The Rat :D

*Shrieks* !!!

Where is the rat?!

Eh, saw the rat or not?! Nehhh, over there!!

Ya la! The one wearing red is The Rat! Now only you nampak ah! Aiyoyo! -_-

Currently, The Rat is not home. The Rat is at Cheras, studying for her finals next week. All the best to The Rat and The Cow! 🙂

Well, last year I wrote for The Rat a post here. And this year, this month, on the 18th of February, it’s her birthday again! 🙂 So, this is another post for her! :).


In our group of friends, all of us are given a nickname [usually an animal name], so if you know who is who, consider yourself as one of our closest friends :).

Ee Jane and I have been classmates and seatmates for 5 years straight in high school and she has been my best friend ever since Form 1! To think about it, it has been 6 years already since we are best friends and it has been 8 eight years already since we first knew of each other’s existence!

And we write stupid things during boring lessons and then show it to each other and laugh about it.

Bronze -> purple.

Now, we are both in different schools. Or rather, I would say she is in college and I am in Form 6. So, we don’t see each other everyday anymore, we don’t talk everyday anymore, we don’t annoy the hell out of Zaharah every single day of her life anymore and we don’t go to the toilet together anymore.

But still, nothing changes in our friendship 🙂 Because we know that, we are always in each other’s heart. Until today, she is still the friend whom I know, I can share all my secrets with and the one who understands me 100% without needing me to saying a word at all.

One of my favourite photos 🙂

You know, I used to think that life in school isn’t going to make much difference without her. In fact, I thought that it’s going to be another normal day in school. But then, I realized that, I was so, so wrong…

Starwars Number 1 Racer hahaha! 😀

Life without her in school is boring. I have no one to go to the toilet with and talk while doing our business. I have no one to eat with me in the canteen -_- I have no one to irritate during boring lessons and most of all, I have no one to depend on not do homework together with me =D…

Her messy dressing table.

It’s really nice to have her around in class though she can be really annoying at times. Every Friday, whenever I’m in the school bus; I’ll thought about the times we skipped school activities just to walk around the town because the activities are dumb.

Ice-creams are the best snacks on any outing.

I supposed, we will never really appreciate what we got until we lost them.  And… Eh, enough already la, later I’ll cry +_+

Let me tell you all why do I love The Rat 😀

Because she haunt the cats! Haha! 😀

And jumps like a rabbit! And owns a pair of long legs -____- Give me can ah?? 😀

Because she is always so messy.

And will definitely make a good house wife [Eh, so that I can start selling her phone number and E-mail address :D…]

Because she is so adorable 😀 Aww! The one on the right! 🙂

Makes good bread and butter pudding 😀

And she is crazy 😀 Haha! Because:

We saw this pair of couple at a shopping mall and we wanted to snap a photo of them holding hands [For fun that is]. And then they did not hold hands at first and we went like aiyaaaaaa!

And we started laughing when they hold hands =p We are just excited la okay haha! 😀 Ehhhh, got one more incident!

We wash the McFlurry cup clean because we wanted to use it to drink root beer.

Simply because, plastic cup is better than paper cups la!

And then we are also such geniuses. You know why, because we went around carrying our stuffs macam orang gila when we can actually…

put them all in a trolley -.-”’


Anyway, The Rat’s birthday presents this year 🙂 :

Birthday cake – made by her mum.

She’s opening the present that I gave her first! 😀 Eh, no, I’m telling you what I gave her 🙂 It’s a secreettttt!

A birthday card from Ching Yin, Wen Yee, Ai Leng and Defphane 🙂

And a necklace from them 🙂

One from Meow and one from Yan Yee.

And a bracelet from Meow as well 🙂 ! Meow! Ee Jane says that the colour or something is special! 🙂 😀

I didn’t take a photo of the Twillight book that her college friends gave her! So, this is the card attached to it 🙂 !

A necklace from Porkie! 😀

Angpau-s from her relative/parents’ friend [$$$!]. And the Cream-O biscuit is from me! 😀 Eh, I explain first ah, I’m not so cheapskate one okay, the Cream-O biscuit is just part of the present. Okay la, I want to be kind today, so I’ll show you all what I gave her :D…

A pair of emerald green high heels 🙂 ! I even bought the correct size okay! 😀 You know why, because I am such a genius and master mind la you know 😀 Ahaha 😀


And most of all…

She will always be one of the greatest friend that I could ever have! 😀

Happy Belated 19th Birthday! [18th February]


11 responses to “The Rat :D

  1. gahh!! rat!! ><||

  2. happy belated birthday ee jane! i miss the time when we skipped the koko activities just to lepak around.. haha

  3. hmmm…. i think i saw the rat around Mahkota Cheras before. :/

  4. lol.. rat here rat there. hahahhaha!!

  5. Carson: 😀

    Ching Yin: me too!! 😀

    Leon: eh.. i think her hostel or college is somewhere around there 😀 go up and say hie next time haha! 😀

    Ferlynne: 😀

  6. love de foods so much!! hehe… thanx eejane for de invite!

  7. Ic, than i know already,a master skills student.
    Haha are u sure i can do that?? will she bite?? XD

  8. Wei Qi: meooow! 😀

    Leon: yea masterskill! haha! then u can get to know another leng lui or more leng lui lo! 😀 hehe! she wont bite la, there u see, she squeaks!! 😀

    Ee Jane: meow!

  9. Hey Sam,

    I love this post.
    It’s really sweet of u to blog about ur best friend in such a beautiful manner. =) cheers!

  10. Charlene: thank you for the lovely compliment my dear! 😀 -hugs!- 😀 well of course la, best friend ma! 😀

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