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The Scandal 2

KAJANG: Super Chef Ai Leng and Super Star Defphane’s scandal [Refer here] was proven to be real and to make things more interesting, there are newer scandal of Super Chef Ai Leng and many more girls while Ai Leng still claims herself to be loyal to Defphane by showing her affection towards Defphane in the photo below.

On the other hand, Defphane was accused to be having another relationship with Miss Artistic Paint Brush Wen Yee and when interviewed,Defphane said:

I still believe that it’s my personal life and that, I don’t find the need to tell all of you anything. Really! It’s none of your business!

Miss Artistic Paint Brush And Super Star Defphane

According to sources from the public, Wen Yee, Defphane and Ai Leng was said to be close friends and that, now they are all involved in a triangle love or some say, complicated love story because there are many other parties involved.

Friendship or love triangle?

Or a complicated love story?

Mastermind Samantha was interviewed and all she has to say is:

I do not wish to be disturbed over any matters concerning Miss Ai Leng. I have filed a divorce with her and I have absolutely nothing to do with her now. In fact, I am very happy with my new love life and family right now!

And NO! This little girl is not my daughter! -Giggles- She is Ai Leng’s second wife daughter, and oh, remember to put that in the tabloid tomorrow and send a copy of it to me.

The Mastermind’s new family.

So now, friendship or complicated love story? Send in your votes by typing FS STAR or CS STAR and send it to 29900, terms and conditions apply.

Are they all related or not?


In reality

Part 1

Part 2

When specific people are asked for their comment regarding about the scandal:

Later on:

So, what do you think? Scandal or not? 


This part, is about Porkie And His Surprise:


And oh! His interesting handphone wallpaper! 🙂

P/S: Porkie loves his birthday present that Ai Leng, Ee Jane and I gave him!!


The Rat :D

*Shrieks* !!!

Where is the rat?!

Eh, saw the rat or not?! Nehhh, over there!!

Ya la! The one wearing red is The Rat! Now only you nampak ah! Aiyoyo! -_-

Currently, The Rat is not home. The Rat is at Cheras, studying for her finals next week. All the best to The Rat and The Cow! 🙂

Well, last year I wrote for The Rat a post here. And this year, this month, on the 18th of February, it’s her birthday again! 🙂 So, this is another post for her! :).


In our group of friends, all of us are given a nickname [usually an animal name], so if you know who is who, consider yourself as one of our closest friends :).

Ee Jane and I have been classmates and seatmates for 5 years straight in high school and she has been my best friend ever since Form 1! To think about it, it has been 6 years already since we are best friends and it has been 8 eight years already since we first knew of each other’s existence!

And we write stupid things during boring lessons and then show it to each other and laugh about it.

Bronze -> purple.

Now, we are both in different schools. Or rather, I would say she is in college and I am in Form 6. So, we don’t see each other everyday anymore, we don’t talk everyday anymore, we don’t annoy the hell out of Zaharah every single day of her life anymore and we don’t go to the toilet together anymore.

But still, nothing changes in our friendship 🙂 Because we know that, we are always in each other’s heart. Until today, she is still the friend whom I know, I can share all my secrets with and the one who understands me 100% without needing me to saying a word at all.

One of my favourite photos 🙂

You know, I used to think that life in school isn’t going to make much difference without her. In fact, I thought that it’s going to be another normal day in school. But then, I realized that, I was so, so wrong…

Starwars Number 1 Racer hahaha! 😀

Life without her in school is boring. I have no one to go to the toilet with and talk while doing our business. I have no one to eat with me in the canteen -_- I have no one to irritate during boring lessons and most of all, I have no one to depend on not do homework together with me =D…

Her messy dressing table.

It’s really nice to have her around in class though she can be really annoying at times. Every Friday, whenever I’m in the school bus; I’ll thought about the times we skipped school activities just to walk around the town because the activities are dumb.

Ice-creams are the best snacks on any outing.

I supposed, we will never really appreciate what we got until we lost them.  And… Eh, enough already la, later I’ll cry +_+

Let me tell you all why do I love The Rat 😀

Because she haunt the cats! Haha! 😀

And jumps like a rabbit! And owns a pair of long legs -____- Give me can ah?? 😀

Because she is always so messy.

And will definitely make a good house wife [Eh, so that I can start selling her phone number and E-mail address :D…]

Because she is so adorable 😀 Aww! The one on the right! 🙂

Makes good bread and butter pudding 😀

And she is crazy 😀 Haha! Because:

We saw this pair of couple at a shopping mall and we wanted to snap a photo of them holding hands [For fun that is]. And then they did not hold hands at first and we went like aiyaaaaaa!

And we started laughing when they hold hands =p We are just excited la okay haha! 😀 Ehhhh, got one more incident!

We wash the McFlurry cup clean because we wanted to use it to drink root beer.

Simply because, plastic cup is better than paper cups la!

And then we are also such geniuses. You know why, because we went around carrying our stuffs macam orang gila when we can actually…

put them all in a trolley -.-”’


Anyway, The Rat’s birthday presents this year 🙂 :

Birthday cake – made by her mum.

She’s opening the present that I gave her first! 😀 Eh, no, I’m telling you what I gave her 🙂 It’s a secreettttt!

A birthday card from Ching Yin, Wen Yee, Ai Leng and Defphane 🙂

And a necklace from them 🙂

One from Meow and one from Yan Yee.

And a bracelet from Meow as well 🙂 ! Meow! Ee Jane says that the colour or something is special! 🙂 😀

I didn’t take a photo of the Twillight book that her college friends gave her! So, this is the card attached to it 🙂 !

A necklace from Porkie! 😀

Angpau-s from her relative/parents’ friend [$$$!]. And the Cream-O biscuit is from me! 😀 Eh, I explain first ah, I’m not so cheapskate one okay, the Cream-O biscuit is just part of the present. Okay la, I want to be kind today, so I’ll show you all what I gave her :D…

A pair of emerald green high heels 🙂 ! I even bought the correct size okay! 😀 You know why, because I am such a genius and master mind la you know 😀 Ahaha 😀


And most of all…

She will always be one of the greatest friend that I could ever have! 😀

Happy Belated 19th Birthday! [18th February]


Dearest Ai Leng,this year is your year. So, Happy Belated Birthday!

The one in the middle

Ai Leng and I had been classmates for years and she was the one in class back in form 1-3 who annoyed the crap out of Ee Jane and I by bumping our table hardly whenever we had a conversation.

And you know what, the more you don’t like that person, the more you are stuck with that person and is bounded to eventually like that person, ok make it short, like those TV drama shows la. Then you know what, we thought we will not see her again in form 4 and you know what, we are sitting right in front of her in form 4 -____- right up to form 5 somemore.

Eventually, we learn to like her and to see the good side of her and that, she is actually not that annoying but is still annoying when she doesn’t answer your questions and worst, doesn’t even update her blog [HINT!!]. But still, Ai Leng, we all love you and we really, really do 🙂 -Hugs!-

I know all this while, we have never really thanked you or even to show our appreciation towards you. But today, I definitely will :), because, this post will be just, all about you.

Dearest Ai Leng,

All this while, we have been close friends. I still remember how the first 2 weeks of our form 4 life, I wanted to kill you because bla bla bla [you know i know can already la ok].

I still remember how Ching Yin and I always need to wake you up during exams because you are always falling asleep, yes just trust me, there is 50 questions in the paper and she haven’t even completed 1/4 yet, she will doze away till we shake her table and then the teachers will think that we are trying to copy answers [Oh what the fall, nak copy answer we will do it quietly la ok! =| ].

And I still remember how I don’t understand a single things about the angle of elevation and depression until you taught me and even gave me answers for that particular chapter in exam +_+

I still remember how she puts in her heart and soul into drawing diagrams of whatever name it is in Biology homework when I actually pretend that the question don’t exist, like this: [Examples only ah, I create myself one ok]


1. What is the function of a golgi apparatus?

2. Draw the golgi apparatus.

3. What ribosomes are found in the golgi apparatus?

My Answer On A Testpad:

1. Function of a golgi apparatus – bla bla bla

2. ___ ribosomes and ____ ribosomes.

There, I skipped the 2nd question. Sorry la, I am so malas to trace ok and I don’t get extra marks for it. Therefore, she is more hardworking than me.

Memang gatal [Q.E.D]

And most of all, Ai Leng has been a good friend to me 🙂 We went through many things together [Biology, History, discipline teacher etc] and we did many things together that we would have never done if we aren’t in the class in form 4! 🙂

Therefore, dearest Ai Leng, it is my pleasance to have a friend like you :). Though we do not see each other everyday, but rest assure, I still miss you a lot and I hope that, you will spend some time missing me too and do update your blog la!!

The Year 2008

And lastly, thank you for every single thing you have done for me! 🙂 -Hugs!- and most of all,

Happy Belated 19th Birthday! [10th February]

The Scandal

Ai Leng & Defphane

CHERAS: Super Chef Ai Leng and Super Star Defphane are accused to be having an affair while Super Chef Ai Leng was said to be cheating on two of his previous relationships.

The scandalous pictures of Ai Leng and Defphane was sent to the media this morning by hand and the source of the photographs were unknown but it was suspected that Defphane sent her laptop for monthly maintainence and the photos are retrived from her laptop.

When interviewed today, Ai Leng was saying

I believe that I have my very own freedom to choose my own life partner and who do I want to be with. Now, no more pictures please.

And what Defphane has to say was:

I have my own life. There are things that I would not like to comment much. Really, mind your own business, this is my personal life. And please, no more questions!

Ai Leng and Defphane was believed to have feelings with each other eversince Defphane was working with Ai Leng on the Today’s Menu show on Channel 10 every Tuesday.

Defphane and Ai Leng advertisment banner for Beautiful Women Cosmetic.

So now, scandal or not scandal? Send in your choice of answer by typing YES STAR to 2009 or NO STAR to 2009, terms and conditions apply.


In reality:

And the scandal is ended with:

The rise of a new star =D Haha! 😀


Yan Yee’s Vegetarian BBQ Party

Ai Leng’s car dashboard! 😀 Remember how we used to say in school that we don’t want to sit her car! Hahaha! 😀

Tak professional! =p

The professional! 😀

Going to habis punya food! 🙂 And I love them all!! 😀 😀

My first self BBQ-ed corn 😀 😀

Konyaku jelly ❤ 🙂

The limited edition Kickapoo for CNY! 😀

The next Malaysian Dreamgirls 😀 ! Hahaha!

Someone said, “Malaysia punya model got hope already.”

Tell you all what, Meow is so obsessed with the tin of peanuts that she was walking everywhere around with it =|

The Wei Sy! 😀

Ehhhh, don’t need to fight, the two best supermodels 😀 😀 !

Meow was errr, ahem! 😀 Faham-fahamlah! Haha! 😀 😀

Eh, mana cincin berlian?! =|

And lastly:

Goodnight! 😀


There are not much words in this post but the photos will do the talking la okay 😀 And this part of the post, I would like to say thank you to Ee Jane, Ai Leng, Ching Yin, Defphane, Wen Yee, Yik Heng, Yan Yee, Wei Qi and Wei Sy [Did I left out anyone?] for the wonderful time during CNY! 😀 😀

I appreciate and enjoy every moment with you girls! 🙂 Thanks for spending some quality time together! 😀 🙂

-MWAH!- 😀