The Scandal

Ai Leng & Defphane

CHERAS: Super Chef Ai Leng and Super Star Defphane are accused to be having an affair while Super Chef Ai Leng was said to be cheating on two of his previous relationships.

The scandalous pictures of Ai Leng and Defphane was sent to the media this morning by hand and the source of the photographs were unknown but it was suspected that Defphane sent her laptop for monthly maintainence and the photos are retrived from her laptop.

When interviewed today, Ai Leng was saying

I believe that I have my very own freedom to choose my own life partner and who do I want to be with. Now, no more pictures please.

And what Defphane has to say was:

I have my own life. There are things that I would not like to comment much. Really, mind your own business, this is my personal life. And please, no more questions!

Ai Leng and Defphane was believed to have feelings with each other eversince Defphane was working with Ai Leng on the Today’s Menu show on Channel 10 every Tuesday.

Defphane and Ai Leng advertisment banner for Beautiful Women Cosmetic.

So now, scandal or not scandal? Send in your choice of answer by typing YES STAR to 2009 or NO STAR to 2009, terms and conditions apply.


In reality:

And the scandal is ended with:

The rise of a new star =D Haha! 😀


Yan Yee’s Vegetarian BBQ Party

Ai Leng’s car dashboard! 😀 Remember how we used to say in school that we don’t want to sit her car! Hahaha! 😀

Tak professional! =p

The professional! 😀

Going to habis punya food! 🙂 And I love them all!! 😀 😀

My first self BBQ-ed corn 😀 😀

Konyaku jelly ❤ 🙂

The limited edition Kickapoo for CNY! 😀

The next Malaysian Dreamgirls 😀 ! Hahaha!

Someone said, “Malaysia punya model got hope already.”

Tell you all what, Meow is so obsessed with the tin of peanuts that she was walking everywhere around with it =|

The Wei Sy! 😀

Ehhhh, don’t need to fight, the two best supermodels 😀 😀 !

Meow was errr, ahem! 😀 Faham-fahamlah! Haha! 😀 😀

Eh, mana cincin berlian?! =|

And lastly:

Goodnight! 😀


There are not much words in this post but the photos will do the talking la okay 😀 And this part of the post, I would like to say thank you to Ee Jane, Ai Leng, Ching Yin, Defphane, Wen Yee, Yik Heng, Yan Yee, Wei Qi and Wei Sy [Did I left out anyone?] for the wonderful time during CNY! 😀 😀

I appreciate and enjoy every moment with you girls! 🙂 Thanks for spending some quality time together! 😀 🙂

-MWAH!- 😀


24 responses to “The Scandal

  1. walao..1st time take so long to load =S

  2. Kean Jie: hehe 😀

  3. ish.. why no aileng’s modeling pics? much more better as she won de Malaysian Next Top Model! wuahaahaa
    love de scandal 😀 update on de scandal k?
    i should get their pics n sell to The Star.
    got! u left out pek yen.. sigh sigh…

  4. Wei Qi: next time la haha 😀 😀 i will update more if im inspired again 😀 hehe! 😀 eh what take ppl pic n sell huh, im supposed to sell them hahahahaha! 😀 eh sorry =| my mind was jammed up =|

  5. =.=…zzz

  6. Yik Heng: surprise! 😀

  7. wa.. it has been some time since I last drank kickapoo!

  8. The scandal is funny, and your professionalism is a bluff /ee don’t perasan!

    I still think the original kickapoo taste better! The orange one taste very…zingy *bleks* the red one is worst! I stand firm on my ground that it taste like chilli and ginger! GOD, who would drink a drink that taste LIKE THAT?!

    Any why am I so shiny *blinks*??? The cincin berlian picture makes me feel like my nose is a mushroom sprouting on my face (= =)

  9. Ferlynne: besok beli dan minum la 😀

    Ee Jane: my professionalism is real wan ok, u jgn jealous hahahaha! 😀 well, everythg original is always the best 😀 😀 !!

  10. hahaha, indeed a funny a creative one. but it takes time to load..

  11. tst tsk.. my goodness.. im so ashamed wif ai lengs involment in a scandal.. no worries! ill get her aunt 2 kick sum sense in2 her thick head acquired tru teakwondo.. operation study hard 4 STPM begins dude!! haha..

    btw.. ur corn looks imperfectly done.. nvm.. ur a profesional still … under training maa..

  12. -.- limited edition kikapo ur head la. u photochoped the peekturee!!! -.- eesh.
    anyway, miss meow got mr meow ady arr??
    haaha!! now needa congratulate miss meow! eh no, its mrs meow!!! hahaha.

  13. kickapoo = kick apoo = kick apoh = kick grandma

  14. Your proffesionalism is not (= =)

  15. lol… i taught it was KEE-KAAAA-POH! lol

  16. Ching Yin: thank u my dear! -hugs- 😀

    Helen: ahaha yes u have too! 😀 😀 STPM is a… blessing in disguise haha! 😀 my corn is perfectly done!! =( !

    Lilian: i tak photoshop *halo appears* 😀 well, yes yes, do go n congratulate her. she la, fatt MAU [mau = cat], not fatt HAU ah. hahaha! 😀

    Kean Jie: nice one! 😀 *thumbs up*

    Ee Jane: dont jealous 😀 =p just admit that professionalism is just wayyyy too professional 😀 hahaha! 😀

  17. eh.. dahlah post my pic without permission.. now accuse me pula.. sighs.. tawar hati!

  18. Wei Qi: eh, dont la marah 😀 mana ada accuse u! 😀 😀 hehe!

  19. eh i load for hours still cant load dinish~~hahahahaha….u say your self pro a?? u should see my skill of bbq-ing~~ wuakakakakaa..

  20. thanks for the kickapoo! 😀

  21. Ai Leng: take so long to load ke =( =( !!

    Ferlynne: no problem!! 😀

  22. interesting scandal… im more professional in bbq-ing! >=P

  23. Carson: thats why u have to bbq for us lo! 😀 hahaha! 😀

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