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Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time, Prakash and I met on this bus… And you can read all about it here.

When we are in the bus, Prakash and I passed by this place but never get to walk in together. So last week, Prakash was supposed to be here but then he had something to do, so the story of once upon a time could not be continue. Haha! 😀

One of my new friend last Friday, Kok Chen Wai. His face features greatly reminds me of a good friend of mine.


Meow is not innocent. Meow is a very naughty cat. No, I didn’t simply accuse her one okay! Lo and behold, the proofs! 😀

Prima Facie Number 1

Nilai moral yang patut diamalkan: Mematuhi peraturan dan undang-undang.

-_- Don’t do this or try this anywhere!

Meow! Behave yourself!! Everyone! I’m so sorry for my Meow behaviour, she is emm… heartbroken at that point of time but she’s very okay right now [Story will be unfold soon! 🙂 ]

I cannot stand her so I decided to give her a lecture. Then only she tell me that she doesn’t know how to use an escalator! -_- Meow! Lain kali kalau tak faham mesti tanya!! =|

Meow and I. I’m teaching her how to use the escalator =D

And she loves me! ❤ 😀

Prima Facie Number 2

Meow and her innocent face.

Poor pizza.

I told you so.

P/S: Meow is actually not heartbroken. Meow is not naughty. The above photos are just to tell all of you to not be so naughty. Hahaha! Therefore, quote Meow- See la, I mencemarkan my own nama baik for your blog.

Yes Meow! Thank you and I love you! 😀 -MWAH!- 😀


I love exams because:

I can see everyone punya muka tension. And there shall be no questions about why am I so stress-free. Yes, don’t ask!!

Kean Jie looks extra handsome. *Cough* Ahem. *Cough* I kid 😀

Miss Tan told me that I’m such a good girl for answering all the normal distribution questions correctly.

This is a hint about my post next week 😀


Porkie, this is for you:

Last Friday, Deanna saw me and she wasn’t thrilled.

Where is Uncle Porkie?!

Apparently, it was because she misses Porkie. Haih, so sad la she didn’t miss me at all 😦 .

So, she asked me to take a photo of her and ask me to pass this message to Porkie:

Hello Uncle Porkie! I miss poking you. When can I poke you again? 😀 -Halo appears-


Next two weeks post:

Look at me. Straight in the eyes. Now, tell me that you love me too. Tell me that you love me and your wish, shall be granted.

Now, give me a kiss. Just a kiss and your wish will be granted.

The Wishing Flower. One whiff of the rose and your wish will be granted.

Shh, don’t tell anyone about this if you know what is it about :D.


And this morning,

Congratulations Sage for being the champion of the public speaking competition today!! 😀 You did a great job! 😀 *Thumbs up!* 😀


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Suggestions Needed :D

I am out of topics to blog about as this week is an exam week. So, why not give me some ideas? =|

KHS 74th Sport’s Day

Before I blog about KHS 74th Sport’s Day, let me first, update my dearest friends about the random happy things in my life :D. First of all, recently, I have been going around meow-ing at everyone because Meow refuses to say meow!

And you know what , not all of them want to layan me -____-. So, here we go, the list of people who are meow-ed! 😀

1. Wei Qi The Meow! =D

Meow looks pretty here!! 😀 The one behind the blue file is Sin Yee.

This is Meow, she doesn’t meow back to me anymore =( When she is in the mood, she’ll just woof -_-I tell you what ah, I can count for you all the number of times that she actually meow-s back to me when I meow her you know! Nowadays ah, Meow is so berlagak, macam ini:


Wei Qi: *Buat bodoh* *Walks away*

Me: -_________________________-!!!

But then never mind la, because Meow is so adorable 😀 like this:

I got the answer in range for the horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field [No questions please!] and I was so excited and happy that I decided to tell Meow about it because I worked on it for 3 hours.

Yes, your mata tak buta, THREE HOURS spent on modifying the results :D… Hahaha!!

And she loves my answer! 😀

When I told her that I will not pinjam it to her =P

2. Kean Jie

Kean Jie says hie!

Kean Jie is back in action with his cute Japanese boy hairstyle! Eh, please don’t cut the trojan hairstyle again ok!! -___- And I like his smile! 😀 *You will know why later XD*And he is just like Meow! Dah lah under the same starsign, sama-sama tak mau layan me la now =(

Me: Meow! =D

Kean Jie: *Looks around* Eh, you know ah, the Bio project thingy bla bla bla…

Me: Meow!! =D =D

Kean Jie: -_-?? And then ah, must bind the book bla bla bla…

Me: Meow meow meow meow meow… -_-

Kean Jie: I don’t meow. I speak human language =D

Me: -______________________-!!!

3. Prakash The Group 1 Element

Muka tulan/bosan Prakash [Rest assure he is not tulan with me]

Prakash has been a really quiet boy in school as far as I’m in the same class as him last year [NOT IN THE KHS BUS BACK IN 2007 ok!] and you know what, whenever he sees me running towards him, he will stare at me and will wonder what am I up to =|

Me: Prakasssshhhhhhh! Meooowww~ ! =D *Jumps around*

Prakash: *Looks up from his book* *Stares* *Looks at his book again*

Me: Meow!! -_-

Prakash: *Buat bodoh*

Me: MEOW!!! =(

Prakash: Yes?? What do you want?

Me: Meow!!

Prakash: I don’t know what you want la. Go away, I want to study.

Me: -__________________-!!!

Then he continue to bury his nose in his book again -_-.

4. Kamal The Vainpot

Kamal and the cat-Photo taken from Ee Hahn‘s blog.

Kamal is basically still the same person but only less vain but still very, very vain. He doesn’t claims himself to be handsome anymore [Hahahahaha!] but to claim himself as God’s Best Creation in which, Prakash corrected him; God’s Worst Creation.


Me: KAMAAAAALLL!!! -Runs towards Kamal- DID YOU MISS ME?! =D

Kamal: Yes, miss you banyak-banyak hahahahahahahahaha! So, apa buat sekarang?

Me: Meow! =D

Kamal: *Confuse* Eh, you know ah, just now Miss Heng marah I tau, she say right bla bla bla… Then Lee Li Cheng also bla bla bla…

Me: Meeeeooowww! =) =D

Kamal: *Talks about college, swimming pool, big cars and everything in between*

Me: *Grins* Meow 😀

Kamal: Oh! Meow! =D Hahaha!

5. Low Ee Hahn

Nah, during Sport’s Day, he is busy taking photos Miss ______ 🙂 Hahaha!

Me: Meow.

Ee Hahn: *Confuse* *Act dumb*

Me: Meow!

Ee Hahn: *Act dumb*

Me: MEOWWWW! Meow meow meow meow meow!

Ee Hahn: =)

Me: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!

Ee Hahn: You know what? You looks adorable when you meow non-stop and I don’t layan you =D

Me: I know I’m adorable la, don’t need to keep on telling me that you know. I am so adorable. *Repeat a few times until we reach the class*

Ee Hahn: Aiya, whatever la.

Bet he regrets telling me that I’m adorable XD Haha! 😀

6. Sage

Me: Meow!

Sage: Oh you meow too! Neo and I have this Meow language. Meow-ning means good morning, meow-noon means good afternoon, meow bla bla bla… Ok, meow [ciao]!

Me: *Stares* *Shock* Meow! 😀 I shall try to master the Meow language haha! 😀 *Still in shock*

7. Nils

He specially pose for my Baby Ixus one okay =D

I actually don’t expect a good respond from Nils because as what Wei Qi said, he is like the cool-cool type of guy and should act cool [Hahaha!]. But guess what! When I say meow, he meow-s back like a real cat! And since then, whenever he saw me, he says meow! =D

8. LeiKen

He pose for my camera nowadays!! 😀

Me: LeiKen, LeiKen! *Jumps up and down excitedly*

LeiKen: *Excited smile* Yes, yes, yes? *Jumps a little*

Me: Meow! =D

LeiKen: Hmm…! Meow! =D

Haha! It’s an unexpected answer from LeiKen 🙂 !

9. Soon Peng

Me: Soon Peng!! =D

Soon Peng: =) Yes?

Me: Meow! =D

Soon Peng: Huh? *Blur face*

Me: Meow!!

Soon Peng: *Confuse grin* Haha, I don’t understand??

Me: MEOW! *Walks away*

After recess:

Me: Meow! =D

Soon Peng: Huh?

Me: MEOW!!

Soon Peng: Err… Meow.


On Wednesday, we have this motivation talk by this lecturer or some sort from some university, okay, I don’t remember who because no one is listening and I was busy complaining to Ee Hahn and Sage about the sketch play schedule which turns up to be a big fat misunderstanding.

And so, this lecturer said this:


Me: Hahaha! Nice one! Bersedia untuk peperiksaan! You know what, it’s not gonna help now because bla bla bla…

Ee Hahn: NO! I’m not talking about that.

Me: -_-? Then?!

Ee Hahn: That one la. The bla bla bla…

Haih, he is sort of pissed off with this word on the screen:

The word girlfriend, not berusaha ah 😀 Because he has a girlfriend. And quote Ee Hahn and Sage, girlfriend is a kind of distraction, boyfriend is not a kind of distraction as stated on the screen.


Ehhh, before that, I have something for a few friends of mine =D :

Eh, wait, I zoom in for you all to see 🙂

Read rule number 4: You must not take out apparatus or chemicals from the laboratory.

Ahem. Nickel. Ahem. Beaker. Ahem. Copper. Ahem. Dichromate.

No, I didn’t say anything 😀


Okay, sport’s day! KHS Sport’s Day is nothing like Convent. There is only a word fit to describe KHS Sport’s Day, boring. Yes, it is boring! No one cheers, no one scream and most of all, there isn’t any spirit. And their mascots are like tak ada hati nak buat punya mascot la, yes, something like that, later you see then you know.

The photos will do all the talking now! 😀

This is Aliff and Joee and this photo generally makes Aliff goes crazy every single time we talk about it that day because… ask me when you see me! 😀

Fatt hau.

The Bangi Stadium.

Pasukan Tae Kwan Do sebelum dihalau.

Pasukan Tae Kwan Do selepas dihalau. Hahaha!

Rumah sukan saya, Kindersley.

That’s me! Practicing for the opening speech 🙂

From this photo onwards, all photos with captions bolded are taken by Jien Sin from 6AD using my camera because I was in the marching team for Kindersley.

Tae Kwan Do demo and I love this photo! 🙂

Rumah Low Ti Kok with their Power Rangers mascot, okay la, this one not too bad yet! They are the overall champion for don’t know how many consecutive years.

Rumah Raja Muhammad with their mascot Raja Muhammad. [This one still boleh tahan]

Rumah Buck with their mascot DiGi man! This is the most creative one of all and the nicest mascot of the day!!

Rumah Haji Jalil with their mascot Pirate Sponge Bob.

Eh wait! No other mascot had actually beat my rumah sukan, Kindersley punya mascot. Wait la, I show you 😀 =D

Okay, I had no idea what it is if no one tells me about it. Seriously, what do you think it is.

Take a clearer look. And guess what it is. Okay, you know what, it’s like this, when we are marching:

Some boy behind me: Kiri, kiri! Kiri kanan kiri! Kari, kari! Kari kanan kari!

Me: *Trying very, very hard to not laugh*

Emcee: …tahun ini Kindersley dengan maskotnya BARNEY!!

Yea, it’s a Barney. Though it looks more like a purple cat to me. Damn, I’m so proud wei! 😀 First, in NS, my company has the worst and ugliest flag ever and now, Kindersley has the best mascot ever!! 😀 I’m amused 🙂 !

Okay, at least our sepanduk is the nicest!! 😀

Pasukan unit beruniform dan rumah-rumah sukan 😀

Me: Please help me to take a photo with him! =D

Forgot his name [Sorry!! =| ]: Okay. One. Two. Three! EH! AGAIN! One…….. Twooooo…. THREEEEE!

Me: Thanks!! 😀

When I reviewed back the photo, the second photo taken was like this:

Such creative people eh =D I didn’t even realize that 3 people joined the photo! And oh, the guy beside the DiGi man is Jien Sin! 😀

Nils and I! 😀

Ee Hahn says that we both have the same smile! Now you know why I say I like his smile!

Encik Rizal and I!

Sam, Sin Yee, Yan Yee 😀

Meow Wei Qi and I 😀

Miss Show Offs =p

Eh! How come my gold medal looks like a silver medal here?! Eh everyone, I get a gold medal [for high jump!!] one okay, Ee Hahn’s one a silver medal [for running!!]

And lastly:

Barney and Puan Shabita [One of the hottest teacher in school! =D ].

Remember ah, it’s a BARNEY.