Suggestions Needed :D

I am out of topics to blog about as this week is an exam week. So, why not give me some ideas? =|


15 responses to “Suggestions Needed :D

  1. nasi kerabu! 1 DIGIT.lols

  2. great idea.. but i prefer u to blog bout urself.. 😛
    ~public speaking
    next week can blog bout bowling trip 😛
    then ur sketch…

  3. Kean Jie: kumpul more photos first! 😀 😀

    Wei Qi: oh ya hor, public speaking!! ok, i shall write out, rules of public speaking in KHS :D… yea, next week got more events, this week is full with exam papers n stationaries =|

  4. good luck! : )

  5. I’m here to wish you happy birthday 🙂

  6. hey!! happy bd samantha!! now ur officially 1 yer to 20.. hahahaha… i feel like eating cake now pulak…

  7. Happy belated birthday, sammie~ ^^ u just post something about your 19 yrs old birthday celebration la~

  8. yor!! public speaking tak ajak me~~~~
    DEBATE paling syok… haha… we all know right? =D

  9. Ching Yin: thank you! 😀

    W.A.: thank you!! 😀

    Helen: thank you!! 😀 im hungry now too =(

    Sin Mun: thank you!! 😀 yea, i will write about that once i’ve collected enough photographs!! 😀

    Pikachu: aiya, you are not in school also! =| well, debate is the best because… we all know why 😀 yea, we all know why!! 😀 >=D shhh! =D

  10. Tat Joon here,may i know where you get all those sound effects?

  11. Joon: hello tat joon! 😀 i got them all from the internet! 😀

  12. Haha…thx

  13. Joon: no problem! 😀

  14. wow ,alotz of picture ,cool blog too n my pitca also there ,yeaa

  15. Far Red: hello there!! 😀 thank you!! 😀 jom ambil more photos! =p 😀

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