Today And The Hebdomad

As mentioned in the previous post, I will blog about exams this week! But then, there are more interesting events of my life that takes place this week, so I’ll push the post about exams next week and the post about the skeleton thingy to the week  after next.



Eddie says hie!!

Sin Yee runs away from my camera -_-

Prakash is in a good mood  because we had our PAC [Program Anak Cemerlang, don’t ask me why is it called PAC ’cause I don’t even know why] until 9am and therefore, first two period of lesson skipped [Woohoo! No Chemistry!  Eh, don’t tell Madam Chang ah ]


Haha! Today the Tae Kwan Do club entertained us with their demonstration although they messed up the front part a little.

Spot Meow!

Don’t know what’s his name, Wai Ken, Kean Jie, Wei Qi [Meow!!], Don’t know this guy, Show Ling

Kean Jie in action!! 😀

Meow in action! 😀 MEEEOOOOOWWWW!

I like this photo 😀

The Effect Of Learning Too Much Maths

Question: Prove that Wei Qi is The Real Meow and hence, show that The Real Meow fall in the range of belligerence and mildness.


She bully innocent girls.

And tried to kick her even when she has done nothing wrong.

And still intend to kick her even when the poor girl is already hurt.

And is satisfied with herself. [Q.E.D/Proven]

By using Picture Number 4, the woman behind is smiling, therefore, the above photos are for illustration purpose for me to answer the above questions.

Therefore, Wei Qi is The Real Meow and fall in the range of belligerence and mildness.

Marks allocation: 12/12

Comments: Good job!

Oh. My. Gawd. LLC. Will. Be. So. Proud. Of. Me! ._.


And the most interesting event of the week is KHS 90th Birthday!! Therefore, they have a carnival in conjuction of that and it was held on April’s Fool! [There is a big joke behind it and it will reveal later!]

This carnival is very different from all the carnivals that I’ve been to. Mainly it is because, I used to just walk around the carnivals while listening to music and buying food and then, go home.

But this time, the Form 6 are the facilitator for the games. We have to organise a game [each class one game] and explain to the kids on how they should play the game.

The photos will do all the talking now! 🙂

My class organised the sponge, pail and water game! 😀

We even have to fill up the water in the pail for them okay.

Squeeze!! 😀

Some games by 6AD.

Kean Jie and Wei Qi! 😀

Kamal, Sam, Jason.

Sage cutting apples!! 😀

Slurrrp! Watermelons! Tembikai! 😀

He went around selling mineral water from 7.30am till 12.30pm and kept on shouting:


I’m sure that he studied his Pengajian Perniagaan the day before .

KHS Rihanna male version 😀

Stalls! 😀

The Find The Sweets In Flour game by 6AG.

KHS Rihanna wannabe contest.

Mine 😀

Wei Qi’s 😀

Sin Yee’s 😀

Meow complained that her nasi lemak egg is extra small, sambal, ikan bilis, cucumber and kacang are extremely little. Meow, they don’t like you that’s why! Hahaha!

Happy Sam! 😀 Photo by Wei Qi!! 😀

Hak Seh Wui [Ahli kongsi gelap] meeting.

Puan Fam, Leong, Eric [Is that his name?!] and Jason picnicking! 😀

Kean Jie preparing for his ballet performance! Eh, no la, Tae Kwan Do 😀

We tried to take a photo of our jumping shadows =S

KHS Tae Kwan Do advertisment! 😀

Chen Wai and I! Look at my face!! It’s the best indicator to show how hot the weather is! And he is perfectly cool because he didn’t go under the sun! ._.


And we pranked Prakash on April’s Fool. Like this, Matthew was bugging us [Sin Yee, Wei Qi, Yan Yee and I] to dedicate a song for 50 cents. So we refuse. And he kept on bugging us non-stop until an idea sparked up in my mind to prank Prakash :D.

To: Beautiful Samantha [6AF]

From: Prakash [6AE]

Song: E019 [Crush by David something something]

Message: All this while I have a crush on you. Really, I love you for disturbing me everyday.

Idea by Samantha.

Paid by Sin Yee.

Supported by Meow Wei Qi.

And we waited anxiously for our song turn by ensuring that Prakash is always at the 6AE station and constantly listening to the music eventhough we hate that particular song.

Finally, the DJ [Harvinth], reads it this way:

Okay, this song is from SAMANTHA to PRAKASH with the message bla bla bla…

We are all like whatttttttttt?! And Prakash didn’t hear it somemore! So I ran to the DJ and told him to reread it again and he calls me crazy for dedicating a song to myself -____-


Prakash happy face! And Prakash, thank you for the song !! Well, he was shocked la of course and kept on defending himself that he didn’t dedicate a song to me with such a message.

Haih, Prakash, don’t la be so shy!


At the end of the day, Pui Yee, Ai Wei And Soon Peng decided to compete among themselves for the pail, water and sponge game.

Pui Yee. Pui Yee and Ai Wei are a team 😀

Soon Peng!

Pui Yee and Ai Wei won in the end! Not because they have 2 person in a team la. Because a girl poured away Soon Peng’s water a little each time he ran back to the pail! Haha! And poor Soon Peng didn’t even know that his water was poured away until we told him about it!


And finally, the villain of the day:

The flour villain.

Victim #1, Sin Yee

Victim #2, Wei Qi.

The flour villain and victim #3.

The flour villain’s plan backfired when he tried to attack victim #4, Sharon 😀

Moral of the story: What goes around comes around .


And the best photo of the day…

There is always light in every dark situation! 😀

And lastly,



22 responses to “Today And The Hebdomad

  1. =D

    The nasi lemak look awesome *nods*
    Pictures are great too =)

  2. Ee Jane: thank u! 😀 the nasi lemak doesn’t taste that nice actually =S haha!

  3. cheh.. eejane, dun judge a book by its cover.. rupa saja bagus, it taste lik normal white rice.. sambal not nice.. giv me so little summore.. hm! de 1st stall one nicer!
    ~ambil kesempatan make an announcement.. i lost my phone during de carvinal.. so everyone, i need ur num :D..

  4. Wei Qi: hie meow! 😀 aiya, told you what they don’t like you! hahaha! 😀 eh, make announcement here must pay money one okay! rm50 per word!! no la kidding la!! 😀

  5. hahaha… buy water free bottle. good sales gimmick. he’ll b helluva successful person in marketing 1 day.. 😛 waa so fast april ledi.. 7 more months 2 ur stpm huh? *evil laugh* bwahahahahaa!!! 😛

  6. Helen: ya la, that’s what all of us said about him! haha! 😀 aiya don’t la remind me!! =(

  7. the waterboy bugged me to buy water..i told him why not buy bottle free water?haha xD

  8. oh btw, LLC will be so proud of you only if u finish den whole federal book and shove it in her face tmr morning..haha xD
    im evil

  9. Kean Jie: u are also another potential successful person in marketing ! buy bottle free water! =| tomorrow i don’t have her lessons! hahaha! 😀

  10. jumping pic faileddddd! (the shadow one)

    ”By using Picture Number 4, the woman behind is smiling, therefore, the above photos are for illustration purpose for me to answer the above questions.”

    tipu! the woman is smiling because she is evil for supporting meow to bully!

  11. nuh-uh im neither interested with marketing and such nor calculating moles.. so dead ah.better hand up her matrix federal she showed my class that she have this name list of LAZY STUDENTS in her bag. =.=!!!!
    p/s: the woman is a teacher lah..selamber jer korang panggil her woman.haha my form5 moral teacher

  12. Ferlynne: hmmph! we shall try and take a jadi-ed jumping photo next time! :-w ahem, the woman is innocent! 😀

    Kean Jie: ok la, confirm im in her list one. if im not, we sama-sama beli 4 ekor haha. sage and i met her in town today!! and she looks much better in jeans than in her normal clothes in school! hahaha! 😀

  13. your school had what kind of activity?? so meriah leh~ =)

  14. Sin Mun: its the school 90th birthday, so they organize a carnival in conjunction of the school 90th birthday! 😀 haha!

    so its a carnival for the school 90th birthday celebration! 😀 trust me, my school always have all this activities which is either very fun or super wu liao or very boring! 😀

  15. buy water, free bottle?! lol! damn creative this guy. hehe. woooo, meow is so strong. =] aiyoh, how come the april fool prank tak jadi.. the dj tak cekap. haha..

  16. Ching Yin: creative eh! haha! 😀 meow is strong and ganas! hahaha! 😀 yah lo, the DJ la! =( =(

  17. woo..i finished half ni and nope im not in her lazy list =) cheers..wait for differentiation one

  18. Kean Jie: wtfall. i was just removed off the list yesterday *smirk* i’ve finished… copying all of them hahaha!

  19. Really? That’s sad =S
    Lucky I’m not there to eat it XD
    I’m hungry =S

  20. Ee Jane: ya lo, thats why dont see things from the surface sj =p haha! 😀

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