. Through wind and darkness, I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face!

Waltz Disney version.

6AF version.

Magic Mirror: Haihz! Sien ah! What do you want to know my Queen?

Queen: Magic Mirror on the wall, tell me now, who is the fairest one of all!

Aiyo, everyday also the same question! Fame is thy beauty Majesty. But hold, a lovely maid I see. Though without a crown, her gentle grace was not hidden. Alas! She is more fair and beautiful than thee!

Queen: Alas for her! Reveal her name!!

Magic Mirror: Who else?! Lips as red as rose, hair black as ebony and skin as white as snow!

Scene 2

Snow White was supposed to sweep the floor. But instead, she danced with the broom, imagining that she was dancing with her Prince Charming.

The real prince came and danced with Snow White.

I love their dance! And I’m listening to the dancing song right now! 😀 😀

Oh my gawd! I love this photo a lot!! 😀 😀

This scene was ended when it began to rain.

Scene 3

The Queen then ordered her huntsman to kill Snow White.

The huntsman was very reluctant to kill Snow White as he has the biggest crush ever on her. But then, if he doesn’t kill her, the Queen will then kill him.

Snow White is negotiating with the huntsman to not kill her.

The huntsman then told Snow White to use her talent to convince him to not kill her. And so… Snow White ran away… Far, far away into the forest until she saw a quaint little cottage.

Scene 4

The 7 Nerds [Physics Nerd, Chemistry Nerd, Mathematics Nerd, Sexy Nerd, Pretty Nerd, Lazy Nerd and Sleepy Nerd] came back and was shocked to see their house lighted up.

They then began to make hypothesis based on Ohm’s Law and Aufbau’s Principle.

And they used Faraday’s Law and the Pascal Triangle way of expansion to actually conclude that someone is indeed in their house.

The 7 Nerds then decided that Snow White could stay and be their servant if she could guess their names, answer some chemistry questions, know about Newton’s Law, solve matrices, calculate the Earth’s magnetic field, pour silver nitrate out of the bottle without staining herself, do the washing and ironing and most of all:

To calculate the angle of rotation of the broom so that she could sweep the floor well. The reason? Brooms are very expensive nowadays!! 😀

Scene 5

Queen: Magic Mirror on the wall, who now is the fairest one of all?

Magic Mirror: Over the 7 jeweled hill, beyond the 7th fall, in the cottage of the 7 nerds, dwells Snow White; fairest one of all!

Queen: Snow White lies dead in the forest. The huntsman has brought me proof. Behold, her heart!

Snow White still lives… The fairest in the land… It is a heart of a pig you hold in your hand YOU STUPID QUEEN! WUAKAKAKA!

The heart of a pig?! Then I’ve been tricked!!

The Queen was furious that she was tricked by the huntsman. She then decided to disguise herself in order to kill Snow White.

The Queen drank a magic potion which tortures her upside down.

The Queen the fainted.

Scene 6

Snow White leads a happy life with the 7 Nerds. The 7 Nerds love her and she loves them! One fine day, when the 7 Nerds are leaving to school to learn the determinant of matrices, Snow White was alone at home.

She was warned by the Sexy Nerd to not sit on his chair and to not let anyone in. When they are away, Snow White was thinking about what she should prepare for dinner and she thought of pasta and pizza.

The fainted Queen woke up and prepared a Sleeping Death curse for Snow White. Will it be a rose or an apple?

Scene 7

Here’s the twist! The Queen did not transform into an old hag but a younger girl.

The Queen in disguise brought along the Poison Rose and talked Snow White into sniffing the rose and that, her wish will come true.

No apple and old hag hor.

Snow White wished that her prince will come day and the Queen rolled her eyes, for, how could her prince will come one day when her eyes will be close forever in the Sleeping Death.

Sleeping Death. No apple hor! 😀

The 7 Nerds returned from school and was shocked to see Snow White sleeping on the table and the Queen poking Snow White. The 7 Nerds then ran after the Queen.

The Queen was the shot to dead by the Nerds.

The curse was then broken by her true love kiss!

Prince Charming, Snow White and The 7 Nerds then live together, happily ever after…


The moral of the story is [3 of them, got somemore one, lazy to upload=p]



Actors & Actresses:

a) Snow White: Chui San

b) The 7 Nerds

~Lazy Nerd- Thevin

~Sleepy Nerd, Choreographer- Pui Yee

~Pretty Nerd, Audio and Choreographer- Ai Wei

~Sexy Nerd- Wei Siang

~Physics Nerd- Sathiya

~Chemistry Nerd- Kee Yow

~Mathematics Nerd- Tiam Foo

c) Main Narrator: Nithiyaa

d) Second Narrator & Board Holder: Kumar

e) Huntsman: Nick Leong

f) Prince Charming, Audio: Soon Peng

g) Magic Mirror: Soon Seng

h) The Queen &  Scriptwriter- Samantha

Special Thanks To

a) Wei Qi and Kaitlyn for the crown! 🙂

b) Ai Wei for bringing the laptop

c) 6AE for the Poison Rose

d) Jien Sin, Genesis, Kok Yaw and Alma for the photos and videos

e) Kean Jie for the PA system set-up!

f) Ferlynne for helping out with the props.

g) Sin Yee for the camera

h) Puan Vasantha for going through our script

i) Cassandra for the dance song and steps

And here, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have given us their support and help but if I did not mention your name here, I’m really sorry! 😦

I hope all Form 6 of KHS has indeed enjoyed our play! 🙂



Best Actress: Chui San [Snow White]

Chui San and I [Please excuse me, I looks bongkok and I’m not bongkok and tired here but she looks pretty right?! :D]

The best actress award goes to Chui San because she acts really, really well! 🙂 I’ve never thought that she could act until so real on stage as most of the time, she’s always doing homework =p ! You all should’ve heard how the crowd cheered and clapped for her! 😀

The dance was awesome and her voice and intonation was perfect in every scene! 🙂 She definitely make the crowd laugh and happy the whole time! 😀 My mother who watched the skit from the computer too praised Chui San! 🙂

Best Actor: Soon Seng [The Magic Mirror]

Soon Seng, Ai Wei and I.

The best actor award definitely has to go to Soon Seng! His voice was great! He has the ability to speak like a real Magic Mirror and he is a naturally talented guy on stage! 🙂

Though he is not the main actor [Got no main actor actually la], but still, he is very, very deserving of this award!! 😀 Watch and listen how the crowd pay extra attention when he is laughing at the Queen for being stupid! I remember someone telling me that a teacher in school said that Soon Seng imitated the Magic Mirror’s voice really well! 😀

Audience Favourite: Soon Peng [Prince Charming]

He is not that dark la actually! The place got not enough light!

I tell you all what, he only came out twice, once in the beginning and once in the ending and yet, the audience love him. From the video, I heard the audience cheered super loud each time he made his appearance.

And the best thing is, Miss Heng couldn’t believe her ears when we told her that Soon Peng actually danced with Chui San! Haha! Miss Heng, believe it la!! 😀

Best Narrator: Nithiyaa

She narrates the story well with the correct and perfect intonation! 😀 Her voice was loud and clear and pronounciation was perfect as well! 🙂 Nithiyaa, and you come and tell me that you are paranoid!! Haha!

You did very, very well my dear!! 🙂 -Hugs!!-


Dearest all 6AF/2009,

I’ve never thanked all of you properly. This play, means a lot to me in many ways. It is something that I’ve never done before in my whole life. It has been such an honour to write the script and to work with all of you in this skit! 🙂

I’ve enjoyed it very, very much and will definitely treasure it for the rest of my life! 🙂 Thank you to all of you who sacrificed your time for practices and preparing the props!

No matter what, this will definitely be one the best memory that I ever had in my whole school life and would never want to trade it for anything else! To all of you out there who have supported my classmates and I in various ways, thank you.

And Kumar, I’m really sorry ’cause I couldn’t give you a role as the script was written a few days before you join us but still, thank you for your full cooperation and you are a good board holder! 🙂 Nice timing and well, simply perfect! 😀

Kumar and I.

To all 6AF/2009 again, I thank all of you sincerely from the bottom of my heart and all of you have did a great job! 🙂 I hope all of you have enjoyed this play as much as I do! 😀

-HUGS!!- 😀


12 responses to “Snow White And The 7 Nerds

  1. I wannnnnaaa see XD?

  2. Ee Jane: soon soon! 😀

  3. good job 6AF! hehe.. u act well too la.. i giv u de Best Director Award! 😀
    i think dis’s de best sketch i watched.. hope u will win 🙂

  4. ehh… why no real life kiss 1 all cartoon?? XD

  5. Wei Qi: thank u!! 😀 haha! 😀 it has been 2 weeks plus already and the results are not even out yet! =|

    Leon: ahem ahem! school ma! =p

  6. wah!! hahahaa~ not bad eh… i wan to watch……………………….. =DDDDDDDDD
    and well, Gratz you all! Good job! =D

  7. Pikachu: thank you!! 😀 i’m sure you’ll have a chance to watch it!! 😀

  8. i wanna watch the video too. =)

  9. Ching Yin: sure sure! 😀 when we meet up!! 😀

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