Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time, Prakash and I met on this bus… And you can read all about it here.

When we are in the bus, Prakash and I passed by this place but never get to walk in together. So last week, Prakash was supposed to be here but then he had something to do, so the story of once upon a time could not be continue. Haha! 😀

One of my new friend last Friday, Kok Chen Wai. His face features greatly reminds me of a good friend of mine.


Meow is not innocent. Meow is a very naughty cat. No, I didn’t simply accuse her one okay! Lo and behold, the proofs! 😀

Prima Facie Number 1

Nilai moral yang patut diamalkan: Mematuhi peraturan dan undang-undang.

-_- Don’t do this or try this anywhere!

Meow! Behave yourself!! Everyone! I’m so sorry for my Meow behaviour, she is emm… heartbroken at that point of time but she’s very okay right now [Story will be unfold soon! 🙂 ]

I cannot stand her so I decided to give her a lecture. Then only she tell me that she doesn’t know how to use an escalator! -_- Meow! Lain kali kalau tak faham mesti tanya!! =|

Meow and I. I’m teaching her how to use the escalator =D

And she loves me! ❤ 😀

Prima Facie Number 2

Meow and her innocent face.

Poor pizza.

I told you so.

P/S: Meow is actually not heartbroken. Meow is not naughty. The above photos are just to tell all of you to not be so naughty. Hahaha! Therefore, quote Meow- See la, I mencemarkan my own nama baik for your blog.

Yes Meow! Thank you and I love you! 😀 -MWAH!- 😀


I love exams because:

I can see everyone punya muka tension. And there shall be no questions about why am I so stress-free. Yes, don’t ask!!

Kean Jie looks extra handsome. *Cough* Ahem. *Cough* I kid 😀

Miss Tan told me that I’m such a good girl for answering all the normal distribution questions correctly.

This is a hint about my post next week 😀


Porkie, this is for you:

Last Friday, Deanna saw me and she wasn’t thrilled.

Where is Uncle Porkie?!

Apparently, it was because she misses Porkie. Haih, so sad la she didn’t miss me at all 😦 .

So, she asked me to take a photo of her and ask me to pass this message to Porkie:

Hello Uncle Porkie! I miss poking you. When can I poke you again? 😀 -Halo appears-


Next two weeks post:

Look at me. Straight in the eyes. Now, tell me that you love me too. Tell me that you love me and your wish, shall be granted.

Now, give me a kiss. Just a kiss and your wish will be granted.

The Wishing Flower. One whiff of the rose and your wish will be granted.

Shh, don’t tell anyone about this if you know what is it about :D.


And this morning,

Congratulations Sage for being the champion of the public speaking competition today!! 😀 You did a great job! 😀 *Thumbs up!* 😀


31 responses to “Once Upon A Time…

  1. sigh sigh… threaten me to do all de above n now accusing me.. kesian jadi ur fren..

  2. Wei Qi: eh, i sudah explain at the P/S there =( now u fitnah me. wuwuwuwu! =( T.T

  3. ber-emo jer you tu..
    ooh congrats to sage, good thing his blabbering won him something =D ooh wee

  4. eh sam, whr’s my lovely contengan?heh heh

  5. Kean Jie: ehhh good things must reserve first! 😀 itu next week baru muncul! ahaha 😀 yea, his blabbering won him something! 😀

  6. nooooooooooo!!! evil poking being!!! ><||

  7. Carson: she’s an angel!!

  8. =) Can’t relate can’t comment =|

  9. Ee Jane: @@ its all the KHS stuffs

  10. look at miss Tan’s messed hair laaa.. u ppls must hav tortured my poor teacher.. aih.. i miss life as a secondary skool student..

  11. shes one evil angel… looks are very deceiving =(

  12. Helen: eh we didnt torture her!! we sayang her ok!! =p i miss holidays!! =(

    Carson: ahem! she’s an angel with wings! 😀

  13. she LOOKS like an angel with wings~ but actually… o_o

  14. Carson: at least she’s not like u! devil in disguise! 😀

  15. Big swt to the escalator story =.=”””””””

  16. im a kind hearted young boy disguising as a devil =)

  17. Leon: hehehe!! 😀

    Carson: ahem!

  18. you’re wanted by deanna porkie.

  19. Ching Yin: very wanted tim! 😀 haha! 😀

  20. haha!!! omg, i din know wei qi so naughty! hahaha!!! yorrrr… tell miss tan i miss her!! T.T and i’m here waiting anxiously for ur next week post! =D

  21. Pikachu: ya lo, she is mmg very naughty hahaha! 😀 okie, will tell miss tan that u miss her!! 😀 stay tune then!! 😀

  22. HAHA! I LOLED AT MEOW-ELEVATOR’S photo. hilarious. lol.
    this week’s post baru shiok. 😀

  23. Lilian: thank u!! 😀 next week one will be about KHS exam 😀 haha! 😀

  24. oooo~ mask 😀

  25. Sam,u are one of the funniest girl i ever met..lol..

  26. Ferlynne: ahem ahem!

    Kohila: thank u!! 😀 hehe! 😀 -hugs!- 😀

  27. im… always wanted by them small kidssss =S

  28. Carson: ahem!!

  29. *pats sam*~

  30. Carson: 😀 😀

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