The Scandal 2

KAJANG: Super Chef Ai Leng and Super Star Defphane’s scandal [Refer here] was proven to be real and to make things more interesting, there are newer scandal of Super Chef Ai Leng and many more girls while Ai Leng still claims herself to be loyal to Defphane by showing her affection towards Defphane in the photo below.

On the other hand, Defphane was accused to be having another relationship with Miss Artistic Paint Brush Wen Yee and when interviewed,Defphane said:

I still believe that it’s my personal life and that, I don’t find the need to tell all of you anything. Really! It’s none of your business!

Miss Artistic Paint Brush And Super Star Defphane

According to sources from the public, Wen Yee, Defphane and Ai Leng was said to be close friends and that, now they are all involved in a triangle love or some say, complicated love story because there are many other parties involved.

Friendship or love triangle?

Or a complicated love story?

Mastermind Samantha was interviewed and all she has to say is:

I do not wish to be disturbed over any matters concerning Miss Ai Leng. I have filed a divorce with her and I have absolutely nothing to do with her now. In fact, I am very happy with my new love life and family right now!

And NO! This little girl is not my daughter! -Giggles- She is Ai Leng’s second wife daughter, and oh, remember to put that in the tabloid tomorrow and send a copy of it to me.

The Mastermind’s new family.

So now, friendship or complicated love story? Send in your votes by typing FS STAR or CS STAR and send it to 29900, terms and conditions apply.

Are they all related or not?


In reality

Part 1

Part 2

When specific people are asked for their comment regarding about the scandal:

Later on:

So, what do you think? Scandal or not?Β 


This part, is about Porkie And His Surprise:


And oh! His interesting handphone wallpaper! πŸ™‚

P/S: Porkie loves his birthday present that Ai Leng, Ee Jane and I gave him!!


13 responses to “The Scandal 2

  1. yeah.. got scandal again.. update update πŸ˜› wuahahaa!!
    see also it’s a complicated love story la… how they hide also useless… everyone knows aileng is a “fa sam” person… i’m sure everyone in de photo has relation with her!

  2. yesh! scandal i love! love the story very much sam. when’s the next updateeee? :]

  3. Love story and it’s so complicated … i don’t understand at all O.O” Oh well at least King porkie wallpaper rules XD.

  4. =D I’m not involveee! I setia okie XD

  5. Wei Qi: ahem, i sudah cerai with her okie :-w so i got no more hubungan with her!! πŸ˜€ eh, how’s the maljis aku janji today hahaha πŸ˜€

    Ching Yin: πŸ˜€ !! the next update will be on friday! πŸ˜€

    Leon: dont call him king porkie -______- later he kembang until dont know like what le! =| haha! πŸ˜€

    Ee Jane: yea la tuuuuuu!!

  6. IM KING!! huahuahuaaaa!!
    stand up everyone, no need bow to me non-stop =)

  7. Carson: -_- if u r a king, im a queen then! πŸ˜€ ishhh, prasannya u!!

  8. yay! cant wait for friday then. hahaha. πŸ™‚ oi daddy, put our family pic as ur wallpaper..

  9. king queen prince princess!! =D
    wall paper? O_o but someone just puji-ed my current wallpaper worrr><
    owh well,mi change lor~ =D

  10. owh, i took some pics for facebook~ thx sam! xD
    great photographer 8D

  11. Ching Yin: okay then! πŸ˜€ hehe! ya la! you should use the family pic as ur wallpaper!! πŸ˜€ put it on your computer desktop too haha! πŸ˜€ -hugs!- πŸ˜€

    Carson: alah, you use the family pic wan ppl lagi puji ok! =p no problem and thank u for the lovely compliment! πŸ˜€ -hugs- πŸ˜€

  12. lol? okie =P

  13. Carson: next time i see u, i will see if you’ve changed your hp wallpaper πŸ˜€

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