You Know Its Exam In KHS When…

1. Your teacher announces it to you and your whole class responded this way, “TEACHER, WHY SO EARLY!!” and you proceed to bang your head on the table/wall/whatever you can find.

2. You tell your next door friends/whoever you can see about it and proceed to tell them, “Must study already la.” and then went back to class and began curse the lesson off.

3. Your subject teacher will constantly remind you about your exam and what’s coming out for your exam every single time he/she comes in your class and you will complain to your friends about how the teacher is stressing you out.

Quote Miss Tan, “Study… Of course you must study. Questions ah? Very easy only. Got study sure can answer one.”

4. You will do nothing about it until the day before exam if you are in the Lazy Students Association.

Something like that la.

5. You don’t want to see anyone studying near you.

6. You will walk out of your class if your whole class is studying.

7. You will relax if you are sure that you are going to fail.

Sorry ah, this is the only relaxing photo of students that I have. Sage, Sathiya and Kumar, please don’t be offended!

8. You will stress if you are sure that you want to pass and score.

Meow Wei Qi is stress!

9. You will eat in class even if it’s not even recess yet.


10. You will eventually get bored of studying and will scribble your book like this:

Don’t know whose work is this la! =|

11. You get to see your friends who don’t go around the school with a book under their nose with a book.

12. You see different level of stress in students:


11 responses to “You Know Its Exam In KHS When…

  1. so short????
    everyone, this is disappointing isnt it?
    hee =)
    mid term coming soon.sigh..
    the whole cycle will repeat again

  2. hahaha!! dat is so miss tan.. she used 2 say sumthing like dis 2 us oso.. d xm sound as if its early coz its a last min announcement. so diff compared 2 in ck.. i always mistaken my recess time n eat during class.. haha!!!

  3. why u go stressing ppl around with dis post?? sigh sigh sigh.. expect to see sumthing fun.. now even more stress! XD

  4. Kean Jie: Eh, nicer post next week or next 2 weeks! Sabar my dear!! =| yea, i love exams!! *shrieks*

    Helen: yea, that is memang very miss tan! haha! everyday she will be like “eh you all never try to do the questions ah? why all also i solve for you all one?” hahaha! 😀 ahem, what a good prefect =p alah, high school is just so high school la! =|

    Wei Qi: Meow! 😀 aiya, no one is as stress as prakash hahaha! 😀

  5. I’m reading your blog…and I realize…I’m hungry.

  6. Ee Jane: -hugs!- 😀

  7. wuahhhhhhhhh…………..
    Stress giler!!! exam season~!

  8. good luck… dont jump into swimming pool..

  9. Pikachu: *pats*! and all the best!! 😀

    Carson: no, i will jump on u!! 😀 haha! 😀

  10. yes sam, i love exams too!! *shrieks and cries* -.-
    anyway, good luck to you.. =)

  11. Ching Yin: -hugs!- thanks u! 😀

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